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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 22, 2022 9:00pm-9:31pm CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah ah ah, this is dw news live at from berlin tonight in afghanistan, a powerful earthquake has hit the east of the country. officials say a 1000 people died many more injured, making it the country's deadliest quake in decades. also coming up here in germany,
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german chancellor, olaf shoulds calls for a new marshal plan to help ukraine and his speech before parliament. today he also said there will be no partnerships with whether we are putin's russia and this comes as the 1st german heavy weapons arrived in new grade. but are they enough to silence critics to say, germany has done too little to help you crane defend itself. and as the war in ukraine fuels, inflation around the world, africa is feeling the impact, high cost or fueling homelessness crisis in south africa. more and more people are ending up on the street and authorities are failing to find a solution. ah, my bri golf is good to have you with us on this wednesday and we begin in afghanistan the death toll. they are from a powerful earthquake in the east of the country. continuing to rise at least 1000
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people we understand him. i'd with hundreds more injured you as president joe biden has ordered his country's aid agencies to see how they can help the people they are affected. rescue efforts are especially difficult in the remote mountainous region . on top of this, many international agencies left afghanistan after the taliban took over last youth . rescuers and survivors rush, the injured to waiting helicopters, getting around, and the remote mountainous regions of eastern afghanistan is challenging under normal circumstances. but after wednesday's earthquake, it is even more difficult. the powerful tremor took residents by surprise. many were at home in their beds when it hit the sea, the spin you i spoke to them. i see that they was midnight when the quake struck them, gone. the kids and i screamed, one of our rooms was destroyed while our neighbors screamed and we saw every one's rooms collapsed. my own both. eventually,
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the houses in this rural region are mostly made of mud or stone and dozens were destroyed. authorities fear many people could be trapped beneath the rebel with the disaster opposes a manger test for the taliban, lead government, which seized power last year. since then, many international agencies have left the country and billions of euros and development aid were caught. as a result, afghanistan was already facing a severe economic crisis. in light of these difficult circumstances, the taliban lead government is asking for international help. the afghan red crescent society has dispatched humanitarian aid from cobble to the affected areas . and the united nation says it's also sending it's teams in france. martin, he's a freelance journalist in kabul fronts. what more can you tell us about the situation right now? a death hole and the numbers of injured have risen through the day to the numbers
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that you mentioned. 100-1508 might rise. even 3rd, her rescue efforts were also impeded by e rainfall and heavy winds at times. now it is night in call hold enough conason. so rescue efforts has mostly sculpt until tomorrow morning. this was the deadliest quake. it's in the country and yours are. are there agencies in afghanistan that can deal with this, especially with the tale, but now in control? one thing to remember is that of con sons, he's frequent earthquakes. yes, this one was from the death toll a major one of the largest one in several years. but this is not something completely new. to some extent. the polymer also reacted well. for example, they quite quickly dispatched helicopters to the most affected areas in bar mold.
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one of the most heavily hits they streaked, escalate. excavators arrived pretty soon as little was confirmed to me in all their areas, the tale, bon, lexi capacity to, to act quickly. um and aids that has arrived to some extent is not sufficient. if you can help us understand the united states, president biden has ordered agencies from his country to do what they can a, what can they do though, right now in afghanistan the situation is not easy. it is difficult. however, um aid agencies have a pretty soon after the polygon, takeover try to resume their operation sometimes successfully, sometimes not successfully. the u. s. m has issued several general licenses that examined humanitarian organizations from sanctions that are imposed on afghanistan
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and the poly mon regime. so legally, it is possible to get aiden, practically, they are very often also still faces difficulties. nonetheless, some and you will have expand that stair south have expanded their programming. they are on the pressure to implement from the donors their own pressure from the poly vaughn that wants to get aiden also to siphon some of the aid off. and that this leads to, to various problems sometimes. but all sold to the fact that 8 projects are still running and still implemented. and that also in this case, a certain amount of international aid will certainly reach out these regions. journalist fronts, marty with the latest to night, from cobbled in afghanistan fronts. thank you. germany will do justice to with responsibilities. that is the message coming today from german transfer all off sholtes used and address before the countries parliament to double
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dell on his government's commitment to supporting ukraine and other international alex. in a wide ranging speech, the chancellor said that the european union and nato joined forces like never before to fight against russian imperialism. he said that germany knows, from its own history, that alliances are important and that germany remains a reliable park. that goes, since he had squeezen in the biggest security challenge in europe for decades. germany as the most densely populated and largest country in the us, doing justice to its responsibility. taking responsibility, not just for its own security, but also that of its allies. 2 weeks ago when i was in the baltic states, i made it clear that an attack on the baltic states would be an attack on all of us . or it was put in our political correspondence. i mean young, he's been following that speech force, simon. yes, security was at the forefront of the chancellor speech there, but did it mean i was hearing not just the security for germany, but germany's responsibility these
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a v is allies. we're talking about security. what did you hear? well, that's right. brent olaf shult so repeated a commitment that he made back at the start of the war in ukraine, saying that we will protect every centimeter of nato territory. and he says that germany is doing that by a beefing up its own military spending. but also by sending our troops and materiel to nato's eastern flank and showing its commitment that way. but of course, also by the support that it's given to ukraine. both the financial and decreasing li are in the form of the direct military supports as well. in simon the champs in a day he tried to quash the idea that he is moving too slowly on helping
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ukraine. did he achieve what he wanted to i guess that will depend on why the perceptions there certainly are plenty of people here in germany, opposition politicians and others who i think that at the progress has been too slow and too hesitant will. although world leaders a give germany the credit that, oh, laugh, shouts thinks it deserves. we'll have to wait and see. yeah, he's got a week of summit meetings coming up in particular, the nato summit here in germany at the weekend and the beginning of next week. and we may hear more there, particularly president. so let's give you credit himself. will be part of that nato summit by video link. and now that the 1st heavy weapons from germany have actually begun to arrive in ukraine. that some the criticism of germany's cautious approach at will die down our political correspondence. i'm young with the latest to night. here in berlin,
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simon think you will. in his speech to day german chancellor sholtes also said that ukraine has every right to defend itself. adding that it is our duty, germany's due to support ukraine as best we can. germany has faced international criticism, however, for its initial reluctance to supply ukraine with weapons and then for the time that it took to deliver the german panther hobbits of $5001.00 of the most sophisticated artillery systems in the world. o, most 5 months after russia's invasion of ukraine, 7 of the self propelled houses have finally arrived on the battlefield. germany has long been accused of dragging its hills over the delivery of lethal 8 to ukraine. to counter such criticism, berlin has released a lengthy list of weapons and equipment. it is handed over to keefe it includes panza, faust, infantry, anti tank, rocket launchers, man,
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portable air defense systems, or man pads that enable soldiers to down enemy aircraft. 60000000 rounds of ammunition. these deliveries proved useful in the early stages of the war when ukrainian forces ambushed russian columns often at close range. but against the math artillery deployed by russia in it's gone but offensive. ukraine needs more heavy guns of its own. germany at, in slow to react on like some of its nato allies. o. u. s. has delivered over a 100 of these modern and hilary pieces and will soon, and long range missile systems. poland has donated at least 18 self pelt. how it's us, and hundreds of soviet era tanks. germany too has pledged more heavy equipment on the to do list. the gear pot self propelled anti aircraft gun effective against low
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flying aircraft. the mos multiple launch rockets system, able to targets up to 80 kilometers away. and the state of the art iris t anti aircraft system, able to clear the sky of enemy aircraft and missiles. but the 1st batch of gay pots and the moss launches are only slated for delivery in july. the iris t might only arrive in ukraine in october, a long wait for a country under constant attack from the air. my next guest is nicholas drummond. he is a defense industry analyst and a former officer in the british army. mister drummond is good to have you with us, sir. now that these german, that this heavy weapons are on the battlefield in ukraine, where we see a difference when it comes to hell. ukraine is able to push back the russian military. well, these weapons are extremely good in their own rights, depends on how it's
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a 2000. is probably one of the most capable artillery pieces in service across nato . range of 70 kilometers for the latest ammunition types. able to drill about 5 rounds on target simultaneously. but ultimately, we're providing a limited quantity of these. and really what ukraine needs is, is mass, because there's no substitute for quantity as one is quality. and i'm sure you're aware of that. if i could just ask you about these weapons and delivering them, you know, the german government has been criticized massively for how long it has taken for months. how big of a hurdle or the logistics here will the it is not just the house of themselves, is the ammunition that supplies them. and before you can use them effectively, you have to deliver all the ammunition that's needed. and there's no point in having how it's, it's unless you have a good supply of ammunition. so that whole logistics planning has to be very carefully coordinated with the ukrainian forces. and the 2nd really important
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factor is that you have to train the crews. and this is a highly sophisticated piece of equipment. it requires a, an experienced crew to use it effectively on the battlefield. so those 2 factors alone would have delayed its introduction into service, irrespective of any of the political background to the delivery of such weapons. we've been following you and twitter. if you have been arguing that germany's hesitancy perhaps to sent military support is not a weakness. in fact, you have written that it's a sign of integrity. why do you think so? edge, john, germany's behave very well indeed. and after the 2nd world war, it decided that it wanted to be a country built on economic strength, not military strength. and therefore adopted pretty much a positive mindset. and it realised that it was not going to sponsor
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massive build it, build up with weapons. and so on. and then of course, it realized that actually, the pacifist approach would not deter an adversary like russia. and sholtes announced after the invasion of ukraine by russia. in february, we have to change, we were wrong. we have to be strong because you only understand strength, not weakness, and we'll weak if we don't investment events. and that was the germany is like an aircraft carrier takes 10 kilometers to turn round. and he's had to lead not only his own party, but the whole german people in germany. and i think he's done it with great political dexterity. and as far as the u. k is concerned, jimmy is a great ally and doing extremely well in his speech today, the german chancellor, he, he said that this support for ukraine, particularly with weapons, will continue as long as the country needs it. and you know,
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we're not talking about a quick end to this war. so do you read this as germany abandoning this? is this approach, you know, that you have praised? no, i think germany realizes now that this is going to be a long term commitment that will not change until there's a change of government in russia. and not that we're not going to drive a change of government by the way that will have to come from within, but so long as that regime remains in place. russia will be a threat not only to the ukraine, but to the rest of europe. i mean, russia's extremely angry pushing is angry that we have supported ukraine. he thought this was going to be a walk in the park and it's been anything but that thanks to nature support of ukraine. so if we don't support your grade, we allow russia to win. it will come after us with vengeance that we are committed to this for the long term for as long as it takes defense, industry, analyst,
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nicholas drama, drama. we appreciate your time and your valuable insights tonight. thank you. thank you. pleasure of the united states has put forward a $40000000000.00 military and economic aid package for ukraine in response to russia's invasion. but will the us remain committed after mid term elections there? this coming november, that question and more for risk analyst in bremar on this week's conflicts. so the united states is already losing interest in ukraine. that's pretty clear. it's hard for me to imagine that you're going to get the same kind of support for ukraine next year. as you got this year, but i promise you that you get the same kind of punishment to russia that you got this year. so once again, i mean, it's going to be harder for ukraine in 2023, but russia is going to take it in the teeth and prudence, not going to look like a winner here. he's going to look like he's been absolutely destroyed by the west. and you can watch the full show that full interview right here on the w news at 9
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30 pm. berlin time that's in about 15 minutes from now or you can watch it at any time online. it d, w dot com. a diplomatic dispute between russia and lithuania continues to escalate . the baltic country has blocked the rail transit of sanctioned goods through its territory to the russian exclaim of coline god with the when he says that it is just following european union guidelines. but moscow is threatening what it is calling serious consequences bound from russia to russia. this strain is bringing goods from russia's heartland to x, x clave of colleen and grad. colleen and grad is separated from the rest of russia by 2 countries, lithuania and belarus could, while bella roosters letting all russian trains transit its territory. lithuania has started blocking all trains carrying sanctioned goods. luckily,
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senior doing anything. it's our european sanctions that are started working from the 17th of june. coal metal cement, wood building, materials, and high tech goods are among the items on the sanctions list. they account for up to 50 percent of all goods bound for cleaning grad. moscow has called the parcel trance, had been a hostile blockade, and is threatening nato member lithuania. you see a british, every man afraid traffic between the kellen in grad region and the rest of russia's territory is not fully restored in the next few days. what russia retains its right to take measures to defend its national interests. his life not only hinted as of russia, insists that international freight transportation agreements must be respected and is accusing lithuania, violating the human rights of its citizens and cleaning rat that you has rejected moscow's criticism and isn't turn accusing the russian government of exploiting the
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partial trends. had been for its own ets stop. org alamo did. they could have expected this. the russian side knew full well that sanctions will limit the transport of goods. and are now using this as a weapon. and in information war context of passenger trains from russia continued to pass through lithuania without any problems. however, travellers are not allowed to get off the train back here at the station in venice . in order to get around the blockade. russia now wants to, you see roots as an alternative. in the meantime, fiercer growing that moscow could try to further escalate to stand off. we're driven by the war in ukraine. suit. prices in the cost of living are rising throughout the world. africa is being particularly hard hit in south africa. poverty and inequality were already high. and after the pandemic surgeon, cause are now fueling
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a homelessness crisis. or correspondent adrian creech. reports to night from cape town where more and more makes shift shelters are popping up around the city. thank you. that in accent, food killing up for food handed out by a charity for homeless people in the middle of cape town, semi english hasn't had a warm meal for a long time. she's been living on the streets for more than 4. yes. i dumped up only by i had a good day, slow down, move it. there's no way that we can move forward in life. there's no way that you can build yourself up in life while you still industry goes. i thought i that maybe it absolutely didn't work english does not alone. and since the pandemic hit, even more people have been forced to live on the street came sent, makeshift, senators like this, have been much rooming in the city of cape town. there about 7000 homeless people in the city, much more than before. lockdown. the city runs a safe place program for homeless people,
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but currently they're only about 50 free spaces available. each nights the rest is occupied. cape town wants to create hundreds of additional spaces, but the may assess the leg of support from the national government makes it impossible to solve the problem. the core of the problem here is that the health care system is not capacity enough to deal with the scale of this problem. we are picking up the pieces at the end of this, all of these other failures a, there's been a poverty failure. there's been a o domestic violence failure often that the system has not coped with. there has been a mental breakdown failure and then a substance abuse failure. along with the rising homelessness, south africa is also dealing with an unemployment crisis. every 3rd person here, his jobless. now rising cost of living, driven by the war in ukraine, are making things worse for every one. cooking oil has gone up by almost 50 percent fuel by 20 says the for everyone because as you know,
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it offered. so the prices of the basic one wanted to give a shots, but now the salaries of people are going, are people gone live like this anymore? it's, it's crazy. it's k use. we are, look, i, yes, world law in the state we living in it, but i says as discovering up, been up in up we, the government has acknowledged the problem but has failed to provide a solution aimed a shortage of funds. and recent times we're having to deal with another problem which is the rising cost of living has made it increasingly difficult or the majority of our people to get by and to pay the are those and also to seat that children semi angulation is relieved that she doesn't need to worry about foods, at least for to day. to morrow, a daily struggle continues. or the sticky quick look now at some of the other
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stories making headlines around the world of saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed been phelan is visiting turkey for the 1st time since the killing of salvi journalists, jamal co shogi. there it plunged relations between the 2 countries into crisis. the crown prince today met with turkish president, richard, ty, up here to 101 once blame the crown prince for cr shelby's merchant. for the 1st time in decades, the u. s. senate has taken a step towards passing the country's 1st major gun control legislation. senators voted to speed up the passage of a bipartisan bill to toughen federal gun balls. the senate is expected to vote on the measures this week. it follows a number of recent mass shootings including the you've all the texas school. that massacre ain't medical personnel will stand trial charged with criminal negligence over the death of argentina, soccer, great diego marianna, a 60 year old was under medical supervision. when he died in 2020 after suffering a hoodie,
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the rest was soccer news. now summer break in the german bullets league of beans. it's transfer time after much speculation. synagogue star, saudi o manet, has completed his move from liverpool to buy your munich manet is one of africa's most successful players and his signing is a major get for the german champions. the 30 year old continues a long tradition of african players in the buddhist league. he could finish up replacing the great robert levant, asked the moment fine movie fans have been waiting for sadie or money introduced as a buy and player. it's a big deal for the bond as the and african football. he's quit the mega rich english premier league in his prime and chosen germany. i speak early the club. we do the coach and as well as he are sole source, already see the t. how. how good there because of course,
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i'm always watching not the only modestly about the specially temper 6 percent when barnes bay. and no, no doubt it is one of the best sir. i'm in the world. the 30 year old, who helped senegal to african nations cook glory last year said he had over big offers but quickly settled on by and he won the premier league and champions league in his time at liverpool. his contract situation in england means he is moved to reported fe, rising up to 41000000 euros a comparatively good price in modern football. his 3 year deal is also crucial for bion given their star strike a rubber levin dusky has asked to leave the club at 8 gall and trophy laden seasons . the germans still want to keep the pole, but my neighbor will soften the blow. if he departs as chief executive oliver can hinted gibberish and of his organ, fur, flish as we want to bring in fresh blood through her conquer ensco,
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we want to make sure that there is a competition for places within the squad. now, um, this class has now happened with an absolutely world class player in sadie o. money vill classes spieler mits at your money. he's been criticized by some pundits in england, the moving to an easier league whereby and when the title every season. but if he ends up having to replace levin dusky, he faces one of the biggest challenges of his career. you want your d, w 's up next conflict zone with risk analysts in bremond talking u. s. military aid to ukraine. i'll be back at the top of the hour with more bold news followed by the day. i have to see that ah ah,
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with who a conflict zone with
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a rash banner g. russia and ukraine are taking heavy casualties in the don bus. but has ukraine already lost the east? my guess this week believes that is likely the case in burma is a political scientist. i'm founder of the racial group. i'm going to happen and believe the russians have said it will last all this and more on this week's conflict loan with on d, w, ukraine. oh, we're all set to go beyond the citizenship, a mentor. we're all in, as we take on the we're all about the stories that matter to you. whatever it takes, policeman follow with
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w. fire made for mines. mm hm. a russia and ukraine are taking heavy casualties in the don bus. but has ukraine already lost the east


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