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question, the sites all the packing we have to ingest, adopted the 2nd package of sanctioning to type and this is the largest packet of sanctions that we are managed to adopt and her blunt, this is her sanction package. also includes the oil expertise and uh, you know that germany supports it and we have taken this i part we have agreed on the sanctions related to guest imports and we also are going to phase out the url are important. so by the end of this year, we are doing that by surveys, how the useful energy resources can be replaced on an order we are. it's just the rights of getting ready to of our import an oil due to germany. by other means whether by ship,
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by tang plan or other means are from germany, auto house, a lot of refineries that are dependent on the russian oil imports. so however, we made a decision that the, by the end of the year, we are going to phase out the imports from russia. and we're going to look for other ways to go find the resources that are boiled on when it comes to gas. we will also have to adopt the necessary legal lags deep because on the and we have over also made a decision to build ellen g terminals aren't like, or this is the way her gas will be transported from the o from other parts of europe. for example, it was a dutch, both of them dedicated because the, all our neighboring countries support this decision with that is likely to
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construct the and i one g terminal because this decision will have a very significant impact or both. we have all so i made a decision. it's your shift from, from an funk dismiss the office between income and you know, that's their capacity tiddly little that are at the beginning of the next year. we'll, we'll be able to, to knock out how to use our z m. i'll n g. get this for on ship column and her from the perspective of germany. we have done today as input. your 1st of all in sure, crucial to look over the gas imports from other sources and we are doing it at, at a very large pace. to the extent that is physical, calm, dish therapy, routed them around, newton grows. good look. oh,
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i'm sorry, a horrible job i have was to you or the irish tons about the concerns of an european countries as regards the delivery of doing heavy weaponry to ukraine. let's say france, germany, other countries are somewhat opposed to delivering a heavier with i think that there are some reservations here because the german chancellor has very clearly negated with information that sometimes a support does not apply to your screen. it does deliver it than it is
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the operation of other countries of the region and the countries in a receive some military support. from germany and lithuania, we have a situation very bad that might be worse. so i believe that the chancellor declared war a crane. i believe is up to the fact that the germany as a member has assume the leadership and delivers all of its promises and commitments for me. this is very important. i took brussels like the klaus mom. yes, thank you. and another question, in some links with latin public television, l tv. oh, my question would be about her communication with russia where the kremlin between
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the west and all you have had a chancellor sholtes her recently along with the president mac ron talks with protein discussions. and there seems to be deferring point points of view whether to talk or not to talk with, put in. so are, do you see and also maybe other present leaders can shortly answer that as well. or do you see there is a point in talking with put in and what is the point in talking with putin as one? and another question would be about the recent statements of french president mark krohn about that we should not humiliates putin and russia. are you in the same opinion? thank you. shouldn't anchor. he's been festa found about toys just us. i know thank you for
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your question. i am convinced i love, you know, that it's very important for us to stand together against russia regression and that together we have managed to implement 6 packages for sanctions. certainly make a huge impact on the russian economy for packages that have to wear or adopt the annexation of crimea. a, now we have a dom with other packages, very tough sanctions that will eventually like the heat and talk a little slow down russia economic development. the still got for decades, and this is huge damage for russia to record and this economy a russia will no longer be able to
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use for military purposes. and if you could just get offered and these sanctions will be effective for people on the we are also speaking about financial and humanitarian assistance to ukraine. the germany has always contributed a supporting ukraine in financial terms. 1000000000 over euros in a payment that we made to you brain. the european union is also delivering such that board to hear from. but this can also be said about the united states of america in india. protecting was come from, but from deform hasn't died. and of course support, but you available for you corinne in delivering our my man, he's a then covers a 3 me my interest in germany is one of the 3 major speeds that provide military
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support. an investment to i need an art or a vice dusty not to ever put items on sling for stock. the storage lumped up in a hip looking on funks. i know details you can put in the has it. she was up to the go of uniting nieto even a strong gram, this whine noise, stop. we are now reinforcing the sin flank of further ally. and so our presence in the baltic sea regions lamp sweden and finland have decided to join need though. so these are the chief man of the obama, by putting money through has no to aggression against, to ukraine's the by, i need both talent creek, him or so put in to proven isn't lost, or did not manage the pride of your brain. so he can seniors as her the is a brutal with tags and tries said to their chief at least some things. but the
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message is that he will feel globally can so storm give you the buffer showing what done a list if you don't normally says her church has been barred months, you have addon, i did topped the top freedom from also she'd love to have know this strategy life in ukraine, and we will not agree to the piece terms dictated by a rush idea for us. it is very important then there's also the lyric on guy comes in. is that the result of the military situation in flying to be russia? titusville, on the way draws all, it's a troops from here. rain and ukraine will continue defending eggs independence. the rat agreements are to this effect. this misty foster loom from putting a built fundings on thorns on budget released on dot com, owner at ross. i cannot even see a sanction would be imposed then that's
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ha, unity would be due to the argument will be demonstrated. he does not understand that the ukrainian nation and the president, so totally right, underscore in the store. and we have to put them consistently keep to our position and to continue our dialogue on speaking to each other as part of with put pin. it will now thank you for your question. i am convinced that i put in was, are talking only when he realizes this, he is news on the war one on. so we have to do everything in our power to achieve this resolved or must win the war. and we must continue supporting militarily and economically. and at the same time,
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we have to impose your stuff as possible sanctions against russia. but the 1st wave space, buddy dos of paradise vis. you saw a thought. so then tried to humor, lead with he failed in this ring back then walk around, but he now has to. 6 so for the economic and military consequences, we say korea, they're always both offensive or performed by russia now are the group is humiliation to say itself and is very important in the west for the european union with us about mic worth. and now leo logs, our boss, the person will decide, disagreeing among ourselves a lot, lose the support and who is a small all the wine, proportionally doreen. com is sick my so some police
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a she me with i would say is in the forefront. we have supplied the financial humanitarian. this is a 2 car ukraine college, but it is not so important. and the most important thing is that every country continues to support ukraine to the best of its ability. so i would like to underscore very clearly in germany. i have no hello a significantly not only financially, but the military as well as any chance less has just said germany will continue doing so. and the most important thing, let me read myself, is our unity. i work in the land and i'm going forward. our goal is very clear what russia a b r,
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yes or a war and ukraine will when this war is so then stability and peace in europe will prevail as naples to go to boy adrica for b. so once again, that is a statement that we should not cumulate fresh and i would say that there is no other means of humiliating itself more than starting a new crane. and i, we have said repeatedly that the russia has overstep the red lines and it has stopped on the road towards democracy in civilized world. or if you have to be very clear and we cannot see, i cannot say that we have the st. united again, resolute this weekend,
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not with her in to put in the chamber through the back door leggett and we cannot legitimize his and his actions soon disrespect yes to settle. we agree on manual she was in europe, but of course, there are some issues there. have not as yet, but found our full agreement. so i believe that a fellow colleagues have the right to you and to try out every opportunity. but this is not lithuanian positions or we believe that it is impossible to speak with either of us stayed there is trying to redraw the map and i will answer in english because the question was in english. brewton, same's and calculation has not changed. so, russia's calculation and aims in ukraine have not changed. i think we shouldn't worry so much about what to put in russia feels,
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or we should more be worried about how ukraine holds on. thank you. so you're watching the news live from berlin as we're looking now at a press conference that being held between the the president of lithuania, the latvian, the prime minister of german chancellor and the stony in their prime minister. at the german chancellor, olaf showed se is in them a few, i knew not capital for this meeting with the representatives from the balkan states . what we've heard over the last half hour or so is a condemnation of russia's aggression in ukraine and a clear call for a stronger nato, a presence in the balkans at the, in the baltics, excuse me. everybody talked about unity and support for you crate and german and they and thanked germany for the, for the german troops that are currently reinforcing the nature of numbers in the
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baltics. we had a lot of push back as well from the german chancellor after a criticism will imply criticism 3 questions from the press about the slowness or the lack of delivery of a german weapons. so that's what's been happening over the last half hour or so with me in the studio is that dw chief political correspondent, melinda craig, and listening at live and lithuania is our correspondence. yuri rossetto. so let's just join your 1st out. welcome your a. so what are the big takeaways are from what we've just heard? while the german chancellor sat exactly what people here wanted to hear from him fail, namely he underlined to germany, some more resolute stands on military and not just political support for ukraine in the fight against russia. this support is crucial and sold discussed the security
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situation for the baltic states on nate was eastern flank or with the lead us off with any letter and to stony. he said his goal of was to sent a signal, a clear signal of unity over united europe and the united nato, to russia in light of its war, of aggression against aggression against ukraine. and germany would stand with the rest of nettle, he set and to defend every inch inch of nato territory. and germany would also, he said, increase its military efforts in lithuania, up to the set goal of every gate strength presence in the country. and german bundeswehr soldiers are stationed here in lithuania, within the framework of nato's enhanced former presence missions, leading and their to battle group here. and with, with we heard in the questions and certainly before this press conference, a lot of criticism, a for germany. and it's a provision of the military aid in to ukraine. and is this visit likely to change
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that to criticism? while the journey is, is journey of shoals is now also very, very important for gaining a lost trust. shots is meeting with the heads of state of if any allotment, estonia, 3 countries feel that the joint nate are in 2004 out of fear of russia, as they all find to little understanding for the german chancellor, who, even after the outbreak of war didn't do everything possible to happy crane in its fight against russia, from their point of view, all 3 baltic countries share a land border land border with russia, and they are yet much closer to russia than germany. so today, all of shawls is facing the lead us of 3 countries that don't understand his policy waiting and hesitation or didn't understand it so far. are like for you are, this is the baltic warrant of the threat of the russian invasion long before the booster started. and they had also been demanding for an ant or to the german
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russian gas pipeline project, not gym to for years. and they had long been calling for ukraine to be onto, to prevent putting from invading. so today's meeting is a very important meeting and a diplomatic efforts to yes, to solve these sir. loss of trust. factory galactic i. d w. r. corresponded to you re rochester. let's pick up a that's a point about weapons with that she political correspondent belinda crane will get your thoughts on, on the overall event in a moment. but it was just on, on this idea of, of weapons and criticism from, from both countries about germany, a previous position. he got support a lot sholtes today from those leaders. but lots of questions about it and he was pushing back quite hard was and indeed he was here. he made the point that in fact, germany is doing more than any other nato member country, except for the u. s. he said he listed the various weapons and equipment that
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germany has already supplied. also through this swap program, that essentially is a roundabout where germany makes a trade with another nato member and they then send weapons to ukraine. and he also said it's important to look at the entire package of what germany is doing. so financial and humanitarian support for ukraine, as well as military support. and in fact, the 3 baltic leaders here at the press conference refused to be drawn into criticism when they were asked several times to comment on germany's weapons deliveries. they gave quite diplomatic responses with. in fact, the last speaker saying, you know, let's not get into bickering. about who's doing a little more and who's doing a little less. the fact is, germany is taking a leadership role and certainly on the point of the german position in the supporting nato's northeastern flank. in the baltic, republics,
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they were full of praise and gratitude to germany with real commendation also of germany's leadership, which is not necessarily something we've been hearing very often of late. the interesting about that was a b, the latvian prime is also said current who was saying, well, let's not get drawn into who's doing board, who's doing that? but by the way proportionately we're doing loads. so that's, that's, that's the military. so that was, that was sholtes pushing back on that of what else stood out for you from the last half hour or so will absolutely where we're going in terms of nato's presence in the baltics. so let's start out with the position of the baltics. as you're just reminded us, they are vulnerable of the baltics in general, are considered the achilles heel of nato. but especially lithuania, whose southern border essentially is a very thin land quarter corridor between colleen and grab the russian enclave on
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the one hand and bela bruce on the other. so there is a real vulnerability there now until recently. in fact, until now, there have been native bought battle groups in these countries they were sent there after rushes, 2014 annexation of the crimea. and these battle groups are generally about a little over a 1000 troops. strong. germany has the biggest presence in the lithuanian battle group, but these are viewed as a so called trip wire as a form of deterrence, but not of defense. they could never defend the baltic republics in the event of an attack, which is why the baltics have been calling for some weeks now to significantly strengthen these battle groups. and what we just heard today in this is the real breaking news here. is that the discussions on increasing the size of these about a groups by up to 3 times what they have now are very well underway. intensive negotiations apparently have been going on. and they are hoping that all of this will be signed and sealed at the native summit at the end of june in madrid. now
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what's particularly interesting is that the, there were restrictions on the size of these battle groups incorporated into the so called founding act, between russia and nato, 1997, a essentially putting on some limits as to nato's presence in regions neighboring russia. so the green between a baltic republic say that those restrictions should no longer apply, because essentially russia has destroyed all basis for this agreement by its aggressive action in ukraine. and until now, the battle groups, it has been very unwieldy. they have to be rotated. there are certain limits on size, so equipment has to be taken out and brought back in all very inconvenient and also making these about a groups vulnerable. and that apparently will change if this increased to brigade size is now signed off on in madrid and they clearly believe that that will occur.
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and it was very interesting to hear the estonian prime minister say here when germany is strong, the baltics are strong. that's a sentence. many people in germany would never have expected to hear. germans are often very focused on the death and destruction they brought down over europe in the 2nd world war and have the sense that what other countries are looking for from germany is restraint. and what we heard here is no, we are looking for a much more active, much more pro active german leadership. and we're beginning to see at emerge that was the message. and what we also heard of us to offer from the leaders of the baltics plus germany, is not only a welcoming of finland and its application tonight. so but a call for the you to give you crane the candidate status had absolutely on the welcoming of finland. and sweden,
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that's another issue that will be on the agenda at that madrid summit of nato at the end of june, making this the most important nato summit for decades. and clearly they are arguing for that because once sweden and finland are admitted, the baltic sea essentially becomes a nato see. and that is a very major strategic change for russia. that's why they were all saying in this press conference to put the man of thought, he get less native, but he's getting more on the you very, very clear support from all 34 open door as they said to ukraine for it to get candice to see to become a you member, but that is not going to happen any time soon. another quick process eva, now getting into you is a long term process, and therefore, it's no short term solution to ukraine's plight. that's for sure. ok. linda crane a for concisely. clearly for thank you so much.
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are you watching d w. news ally from but let me remind you of our top story. what we've been looking at across this, that last hour or so that you have a chance. 4 o shouts the said that these country is ready to increase its military mission and lithuania, who, speaking from valium, or where he met with the leaders of vicki white and a stone which old board of russia, and have been calling for an increased. they towed military presence in that countries that over again, you can always get the w news or on the go, just download our app from google play oh, from the app still give you access to what the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications or any of breaking news that's it's your up to date of abs brass special a coverage of the german, the chance visit to the baltic states more. i'm not across the day and around the
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ah, ah ah, ah, this is dwi from berlin, presidents, lensky says, ukraine's forces are out numbered, but holding out in severe done yet. this is a key target in russia's fight for control of the dumbass region. keefe says its troops still have a chance to push back also on the pro.


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