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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 28, 2022 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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by frappe waterloo, sir. ah, ah, this is dw news live from berlin to night, a non tomato turkey lifts its opposition to finland and sweden joining the alliance . turkeys president air to won saying both of the nordic countries have his support . his reversal removes what was considered to be the only hindrance to nato expansion. also coming up tonight, many of those leaders also wrapping up the g 7 summit here in germany, a chance or o sholtes to date fledging that the g 7 countries will drive up the cost of war for
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russia and emergency personnel searching for the missing at a ukrainian shopping center that was hit monday by russian missiles. at least 18 people are confirmed. ah, i bring gov is good to have you with us on this tuesday and we begin with a green light for nato expansion. after weeks of debate, turkey has agreed to support the bids of finland and sweden to join the military alliance. now this is a reversal by turkish president richard tire bear to one who had opposed swedish and finish membership, claiming that both countries provide safe haven to a kurdish group that on correct regards as tears on day one of what has been described as one of nato's most important summits in years, a major breakthrough in turkey dramatically dropped its opposition to finland and
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sweden becoming members of the military alliance. turkish president, wretched tie of aragon had blocked the nordic countries. membership bids because of what anchor perceived. a support for courtesy militant groups. it designates as terrorists, but a meeting between nato secretary general. yes, dalton berg and leaders of the 3 countries at the start of the summit in madrid, quickly bore fruit. innate thought we have always shown that what ever our differences we can always sit down, find common ground under sold, and the issues naples open door policy has been an historic success. welcoming finan of sweden into the alliance will make them safer. naples, stronger under you'd, atlantic area more soccer. the countries signed a joint memorandum on their common security. after the meeting, finland's and sweden's natal membership now appears to be a formality. it's
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a big boost at the start of a gathering which nato will use to set out its strategic agenda for the next decade . shortly after arriving in spain, u. s. president joe biden emphasized the importance of the meeting to the host countries leader who's to president. you're hosting a truly historic summit. and the key moment in our allies, when russia's unprovoked invasion of ukraine was shattered, piece in europe, and shattered every norm since world war 2 has been in place ukraine. another significant moment on day one, huge dalton berg announced that the organisation plans to cut its civilian and military greenhouse gas emissions by at least 45 percent by 2030. and be carbon neutral by 2050 cyril by 25th. but it's the resolution of the rail on sweden and finland, which is a show of nato's unity and it's growing strength at a moment when it badly needs both. oh, i corresponded jap,
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harry. he is following the nato summit in madrid. he gave us his assessment of turkey's reversal on swedish and finish membership. the turkish government are going to be quite pleased with themselves after these meetings, which does release the block on finland and sweden from entering the nato military alliance from him. being invited to enter, a lot of their demands were met. that includes, for instance, discussion of extradition, of people that they feel are being hauled, hobbit infinite, and sweden connected to curtis that protest groups like the p k, k and the white kit wipe y p g, which it as a designated as terrorist groups in turkey. they'll also discuss i to share more intelligence. in fact, finland and sweden have agreed to change their national laws on terrorism after demands from turkey. so this will be a big moment. it now does allow the nato military airlines to expand. now this means that the 30 leaders, when they get into these meetings, we'll discuss and have more time to discuss ukraine. we've heard
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a lot about $300000.00 additional troops that are going to be installed on nato's eastern border with in the east and flattened flank the border with russia that was announced ahead of this meeting. the leaders are also going to discuss exactly how much more they can support the ukrainians in their efforts in fighting off that russian invasion what the ukrainians are calling for is more weapons. we had the murder of care here in the press room earlier saying that what they need is a weapons that was vitale clinical. and we know that vladimir zalinski, the ukrainian president, will also address this summit via video link. at some point i was the w corresponded jack herrick, the reporting from madrid, or some native leaders flew in directly from southern germany. today after the end of the g 7 summit, that 3 day meeting was meant to showcase a unified front against russia. it resulted in a deal to pursue more sanctions on russian oil and a pledge of several 1000000000 euros to redress food shortages caused in part by
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the war unity among close allies. that is the symbolic message. the g 7 end to send to the world, despite a litany of problems facing the planet. the atmosphere at the final session on tuesday seemed relaxed. on monday, ukraine's president joined by video link russia's war dominated the talks. the world 7 largest economies of the e. u determined to support ukraine for as long as it takes that the summit also looked forward to the time after the war. especially since the films, the most important thing is that we want to get together from the perspective of the g 7 and also with others, including the european union. to discuss the question of reconstruction tyrann, we need a martial plan for ukraine and it needs to be well planned and developed. that is what we've set out to defendants. fulton across the globe. countries are feeling the knock on effects of the war. so it was good that leaders from the global south
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joined the summit. nations like india, indonesia and senegal, among their concerns the fight against hunger. to address that the g 7 and the you have established a global alliance for food security, pledging over 4000000 euros. this year to help those facing the worst shortages. another major focus of this summit, the battle to protect the climate shalt spoonful with a plan for a climate club. open to all nations willing to commit to the goal of limiting temperature rises to 1.5 degrees and becoming emissions neutral by mid century. this there's an ally, we all agree what the future holds, which is not gas. this is particularly true for germany, for we want our economy to be c o, 2 neutral in 2045. and that has consequences for the question of the use of fossil resources, whether it's coal, oil, or gas gases, to fat, but climate activists. some of whom protested near the summit, venue. se,
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extending use of fossil fuels even for a short time, is the wrong response to energy shortages. we are angry that leaders at the ent, a commit to long term targets, but not commit to the immediate measures needed. and to give a clear framed to the industry to face odd fossil fuels and to enter into renewable energy in a much more rapidly. close arguments will continue. but for now, shalt said, the g 7 has demonstrated what democratic alliances can achieve from the bavarian mountains, the world's richest countries standing in solidarity against a backdrop of uncertainty would need abuse. julius obelia, she was at the g 7 summit in bavaria. she sent us this assessment. even though climate change was meant to be the central topic at this year's g 7 summit. it was a war in ukraine that took central stage, the g 7 leaders. we're ready to show unity in their strong support for ukraine.
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both financial humanitarian but also in military terms. but they've decided to do practically, was the pledge up to $30000000000.00 an aid for the war torn country, but also to look at other measures that could help. on the one hand, we can russia financially in their war efforts, but also to help support g 7 countries in the issue of rising energy prices. the g 7 countries here discuss the possibility of implementing a price cap on imports, oil imports from russia. and this is something that could be a win win in both situations on the one hand, limiting the financial income of russia with which it is also a funding the war effort and on the other side, relieving consumers from the rising prices. now there hasn't been a conclusion on how this idea would be implemented, but the countries are now going to go into discussions to develop more details on how to develop this mechanism. that was julie,
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so billy the reporting from bavaria. now the g 7 leaders have also condemned russia from carrying out a missile strike on a busy shopping center in central ukraine, calling down to take a walk rod. at least 18 people were killed on monday with missiles hit, the building about a 1000 shoppers reported to be inside at the time of corresponding to connolly. he is in the city of credit. mon shook at the sight of that attack. indeed. and to smell the acrid smell is still heavy in the end, this is more than 24 hours. since this blast happens, you can imagine what it was like in the 1st couple of hours. and some of the emergency services have already left that we're making sure that all the blast that all of the fire rather had been extinguished. but there's still lots of such rescue going on. and we're hearing information from the governor of this region who says that up to 30, maybe potentially more people are still unaccounted for, potentially still under the rubble here and over 20 dead. and some still
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a very critical condition. so pretty extraordinary damage in a place that is hundreds of come to a from frontline, where people thought that basically they were for the most part away from the main action. this city's most important 3 d object. the or refinery, ukraine's biggest had been basically destroyed months ago, so there was nothing left to take there. so people really here shocked, have discovered that, you know, this war is basically everywhere that they can't ignore any sirens, any arizona because this reality, this danger, is very prison that was des, nick harley reporting from ukraine. let's take a look now. some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world for gary has ordered 70 russian diplomats to leave the country by the end of the week on suspicion of espionage. gary is prime minister. you see my they're saying that the diplomats worked quote, directly for foreign agencies is the largest single explosion of russian diplomats from the balkan country in recent years. francis parliament has elected a new speaker, yale brown. today is a member of president microns party. and the 1st woman to hold the boats. the vote
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came during the national assembly's 1st session since macklin lost his majority in parliamentary elections. british social lied delaney. maxwell has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for helping sex offender jeffrey epstein. abused teenage girls. maxwell was convicted on 5 charges, including recruiting, grooming, and trafficking under age. girls are lawyer says, and she will appeal the sentence victim. a fire at a prison in columbia has killed at least $51.00 inmates authority, say that it broke out during your wyatt. they've now opened an investigation. the prison in the city of to lua has more than 1200 inmates living a little for the north into a tragedy in texas authorities there are haven't found 48 people dead. inside in abandoned truck. they included migrants from mexico, guatemala,
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in honduras. more than a dozen survivors, including children, were taken to a nearby hospital. now the truck was found in the vicinity of the u. s. border with mexico along a major transit route that is used by human traffickers. a normally quiet san antonio road transformed by tragedy. authorities were alerted to the scene in a city south western outskirts on monday, evening after work and a nearby building heard a cry for help and found the trailer, with its stools ajar. and dead bodies within officials said, dozens of people thought be migrants from central and southern america without dead at the scene. while multiple survivors were taken to hospitals suffering from heat related conditions. the paces that we saw were hot to the touch. they were suffering from heat stroke, heat exhaustion, ah, no signs of water in the vehicle. it was
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a refrigerated tractor trailer. but there was no visible working ac unit on that rig. we're not supposed to open up a truck and see stacks of bodies in there. and none of us come to work imagining that. so we're working through the behavioral health for our folks right now. san antonio mann was also at the scene on monday. so the flight of migrants, city refuse, is always a humana terry in crisis. but to night we are dealing with a horrific human tragedy. local police say they have taken 3 people into custody. but it isn't clear if they were directly connected with the incident. a federal investigation into just who left these people to die in a hot trailer is underway. and before we go, here's a quick look at our top story. this our after weeks of debate, turkey has agreed to support the nato membership bids of finland and sweden, turkish president. wretched plenty of air to one previously opposed the play and
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claiming that both countries harbor terrorists. the announcement came today, the top level nato summit currently underway in madrid. you went to the w news. my colleague brought watches up next would be w business news. i will see you tomorrow. thank god. sometimes books are more exciting than real life. raring to read. ah, what if there's no escape? do w literature list laundry, german ma street the resurrection of jesus christ.


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