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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 1, 2022 3:00pm-3:31pm CET

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report from the heart of brazil starts march 9th on d, w. ah, this is the w life from burma and ukraine pushes for european union membership. president vladimir savanski signs an official application that delivers an emotional address to the european parliament is demand for immediate entry is finding support, but still face is big. also on the program, russian force is closing on ukraine's capital satellite imagery show a 60 kilometer convoy of russian army military vehicles, just north of here. ukraine's 2nd largest city car suffers the 2nd day of
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russian rocket attacks. residents have been killed. that apartment building is destroyed. now there appears a food shortages was more than half a 1000000 people have fled the war, so far polish volunteers to help me with transport and shelter. but some african and asian refugee said they're being kept out in the cold. ah. 2 i'm feel gale. welcome to the program. ukrainian, president of a lot of moves and ski has delivered a stress a special session has addressed a special session with the european parliament as it debated russia's invasion of his country in an emotional speech delivered from key if a president landscape describe reason to tax on ukrainian cities and accused russia
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of targeting children. and he repeated his appeal for his country's immediate membership of the e. u, saying the block would be stronger with ukraine in it. what am we are fighting processes and just for our land? and for round read am dis, local. what might the fact that let's all like cities of our country are now blocked. nobody is going to enter and intervene without freedom and country. i believe. you mean every square up 2 days, no matter what it's called. it's going to be cold. as of today, freedom square in every city of our country on islam. nobody is going to break a city where strong, where you train is. meanwhile, russian troops are bearing down on the cranial capital kiff. a satellite images appear to show
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a 60 kilometer convoy of military vehicles approaching from the north of the city. convoy includes hundreds of armored vehicles, tanks, and artillery. ukrainian forces have repelled earlier, attacked by russian forces near the capitol and destroyed several russian vehicles close to the city center. said, hey, a petticoat is a former deputy minister of justice for european integration of ukraine in our lectures at the national university of kiva. malia academy and joins us from the ukrainian capital. welcome to d. w. a. perhaps we could start by. you are telling us what you know of what's happening in the city as we speak. well, this, jason is quite nervous here. less than an hour ago. we've seen an official message from the ministry of defense of russia who said they are going to bomb here, supposedly concentrating on the military infrastructure and are communications. and they want the, you know, the, the,
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the cubans that they should be living close locations. the single part of it is that, i mean, i don't know what, what, what they're referring to. i mean, no one knows what exact location they are planning to bond. and, and it seems like they're, they're just making fun of and, and, and making a pretext of vote in the civilians. and so the last 2 days were relatively quiet because a, you turn in on the managed to push the russians away from the capital. but now that we see this message, we seen that russia failing in a conventional war is gonna continue what they already doing in mario, paul. and hark it in the east of ukraine, are targeting this video in violation of international humanitarian law. and how concerned are you by these reports of a 60 kilometer i, russian convoy, bearing down on the city. now look, i mean, russia and mast a huge on the, on the borders of ukraine. and all that is now has been, you know,
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entering ukraine from up north, east and south from occupied crimea from bell reach. that is supporting russia. so, mean we've been seeing this for 5 days already. i, i mean there's no, no new information. we follow this in the real time just like you are. we're looking for what's going to happen next. we have a trust in our army, but also we have our tutorial defense people. and i think that unless putting choose us to you do the indiscriminate shelling of the city, we have good chances. i mean, it's not only the army that is opposing the putting, but he's also the people in, in key of and as you know, in a city, i mean, ordinary person with, with a molotov cocktail and with a gun, has just as many chances as the, as the military equipment as tanks and our, i mean we, we are well organized and ready to stand our ground. we've organized,
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for example, in our residential complex that people have guns officially and we are patrolling our, our neighborhoods every night. and i mean, we're ready for whatever comes next. we've heard presence lensky, appealing for ukraine to be admitted to the e. you immediately. how would that help in ukraine's fight against russia? look up, people here are a standing. the grounds are of the russian aggression. not only against our country, but against the whole free world and, and the continent. and that's how we seed. and that's finally how europe sees it. and i think it's just, ah, about time for europe to show the solidarity with the ukrainian people. and this is the best way that they can do thus. i mean, saying that you all part of our family, this war is our war. it's not just your problem. and i think we can, you know, talk about the details later. but the political gesture are the sign of solidarity
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is something that would really reassure the people. because again, it's not just the army or, or the politicians who are fighting against aggression. you could see the video footage from around the country of ordinary people, right. going in front of stopping them. so these people need a reassurance and this clear message from your and i just, i to a quick question about face piece talks that have begun or any sort of a piece. ok scott or is going to require compromised? what do, what, what sort of political compromise can you envisage being given to russia in order to stop this attack? at this point of time, i don't think anyone else in ukraine of russia believes in the success of this negotiations. we are standing at the opposite positions right now. so from what i gather from the official information that came out of it and what i
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think could be useful is only the humanitarian pause. so if, if, if we can agree on, on an abiding by the rules of and conflicts, if we can agree that the civilians should not be targeted. if we can agree the safe zones around and above our nuclear stay power stations, there would be a great success already. i don't think we are. these talks can lead see any solution to this conflict. but i do believe that even trying to make it safe post for civilians or make it safe and, and, and, and stop the possible ecological catastrophic. you know, environmental damage that, that can happen out of, you know, straight check over nuclear station or, or an object like that is already something right. that makes this legal. she's important, it's very clear. thank you so much for joining us and explaining that to us as sir . he patrick, off a former deputy minister of justice for european integration of ukraine. thank you
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. russian forces are continuing their bombardment of ukraine's 2nd biggest city. hark. if a rocket struck the city centered damaging administrative buildings in attack, but president savanski has described as a war crime. russia denies targeting residential areas, are all civilian infrastructure and russian media claim, russian forces or targeting military time. city officials in hockey, say several residents have been killed during 2 days of sustained bonnie ah. and and slot in her cheek. a city with 1500000 residents. ukraine says russia targeted residential buildings with volleys of rockets. the people in the maternity ward forced to flee to a bomb shelter. a very ukraine's president has condemned the bombardment
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calling for it to be brought before an international tribunal. i see today, russian forces brutally attacked harkey using rockets and clearly a war crime, peaceful, city, peaceful residential areas, no military facilities, dozens of eye witness records prove this was not a mistake, but the deliberate destruction of people, the russians knew where they were shooting with his new leg. moscow denies the accusations. ever more civilians are joining the fight to push back russian troops from har keith. we are much as it may have 6 children at home and a wife or i'm from kirk eve. the day before yesterday i decided to take up arms and protect my city, phineas lenny. when i made my decision, of course, my wife and my 10 year old son cried my eyes thought they tried to stop me from joining the fighters nickel. but finally, they understood it's our land that we have to defend. we camped back down from us
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where you thought, go. ukraine is also inviting foreigners to fight for the country as it braces for a new phase in the war. here in berlin, german chancellor, olive shops has been meeting luxembourg. prime minister is a clip of a some of his, the statement that he gave a short while ago. together with my colleague, i would like to call on the russian president swift and to see all combat immediately to withdraw all troops from ukraine, and will to enter into a dialogue in forget, blood shed must stop. vladimir putin is committing crimes on ukraine when get more on mission to w politics or correspondent need a hasa who joins or so from the german chancellor in berlin. welcome, nina. a quote there from the chancellor, vitamin protein. he's committing crimes on, on you crime. a strong word from
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a chancellor who were just a few weeks ago was being accused of being invisible on this crisis. well, i would say even a few days ago, phil, this is a remarkable and unprecedented a dizzying turn around for the german government in it stands towards russia just a few days ago. a statement like that would have been inconceivable. germany was criticized for a very long time to stay silent on the topic, and they refused to deliver weapons. they stayed out of all the potential sanctions measures when tensions were already rising. and now, since russia's invasion, the german government really has done it, has performed a $180.00 degree turn on its policy. all of shorts, the german chancellor calls this putin's war. he says, the bloodshed must stop and he says there can be no to booze. any more, this must be sanctioned. this must be punished. now of course,
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this is something where germany was late and many people still criticize that. but this is also not a just a ukraine crisis. is the message here from the german government. this is potentially about defending something much bigger about european values. and another big turn around is there chancellor sholtes talking about becoming less dependent on russian energy. how does he proposed to do that? well this is something where especially the greens that are now part of this government coalition have long warned that germany's high dependency on russian energy export. so on, on the imports of rush and gas, for example, germany gets more than 50 percent of its gas from russia. that this is a question where it's not just about whether or not we want to use fossil fuels in the future. it is a about a question of am geopolitical independence. so this was something that the greens in particular warned already
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a year ago. and they won the election with his pledge of making germany fossil free . now of course, current events are speeding up this development, and again, there are no to booze anymore. the economy minister has said that all options are on the table now that germany is really looking into everything that he can to help reduce its dependency on russian energy. so they're building now to an l. n. g terminal. something that just a week ago was unheard of and inconceivable really. they're also looking ads and potentially keeping the nuclear power plants running longer, even though they say that those are very old. and it's not very realistic. but probably what i can say now is that the goal of exiting coal here in germany, that is probably something that is not going to be sustained. very, thank you for bassa. good of the political correspondent, nina hasa, diplomats from around the world have walked out of the un human rights counsel in
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geneva as russian foreign as russia's foreign minister, delivered a pre recorded speech. ukraine's ambassador led diplomats out of the chamber in protest of the russian invasion. a so gay lover of speech followed switzerland joining the e. u. in banning russian flights from its ass base. russian foreign minister sought to justify countries, actions by claiming moscow was trying to protect ethnic russians in easton, ukraine, from the government in care. the purpose of our action is to save these people by fulfilling our obligations as allies and to demilitarize and de knobs. if i ukraine, so that such a thing will never occur again, this is particularly relevant in the light of the fact that this country is being dragged into nato, that the country is being flooded with offensive weapons. and this is the country which has openly made territorial claims against the right of russian federation
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and threatened to use force and to acquire a military nuclear capability. well, it's more headlines related to this war, a new ukraine. the united states is expelling 12 russian un diplomats accusing them of being spies, rushes un ambassador vassily. now ben sia told the session of the security council about the move describing it as a hostile step. elated refused to specify whether he was amongst those told to leave her what ukraine's navy says its soldiers stationed on snake island are alive and have been taken as prisoners of war by russia. they were presumed, killed, after refusing to surrender, to a brush of war. strict warship in the black sea, the defiant response went viral and ukrainian president of laudermill zalinski honored them as heroes of ukraine. the international criminal court in the hague will launch an investigation into this situation in ukraine following brushes. invasion. chief prosecutor said there was a reasonable basis to believe that alleged war,
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crimes and crimes against humanity have been committed. russia does not recognize the court's authority of united nations as more than 660000 people have fled ukraine since the invasion began with the majority heading to poland. the one fears that that number could rise to as high as 4000000 over the coming weeks. shelters have been set up along the border with ukraine. this report comes from show mitchell, where polish people are giving some of the refugees a warm welcome. another train arrives at pre jama, shall station in poland on board, refugees who are fleeing from the neighboring woods zone in ukraine. most arriving here are women, children, and the elderly. at the moment ukrainian men aged between 18 and 60 who are fit for military service are not allowed to leave ukraine. it is heartily very hard,
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especially for little children, but somehow we did it, and we're here now. i am glad for the children, but i am very worried about the family members who decided to stay in ukraine with us. we are so grateful to the polish people who are helping ukraine are putting as a sick man. something is wrong with him. if he were smart, he wouldn't have begun the war in the 1st place. we're living the 21st century gospel, a teaching volunteers give the refugees food and every day items they might find useful in the main whole cocks have been laid down so ukrainians can rest outside the station. volunteers often than you come as a free ride to the next city. they take them to cap to reach a crack out, or even berlin on people i can give 3 people a ride. for example, a woman and 2 children. i am willing and able to help my mother the most. poland is
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well prepared for the stream of people. for weeks they've been following government orders to set up 8 centers like this one called ukranian house to offer help, including temporary accommodation. but these are chaotic times and not every one fling ukraine has found poland, quite so welcoming, including foreign students the ukrainians. wow, we're looking in the foreigners, noah. so going to get their dorms like some have also complained of pull treatment at the hands of ukrainian border gods. hold the black people are the people especially day while i sold made them a little work. they are gone through to them that minds there was small when, like, just people want to do. they stop us like got see our they didn't let us will land
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and people. dad, like aggressive poll, says it's submitted around 3 150000 people for more than a 120 countries with more raging just a few kilometers away. sympathy for the refugees is mixed with a fear of what might come next. russia's invasion of ukraine has led to many false or misleading videos and pictures on social media. sometimes it's hard to say what's real and what not. so let's bring in t w's had a fact checking yosh, a vapor, a welcome yashira. so let's define our terms. first of all, what do we talk about when we talk about of fake news in this conflict? and how do we identified? well, we are currently facing a real flood of fake and misleading contacts. seeking our attention, a big part of them is actually old pictures or footage reused. to give you an
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example, phil, this is a video that went viral on tick tock. we prepared it for you out. dish can show it to you. yeah, it shows a huge explosion, allegedly stemming from an attack in a crane a day before the russian invasion began. but what should you make it suspicious? is that the trees and bushes ours prize like green, i'm and i see that we have a different video here up here. so i have to read. this is another video showing on jets a flying of an urban area. and these kind of jets are, were coming from an air show north of moscow. so there was no link to the actual war. and because they were already from 2020. so these kind of old pictures appear and reappear in our, in our social media feeds. and this is a big problem because we always have to see if there are from this precise war or if they are old, we can do this wire reverse image search, which is are important to say. and some pictures as the one be we see here, right?
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now are from a video game and this is called om a 3 and it's easily to detect but yeah, a lot of people believe in them fill and that this is a big problem, right? so how do we prevent ourselves from being fall then in short, be skeptical. think twice and take a closer look at these next images show, for example, a russian and a cranium jet. are fighting against each other really? ah, no, we don't. so we don't, sir. see this sir picture now we see in a different video. this is a german, a media brand. okay, this the right video, sorry for that confusion, these images. so an air flight between russian into crane and jets. really? no, they are actually from a video game called digital convert simulator, which was confirmed by the company behind this game. and yet these kind of
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animations are very realistic. so people think they are real and social media uses claim that this video shows the ghost of key f and a crenan fighter jet pilot. some sources say that this pilot has shot down 6 russian jets in just one day. he has become a move of this war and for some a cranium. he is a hero. and we have to say that this month is going on on social media. are a lot of people searching for him. we search for pictures and we found her the next clip, and there are several pictures of him circulating and we checked a, some of them. a lot of them are manipulated. they photoshop another had on the pilot, which were coming originally from canada. all they re mixed a picture of an, a crane and soldier with a lawyer from argentina. so a bit weird and, and all this can be verified by reverse image search full. okay, thank you for that. yeah, sure d w that had a fat checking your vapor well,
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the impact of our economic sanctions against russia is expanding. global energy companies are offloading their shares of russian gas and oil suppliers. shipping giant masks as it will stop all freight deliveries to russian ports, credit card companies, blocking payments from russian banks. people there are still unsure how the sanctions will affect them. economic sanctions and nothing new for russia. and yet, most people here have no idea how big an impact the latest financial sanctions will have on their lives and their families. the one is only early on. i can't even say much about it. most people can't any most booker. i'm sick with her nip in the morning was just a yakobelli closing months of business as a business man. i am looking at the faculty. yes, i will likely have to work more for about what can you do? we'll have to live with this and just hang in there. it is. what it is not alonzo
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number's not for those. richard though to the key observed through the curtain yet had no, the sanctions won't hurt us much. we are simple people and don't have much in terms of savings. it won't hurt us, but it will hurt the economy. never know if you can only put on the disposal as evidence on the financial markets, the rubel dropped dramatically this week. the key interest rate has been lifted from 9 and a half to 20 percent. it's a drastic step for russia. central bank who's president is worried. let's keep it at central good level. the parameters for the russian economy have changed fundamentally. the latest sanctions have fled to a radical correction and foreign exchange rates. also, our access to financial reserves has been restricted. we will need to use a wide variety of monetary tools to guarantee financial stability for our country. but there's any finance of the steadiness analysts say the central banks,
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drastic measures are necessary, but they are also a risky bit with the group. the earliest few rows of raising the interest rate so drastically could be too much of a burden for many businesses. they might become in solvent that could lead to higher unemployment and an economic crisis. a burglary is worth the tense economic situation has russian, president putin worried to he has called the western block in the empire flies and has limited transactions from russia into foreign countries. he has also ordered interest rates for personal loans to be kept stable. meanwhile, one of the country's most influential oligarchy, or like the re, pasco, has demanded an end to russia, state capitalism. other all the gars, including if gain elizabeth and all the tink of have openly criticized the war against ukraine, put in is not used to such criticism from the business elite and it was it with the somebody live, aka this whole war scenario is
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a disaster for the entire economy and for people personally live, we work in russia. of course the government isn't calling it a war, but a military special operation. so we'll have a mall on the effect of a sanctions on the russian economy in just a moment. here on d w in half business update special, i'll be back at the top of the have a good day with
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her. i'm skill that i work that hard and in the end is a me, you are not a lot of to you anymore. we will send you back. are you familiar with this reliant zabeda? what's your story. ready ready he wasn't on women,
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especially as victims of financing and take part and send us your story. we are trying always to understand this new culture. so you are not a visitor, not the guests. you want to become a citizen. in phil migrants, your platform for reliable information ah, ah ah ah
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ah ah ah, a total economic and financial war. that's how the french finance minister puts western allies have had russia with a swath of economic sanctions over its invasion on ukraine. we'll take a look at what effect they've been having and what their limits of. also coming of oil and gas prices have been galloping industry heavy weights like b, p, and shell are divesting of multi $1000000000.00 projects in russia. what will this
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conflict mean for europe's energy security.


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