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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  June 24, 2022 6:45pm-7:01pm CEST

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mr. leveretts, it's position on the world. food market. as millions of people are threatened by hunger and new technologies and the future of flying, have long been the focal points of the berlin air show. when i'm at the war, ukraine priorities have shift and chris global. welcome to the program. certain industries and germany have to shut down. the economy minister says, should there not be enough russian gas come winter? russia has already cut supplies delivered through the baltic sea north stream pipeline, and could decide to keep the taps completely closed after scheduled maintenance work in july is over. meanwhile, a discussion is gaining momentum whether germany should extend the lifetime of its remaining nuclear power plants. fukushima 2011 an earthquake trigger it tsunami. it destroys a nuclear power plant. the accident shakes the world leading to fears the same
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could happen elsewhere. the accident also prompts germany to exit from nuclear power earlier than planned. is he guns, austin's as a proponent of the peaceful uses of nuclear energy? i want to be very frank. the events in japan of change my opinion on nuclear energy in that in 201117 nuclear power plants west still on the grit. now, only 3 remain active. they're supposed to close down by the end of the year, but the warn your crane and surging energy prices could affect the timeline. since russia's invasion of ukraine, the price of natural gas has jumped around 80 percent, many politicians and business lead us a calling for the nuclear plants, tory maine and operation. so energy supplies are secure in a north that was in an emergency situation. we have to physically secure our energy
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supply at any time and anywhere but the german chancellor made it clear that there won't be any changes to the nuclear shut down. currently and nuclear plants account for 6 percent of electricity in germany. the chancellor says, keeping these nuclear plants would have little effect. the survey, however, shows more than 60 percent of the population on favor of continuing the operation of nuclear plants due to the looming threat of an energy crisis. let's get more of us from clemens 1st. he is the president of the e 4 institute, one of germany's most renowned economic research institutions. welcome back to the program clemons. why would it be wise to keep germany's 3 remaining nuclear power plants in operation? we are facing an energy crisis, rising energy prices, that means we should use all options to stabilize supply or to increase supply.
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nuclear plants don't produce gas or they may help to keep her energy prices of tricity prices lower in the situation of high uncertainty. it's unwise not to use all options. now. changing the schedule for the nuclear plants is costly. uncomplicated, yes, but it's feasible. and i think we in the situation we should use options rather than giving away one without very good reasons. and let's address somebody's. somebody's issues here, i mean we heard the chancellor saying everything is geared towards phasing out nuclear power this year. retina comes to maintenance intervals when it comes to the fuel rods. so how can this be overhaul before the crisis, a lot of things were good in directions that have to change. now the question is really, is it feasible to change the schedule for shutting down the no kill the nuclear
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plants? love experts say yes, it is feasible, it is complicated, but of course, the longer we wait, the more complicated these things become. i think we should do what's necessary to make it possible to keep these plans open. i think that would be the wiser move, rather than saying just because we were on some calls, we don't change it. we're changing a lot of things at the moment. we need the flexibility and that we should apply that to look glance as everything else. i given the fact that amid this ukraine war longstanding, political positions in germany are practically changing overnight i, i see that argument. nevertheless, experts say that getting the necessary fuel elements could take between 12 to 18 months. that's wrong. as far as i know, i'm no engineer about the existing elements can be used to live longer and it's
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possible to procure new ones as well. so it's technically possible to continue running these plans. there are papers about that that to live at one, maybe not all 3 plans, but maybe it's just 2 of them. but them, it's possible to do this. the question is, do we have the political? well, we should remind ourselves, this is not about mentally changing the long term strategy. i personally think it would also be good to read. think the long term strategy about getting out of nuclear about here we are only talking about maybe a year or 2 or 3. so just changing the schedule, a little kind of 1st president of the institute. thank you for your time. thank you. germany, i love tons of says its canceling over 2000 additional flights at its frankfort and munich hobbs because of staff shortages. this comes on top of 900 connections already cancelled for july. the cancellation will chiefly affect german and you're
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a cleaner and same with the asian sector. the berlin air show is underway here in the german capital. in recent years, the bi annual events put a strong emphasis on new technologies and the future of flying. but as the war and ukraine rages on, the priorities have shifted. ah, the handover of a long range air bus $321.00 to the bond is fair. the german military, lufthansa technic equipped the brand new airbus in 6 months here that it can fly 100 soldiers to a deployment location. even none stop across the atlantic. and the plane can also carry up to half a dozen intensive care patients. the military has ordered 2 of these 8th we $21.00 ellers and of tons of technic is convinced they won't be the only ones
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begin to lisa for analysis. does it does. let's look so naturally, we're not expecting this plane to be our last one. given the current global political situation and changes here in germany and europe, we're expecting additional orders not only from the german air force, but also from our natal partners in germany and elsewhere in europe. not the bottom in dodge lands onto all sides in law robinson and this aircraft is also on the bund us vast shopping list, the f 35 from you. as the fans firm lockheed martin, it costs a reported $100000000.00. the german military is the biggest exhibitor at the aisle 8 berlin international air show it's troop carrier. the a 400 m is featured here. air bus these good prospects for its wide body front loading beluga transporter. german weapons maker ran metal. is showcasing luna. the next generation airborne reconnaissance system, it can identify and classify objects in real time. the bundeswehr is already on
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board with a system as part of its digitalization. dr. european guided missile maker m b t a is also seeing an upswing is intelligent guided missiles are being developed for the german military. the missiles, i networked both with each other and other weapons systems. the american of the films us. oh, we feel that revenue will rise. we are noticing an increase in demand. and of course we have products that are already market standards. we have missiles that are already being used by the bundeswehr, and it's partner forces by partner slide clifton. it's a lucrative time for the defense industry. just recently, the german government opted to simplify and speed up the process with which the bundeswehr can award contracts. more than 340000000 people around the world are facing food shortages. germany's foreign minister on alina bab boxes ahead of a g 7 meeting on food security. she also stressed that setting up transport routes
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for grain from ukraine as a top priority to prevent a global food crisis. millions of tons of wheat are currently locked in. the current is poured studio a russian blockade where russia tries to leverage its own position on the world market. these are the pictures moscow hopes for when speaking of a record harvest this year. experts expect 12000000 tons more wheat this summer than last year. largely thanks to good weather. it's the kind of news that they like to bring up during high level talks. russian president vladimir putin himself announced the expected record harvest. i show it to puzzle it. you took this not only allows us to build up our own stocks, but also to better supply our global partners. that is very important for the weld food markets. yeah, there was, but there was nothing but putins. russia is at war with the west. and wheat is
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a weapon. prices have shot up between 50 and 60 percent since february. that means higher profits for russia to says agricultural, expert andres, ease of that, i see the risk as well as long as it's part of russia is the world's leading weed exporter. if they are no further wheat, export bands, rushes wheat will account for 20 percent of global exports. that simply can't be replaced, yet was initially pulling in which knew more than the other. moscow is aware of this dependence state t. v reports about the national grain forum, what the message sanctions have made russian lead exports more difficult. russia is demanding concessions from the west. virginia, also waiving mind, yep, it should glue. so i would like to point out that russia is ready to provide its foreign partners with high quality projects to increase food security around the world when they paddled, say he's local, bad on russian state t, v. there's not a word about russia having created this crisis. odessa,
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large amounts of ukrainian grain are stoled here. odessa and michael life are the biggest ukrainian ports for grain exports, like russia. the country is also one of the world's leading ex borders. but the russian military has blocked ports along the ukrainian coast, glue that increased pressure on wheat prices, which were already high due to reduce russian exports earlier in the year as a result of its own export bad. and on top of this, russia now hoarding its own food exports as a form of blackmail holding back supplies to increased global prices or trading lead in exchange for political support. moscow finds itself having more leverage, thanks to the welds demand for wheat, demanding concessions from the west. experts expect russian grain exports to sore
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the summer. raking in big profits due to high food prices. and the reps up our show. as usual, you can find more news and background information on a website that's d, w dot com slash business. or on the dw news, youtube chap. i'm chris kolber and berlin from me and the entire team. thanks for watching. have a good weekend. ah ah, with
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a to the point. strong opinions, clear positions, international perspectives. russian retaliation against western side terms is driving millions of families worldwide to the brink of famine, blockades, event, grain, and gas prices storing it. scarcity proteins, weapon of choice. to look point with 30 minutes on d w. o. we should a good nice on the islands in the middle of the immuno until the colonial masters came. they drove us out by night post i seem to exile.
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now we are homeless and who want only one thing to return to paradise lost. 75 d w. and we're interested in the global economy. our portfolio d w business beyond. here's a closer look at the project. our mission. to analyze the fight for market dominance. good is step ahead with d w. business beyond. mm hm. with
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a ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin, the u. s. supreme court over turns the landmark roe v wade ruling. that abortion was constitutional, right? the decision paves the way the individual states make rules on abortion and roughly how are expected to band or severely limit access to the procedure.


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