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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 16, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm CEST

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ah ah ah ah, business dw, live from berlin, a much anticipated visit to keys the need as of frances, germany and italy to take up their seats at a table with ukraine's la them is zalinski for high profile. it's a clear show of solidarity with ukraine, but will it bring the weapons that he wants also on the program we are
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prepared for long hold of us are prepared to continue to provide substantial, unprecedented support to your grade. as a 2 day meeting of defense ministers draws to a close nato secretary general ledges the alliances unwavering solidarity for you. and a confession breaks the search for 2 missing men and the amazon to through some conclusion resilient, police say, a suspected that its appearance of a british journalist and an indigenous expert has admitted to killing them and has led authorities to human. ah, i'm gabrielle f. as we begin with breaking news, the leaders of france, germany and italy, i and keith, in a show of solidarity with ukraine, will have shows. one of them are all. and maria drug has been holding talks with
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laudermill zalinski, along with romanian president. klaus you on is at the presidential palace expected to hold a press conference very soon and we'll go to that live as soon as we can. the visit comes after days of speculation over whether it would go ahead and as you train intensifiers, it's please 4 more heavy weapons from western al. earlier, this really does visited open a key of suburb that was partially destroyed by russian forces early in the war. this is what chancellor all of shows at to say, this is forster for destruction. this war is cause inc, that is terrible. it's even worse when you see how completely pointless the violence we're seeing here is the innocent civilians have been affected. houses have been destroyed, a whole city with absolutely no military infrastructure was destroyed. and that says a lot about the brutality of the russian war of aggression,
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which is simply about destruction and conquest. and we have to keep that in mind in everything we decide. and while we wait for the joint press conferences off the lead us to get on the way, let's get an update from our correspondent manuel shows who is in here for us and are the leaders of the 3 biggest countries, germany, france, and italy, and kia plus the leader of romania meeting with the ukranian president lord ms. lensky at the moment. is this visit important bianca symbol? of course, kara, this was highly anticipated after nearly 4 months. oh, for vanity me. zalinski here in key. if you didn't lead to countries is the beginning of the war. he has been a welcoming of various personalities, various well leaders and say he was he of course, well comes that you appear leaders who visit him today. he already took to social
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media to say, how pleased he was to find, let me have those discussions in order for my son or just being to a video conferences and to you know, that french president, the german chancellor, that italian italian foreign minister, travel together by it from a night train until they arrived here this morning. they were visiting the suburbs, the suburbs up key of your pin, where it was a heavy i've gotta really cause heavy losses for their ukrainian civilians as well as for the army in march and have really got the full experience. they could see the sole expense expand of the war here. you know, it's one thing to talk about when you're in paris or when you're in berlin, when you're in rome, eats and not a thing to really see the extent of the destruction. the extent of the lawsuit that have that ukraine has suffered,
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that's ukrainians of people. keep on suffering from every single day. doug. this war a continues. now we're expecting a joint press conference shortly. warburton can we expect to hear from them while this is going to be very interesting, following those discussions with your credit and present follow to me as a landscape here, of course, as a lot of anticipation are about what will be declared, what will be talked about during this press conference will more announcement be made, may be more financial support, more humanitarian support, and most important role. will there be an announcement above the heavy weapons? european leaders have pledged a considerable amount of weapons, including heavy weapons, even germany, which has operated you turn and your story to you turn in terms of its foreign policy defense policy by expecting to send weapons
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a told something it hadn't done in decades in such a context, but don't my parents have been promised. they are still not here. and the problem is that on the front line, this is very direly needed by the ukraine, ukraine on armed forces. this is really something that here, people in kia and everywhere in ukraine are hoping to hear from during, that press conference. what kind of reception am i did the 3 leaders get that into well, there hasn't been any i'm, you know, or any encounter between the leaders. you know, i did, it hasn't been any huge moment of, you know, the people, for example, the here on their, made on behind me when they were at the cars passing by. and i wouldn't say they are very welcome by depopulation. of course, everyone has in mind the fact that this is a historic visit that the on the diplomatic levels is very important, that people are so lost a patience with the, you know,
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some remarks of how been made. for example, when french president matter and macro was saying that a de west must be careful not to humiliate russia. you know, when you're saying that to people who every day there and you're to war to families who have lost relatives in the military or as civilians because of the rush and aggression against their country. well, this doesn't go down quite well. and likewise at the german presidents determine chancellor, having all that shows or has that, you know, has been very timid about talking about the german support to your quinn, which exists and which is very consistent. the problem is the results are not visible for your finance people and that's something that did also didn't go down well. so the 2 leaders are not very well liked by to population, but of course they will receive and they received a very warm welcome from ukraine and president below the newsletter as their reporting lot from kids. thank you very much.
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to date, the journal government has approved the delivery of around 350000000 euros worth of weapons to ukraine. keith has been making urgent calls for more weapons such as tanks and multiple rocket launch systems. both our been accusations from the position here in berlin to that germany has dragged its heels when it comes to supply and heavy weapons. all i've shown it's under pressure. wherever he goes, the german chancellor feels compelled to defend germany's record on military support for ukraine. as the solder thought from another vista, germany is one of the main military supporters of ukraine. the nobody delivers as much as us on the dodged. understood as capero, few that are also doing a lot like the united states. but germany is one of the countries that has committing its capabilities on a very large scale from funky verbiage guidelines, etc. we have provided large numbers of anti tank weapons, anti aircraft,
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missiles and ammunition in huge quantities ming but the weapons germany has so far provided a small fry compared to heavy weapon systems, other countries of already delivered. and that ukraine says it desperately needs an historic vote. at the end of april, the german parliament agreed to supply heavy weapons to ukraine. but so far, not a single piece of heavy artillery has reached ukraine from germany. but much has been promised part of shots pledge, a 7 german made how it said to thousands ukrainian soldiers currently being trained her to use the met a german army base to how it says will likely be sent to ukraine at the end of june . the german chancellor also agreed to provide 50 k part or cheater antiaircraft tanks, the 1st of which could be delivered in july. at the start of june, schultz announced that iris
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t surface to air missiles would also be ready for ukraine's use. these missiles are germany's most modern air defense system and would enable ukraine to defend an entire city from russian air attacks shall said. again, there is no clear deadline for when ukraine will receive them. on a recent visit to berlin, the head of ukraine's parliament welcomed schultz announcement, but stressed that deliveries needed to arrive quickly with dozens of ukrainians dying every day. the country has no time to lose your hands president, have la garza lensky has well come the latest pledged by washington to provide $1000000000.00 and military a to ukraine. it's the largest specific commitment to ship weapons since rushes invasion began. speaking and brussels. nato chief yearns stoughton back. welcome to the announcement yesterday by the united states to further increase the support for ukraine. anti pledge that nato countries would remain united in this effort. and
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yesterday, after the defense minister only thing, oh, it was a strong message from all naval allies importers that we are prepared for long hold on a dollars are prepared to continue to provide substantial, unprecedented support to ukraine. instruct back speaking there. yesterday, friends, presidents, my call was signaling a desire for ukraine to negotiate with russia. is that a widely a view widely shared by other nato countries? that's a question i put to the w's terry shoals at the nato headquarters in brussels. well, you're hard, it really depends on what you're talking about. i don't think there are any countries who don't believe that peace negotiations between ukraine and rush are, are a desirable end. but that, that ukraine should somehow give up territory or be willing to, to lay down its arms while russia continues is onslaught in the country. you won't find a lot of nato allies vocally supporting that view. and there was
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a lot of outreach with these comments by mccoy, not the 1st time. he said something like this and by comments even by german chancellor, olive schultz in the past. you know, remarks that russia should not be humiliated that it must be treated as a great power. of course, they're the countries that are supporting ukraine so, so strongly don't believe that ukraine should have to do back down in the face of this. and so, yeah, there's a lot of anger and i, you know, some of the most a vehement opponents of these, you are the baltic states who are consistently saying that there shouldn't even be phone calls to vladimir putin were reminding that, you know, nobody was calling adolf hitler during world war 2 and asking him what he thought should happen. next, you mentioned the baltic states, they love the us defense minister said he wants more nato troops on his fed up of paying for the launch of all those. so is night or beginning to show some cracks there. well, i'm not surprised at all by those comments by the latvian defense minister. you
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know, not only are the baltic countries among those who spend more than 2 percent of their g, d, p on their own militaries. but they're, of course, the countries with the most to lose should the kremlin, make another unexpected move and decided to cross the border into a nato territory. so what is actually be staying in germany? that is something that the baltic states are not at all happy about, because that they, they want more boots on the ground right there on the border with russia. they feel that this is the only effective way to deter russia. and in the worst case, of course, to defend their territories against a russian incursions that we're going to be hearing a lot more about these plans as we head into the nato summit, the end of the month. we may even be hearing more about it today. but certainly the baltic states and the other frontline eastern flank countries are going to want to hear that there will be boots on the ground in a persistent presence of persistent nato presence on their territories. atara we've been discussing the germany's lack of speed of delivering heavy weapons a lot today in from the viewpoint of the nato partners that us germany doing and
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off and is germany doing enough foster? well, there has been a lot of pressure by nato allies on germany and, and now they are stepping forward. the u. s. defense secretary lloyd austin yesterday mentioned germany very positively and pointing out that the german government had now decided to send 3. i'll be at not for multiple runt launch rocket systems to ukraine and that's something the u. s. is providing for the u. k is providing 3 and germany is providing 3 as well. so that's something that certainly is very welcome to. but as your previous guest explained, there are a lot of questions about why germany didn't do more and didn't do it sooner. and i think that the country, asking those questions a, with the most emotion is of course ukraine. but again, as you, as defense secretary austin pointed out yesterday, when you're in the middle of a war and nothing can come fast enough, it's never going to be enough. and so he said it's understandable that ukraine is, is not happy with the speed or quantity of weapons that are coming. and germany
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does have a lot of questions to answer about whether whether it could have done this better and faster did, responded terry schultz. they're reporting from nato headquarters in brussels. thank you to the governor, the lu hans origin eastern ukraine as again on the school. the urgent need for more military support. he says, russian forces are advancing and their assault on the key city of seville donates. he said a russian astride, it's a building sheltering civilians that killed at least 3 people in a neighboring lucy shots that the city and dong bus also taking a heavy toll in the distance. the sound of russian shelling for the people in the sea chance the twin city of seattle, john, yet the chance to escape is getting smaller and smaller ukrainian police officers drive from house to house to find those who want to leave. but for
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many here it feels like they're giving up that town to she really showed that there won't work and we weren't sure until it became unbearable. then i got sick. she has an endless list of illnesses and i'm also sick to put away the hard rough carol middlebrook. there was a hospital here where i would have stayed here until the very last moment. she due only a few kilometers away and severe with the nets, leaving has become nearly impossible. with all the main bridges destroyed, the city is now cut off. ukraine says more than $500.00 civilians, a hiding inside the assault chemical factory alongside ukrainian soldiers. moscow announced the humanitarian corridor for the civilians, but then claimed ukrainian shelling disrupted the plan with moscow having more man, power, and weapons. it's becoming increasingly difficult for the ukrainians to hold their few remaining positions in the city. a ration deadline for the forces in the
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chemical plant to surrender has passed. former ukrainian president polish jenko toll d w. ukraine will not given. situation is extremely difficult and the concentration of troops there is enormous. but our heroic soldiers is keeping service burnouts qui keeping their azako not as old but basalt chemical plan. and we never surrender awe away from the dunbar. russian forces have been aiming for other high value targets. this footage, shared by the russian military claims to show high precision low range missiles, targeting a depot in the western living region where ammunition for nature supplied weapons. stuart is to it could be rash as latest efforts to disrupt the international supply of weapons for ukrainian refugees. of ended up being cared for in german
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hospitals. there can be few more competing things than being treated by doctors speaks their own language. for now ukrainian doctors aren't allowed to work in hospitals, but only under supervision. they have to fulfill a number of requirements before they can go solo, even so some are making full use of that time. yes, laura is 2 years old. she has leukemia. her cancer therapy and ukraine was stopped by the war. she is now being treated at the university hospital and as in and fortunately, doctor nina betsy go is here to ross that the northern region, but at the doctor beth sco speak ukrainian because she fled the war herself. when i said the flu, she was a pediatrician and key of and is not only able to help the young patients here at the university clinic level. she is also a valuable support for the parents. i. yes,
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her mother says it's very good because she can't understand or explain anything. and now it's better because she can talk to someone. well, yes, this and i have someone to help me with translation and on talent, continental visits. okay. so actually there are 32 young cancer patients from ukraine being treated at the university hospital. dr. bets goes, presence has been extremely helpful. this is full and i meg gonna cause a light. it's a huge relief for us to have such a doctor back and perfect interpreter amongst us as well mentioned. and she is always ready to help if he had a moment for hoyt of to day, for example, not being able to communicate with her mother was a big problem ha, community at m can mean of at sco, learned german at school. she is always open to meeting the cancer patients, parents because they have lived through similar experiences. loretta, yet it's hardly fine, no longer have a normal life on to and i lost my life to oh my, my have
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a different life now. a hobby, it's to i'm on to the living here in s and dr. bet sco can for now only work with patients under supervision. she still needs a few certificates to practice medicine in germany. oh, but this i'd be shot india that watson. it's a pity that she's only allowed to work under supervision at the moment. him in the situations i and the opposite of us in east iow, she can't make or implement her own decisions about i think it would not only be fair, but actually right here her to be able to work here as a fully licensed doctor. and as soon as possible, i good. oh doctor bet sco has been living with friends in essence. but for her it was difficult just sitting around at home. it was a stroke of luck that the university clinic started a program that enabled ukrainian refugees to work in different parts of the clinic for nina beth's go, who has $26.00. it has also been a good opportunity to develop further as a medical professional wise,
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this is helena. yes, it's important for my future so i can also learn things acorn. oh hi it's. i can learn how the system works on ottoman how everything works here. alice, it's very useful for me, the i as a soon with lee clinic. oh, even if need. i can't imagine a future of working in germany. she would like to return to kia as soon as possible . but for now, children like philomena are happy. she is here, a pediatrician from home. now let's look at some of the other stories making headlines to day. australia's new government has announced a pledge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 43 percent. but when the city, it was one of our prime minister, antony albany, says he election issues, angel say the country is turning the corner. him on climate change, change blame for extreme weather events that have bassett, australia, in recent years. authorities now jerry upped are searching for 17 people who
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were kidnapped in the capital. a boucher, a user on twitter, posted a message saying she had been taken by men disguised as police officers. pregnant women are allegedly, among those taken kidnappings in the capitol, uncommon police in brazil say a man has confessed of fatal shooting and indigenous expert. and a british journalist went missing earlier this month. the suspect led offices to a remote area where he said the bodies were buried. the search for don phillips and bruno program has shed light on tensions between indigenous communities and poachers. fishermen and mining companies in the amazon a tragic end to an 11 day search, brazilian police say the bodies of missing british journalists don't. phillips and
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brazilian indigenous expert do know better yet our history may have been found off . authority see, a suspect confessed to fatal shooting. the 2 men with the 1st suspect arrested in this case confessed to the crime. he described it in detail and pinpoint where he had buried the bodies. clues emerged throughout the week. a spot of blood on the suspects bought the belongings of the missing men, but authorities joke criticism for dragging their feet on the investigation. members of brazil's indigenous eaten c for nie, which betty eta had worked for, held a vigil for the 2 men. they are protesting what they see as the government's complicity . oh, bruno, if no,
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no. some of into the lunar and dome were not adventurers. if they were exceptional role models at the forefront of their work, they were violently murdered by criminals in the jewelry riley valley who the brazilian stayed under the bos, narrow government did not combat. still. the 2 men had received tents for their work in that your body, renowned for illegal fishing, logging, mining and drug trafficking, their killings out a grim reminder to indigenous rights workers in the region of the dangers, the faith. yellowstone national park, the u. s. has been hit by devastating flooding. the deluge has washed away many kilometers of roads and hundreds of bridges. scores of homes and surrounding communities have been swamped. park ranger say that part of yellowstone will remain closed for the rest of the year. the unprecedented closet floodwaters also threatening to cut off fresh drinking water to montana's largest city. well,
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a perilous escape. rocks come raining down on this car. as the driver rushes to get out of yellowstone national park, some 10000 visitors to the u. s. his oldest national park were evacuated after to renshaw rainfall, and melted snow, sent months with a run off into rivers, causing them to best their banks. but it's not only tourists who were affected. the fighting has also hit me by towns damaging bridges, roads, and even sweeping away homes. that hit here early in the flood. and we thought we had it. and then a bridge went out and it diverted the cree water, started rolling in the bag, broke out a basement window,
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start filling up my basement and then i quit. like the water one. the flooding also forced a water treatment plant to close, leaving montana's largest city billings with about a day supply of fresh water. as far as duration we're, we're in for, for the long haul. as far as helping folks, i will do everything that we have to do to provide those resources and just continue to work through, you know, what is, is a pretty tragic event. residence here and now pulling together to start the long, difficult work of rebuilding their communities. but the damage to yellow strengths, diverse and fragile ecosystem. oh, being much harder to repair. it was cindy darby news before we go. here's a quick update on our top story. the leaders of germany, france and italy have been holding their 1st face to face talks with ukrainian president vladimir zalinski in keep the high profile tool tools,
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attended by romanian president. close to honest, the much anticipated visit follows days of speculation over whether it actually would go ahead. that's it from me and the new steam stay with b. w up. next is news asia. how else was in berlin? ah, with
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