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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 23, 2022 1:00am-1:15am CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin disaster in afghanistan as a powerful earthquake strikes the east of the country. officials of say, 8000 people have been killed and many more injured, making it the country's deadliest weight in decades. also coming up on thousands of indigenous protesters, march peacefully through quito for a 10th day, demanding a cut to fuel prices. the rally followed violent clashes between police and
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demonstrators earlier. and germany finally fulfills its promise. the 1st shipment of heavy weapons has arrived in ukraine. but are they enough to silence? critics who say germany has done too little to help you pray, defend itself. ah . hello em, claire richardson, thanks much for joining us. a massive earthquake in afghanistan has left at least 1000 people dead, and many more injured. he was president joe biden has ordered american agencies to see how they can help. but that will not be easy. since this hollywood took control last year. most agencies have stayed out of afghanistan. the country is already struggling with a drought and food shortages. ah, they survived the deadly earthquake and were taken to safety hospitals and packed ink,
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a province near the pakistani border are filling up with the injured many of them, recount stories of horror and terrible loss. mad mobile because when the roof came down on me, i thought i had been shot with my body was in pain. it took me awhile to get up, but i lost feeling in my body when i saw the rest of my family under the debris uncle took with people digging with their bare hands through the rubble of just up in the hopes of finding some one still alive or to recover their dead with houses and other buildings have been flattened by the powerful quake. it struck in the middle of the night when most people were at home sound the sleep, the number of dead an injured is expected to rise as news slowly trickles in from these remote parts of afghanistan. rescue efforts have been directed towards the area, but the need for support is huge. at least $15000000.00 will be required immediately
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to respond more. central leach were concerned about not just non food items and getting people to shelters and awaiting medical law. but it also preventing waterborne diseases. the taliban lead government has called for international support. but it might prove hard to get since the taliban seized power last year, some international agencies have left afghanistan and billions of euros in development. aid were held back. more than 60 percent of the population relies on aid to survive the earthquake and only worse in their dire, tremendous, terry and situation of france. martini, as a freelance journalist in cobble and earlier we asked him how well the taliban government is equipped to handle this situation. one thing to remember is that of con a son's, he's frequent earthquakes. yes, this one was from the death toll
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a major one of the largest one in several years. but this is not something completely new. to some extent. the polymer also react it. uh well, for example, they quite quickly dispatched helicopters to the most affected areas in bar mold. one of the most heavily hits districts escalate. excavators arrived pretty soon as locals confirmed to me um, in other areas, the taliban leg, the capacity to, to act quickly. um and aids that has arrived to some extent is not sufficient. aid agencies have a pretty soon off to the colleague on takeover. try to resume their operation sometimes successfully, sometimes not successfully. the u. s. m has issued several general licenses that exempt humanitarian organizations from sanctions that are imposed on afghanistan and the poly mon regime. so legally it is possible to get aiden. practically these
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are very wolf and also still faces difficulties. nonetheless, some and use have expanded their self have expand that their programming. they are on the pressure to implement from the donors their own pressure from the taliban. that wants to get aiden also to siphon some of the aid off. and that this leads to, to various problems sometimes, but also to the fact that 8 projects are still running and still implemented. and that also, in this case, a certain amount of international aid will certainly reach these regions. let's turn our attention now to some of the other stories making headlines apis. our saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed ben foam on is visiting turkey for the 1st time since the killing of saudi journalist jamal a shogi plunged relations between the 2 countries into crisis. the crown prince today met with turkish president rep, tie up to one era,
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one once blamed the crown prince for casualties. murder and the us senate has taken a step toward passing the country. the 1st major on gun control legislation in decades. senators voted to speed up the passage of a bipartisan bill to toughen federal gun laws. the senate is expected to vote on the measures this week. i believe the proposals follow a number of recent math shootings, including at a school in evolving texas. and germany will do justice to with responsibilities. that is the message from german chancellor, all our shoals who used an address to the countries of parliament to restate germany's commitment to supporting ukraine and other international allies in a wide ranging feature. short said, the e. u and nieto had joined forces like never before to fight against russian imperialism. he said that germany knew from its history, that alliances were important, and that germany was
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a reliable partner. and in the biggest security challenge in europe for decades, germany as the economically strongest country in europe with the largest population in the u, takes on special responsibility, not just for its own security, but also that of its allies. when i visited the baltic states 2 weeks ago, i made it appear like an attack on them would be an attack on all of us an awful. and in that speech in german chancellor shows also sadie, ukraine has every right to defend itself. adding quote, it is our duty to support ukraine as best we can. germany has effaced international criticism for its initial reluctance to supply ukraine with weapons. and then for the time that it took to actually deliver then the german panther hobbins at $5001.00 of the most sophisticated artillery systems in the world. oh, most 5 months after russia's invasion of ukraine,
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7 of the self propelled howitzers have finally arrived on the battlefield. germany has long been accused of dragging its heels over the delivery of legal aid to ukraine. to counter such criticism, berlin has released a lengthy list of weapons and equipment. it is handed over to keith. it includes pansy fast infantry anti tank rocket launchers, man portable air defense systems, or man pads that enable soldiers to down enemy aircraft. 60000000 rounds of ammunition. these deliveries proved useful in the early stages of the war when ukrainian forces ambushed russian columns often at close range. but against the math artillery deployed by russia in it's gone, bus offensive. ukraine needs more heavy guns of its own. germany at, in slow to react and like some of its nato allies, o. u. s. has delivered over
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a 100 of these modern and hilary pieces and will soon, and long range missile systems. poland has donated at least 18 self pelt. how it's us and hundreds of soviet era tanks. germany to has pledged more heavy equipment on the to do list. the gear pot self propelled anti aircraft gun effective against low flying aircraft. the mass multiple launch rockets system able to targets up to 80 kilometers away at the state of the art iris t anti aircraft system, able to clear the sky of enemy aircraft and missiles but the 1st batch of gay parts and the mass launchers are only slated for delivery in july, the iris t might only arrive in ukraine in october, a long wait for a country under constant attack from the air. earlier we spoke to nicholas drummond, a defense industry analyst, and
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a former officer in the british army. we asked him about the logistical challenges i'm supplying. heavy weapons to ukraine. will the, it is not just the houses themselves, is the ammunition that supplies them. and before you can use them effectively, you have to deliver all the ammunition that's needed. and there's no point in having how it says, unless you have a good supply by munition. so that whole logistics planning has to be very carefully coordinated with the ukranian forces. and the 2nd really important factor is that you have to train the crews. and this is a highly sophisticated piece of equipment and requires a urban experience crew to use it effectively on the battlefield. so those 2 factors alone would have delayed its introduction into service, irrespective of any of the political background to the delivery of such weapons. and let's go to ecuador now, where at least 2 people have died in ongoing protests. thousands of indigenous ecuadorian have taken to the street in response to
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a hike in fuel prices. the government has since declared a state of emergency on wednesday, thousands of indigenous people took to the streets of tito for the 10th day in a row to demand a change in government policy. ecuador is indigenous community is disproportionately affected by rising inflation, unemployment, and poverty. the demonstration followed violence. clashes between soldiers and demonstrators on tuesday night. it's more, let's get straight across your d. w correspondent, i johan ramirez in ecuador, his capital. he tell. hi johan, can you tell us more specifically what the pros, hester's demands are. they are demand in 10 main points and actually it is very difficult to get an agree between the protest her, i mean, the indigenous people and the government just to mention some points, they are demanding ah, a reduction of the oil prices. it is very difficult for the government to
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accomplish this demand because oil is one of the main revenues of the country. and actually, i think they're, they're the government of guillermo president guillermo law. so, ah, free froze at the prices of oil last year and is very complicated for him to go farther. ah, indigenous people are also demanding a protection of the environment, the protection of their local r e as a stop on reduce oil exploitation and mining. and that's also very difficult because this is one of the main industries in the country they are demanding. also, at a more contour bag, price is controlled for the basic goods. and actually the government has that has taken some steps in favor of this measure, asking local governments to control the bid the prizes. so it is very difficult, but one of the main points they are demanding now is that the military sation of the cities, they don't want to see the police in the streets, and the government has said it is not going to happen. they need on in there,
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but it more control, more process of military under police and districts. so i actually an agreement between both parts are in a death point right now. that's right now your hand and has been 10 days of protests at this point. i can you tell us about how much they are affecting life in kito and elsewhere in the country? you, you have the answer behind me. i mean, this is a very central point of the city, and this is big our right now. he quito this place, used to be jill of cars are right now, and that, that most of the seat is like this nice, empty shops are closed. i was touring the city all day long and shops are close. i was near downtown and there, there are lots of protesters and they are taking, i mean, martin, some of them are very violent actually. is this the 1st time i've been reporting a protest all around latin america?
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this is the 1st time i've been said. please don't go to the protest because it's very dangerous. there are some very violent people there. so it is a very complicated now, and authorities are fear in that the city could be see edge by they are indigenous people. something i have seen all day long is trucks full of indigenous people coming to the seed. the, it seems that they are coming from rural areas and other provinces of ecuador to take the city and local authorities. i worry about it because they fear that basic service could be paralyzed in some days. actually, we have seen some, a garbage collector provenance in mobility, and there was already some searching gas. for example, a white reaching implications. johan ramirez, please stay safe. thank you so much for parking and 8 medical personnel will stand trial charged with the criminal negligence over the death of argentina soccer . great diego marianna, a 6 year old died of cardiac
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a rest 2 years ago while recovering from brain surgery for a blood clot. he had also battles cocaine and alcohol addictions. for decades, prosecutors accuse his caregivers of causing his death by abandoning him during home. hospitalisation. no trial date has yet been such that's during his update up is that hulu. ah, what people have to say matters to us. ah, that's why we listen to their stories reporter every weekend on


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