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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  June 17, 2022 4:02am-4:31am CEST

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this is dw news from berlin. you can find that much more on our website to be found at d. w dot com. ah, mending fences where the ukraine leaders of france, germany, italy, and were main. you pay a high stakes visit to keep greeted by air raid sirens the toward the capital shattered suburb of air pin pledging to rebuild and reconstruct the war. battered country. germany accused of dragging its feet now trying to shake off criticism that it over promises and under deliverers, on military support, all topped off with symbolic support for a fast tract. you candidacy. i'm iraq. this is the day. ah, russian for duration does not want beast. russia wants to room and nothing was russian aggression engaged to craig, it's
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a russian against to europe and tie of europe. europe is by your side. it will remain so as long as necessary until victory. the most important message visit is that italy wants ukraine in the european union. russia is trying to redraw the orders in euro force. this is unacceptable for lack of time. we are here together because we know it these out, you're the 1st visit you paid to queue fight. our friends is a historic different european heavy weights on a mission to repair ties and reassure ukraine of europe, solidarity and support. the leaders of the 3 largest economies met with ukranian president vladimir zalinski. they were joined by president clowes, c honest from ukraine's neighbor romania,
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increasingly concerned about europe strategy, or lack of it. mister zalinski cost for maximum pressure on moscow. he frustrated with france and germany suggestions that ukraine may have to negotiate with russia to end the war. a high stakes visits high expectations, and high on symbolism, brush an aggression against ukraine. it's a russian against a europe, entire european against entire united europe. it's an aggression against our shout values and a 4 hour response, which should be good nights to date. ukrainian, sorry, in the front line are fighting against the russian strikes that we're not alone in the problem is as the 1st message i want to send alongside my counterpart. so up in europe is by your side. it will remain so as long as necessary until victory you are, which will look like the return of peace and in a free and independent ukraine. we need to understand that there is no alternative
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for to appease. we need to start looking for peace and which day when a defense side and started toiling me, understood that russia is looking for more ways and means of intimidating in europe for grabbing more and more on the land, our land. while you're the, if at all you can say to day that the most important message of our visit is that italy won't ukraine in the european union. it wallkill and it was ukraine to have candidate status, and it will back this position in the next european council meeting a little pale. we need to stop the russians from killing ukrainian censure from destroying our cities. there is a direct collateral field. more heavy weaponry will receive, the faster we shall liberate our people. they're foster up. we shall liberate our lands on daughter without any broke, with its own longstanding tradition. understood,
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we are supplying weapons to ukraine often, and we will continue to do so as long as ukraine needs our support for the attack on ukraine was a historical turning point in sight. russia is trying to redraw borders in europe through force. i thought this is unacceptable. well, next of time, the russian federation does not want peace. russia wants only war and was nothing but rock. we are here together because we know it is our duty to act. it is our responsibility to keep this moment them and to help our ukraine of rent for a new future vis, not the visit to you, paid to cube by our friends, which is a historic event. donnelly, i thank you for which of these negotiations. we are ready to be reinforced to grant to strength and security in europe. thank you very much for kind visits to get
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a feeling of how to visit by the leaders of france, italy, romania and jeremy has gone down. i'd like to welcome andre kirk off. he's a ukrainian commentator and journalist and author of critically acclaimed novel sir . it's an honor to have you here on the show or your overall impressions that they rise to the occasion. i had bachelor there. this is, it took place and especially i'm very happy that president druggie of body like it was there because italy, or was quite often mentioned recently is gone to with a lot of sympathizers of fortune and raw shame on the politicians. but general, i'm in the signal that the ukraine received today is very great, and it's very important, especially in the moment when ukrainians are told the number of ukrainian dead and
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wounded soldiers is growing and growing quite critically. now we're 4 months into this war. what can you tell us about the lies behind the headlines? are you chronicling? what the people of ukraine are experiencing right now? i'm writing a lot of articles and essay same, and i don't write a new fiction. and i published several dozens of essays and articles and international press about what is happening every morning. actually i wake up and i quote, my friends in different towns and cities and talk of the messengers with them and exchange information and follow. and also some families. we share refugees abroad, especially in france. so of course, i mean, every right i think is now more involved in creating material which can be used in the hague, in the walk, chrome or criminal courts. now you are ukrainian, your work, and you write in your russian rather. and your work i understand has been banned in
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russia. that is a lot to untangle the describe how you are experiencing this moment. well, that is not and is a question. of course, everything is russian is hated now, and i'm in the skate is quite easy to understand and to explain and justify because never ukrainian school expects that actually russians would come and would kill ukrainian civilians and blow up schools and museums and theaters, et cetera. so the ukraine will have to go through a lot of difficult phases after the end of the world, because ukraine was always a tolerant society. and this should be sort of worked on should be, i don't know that. i mean, she's, we should get to read over it in the future, but at the moment, for as a for russian speaker, it's also quite to discomfort,
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you know, sometimes when to speak russian in the street. although, i mean, i'm now in the west in ukraine and i am on the locals that a lot of people who speak russian or have gary or other dialect. so you're creating a language, but just generally it's a set page in your grade in history. what are your feelings if i may ask towards russia? well, i mean it's, it's a very foreign country to me. it's a country populated by people represent in the past. because i'm in the war which is waged against ukraine is the war in the style of 2nd world war with copied women of seat is in destroying over the life and livelihood of ordinary of craniums. so, i mean, if, if i think that officially more than 80 percent of russians support fortune and support this war in ukraine,
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russia has become actually they come true of evil. and to have such a neighbor when, if in 10 or 20 the very dangerous, unless russia changes. but i mean, the russians went so easily back to the soviet times to this stalins or to retire and regime that it's very difficult for me to imagine how to get them from there. because i mean, all those who disagree with that, i mean they are leaving the country, increasing the number or percentage of those who support for you. so you will have a civilized russians living in america, israel, germany, and completely out of civilized russians living in russia, broke off. and of course, the history of the 2 countries so intertwined intimately, intertwined. of course, we don't know how this is going to end. what kind of view creed do you hope will
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emerge at the end of this? well, 1st of all, the ukraine is a multi cultural state, multi cultural country, just like germany, also with many languages, spoken minority languages like crimea to us. i mean, you created literature rating from my point of view, also in several languages, all and in russian to, by, russian speaking ukrainians. so i hope actually these tolerance that existed before euro my done here. and before this latest phase over the world will come back and, and people will somehow get back to normal life and to the normal perception over themselves because i mean ukrainians are now political nation. so i'm in the national patriotism, one over ethnic patriotism. and it should be appreciated by everyone in ukraine.
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and so can i get a very quick reaction from you to present to french president michael is saying that, well, we should allow mr. prudent to lose face. well, i was quite a ironical about some statements by monroe mcgraw because when i understand that the historical connections between france and russia are very strong, much stronger than connections between germany and russia. and his desire to say for face of a person who is responsible for war crimes in your grade, is somehow, i mean it's in a way i would say elegant in their own way. i mean, he, he wants to be nice to tyran. and he was asked to be nice to a tyran. i mean i, i'm not prepared actually sort of to,
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to go further in this conversation about being nice and saving face. so, coaching, i mean, russia didn't save its own face. i mean, the russian culture is destroyed by today's russian politics and, and russia will feel it for decades to come on, jay kirk off ukrainian writer. so thank you very much for joining us. they go much to date, the german government has approved the delivery of around 350000000 years worth of weapons to ukraine. he has been making urgent calls for more weaponry like tanks and multiple rocket launch systems. but there have been accusations from the opposition here in berlin as well that jeremy has dragged its heels when it comes to supplying heavy ammunition all i've shown it's under pressure. wherever he goes, the german chancellor feels compelled to defend germany's record on military support for ukraine. as the solder thought from another vista,
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germany is one of the main military supporters of ukraine. nobody delivers as much as us on the dodge understood as give her a few that are also doing a lot like the united states. but germany is one of the countries that is committing its capabilities on a very large scale from funky, verbiage guidelines, etc. we have provided large numbers of anti tank weapons, anti aircraft, missiles and ammunition in huge quantities ming but the weapons germany has so far provided a small fry compared to heavy weapon systems, other countries of already delivered. and that ukraine says that desperately needs in historic vote. at the end of april, the german parliament agreed to supply heavy weapons to ukraine. but so far not a single piece of heavy artillery has reached ukraine from germany. but much has been promised part of shots pledge, a 7 german made how it said to thousands ukrainian soldiers currently being trained
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her to use the met a german army base to how it says will likely be sent to ukraine at the end of june . the german chancellor also agreed to provide 50 k part or cheater antiaircraft tanks, the 1st of which could be delivered in july. at the start of june, schultz announced that iris t surface to air missiles would also be ready for ukraine's use. these missiles are germany's most modern air defense system and would enable ukraine to defend an entire city from russian air attacks showed said, again, there is no clear deadline for when ukraine will receive them. on a recent visit to berlin, the head of ukraine's parliament welcomed sholtes announcement, but stressed that deliveries needed to arrive quickly with dozens of ukrainians dying every day. the country has no time to lose. earlier we spoke to german lawmaker or dice jackie's letter from the opposition cd. you which govern
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germany for many years until last december. and he shared his perspective on the slow weapons deliveries from germany. we need the delivery of heavy weapons, not only 3 m l r s systems which is a very low number, only 7. how it says the german industry already has announced that they are able to deliver about $100.00. martin protected. we close and about 100 let put things. this would be a real significant sign. instead of this, our government has only offered some weapons which were not ask like the part things. germany is the 4th strongest deliverer of armaments. it has the 4 strongest armaments industry of the world and this industry is ready to deliver, but they must not, they don't get the guarantee. they don't get the allowance the permission to deliver. so this is not part of the form of government. this is the responsibility
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of the chancellor and we really support that. he has changed the issue, which the former government couldn't do because it was blocked by our collision partner. but it doesn't help to have a blame and shame game. it is very helpful that this government has changed the form of position and my party is responsible. yes, that's true. but we were not focused on the bonus where we were focused on social welfare. we focus on other items and it's also a lesson learned that all parties who have responsibility for our country should define security and not only with the social welfare and cohesion, but also with economy, competitiveness, domestic and foreign security. so we need a culture of security and this was neglected since 1919 since the unification. and this is also a very tremendous, a very important lesson learned that we have to in western, our security independent from the threat analysis. on the meantime,
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nato was vowing to bolster is forces along the lines as eastern borders in the face of russia's aggression. nato, defense ministers have been meeting in brussels as the alliance aims to reset it. strategic vision, the meeting comes ahead of a summit later this month. that we'll seek to set a new course for the coming years. a sticker to brussels, so terry shows is standing by for you. she has been covering this all important meeting. terry. so mr. stoughton berg outlining new challenges for nato. how does the alliance intend to respond? that's right, layla yen ste oldenburg, has repeatedly described the situation, living with russia's aggression as the new normal for nato. and says that the alliance has to adjust to this in ways that it didn't envision before. and that's why they're talking about a new model for allocating nato resources, and that's going to include putting more troops in those eastern flank countries,
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also pre positioning equipment, pre positioning ammunition. now we've heard that perhaps all of the troops assigned to these countries won't be permanently on the ground there as the baltic states would like. but they will be training with local forces. they will be ready to integrate, should a territorial threat arise. and so this is what we're going to be hearing at this madrid, some at the end of the month, what other allies are willing to contribute to bolstering the eastern flank. interestingly, of course, the question is, are they able to, you know, a bolstering permanent presence at the, in their eastern flag. i mean, do they have enough troops to, to actually realised that objective us defense secretary lloyd austin said that he was absolutely confident that the allies would come up with these forces to a scale them up in case of emergency to what he called a combat. credible force, and that's a change layla because at the moment what has been in the eastern flank,
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countries are what's called a trip wire force. and that is that you have enough troops there to, to slow down a potential invasion. and again, we're, we're not saying that this is a very likely possibility, but you never know any more. and so these tripwire forces would then provoke the sending of more troops. but, you know, nato really didn't have those ready. and so what the biggest change is going to be is that there are going to be thousands more troops assigned to the baltic states to romania, to hungary, to bulgaria. so that at, i mean a moment's notice may be a bit optimistic, but very quickly they would be able to move in and back up. those forces that are going to be staying there on the ground permanently. and terry, of the french president in or my home has gone on the record, suggesting mr. zalinski might have to negotiate with russia. if they're backing for this among the transatlantic allies, give us away the land statements like that. and ones that are similar ones that
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we've also heard from from the germans chancellor, previously don't have, i would say universal support at nato headquarters because you have these countries like the baltic states who have the most to lose if, if you were to give ground to vladimir putin, if you were to say to vladimir zalinski, okay, now you need to give up these territories that have been taken by force. of course the eastern country say we're, we could be next and they're not going to be supportive of that. there's a lot of outrage when there are statements like that at the same time. there are other countries that may be more, more amenable to, to talking about peace negotiations at this stage. a lot depends on the context. layla a lot depends on what would be expected of ukrainian president vladimir zalinski. of course, everyone knows that this war will need to end in peace negotiations. but i, i would think that many countries are, are not presuming that ukraine should be looking that way. at this point because let them put in hasn't been willing to give up anything. now i want to get your
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take on a sweden and finland session bid. where are we with that? we're stuck? absolutely stuck. there are negotiations going on with turkey, which is at this point, blocking the formal invitations to finland and sweden to join. but you know, it's not clear whether turkish presidents, but of type air to one intends to hold that over through the madrid summit. there had been hopes and expectations that nato would be able to formally open those an exception negotiations by the end of this month. and that has been just thrown into disarray now with this unexpected walking by turkey. i'm told i was told that this defense ministers, meaning that talks are very intensive, and that it's possible that air to one will allow them to issue the invitation at the last minute there at madrid. because there, there has been some movement particularly by sweden, in changing some of the language in its asylum law in changing some of the language
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in its terrorism regulations. and so there may be just a bit of a enough action to make air to one change. his mind once we actually get to the table in madrid, but it's definitely not clear yet, and nobody would put bets on that happening down to the wire just 2 weeks ago. terry schultz reporting from brussels. thank you for ukrainian refugees who ended up being cared for in german hospitals. there can be few more comforting things done being treated by a doctor who speaks their own language. for now ukrainian doctors are allowed to work in hospitals, but only under supervision. yes, laura is 2 years old. she has leukemia. her cancer therapy and ukraine was stopped by the war. she is now being treated at the university hospital and as in and fortunately doctor nina baths go is here to that. and i was looking at the dr. bet sco speak ukrainian because she fled the war herself. when i said the flu, she was
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a pediatrician and key of and is not only able to help the young patients here at the university clinic. she is also a valuable support for the parents. i. yes, her mother says it's very good because she can't understand or explain anything. and now it's better because she can talk to someone. well, yes, this and i have someone to help me with translation and on talent, continental visits. okay. so actually there are 32 young cancer patients from ukraine being treated at the university hospital. dr. bets goes, presence has been extremely helpful. this is full and i meg gonna cause a light. it's a huge relief for us to have such a doctor and perfect interpreter amongst us as well mentioned. and she is always ready to help if he had a moment for hoyt of to day, for example, not being able to communicate with her mother was a big problem ha, community at am, can nina vet sco, learned german at school?
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she is always open to meeting the cancer patients, parents because they have lived through similar experiences. loretta, yet it's hardly fine, no longer have a normal life on to and i lost my life to monday. bye. have a different life now. a hobby. it's to, i'm on to the living here in s and dr. bet sco can for now only work with patients under supervision. she still needs a few certificates to practice medicine in germany. oh, in this id shot. india's it was, it's a pity that she's only allowed to work under supervision at the moment. okay. in the situations lined off the doubles in the style she can't make or implement her own decisions about, i think it would not only be fair, but actually right or her to be able to work here as a fully licensed doctor. and as soon as possible, and so i good, oh dr. bats go. has been living with friends in essence. but for her it was difficult just sitting around at home. it was
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a stroke of luck that the university clinic started a program that enabled ukrainian refugees to work in different parts of the clinic for nina. beth's go, who has 26. it has also been a good opportunity to develop further as a medical professional. yes, this is helena. yes, it's important for my future cuz i can also learn things a song. oh i yes, i can learn how the system works. ottoman how everything works here. honest, it's very useful for me. yeah. as soon as we learned, oh even if mean i can't imagine a future of working in germany, she would like to return to key of as soon as possible. but for now, children like philomena are happy. she is here, a pediatrician from home. that was the day as ever the conversation continues online. you'll find us on twitter and date of years i handle is atlanta. iraq. thank you very much for spending this part of your day with us. i'll catch
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you tomorrow. ah ah ah ah ah oh, they have to get out out of the hotels on the bulgarian black sea coast, ukrainian refugees of keating, their rooms for the tourists. but where can they go?
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bulgaria is considered a tourist e u countries. there is still a lot of similarity, but for how much longer i focus on europe. next, on d, w is the end of the pandemic in sight. we show what it could look like. return to normal and we visit those who are finding it difficult. with success in our weekly coping 19 special in 60 minutes on d w. oh. hello guys. this is the 77 percent. the platform for
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africa. you to be beat issues and share ideas you know, or this channel. we are not afraid to happen delicate topic. because population is growing fast and young people clearly have the solution. the future belongs to the 77 percent every weekend on d. w with hello and welcome to focus on europe where we begin by taking a closer look at the refugee crisis, sparked by the russian invasion of.


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