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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 16, 2022 4:00pm-4:31pm CEST

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me, our services be our guest at frankfurt airport city, managed by from waterloo, with this is dw news live from berlin, a much anticipated visit to kia the leaders of france and germany and italy tank on their seat with a table with ukraine. what i'm here is a lengthy for high profile talk. it's a clear show of solidarity with ukraine. bond will bring the weapons, the key of ones also coming up for shows war against ukraine poll says the
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biggest threat to our security in decades. nato lays out plans to strengthen security in the face of russian aggression as the alliance aims to reset if strategic vision. ah, i'm marrying a evans team, it's good to have you with us. the leaders of france, germany and italy are in here in a show of solidarity with ukraine. all of shaun's them. and on the con and my doggy have been holding talked with lot, amir zalinski, along with romanian president klaus ayana's at the presidential palace. they've been holding a press conference, which we will bring you shortly, is visit, comes after days of speculation over whether it would go a hand and as ukraine intensifies, if please for more heavy weapons from western allies. earlier the 3 leaders visited
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it, a pin, a key of suburb that was partially destroyed by russian forces early in the war. this is what chance are schultz had to say? is this forced for the destruction this war is causing? is terrible. it's even worse when you see how completely pointless the violence we're seeing here is the innocent civilians have been affected. houses have been destroyed, a whole city with absolutely no military infrastructure was destroyed. and that says a lot about the brutality of the russian war of aggression, which is simply about destruction and conquest. and we have to keep that in mind in everything we decide. we can now speak to our correspondent manual shares, who is in care of at the iconic my down square. hello to you, emma. so the leaders of the use 3 biggest countries, germany, france, and italy are finally in care of today meeting with the cranium. president, one, i'm here zalinski. just how significant is today's visit?
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well, mariana, of course, it's highly significant. it's on a diplomatic point of view of a lot of me as the landscape since the beginning of the more of the war most 4 months ago. there has been a welcoming the support from to where to house be a welcoming leaders coming here. our lives coming here to show their support, but of course this was highly anticipated that leaders of the biggest european countries, france, germany and italy would come here to show their support. they've been voice in grades for a few months now, but this is their 1st visit and of course are highly anticipated, highly awaited, and the pregnant president shared his her. he was a joy at this visit. he already showed it on public, i'm sorry, on his social media. so he said pictures of the discussions there we, we're waiting the price come for that, follows those discussions at the moment now. that's right,
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emanuel and as we wait for that press conference and any idea of what we can expect . well, this is the bigger no luck. we know we know that discussion have been taking place . will there be some declaration? some you know that words of supports, thoughts, and prayers as they have been over the past 4 months. will there be some reassurance that the heavy weapons that have been promised by di, or western power will finally arrive in ukraine? will there be some announcements of more support beach, financial, humanitarian, or a more as support when it comes to weapons? we do not know yet, so everybody's just waiting to see just what it will be about. what we do know the leader is traveled on an overnight train, there were some photos released to the media of them sitting in that train car. and then, well, what's the security been like with such high profile visitors in here in
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a country that is in the middle of a war? exactly. mariano you've, you've expressed that it's a country at war. so usually, you know, ahead of states will travel to key if you're in capital biplane, they took an overnight train these last 4 hours. this is also how i came here in care of and i think that's really gives them to full picture of their situation here. also the fact that they visited it been, which is just in a suburbs here, a key after visited in which was the blaze of a very, a very big but so the back in march, the battle where a lot of civilians died. lot of ukrainian or armed forces are so died dare to fact that they could see with their own eyes the amount, the expense of destruction caused by this war. this really is a game changer. i've been for foreign leaders coming here because it's so here because it's all very easy if you will,
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to talk about the war when you're not in the middle of read, but they can see now with their own eyes, the damage the damage caused and continue. contin to be caused by the russian aggression that goes to craig. he w, corresponded and key the manual shares annual. thank you so much. want to talk a bit more about the visit of the 3 leaders i'm joined in the studio binding w as chief political editor, me say in a kirk know mckayla. hello. so this is quite the long anticipated visit by the german chancellor and french leader and also maria druggie. why did they finally decide to go to keys now? but i think one key issue is that actually are going together. it is a joint symbolic act that ukraine is part of europe, that carefully choreographed symbolism. it also make, it makes it easier for german chancellor will have souls to really explain why it
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took him so long. and the reason he cited was that 1st the president was supposed to go of course, was not welcome. so that caused some politically ruffled feathers there between the 2 countries at which of course cannot be taken lightly in the light of the continued criticism. against all ass holds against germany for dragging it seals on axes, guessing those pledged heavy weapons on the ground. well, it's not just this slowness and getting weapons to ukraine. there's also been quite a bit of criticism of also, of men on my crohn, an addition to short for continuing to maintain this channel of communication with putin for a speaking to him. some say that this was not a good idea. many ukrainian officials are not happy about that. will they be able to resolve these differing attitudes about communicating with russia? i think there's a difference in what public statements and behind the scenes is. we certainly heard direct criticism from poland for those talks continuing saying that there's no
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point to continue talking with letting a 210 or so even drawing a parallel to who would have caught hitler and back in that very dark chapter that it was pointless to talk to him, well, it, at the same time, there is a certain sense of and of appreciation for the fact that there is still lines of communication with vladimir putin. and at the same time, a lot of conversations on the phone, but now also in person with european leaders between voting lensky. but he has criticized all assaults for what he's called a balancing act between ukraine and relations with russia. and i don't think that this visit will have completely dispersed that the, the latest chief, political editor mechanic of them. he had a thank you so very much for your insights. well, today's, the german government has indeed approved the delivery of around 350000000 euros
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worth of weapons to ukraine. here has been making urgent calls from war weaponry and such as hangs and rocket launch systems. but there have been accusations from the opposition here in berlin as well. that as we've been hearing, germany has dragged its heels when it comes to supplying those heavy weapons full of shows under pressure. wherever he goes, the german chancellor feels compelled to defend germany's record on military support for ukraine as a sort of thoughts on another vistas. germany is one of the main military supporters of ukraine. nobody delivers as much as us on the daughter understood to give her a few that are also doing a lot like the united states. but germany is one of the countries that has committing its capabilities on a very large scale from 4 given movies, title, nines, etc. we have provided large numbers of anti tank weapons, anti aircraft, missiles and ammunition and huge quantities thing. but the weapons germany has so
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far provided a small fry compared to heavy weapon systems. other countries have already delivered. and that ukraine says that desperately needs in the historic vote. at the end of april, the german parliament agreed to supply heavy weapons to ukraine. but so far, not a single piece of heavy artillery has reached ukraine from germany. but much has been promised part of shots pledge, a 7 german made, how it such who thousands ukrainian soldiers are currently being trained. how to use them at a german army base. the how it says will likely be sent to ukraine at the end of june. the german chancellor also agreed to provide 50 gephart or cheater antiaircraft tanks, the 1st of which could be delivered in july at the start of june shows announced that iris t surface to air missiles would also be ready for ukraine's use. these mis elva germany's most modern air defense system and would enable ukraine to defend an
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entire city from russian air attacks showed said, again, there is no clear deadline for when ukraine will receive them. on a recent visit to berlin, the head of ukraine's parliament welcomed shots announcement, but stressed that deliveries needed to arrive quickly with dozens of ukrainians dying every day. the country has no time to lose. we spoke earlier to a german lawmaker who does. she's a return from the opposition party of the city you. we asked him if his party shared some of the blame for the slow weapons deliveries given they govern germany for many years until last december. we all are responsible, but it's also the truth that germany is the 4th strongest deliverer of armaments. it has the 4 strongest armaments industry of the world. and this industry is ready to deliver, but they must not. they don't get the guarantee. they don't get the allowance the
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permission to deliver. so this is not part of the form of government. this is the responsibility of the chancellor and the same chancellor who is now working for the tightened vendor. has him put the 2 percent go, has hampered the arm to drones as finance minister. and he was also not willing to pursue the go to reform the nuclear sharing. and we really support that. he has changed the issue, which the former government couldn't do because it was blocked by our coalition partner. but it doesn't help to have a blame and shame game. it is very helpful that this government has changed the form of position and my party is responsible. yes, that's true, but we were not focused on the bonus where we were focused on social welfare. we focus on other items and it's also and learned that all parties who have
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responsibility for our country should define security not only with social welfare and cohesion, but also with economy, competitiveness, domestic and foreign security. so we need a culture of security and this was neglected since 1919 since the unification. and this is also a very tremendous, a very important lesson learned that we have to in western, our security independent from the threat analysis. the governor in ukraine's law hands region has again underscored the urgent need for more military support. he says russia forces are advancing in their assault on the key city of civic or the next. he said, a rush, an air strike it, a building sheltering civilians killing at least 3 people in neighboring musicians, a city and on boss that is also taking a heavy toll in the distance, the sound of russian shelling for the people in missy chance the twin city of
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seattle, john, yet the chance to escape is getting smaller and smaller ukrainian police officers drive from house to house to find those who want to leave. but for many here it feels like they're giving up their town. if you will surely show that you're working, we weren't sure until it became unbearable. then i got sick. she has an endless list of illnesses and i'm also sick to get away. but after a little, if there was a hospital here where i would have stayed here until the very last moment, if you only a few kilometers away and severe over the next, leaving has become nearly impossible. with all the main bridge is destroyed, the city is now cut off. ukraine says more than $500.00 civilians, a hiding inside the assault chemical factory alongside ukrainian soldiers. moscow
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announced the humanitarian corridor for the civilians, but then claimed ukrainian shelling disrupted the plan with moscow having more man, power, and weapons. it's becoming increasingly difficult for the ukrainians to hold the few remaining positions in the city. a russian deadline for the forces and the chemical plan to surrender has passed. former ukrainian president polish anchor told the w ukraine will not given. situation is extremely difficult and the concentration of troops there is enormous. but our heroic soldiers is keeping servitor burnouts qui, keeping their asoft are not those of what result chemical plan under we never surrender ah, away from the don bus. russian forces have been aiming for other high value targets . this footage, shared by the russian military claims to show high precision low range missiles,
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targeting a depot in the western living region where ammunition for nature supplied weapons stored. if true, it could be russia's latest effort to disrupt the international supply of weapons. the number of people on the move is unprecedented. most are forced to flee their homes because of conflict, violence and persecution. according to a new report by the united nations refugee agency at the end of last year, nearly $19000000.00 people around the world had fled their homes. that's more than double the number 10 years ago. and by the end of this year, the numbers expected to top 100000000 for the 1st time. this latest increase is being driven by an escalation of existing conflicts and by new violence. the war in ukraine as an example, has triggered one of the fastest and largest refugee crises since the 2nd world war 7500000 ukrainians have fled their country,
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and more than 8000000 are now internally displaced. chris meltzer of the you and hcr as berlin office says, the scale of the ukraine crisis should not distract from the plight of displace people everywhere. we're talking a lot about ukraine and not about just measure social 2400000 refugees from south pseudo. there are millions of tons plays persons in many countries specially in african countries and we have not talked that much. busy syria, in recent weeks, months on the other hand, the crazy situation could be shows that everybody can be a refugee suddenly that these people indeed need help. and actually it's not the big difference between the refugees over there and refugees here. i wasn't so many places around the world and the pictures are always the same. people trying to flee, trying to save their lives. nato is vowing to bolster its forces along
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the lines is eastern borders in the face of russia's aggression. nato. defense ministers have been meeting in brussels as the aligns aims to reset its strategic vision. the meeting comes ahead of a summit later this month that we'll seek to sent a new course for the coming years. speaking after the meeting secretary general un stoughton berg said, rushes invasion of ukraine would change nato security strategy long term personal more urgency cruises that because to our security it so we'll talk maybe schools. busy longer term, so we'll take decisions to make a more you are all about this more, more competitive. all right, for more we can speak to our brussels correspondent, terry shoals. hello to you, terry. so yan stolberg bear talking about new challenges for nato. but how does the
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alliance intend to meet those challenges? that's right. the nato secretary general calls russia's invasion of ukraine, the war on ukraine, a game changer for the alliance. and he has said in the past that nato is going to have to live with a degree of uncertainty. now that, that this is the new normal. and so the alliance is having to reallocate its resources. that is, this is not how it expected to go into the future. but just in the last few weeks, in fact, they're talking about a new model for nato, for nato's resources. and that includes putting more troops, more ammunition, pre positioning equipment along the eastern flank, in what was initially thought, just to be a short term reinforcement. now those reinforcements are likely to be permanent, or at least long term. since of course, no one can predict either the length of the war in ukraine, nor what russia will do after that. so this is certainly a new way of thinking in nato. and are there right now drafting what they call this
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strategic concept? the next 10 year plan for nato, and that is going to be presented at the summit and it is likely to look very different than one would have thought even a year ago. well, nato also has said it wants to increase its support for ukraine. what could that look like? well, what, what nato does is, is coordinate support among allies for ukraine. it doesn't have its own weapons. but what was talked about at this defense ministers meeting was in particular moving ukraine from the donations the contributions of allies from soviet era equipment. the type of thing that was rushed there just when the war started to nato great equipment, really upgrading what is given to ukraine, to what is what nato countries are using. and one of the reasons for that is quite practical. they're running out of ammunition for the old equipment. it's not made any more. and so the ukrainians are pleading for more ammunition and it's simply not available. so as they are able to train ukrainian soldiers on the new equipment,
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nato allies are going to be giving this, this more modern, these more modern weapons. and of course we did here just at this native defense ministers meeting that they're going to be getting multiple rocket launch system, something the ukrainians have been asked asking for and which they are now able to use as well. well, just yesterday, the french president amount of la cron again, talked about the need for ukraine to negotiate with russia. i'll be at once. the war was won by ukraine as he put it. but the idea of ukraine negotiating with russia do other nato countries agree that this is key. i think the context is really important. nobody would, would argue that they should keep fighting. and instead of coming to some sort of a peace deal. but there has been a lot of outrage among some of the countries that feel that mccoy is, is giving too much to put in giving too much credit to putin. of course, we've seen comments from chancellor shows also that have been met with,
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with some displeasure by some nato allies. comments like russia should not be humiliated. we should treat russia as a great power. this of course, is very disconcerting to countries, especially along the eastern, the eastern border there, you've heard the baltic states asked for phone calls to president putin to stop. they think that no one should be negotiating with him over the phone that nobody would have called hitler back in world war 2. and that's a comparison that they often use. so i think there is a lot of a, a lot of rumbling about them, a phone statements and, and ones that he's made in the past because it depends a lot on what the situation is on the ground. and that ukraine not be asked to give up territory that russia illegally took from what you mentioned lafayette and de la fiesta. defense minister said he once more nato troops, and he's fed up of paying for lunch for the others. is this possibly a sign that nato has some cracks? there are certainly differences between the weight of some of the eastern flank
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countries, particularly the baltics view. this situation, there has been some displeasure with the fact that the germans announced a large contingent of, of troop reinforcements for their enhanced forward presence. the one that they lead in lithuania and then it was, it was sort of discovered a bit later that these troops wouldn't actually be on the ground in lithuania, that they would be trained in they, they would exercise with lithuanian troops, but they would actually stay home in germany, unless they were needed, that is not with the baltic. countries want to hear, they've long been asking for more boots on the ground, more troops stationed permanently on their territory. that's something the colon is also interested in. and so i think that as the negotiations on this new model stretch over the next 2 weeks heading into the nato summit, you're going to see a lot of back and forth on just how many troops should be forward stationed there on the eastern flank and how many can be trained and, and resting at home, but there's going to be definitely be ammunition, preposition,
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some heavy equipment so that the movements of these, these reinforcements, these preassigned troops could at least be more quickly done than it would be to day dw correspondence, terry shelf and brussels, terry, we appreciate it. thank you. well, for your craning refugees have ended up being cared for and german hospitals. there can be few more comforting things and being treated by a doctor who speaks their own language. for now ukrainian doctors are allowed to work in hospitals, but only under supervision. they have to fulfill a number of requirements before they can go solo, even so some are making full use of that time. yeah, i, laura is 2 years old. she has leukemia. her cancer therapy in ukraine was stopped by the war. she is now being treated at the university hospital and as in and fortunately, doctor nina bets go is here to that. and i was looking for that. the doctor beth's
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go speak ukrainian because she fled the war herself. when i said the flu, she was a pediatrician and key of and is not only able to help the young patients here at the university clinic. she is also a valuable support for the parents. i yes, your mother says it's very good because she can't understand or explain anything. and now it's better because she can talk to someone. well, yes, this and i have someone to help me with translation and on talent chronometer visits. okay. so actually there are 32 young cancer patients from ukraine being treated at the university hospital. doctor betsy goes, presence has been extremely helpful. this is full and i meg gonna cause a life. it's a huge relief for us to have such a doctor that and perfect interpreter amongst us is one measurement. and she is always ready to help if he had a moment for hoyt of to day, for example, not being able to communicate with her mother was a big problem, a community and can mean about sco,
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learn german at school. she is always open to meeting the cancer patients, parents because they have lived through similar experiences. loretta, yet it's hobbling fine, no longer have a normal life. and i lost my life to all my meg. i have a different life now a hobby. it's to an aunt at 11 here in s and dr. bets go can for now only work with patients under supervision. she still needs a few certificates to practice medicine in germany. oh, yeah. but this id shot india is it was, it's a pity that she's only allowed to work under supervision at the moment, given the situation line. darcy levels. and if i go, she can't make or implement her own decisions about i think it would not only be fair, but actually right for her to be able to work here as a fully license doctor and as soon as possible. and so i go to movies. oh dr. bet sco has been living with friends in essence,
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but for her it was difficult just sitting around at home. it was a stroke of luck that the university clinic started a program that enabled ukrainian refugees to work in different parts of the clinic for nina bets go. who has 26. it has also been a good opportunity to develop further as a medical professional. yes, this is helena. yes, it's important for my future. oh, i can also learn things a song. oh i yes, i can learn how the system works on ottoman how everything works here. allison, it's very useful for me. the i as a sinuously clinic. oh, even if nina can't imagine a future of working in germany, she would like to return to key of as soon as possible. but for now, children like philomena are happy. she is here, a pediatrician from home. now let's get a check now, some of the other stories making news around the world. australia's new government has announced a pledge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 43 percent by 2030. it was one of
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the prime minister, anthony albanese, is key election issue. officials say the countries turning the corner on climate change blamed for extreme weather events that have battered australia. in recent years. nigerian authorities are searching for 17 people who are kidnapped in the capital, a boucher, a user on twitter, posted a message saying she had been taken by men disguised as police officers. pregnant women are allegedly, among those taken kidnappings in the capital, are uncommon to brazil. now, where police say a man has confessed to fatally shooting and indigenous expert, and a british journalist who went missing earlier this month. the suspect to let officers to a remote area where he said the bodies were buried. the search for don phillips and bruno pet era has shed light on tensions between local indigenous communities and illegal poachers. fishermen and mining companies in the amazon
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a tragic and do an 11 day search. brazilian police said the bodies of missing british journalists don't. phillips and brazilian, indigenous expert, bruno bad, yet out, may have been found, taught at d. c, a suspect confessed to fatally shooting the 2 men with all the noise in the 1st suspect arrested in this case confessed to the crime. he described it in detail and pinpoint where he had buried the bodies close emerged throughout the week. a spot of blood on the suspects bought the belongings of the missing men, but authorities joke criticism for dragging their feet on the investigation. members of brazil's indigenous agency for nie which betty eta had booked for held
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a vigil for the 2 men. they are protesting what they see as the government's complicity. ruin it. no, no. some of him today, bruno and dome were not adventurers. if they were exceptional role models at the forefront of their work, they were violently murdered by criminals in the jewelry valley valley through the brazilian state. under the bulls, narrow government did not combat deal. the 2 men had received threats for their work in the jawad. each renowned for illegal fishing, logging, mining and drug trafficking, their killings out a grim reminder to indigenous rights workers in the region of the dangers, the faith. we'd now like to return to our top story. the leaders of france, germany and italy are in here in a show of solidarity with ukraine. olive chancellor on la kronen mario druggie had been holding.


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