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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 14, 2022 9:00am-9:31am CEST

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ah ah ah, this is the w news coming to you live from berlin. no way out for ukrainians. regional officials say the russian bombing of subordinates has cut all all the last escape routes. but presidents lansky says his troops could still turn things around if they're just given the weapons thing. the also coming out rewriting the brakes,
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it rules, anger and brussels says britain wants to ditch parts of its controversial trade agreement with the european union and mapping the milky way european space. probe helps scientists understand how our galaxy evolved over billions of years. ah, hello, i'm terry martin. thanks for joining us. russian forces appear closer to taking control of sabera dynette k key city in ukraine's eastern don boss region. the regional governor says the last bridge in and out has been destroyed, making it impossible to organize humanitarian aid or evacuations. but ukraine's president the lot. ms. lansky says his forces could still reclaim territory in the region. if they are supplied with the weapons, they need firing back ukrainian defense
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forces, say this aerial footage shows 2 destruction of 3 russian grand rocket launchers, which they believe are used to shell. the embattled city of cbr don't ask and surrounding areas. street bottles are raging in the eastern city. the governor of the region says it is mostly under russian control. much of severe, don't ask, has been destroyed. authorities believe some $500.00 civilians, including children, are sheltering at the vast ad thought chemical plant. ukraine has accused russia of shelling the works and sparking a fire russian back separatist say they're holding back from the plant to avoid an environmental catastrophe. images that remind ukrainians of the siege and matthew polt still works for just weeks ago. but the ukranian president
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remains defiant. my land, most of them were dealing with absolute evil and we have no other choice but to move forward and free our entire territory. kick the occupiers out of all our regents. and although the width of our front is already more than 2 and a half times in kilometers, you can feel that our strategy is still working. the russian ministry of defense released footage, claiming to show their troops opening fire on ukrainian militants. their spokesperson said they had hit important targets was a glitch that will get them in the da nats. people's republic, high precision air launched missiles destroyed a large number of weapons and military equipment delivered to the ukrainian nationalists, including weapons from the u. s. and european countries, so just let us run your business from back in viet don't ask. the constant shelling
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on the exchange of fire rages on with no end in sight and old bridges out of the city. cut spring in our correspondent in manuel shaws. she joins us from chia. mano a tell us more about the situation in sabera done yet. what do we know about the civilians remain there with little prospect of being evacuated? ah, well as i refreshed our for how to take shelter here because there's been an as to why collab, which is my, i'm here in the metro but other people are also taking shows us about assessing the situation. and yet there's a lot of civilians still top there. it is believed that up to $500.00 civilian pod there including thousands of children and they can no longer be evacuated. it goes to 3 bridges leading out to the city, have now been destroyed by russian forces at with the bridges being destroyed. it
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means that no humanitarian ad nor 8, nor evacuations can take place or right now. so no humanitarian ed supplies can go into the city. and no civilians can be evacuated, they leave their trim, is generous conditions and have coolest dest concern for their lives at a time where it is constant, shami happening over to region. while that is happening, a ukraine's president vladimir zalinski has been speaking with the german broadcaster z d f. in an interview, he appealed for more support from berlin, which here what he had to say. we need a, she would says from chancellor shoals, but germany supports ukraine. he and his government have to make a decision. they should not try to find a balance between ukraine and they relationship with russia or crane or even knows
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that she's good for that. i mean, ukraine's government is often said it's not getting enough support from germany in this war, or is that how the people you're talking to their see it as well? a with the dress. oh, that's okay. it does like to be able to sleep right. more cities which happy and occupied by depression, aggress aggressive with the patient population. because, you know, at the end of the day, you're crying, i'll pay a lot on the front time every day. people are dying
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with russia has been accused of war crimes in, in this conflict, amnesty international is accusing russia using banned cluster bombs and ukraine's 2nd largest city hockey. what more can you tell us about the well, indeed this is an independent independent report from amnesty international. there's evidence that russia has used to bomb. so that means those forms that, you know, are made of several different small the bombs which in this case of full on quite a wide area affecting a sometimes with
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no intimacy shop people who, whose hands, happy, tied shot in the head. so every day does more walker, i'm being unfolded all over the country. men. well, thank you very much. that was our corresponding amana was shaw's there. in chia let's get a military perspective on all this saw justin crump is a military analyst and runs an intelligence consultancy in the u. k. thanks for being with us justin. the battle for the don bus seems to be reaching a critical point, particularly in severe i've done yet. how do you see things unfolding their scenario? next is the focus at the moment. as you rightly say, though, i think that will rapidly move westwards with increasing russian efforts in the
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cities in don't ask, but so far as on that the focus because of the last bit of the scope last most, expose bit of the cranium line. and so it's politically important for those sites and it's militarily take the important for russia because they're trying to cause, as many casualty as possible, the ukrainians this time try and circle and capture ukrainian forces to defeat ukrainian forces in the door. so i think the rushing point of view is the 1st domino to fall by reducing the verizon that they can start to increase the tempo. what they've been doing. again, we're over a 110 days in this point, and they're still fighting of some of the same error though. they've been fighting over 15. so i think russia keen to be making more progress over the summer now, and hopefully should be the 1st part. the city itself is how to defend its on the wrong side of the river ukraine. there are 3 bridges crossing the river that we've been destroyed. now, so ukrainian forces to face the challenge to withdraw to the bank where that
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friendly forces are and the city of this chance was on the high ground overlooking severity on that. that'll be the hard fight. in fact, resonance itself. but russia working very hard to try and attack cities in the south, if you can, in the coming days to try and force ukrainians back more quickly. ukraine's president collado meals the lensky. he is determined to push russian forces back across the border. he says, his country desperately needs more help though from abroad. what can ukraine's backers in the e u in north america do? what more can they do that they're not already doing. i mean, the requests that are coming out, i think, for, for power to weapons of russia, put ukraine hosting for around 1000 phyllis. every piece is 300 multiple loans, rocket systems, and 500 main battle tanks. which probably is about the same level as what russia has deployed into ukraine itself. so on the face of it, that's a fair request,
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but to put it in perspective, the british army, for example, has a total of $220.00 main battle tanks of which may not in service amendment a 1000 fail guns is more than 10 active duty us divisions in the u. s. army. so that's a huge number of pieces of equipment. so it's very unlikely to get, frankly, just because the stock is not bad. now in theory, when you're defending a more you work on the basis, the attacker has 3 times as much as the defender and that should be a balance fight. ukraine's seen the advantage of that in this conflict, big to defend the most the time. and so that employees actually, if they had about a 3rd as much and they could probably defend effectively, but defending alone does not win wars. and we've just seen this, this course in the don't mass that russia is solely grinding forwards, putting pressure on everywhere, take every inch of ground. so that's the sort of off the ukrainians have,
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if they're going to balance the fight rather than just gradually, slowly being ground down nervously. the hope is that russia also gets ground down to fighting, reaches and impasse were not there yet, nor will i think will be for a few weeks. but that's the sort of hope i think in this this started fighting great, totally dependent really at this point on west and also the key thing they need to keep having without going to miss justin. thank you very much for your analysis. that was just in crump, with the civil unintelligence consultancy inland. well, russia's blockade of millions of tons of ukrainian wheat is pushing world food prices. higher. several countries are warning the food shortages are approaching critical levels. lebanon normally gets most of its wheat and cooking oil from ukraine and russia. the lack of flower now means bakers can't meet the demand for bread. cheese for bread start early, like at this bakery in the southern part of lebanon's capital bay route. its baker
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mohammed has hardly anything left to sell. bread is becoming scarce in lebanon. the bakers are running out of flower. not that even the pain model that we used almost all the flour we had today for baking, and i la. so after 2 hours, there is no more bread, not here, nor in the other branches of them. there is no bread in the supermarket either of time. in fact, this way be less. but a marcus motley if here was there was a shortage of flower supplies are also running low at wholesalers previously around $25.00 tons were sold every day here. but now wholesaler robbie, i can only deliver up to one time each day and supplies will soon run out. a large part of lebanon's wheat came from ukraine and russia as did sunflower oil. now, new suppliers are urgently needed almost for the government has to secure loans and find alternatives to ukrainian wheels iranian, and we need storage and other problems that we lost our wheat silos in the
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explosion that happened at the port of beirut. there was no longer a place to store wheat up a few mikaela that was in love. the devastating explosion in bay roads port almost 2 years ago. not only destroyed the wheat silos, but people's confidence in politics. here, the country is experiencing an economic crisis. the currency is in free fall. food prices have risen by more than 600 per cent bread prices have also multiplied. the world bank has promised lebanon a $1000000.00 loan for wheat, but the money hasn't arrived yet. we are having a very serious, a concern that if a russia claim crisis continues to grow, and we import about 80 percent of our we from russia declaim, we don't have any national deserves in lebanon. the last bread of the day is coming out of the ovens overseen by make him mohammed. he doesn't know if he'll have flour again tomorrow,
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even though russia has supposedly promised to release weep deliveries. there was still no sign of them in lebanon. hollowell above philip, we demand a solution for this country where fat up the recall and the people are emigrating because it's no longer possible to live here. there's not even bread. i big something with with a the and the little bit of flower. i would, it would, it would. now we are to create as you know, the people of lebanon, fear that very soon there will simply be no more bread. take a look at what's happening in other parts of the world. the european commission president ursula under lion has traveled to israel for talks on energy. the european union is trying to secure alternative supplies to offset it. sanctions on russian. oil and gas is really gas exports that have been increasing thanks to recent offshore discoveries. us lawmakers have heard more damaging testimony about
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donald trump's claims that the 2020 election was stolen from him. give me former attorney general william bar testified that trump became detached from reality. a congressional committee is investigating the storming of the u. s. capital last january. the 1st flight carrying asylum seekers to rwanda is expected to leave the u. k. on tuesday, just 8 people remain on the passenger list. after dozens were removed, following legal challenge, the controversial plan aims to discourage people from illegally crossing the english channel into britain. the british government has proposed new legislation that would re white re, bright post brags it trading rules, despite opposition from e officials at the center of a long running dispute is northern ireland, which is part of the u. k, but effectively remains within the e. u. single market. the aim is to keep an open border with the republic of ireland,
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an e. u member state. yet some trade going through northern ireland still has to be tracked . here more details on what exactly britain wants to change regarding northern ireland shipments and how these actions could damage britton's international standing afresh. shipment of goods being delivered to northern ireland from elsewhere in the u. k. it requires custom declarations and sometimes checks the e. u. in britain jointly agreed to this in the northern ireland protocol. but now the british government says it's too costly and no longer wants to adhere to the agreement. what it does is it creates unnecessary barriers on, on trade, east west. ah, what we, what we can do is fix that. it's not a big deal. we can fix it in such a ways to remove those bureaucratic barriers. the northern ireland protocol is intended to ensure the free movement of goods between ireland and northern ireland . britain now wants to repeal large parts of it, no more controls for some goods coming into northern ireland. even the european
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court of justice will no longer have any influence. johnson's fellow party members warn him that unilaterally changing the international treaty would be foolish and probably illegal. e representatives are disappointed and are already threatening punitive measures. the u. k has been in many ways a standard bearer for international law and the protection of international law for many, many years. this is damaging that rep reputation in a very fundamental way. but it's also a new low in terms of the relationship between britain and ireland. the british government has now introduced the bill in parliament, even though it still risks a legal dispute with the you or brussels correspond christine lumber, is covering the story and joins us now. christine, remind us again of how the northern erwin customs issue is currently dealt with under the briggs agreement. i know this is complicated, but try to put it in
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a nutshell bigger than that. right, terry? the e u has specific food roles, especially when it comes to products like meat and eggs and the, and the block requires that goods coming in specifically from non e u. countries are subjected to customs checks. now because of the political history, which is very sensitive between ireland and northern ireland, bricks it negotiators afford it wise not to impose a hard border or between ireland and northern ireland, which is effectively the kind of instrument that you would need to be able to facilitate these very strict checks at the e u requires on its product. so the work around the bare was that all goods coming from the rest of great britain. that is england, scotland and wales would be checked in northern ireland. especial arrangement was made for northern ireland, which kept northern island in the single you market in the, in the sense that northern ireland still keeps to e u standard. so any goods coming in to northern ireland,
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from the rest of our off britain are subject to those east standards. what the british government is now seeking to do is, for example, propose 2 lanes at that border. one process in goods that are coming in at form from the rest of britain that are destined to stay in northern ireland, which the u. k. government says should only be subject to you k standards. and then another lane for goods that are destined for the rest of the european union that would be coming out from britain. but this in simple are words. terry is of course going against what was agreed upon. i in that northern ireland protocol that came into effect at the end of 2021. is morse johnson does unilaterally change the terms of the deal on northern ireland. what impact that have on trade with the ear? it's harry, there are people are starting to use the words trade war. could we see a trade war between, between brussels and london and violin indication that that is,
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that is likely what happens in a trade war. that is, of course, to trade partners trotter increase the tariffs and the coaches are on goods that makes imports and exports more expensive. that means some companies go out of business. ad there is also an inflationary aspect to that because goods become more expensive. and at a time in europe, a boat in the united kingdom and in europe, where people are seeing the cost of their living solar because of the energy crisis . among other things, that would be really, really detrimental businesses are companies going out of business, would also mean add that there are potential job losses on both sides. in the long run, trade was have been known to show that they have as sort of depressive economic. i impacts, but there's also the political impacts of all of this right now. europe is facing. it's big a security threat since the end of the world war 2 with russia's invasion of ukraine. right now, western unity and solidarity is needed more than ever. and this, of course, the straining and, sorry, relations between london, brussels over over, over, over this issue would of course be detrimental to that unity and resolved that the
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way to seeking at this very difficult time k, the could be legal implications here too. of course, the e u is threatening legal action of beauty briggs, the current agreement, or what sort of legal action are we talking about here, christine? while you can expect to see the, the u. k ab all is, excuse me, the, the european union. i argue that the u. k is effectively breeching international law. that is because the northern ireland protocol and was put into international law. and by all accounts that the british government is making the concession that it is contravene that it is, are in the way undermining its obligations to international law. it argues that the doctrine of necessity in necessity are warrants that, oh, that is for a court of lot to determine. but, but the use of vice commission president met maurice if georgia said this. he said the unilateral action is damaging to, to mutual trust. he said that this will simply bring further legal uncertainty for the people and businesses in northern ireland. the ear says it is interested in
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negotiating. some of the concerns are, are on the u. k. government side. ah, but given the momentum of this bill and, and 2 sources in the u. k saying that the, it's looking as though the government is likely to get it off or get a vote in before the summary says it, it takes away the concept of these 2 parties, perhaps negotiating this and ultimately leading into some kind of legal action on the grounds that the u. k. is breaking international law. christine, thank you very much. that was our correspond christine manuel in brussels. now to china and beijing of scrambling to test millions of residents with carrillo buyers following through latest outbreak of corbett. 19 dozens of cases have been traced to a boar, where one customer infected dozens of other people, school shops and restaurants in beijing had been closed and sports events council being is back to mandatory testing and targeted locked downs for residents of the
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city. it's a major blow. many were hoping for a gradual return to normal theme after restrictions on indoor dining and other measures were lifted just a week ago. but a cove at 19 outbreak trees to the popular heavens, supermarket bar has authorities scrambling to contain a further spread of the virus. your ha, who, your dog. i am a little bit worried, a whole lots of places and communities. so need to be supervised. now, through the workers, people went to that bar. so i am quite worried one home or a whole 0. 200 us about 10000 close contacts of the bars patrons have been identified and their residential buildings put under locked down. the re emergence of infections highlights how hard it will be for china to succeed in its 0 coven policy. this approach has come with considerable economic costs for china, while other countries shift to learning to live with the virus. scientists have
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released data on nearly $2000000000.00 stores in our galaxy, so massive step towards creating the most accurate map. yet of the milky way the european space agency is guy. a probe has given astronomers new insights into how stores are born and how they die. the milky way are galactic home. a huge cloud of stars. one of them is our son. that our closest neighbors in space hold so much mystery. seen from earth. they appear so close together. that you can't tell them apart. but the launch of the guy, a probe in 2013 changed that wow, ah, the garage state of the art optical technology and observation from space from
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a much more favourable position. never before had the locations and movements of the stars in the milky way. they measured with such precision, they should temper towards the, their temperature, the chemical composition, how they moved towards us or away from us out of this data is available. now. one discovery is that fragments of other star systems are floating in our galaxy. remnants of galactic collisions dia has measured almost 2000000000 stars, but around 99 percent of the milky way remains uncharted territory for us. forces now on australia have secured one of the last places in this year's football world, cup australia and peru were tied nil nil after extra time in their playoff match. aussie goalkeeper andrew redmond became an instant national hero making a match, winning save in the penalties. shoot out australia go through the group d, which includes defending world champions, france. and finally rock legend,
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mick jagger has tested positive for cobit 19. the 78 year old rolling stone singer is on tour in europe. the stones cancel the concert in amsterdam, saying the safety of the audience and crew must take priority. the 2 remarks, the band 60th anniversary. ah, you're watching dw news from berlin up next. it's kick off special, secret goodness league effects. thanks with
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a pulse. a beginning of the story that moves us and takes us along for the ride. it's all about diversity dive culture
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information. this is the w news and oh, d, w. made from mines in good shape. because pineapple penny is a toaster. the human brain here you can learn how it works, what it means, how it can be trained. and we answer one of human kinds. biggest questions to male and female brains forth differently. in good shape. in 60 minutes, d, w. ah, it is a secret into singing endless one exiting the conflict between iran
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on the one hand and israel and the united states on the other. with more than 40 years, the adversaries have been irreconcilable. there is never been any real dialogue. how did this confrontation begin? how great is the danger that it was spread? the long war? he's real, iran usa starts june 15th on d. w. the issue with existing batteries is that they saw they're really horrible. c with we are living during the.


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