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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 13, 2022 8:00pm-8:15pm CEST

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ah ah ah this is the w is life from berlin. the battle for severe done yet appears to be tipping in rushes favor. ukraine says its troops are still fighting for every meter . there's not been pushed out of the city center. also on the program. conflicting reports about the 2 men missing in the amazon police say they are still searching
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for the british journalist and brazilian researcher who disappeared more than a week ago, despite local media reports about bodies up in fact, ah, i'm feel gale of welcome to the program. fighting for control of votes very, very done. yet sca key city in ukraine's eastern dumbass region continues. the regional governor says the last route out of the city has now been destroyed, making it impossible to organize humanitarian aid or to evacuate the population that is now trapped there. hundreds if ukrainian fighters and civilians are holding up in a chemical plant while brush and missiles continue to hit the city that has become the epicenter of the war. firing back, ukrainian defense forced to say this aerial footage shows to destruction of 3
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russian grad rocket launchers. which they believe we're used to shall. the embattled city of soviet don't ask and surrounding areas street battles are raging in the eastern city. the governor of the region says it is mostly under russian control. much of severe donetta has been destroyed. authorities believe some $500.00 civilians, including children, are sheltering at the vast at sot chemical plant. ukraine has accused russia of shelling the works and sparking a fire, rushing back separatists say they're holding back from the plant to avoid an environmental catastrophe. images that remind ukrainians of the siege and matthew polt steel works just weeks ago. in keith, the defense ministry described. the difficulty of the current situation in the east foil grew hooked up. the 2nd phase of the full scale invasion of russia continues.
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it was that the enemy continues to add numbers and equipment and artillery filled the ukrainian defense forces are actively fighting and inflicting high losses on the enemy. the russian ministry of defense released footage, claiming to show their troops opening fire on ukrainian militants. their spokes person said they had hit important targets was the colors that will give them in the donates people's republic. high precision air launched missiles destroyed a large number of weapons and military equipment delivered to the ukrainian nationalists, including weapons from the u. s. and european countries soldiers lit if the fra yoder biscuit from back in seattle donates an end to the constant shelling and exchange of fire rages on with no end in sight and old bridges out of the city cut a dw corresponded roman conjure ranko, monitoring the war from ki,
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if i asked him about the recent development set in the dumbass region. well, i wouldn't say desperate, i would say the things are looking more and more dangerous. so i'm just a few weeks ago we had an impression that the city of several and ask a very important industrial city was center of the ukrainian controlled territory in the law hands. guerria was probably doomed, but there are still street fights there. ukrainian forces are still able to push russian forces. they attack us a few streets away, but the situation is great is getting is getting more and more dangerous for the ukrainian troops. that is true. the russians are trying to, in circle the city to cut it off from ukrainian supplies. and, and it is also dangerous because the russians are pushing forward. also in the neighboring, the near screeching and further south. they are trying to attack the cities of cram autodesk and sarah and sl of yarns the 2 key industrial cities in the den ask
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region under ukrainian control. and if they are able to push their a they could in circle and a large group of ukrainian forces, but i think ukrainians learn the rest of the lessons from murray. you pull the city on the see of us off and they will not let this happen. at least they are trying to prevent us right. and the rec, of course, growing concerns about the situation or at the as thought to chemical plant in severe done yet where hundreds of civilians are said to be sheltering. is this looking like a repeat of that sage, at the as of style are planted, mario, poland. you mentioned well, there are certain similarities. it is a big plant. and then there are some civilians hiding there. about $500.00 accounting according to your korean officials about about 40 children are among them, and ukrainians are negotiating with russian forces to lead those people out of that plant. and i think there are good chances that they will succeed and,
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and people will be saved. people's lives will be saved. but still the situation is different from mario pole because an ukranian forces are close by. there is a neighboring city of lucy chunks, where ukrainian forces have prepared positions to retreat. and i think they also learn the lessons from murray up all they do not want to know that to care to, to, to be repeated. so they will just retreat. i think if they think must be hard there for, for people to get the sense that for people not to get the sense of the west has forgotten them. well, i think the ukrainians are telling it's, it's not enough. it's never enough weapons because we are it's war and this war is getting more and more ugly. so we need more weapons quick. but on the other hand, we do not have a reliable information. how much of the weapons that are being delivered or are actually destroyed by the russians who claim the day they are trying and hating
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every day targets of or fall weapon depos now or may be some, some trains delivering those weapons. i am anyway, we see that those weapons that west of western countries are sending to ukraine like howitzers are actually fighting on the front and fighting in the network. i thank you for that robin roman contreras, co in cave. the british government has proposed new legislation to tackle disruption to post breaks it trade with its province north an island under the current brakes it deal our britain effectively agreed to leave northern island inside the e u. single market and customs union. now that was in order to preserve an open border with a you member island, a condition of the peace agreement that ended decades of violence on the island violent. however, the agreement also means checks on some goods entering more than on from the rest of the u. k, britton's proposed legislation with scraps of those checks uses the changes are
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illegal and has threatened to retaliate a fresh shipment of goods being delivered to northern ireland from elsewhere in the u. k. it requires custom declarations and sometimes checks the e. u in britain, jointly agreed to this in the northern ireland protocol. but now the british government says it's too costly and no longer wants to adhere to the agreement. what it does is it creates a necessary barriers on, on trade, east west, or what we, what we can do is fix that not a big deal. we can fix it in such a ways to remove those bureaucratic barriers. the northern ireland protocol is intended to ensure the free movement of goods between ireland and northern ireland . britain now wants to repeal large parts of it, no more controls for some goods coming into northern ireland. even the european court of justice will no longer have any influence. johnson's fellow party members
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warn him that unilaterally changing the international treaty would be foolish and probably illegal. e representatives are disappointed and are already threatening punitive measures. the u. k has been in many ways, a standard bearer for international law and the protection of international law for many, many years. this is damaging that reputation in a very fundamental way, but it's also a new low in terms of the relationship between britain and ireland. the british government has now introduced the bill in parliament, even though it still risks a legal dispute with the you. of your warranty doubling corresponded bergen mos in latin. welcome burger, we just heard that boris johnson say this is not a big deal. so why is he so determined to change this deal? well, so the u. k. government is arguing that the present arrangement is just not working so hard that there are problems with their transport of goods. but it's not really
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about goods, it's about people and are in northern ireland. we have one group, the unionist and they are largely a protestant, our community and. and there are several voice, loud voices there who are not happy about this arrangement because those people want to feel a part of the united kingdom. they want to be very close to the u. k, mainland and any barriers that there are. for example, when it comes to the transport of goods they does don't accept. so it's a matter of something that goes against their identity. so the u. k. government is just saying we are listening to those people because we need to. we need to make sure that there is a functioning power sharing in northern ireland that there is no the non government that's working and at present because of these problems, it's not happening. so this is what they say. they say whether you k government is arguing critics, however, also saying that it's not just about the people in northern ireland, it's also about maurice johnson,
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the prime minister really cozying up to the rex to tears within his own party. and keeping this bracket issue alive, in order to get support from this wing of his party b, u. k. government that has been threatening to take this action for some time. the ears now threatening legal action. is there room for compromise? well, they saw it's keep repeating that they do want a negotiated solution. the u. k. are saying, well, we are tabling this odd really. we are continuing to negotiate. and the you also don't really want a trade war because ultimately it's, you know, it's, it's, it's about the whole trade between the, you and, and the u. k. we went very, very important trading partners and the u. s. threatening to, to, to, to take some action against the u. k. and, but at the moment this is really not happening. so this is much further down the
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line because this bill also needs to go through parliament house and then it needs to go to the house of lords that there will be quite a lot of backlash, especially from the house of lords. so both sides will be hoping that there is a lot of posturing at the moment from the u. k, as well as from the you, but that really a solution can be negotiated in the end. thank you for burger berg, at mass and london. of the face of to man, the missing in the remote amazon rain forest police in brazil. so they are still searching for british journalist dom phillips and indigenous experts. bruno pereira, earlier local media, had reported the pair had been found dead. they went missing more than a week ago while traveling by boat on a trip to research deforestation in the region. this blue back contains a backpack, laptop, and other personal items belonging to missing indigenous expert,
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buena para, and freelance british journalist, don phillips. and this, the moment the backpack was found on sunday afternoon in an area of flooded forest near the amazonian river, where perry and phillips were last seen. a day earlier, police found traces of blood in the boat of the fisherman. he's under arrest as the only suspect in the disappearance. with the newest developments. hope of finding them alive is evaporating. i think big thing i'll use lives on film and we have to be realistic. oh yeah. they are no longer with us. boy, your venues up was on this act, which was organized by their friends and relatives is a crime for the amazon mobiles, amazon, them. oh, friends and family, i demanding answers, juice, mormon to here is just to make sure that we are doing what we can do at the moment. which use calling deltore,
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which is the government of j. a both so narrow has faced accusations that it did not scale up the search fast enough. critics also say that the far right president has pushed to open protected indigenous lands to mining and has presided over search of destruction in the amazon journalist dom phillips was working on a book on rain forest development. when he went missing, both phillips and para had received threats for their work and the giovanni region, which has seen illegal fishing, logging, mining, and drug trafficking. indigenous volunteers have helped narrow down the search area . last week, offices also found possible human remains in the river. it being analyzed, possibly bringing the search tread tragic and and that's it. show up to date. so more world news at the top of the hour with a william lou croft i did get of course, old a vast online
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a d w dot com or on the d w app applicant. ah, it is a secret war, the scene endless one absence of the conflict between iran on the one hand and israel in the united states on the other for more than 40 years. the adversaries have been erect.


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