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tv   Doc Film - Dying for Gold - The Philippines Illegal Treasure Mines  Deutsche Welle  February 28, 2022 2:15am-3:01am CET

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and alyssa wayne and capitol vilnius were ex pat belarus, eons protested their country support for the invasion. also without police interference, you're watching t w. stay here for our special coverage of the chancellor olafson. historic speech to parliament on sundays are going with ah, they've had no peace for, for decades. people of iraq country is devastated and there's no end to the buying. how did it come to this is revealed and unprecedented story. he behaved exactly like
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the dumbest and the poison spread barrels, misery, misery, nor life. the great documentary series iraq destruction of the nation starts march 4th on d w. ah. ah, i'm michael ok. welcome to this special edition of d. w. news focusing on a landmark appearance by the german chancellor o love shalt, in which he talked of a turning point in history. schoultz sat has been speaking in an exceptional sunday, sitting of the german parliament, the bundis dog, called in response to russia's invasion of lucrative. he announced
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a raft of policy changes that would have been unthinkable just days ago. germany will drastically strengthen its military at a cost of a $100000000000.00. you write a longstanding policy of not sending weapons to war. a zones is also being rivers and berlin will move quickly to reduce its dependence on russian energy exports. sholtes, head harsh words were vladimir putin. he says the russian leader has ended decades of peaceful co existence, cold bloodedly, for one reason, joined now by our chief political correspondent, belinda crane. melinda, today was a clearly historic as a sea change, some would say, in germany's defense in foreign policies. absolutely. as the chancellor put it, we are in a new world. we woke up on february 24th in a new world. and he said basically that this attack on ukraine is
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an attack on the entire security order that essentially helped european countries and maintain of relatively peaceful and stable co existence in the entire post world war 2 era. he says that that attack, which obviously goes far beyond this present moment, requires a commensurate response. and those changes that you mentioned weapons exports or to ukraine to a conflict zone, which has long been seen as a prohibition including under german law harsh sanctions on russia. and a quantum leap in defense spending. this represents a dizzying departure from what was essentially long a post war consensus that germany would essentially tie its own hands militarily and absolutely prioritize diplomacy and dialogue. and the reason for
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that, you could say, is that germany learned the lessons of the 2nd world war and war of aggression that it initiated to. well, it essentially south military might, was off limits as a tool of foreign policy. we are seeing that change, and i have to say it truly is a watershed for me over 30 years of reporting on germany. i've heard many politicians professed that this country is going to take greater responsibility that it's going to commit more to defense. that it's going to play a more active leadership role in common european security policy. but never so concrete, never so impassioned, and never so defiant in never. so emotional watershed moment is what you said. and i think we've been hearing that word throughout the day. this is a radical departure, just the just the weapons export that you mention a how much support does the government have in doing this? and what kind of response did the german chancellor get when he laid out his should
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be essentially new military defense policy. we'll hear that in a moment when we hear the speech really quite massive applause when he was talking also about this decision to ship weapons to ukraine. good listeners will also hear some booze and some push back on some of the sections that dealt with defense policy. but those are essentially coming from the party groups on the very left and right of the political spectrum. otherwise, a very broad consensus that this is the right thing to do at this moment. as our viewers will hear, chancellor schultz was very keen to make sure that he specified this is vladimir putin's war and not the war of the russian people. why do you think that he was, it was so critical for him to make that point. indeed, for me, this is one of the most moving parts of the speech. and in fact, again, our viewers will be able to see a standing ovation from many parts of the bonus tag when he directly
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addressed the russian people saying, we command your bravery going out on the streets, demonstrating against this war. this is the war of putin, but we do not want to tear open old wounds and divisions with the russian people. and i say to you, liberty and human rights will prevail very moving. and in fact, the bonus tag, as i say, applauded loudly for that. and so here we go. i gotta opposite, denton gandhi, and i believe colleagues that program on that board compatriots, if you don't want us to fit 24th of february 2022, marked at change in the history of a continent in attack in ukraine. the russian president, putin launched and or of aggression cold bloodedly, for one reason to stop the freedom of
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ukraine and put it under its yoke. this goes against humanity. this goes against international law and there's nothing whatever that could justify this attack. quickly, buddha was really terrible. images we've been seeing from give a desa matter. you pull, show the unscrupulous, most of put in the shocking injustice, the pain of ukrainians. all touch us. very much good. hopefully. i know you're foggins. exactly. you're going to see what our fellow countrymen and women are asking themselves for in the evenings. what concerns they have looking at what they're finding out from this world. many, remember our grandparents are great grandparents talking about the war and for
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young people. it's impossible to imagine how can there be a war in europe now? most, many of you have been expressing this outrage in site berlin. we have experienced a daunted a break in everything we have known until now. and that means that the world before this attack is not the same as the world before it. essentially it's about the question of whether might will can, won't work. so please law's whether we eat victor can allow to tend to turn back the clock to the time of imperial powers of the 19th century, or whether we can draw a line in the sand and contain this doesn't that aiden is down to for all this requires strength be on our part. yes we are. we
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want to show him clear boundaries on and yes we want to diff, defend our democracy, our freedom, and our prosperity. and i am grateful to you will receive your doctor, president of the bonus tag for convening. this is a special session and i am glad that i am able to speak to all of you. and i want to thank all of the leaders of elementary groups of all the different parties for supporting with convening of this special session of the bonus that ladies gentlemen in attacking ukraine put in, doesn't just want to eradicate a country from the wild mattel. he is destroying the european security structure that we have had since the final act of helsinki for nearly half a century. and in doing so, he is putting himself outside of the international community world wide trouble. we
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have worked with france tools about child to get the you and scared to counsel, to name russian. it's attack as what it is, namely and infamous, your break of international law and order. and i believe we have summer success. what we have seen is that we are not alone in defending our health piece, and we will continue to work responding, brought up towards achieving this. and i'm very grateful to german foreign minister about what she has achieved thus far as well. in this regard, movement and organs assigned as beatles called the lost, it was only by using the emergency brake of vito a permanent member of security council that they could prevent this. that in itself is an outrage.
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resident with president putin global, keeps talking about inviolable. security like auditing, but up what he's actually doing is using weapons to try to bring part of the continent under his power. and this will have an impact on the rest of europe as well. permanent security in europe is not possible with russia they are put in, is endangering this and we need to not mince i words in the are as follows on we are tackling the challenge that these times have made of us with a cool head, resolutely if there are 5 approaches that we want to take your most of your firstly of, that's why we need to support ukraine and it's our of desperate need. and also from recent weeks and months,
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we have done this as much as we can read with the attack on ukraine, we find ourselves in a new age in care of in hot give a d. s a multiple. people are not just defending their homeland, they are fighting for liberty and democracy for values that we share with them. let's do more than a demo. as democrats, as european use uses like we stand with you, we stand on the right side of history with i'm dollars of a president on thursday. president put in an attacking ukraine, created a new reality. and this new reality requires a clear response. we have given this clear response, as you know, yesterday we decided that germany will deliver weapons to ukraine or so it can
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defend itself. or disney wanted this plane and there was no other response possible to put in aggression. ladies and gentlemen, what is our 2nd ones i'm mandate schools is to get put in away from this path of our warring on ukraine. it is a disaster for you train, but it will prove to be a disaster for russia to remind them did you want to put together with the heads of state and government of the e. u. we have approved a raft of sanctions that are unprecedented. we are cutting export russian banks and we are, and we are taking the oligarchy money away from them,
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or we're focusing on where we can do that. and there will be sanctions placed on putin and all of those close to him. when it comes to visas for members of the government on verse lizzie, and it was about we oh god, swanson had swift, alt, excluding important russian ranks from swift. from the swift symptom, we decided on this yesterday, and we are going to take this significant step mom beyond mitch's ball. let's not kid ourselves for a minute though. put it in will not change his course over night 0 flight. but hopefully, very soon, the russian leadership will feel what high price they will have to pay for less. in recent weeks, there's been a 30 percent plummeting on the russian stock market. and that shows that our
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sanctions are working. and we are perfectly happy to consider any other kind of sanction that we may put in place and everything is on the table. on religion, nobody fargo the question remains unfold as to what will be hurt those responsible most the ones who are to blame and not the russian people including michigan, also support cuts a foot injury because it was put in who chose this war. not the people of russia, and this is why we must say very clearly that this war is pontoons war disturbance, yours, liberty. and it's important for me to trying channels was not because the reconciliation between germany and russia remains an important chapter of our post
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. what history of his life beach really and i know how hard the current situation is to bear with us for all of those fellow countrymen in germany were born in russia or born in ukraine. and we will not allow this conflict between pooty anela free world will to tear open old wounds and cause new problems. on long resort beneath again is another thing we mustn't forget. it was a friendship in many russian citizens in many russian cities. prep, plenty of citizens demonstrated against proteins was risking arrest and whisking physical harm to themselves. that took a great deal of courage and we respect this. did
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i don't as i did. ok, you know germany stands to day with ukraine. i thoughts and our sympathies lie with the victims of the russian war of aggression, also india. and as i,
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and we also support every one in russia who are countering the powerful regime of putin and rejecting it's war. and we know you are many in russia, humans army, and i say to all of you, you do not give up in guns. i am certain that liberty tolerance and human rights, but you will prevail in russia when it amadon, ladies and gentlemen, also also the 3rd major challenge we have is preventing put ins, war infecting other countries in europe. and that means without any ifs, ands or buts. we are completely committed to our mute to the mutual defense clause and our collective security guarantee, a nato. what was your odds on earlier?
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and i insured to listen to those in eastern europe who are worried about their own security on the trips president quote, in must not underestimate our resoluteness, we will defend the nato territory on the basis of our collective security guarantee, inch for inch your mind and women this absolutely certainty in taking a country into ukraine. the will that we have as an alliance is to defend this country as we would defend ourselves. we want to build the owners, look, the german armed forces has already expanded its support for the eastern european later partners. and for this important signal, i want to thank the german ministry of defense, lithuania,
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where we are leading the response task that we have increased our troops. and in romania we have expanded our air pollution trip as well. we want to set up a new task force in the backyard. our navy is helping with additional ships when it comes to ensuring and policing the noise sea and the mediterranean. and we are prepared to be involved with air forces in defending the air space near the russian border and above the eastern european countries. one glance, or donald arm and his soldiers are men and women who have not had much time to prepare for these comp, operations. let me say and on behalf of all of you here, i am sure, thank you duncan
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for you. thank you. god, for your important service. one in these dark days exits, ladies and gentlemen, which is based on the most change that you put in for your health attack means for us. let me say it harold's a new age and what needs to be done to keep the peace will be done and germany will do its bit. let me say that clearly, but it's not enough. just to say it was because for that the german armed forces need new strong capabilities. and this is my 4th issue that i wish to speak about. now. this is lynn lucas middle wanted on the list is the 4th thing i wish to speak to about to day. if you read to the decrees that distort history that put him
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has written. if you look at his statement that he made in t. v. brooks with brooks describing his attack and that although i had just spoken to put in for hours, anyone who has read what put in says, can have no doubt that putin wants to create a russian empire. and he wants to recreate the order within europe. and he has no fear of using military might to achieve and, and we're seeing this in ukraine today. so we have to ask ourselves, what capabilities does pretends to russia have. and what capabilities do we need in order to counter this threat to day? and in the future, law is one thing, as mr. newton this, we need to invest considerably more in the security of our country in order to defend our liberty and our democracy in this way as well.
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this is an a goal so not so this is a major use a challenge for the entire country. it means to have a modern progressive german armed forces to understand that we can protect us in legal and munich security conference. a week ago, i said we need to for air craft. we need ships, and we'd soldiers who are well equipped, ideally equipped for their missions. that's what it's about, your voice broke. and this some sort of can be done with the door for a country as big as we are as important as we are in europe. we're mcneil to before, but let's not kid ourselves. it better equipment posted figure, more personnel. all of this costs a lot of money and for that industry,
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we will set up a special fund before the german armed forces and i am grateful to german finance minister lynn now for his support to nurse the bonus opens widely and so on. 2022 german budgets will have 100000000000 euros earmarked for this as a one off. and this money will be used for investment in the german armed forces be about a $100.00 yards from now on year for year. more than 2 percent of our g d. p will be invested in defense
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in in london. and ladies and gentlemen, and i am addressing all parliamentary groups of the german bonus tag. let us in approve this in our basic long minus diligence and something i would like to add at this point is that we are not just aspiring liberals of to this of your goal. because we have committed to this in our allies to increase our defense spending up to 2 percent of identity. we are doing it for ourselves. we are doing it for our own security
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void business dosage, ms. oliver told us will consummate him well aware of the fact that it will not be enough just to have the german armed forces to stop the challenges facing us. this is why we also need to invest in development with and this is why we also need to strengthen our resilience, technically and as socially in order to be more resilient against the cyber attacks on our communications systems. and we will need to keep our technologically as well, which is why it's so important for me, for that the fighter planes and tanks that are being developed need to be developed with our european partners, particularly with france. we need to build them here in europe. these projects are now top priority for us was benign,
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gallindo. it's bull until the new air craft get off the ground. we'll continue to develop the new york fighter together. it's also good that the euro drown, contracts were signed this week. i'm sure everybody the procurement of the though i'm drones from israel is something we're working on as well or food. it will be all the time. and for nuclear participation, we will need a modern replacement for the obsolete tornado jets. the euro fighter is going to have electronic war fair capacity. and after that, we will consider further options as carriers in europe. and we will need to do more in the future in order to ensure a reliable energy supply for our country in the future. one important measure for this is something the german government has already done, and we have, well, we have to re position to get rid of our dependency on individual
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energy exporters. yeah, i visited edison, toggled walton hamilton. it's the events of recent days and weeks have shown us that a responsible energy policy look into a future isn't just something that's important for our economy and fire environment . it is also decisive for our security. and this is why the faster we can expand to renewable energy, the better it is not interesting be and we have to set the right course as an industrial country until july 2030 or 45. we want to become a 0 carbon industry for old and with list m had their important decisions that we
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will have to take. for example, building up a coal and gas reserve. we have decided that the storage films why maria, long term options for gas have to increase to 200 cubic gall to under 1000000 cubic meters. and we will have to buy additional natural gas reserves on the market. and we decided to, to have to ellen g, flexible reserves and to build them in as soon as we can well, this is when is the v worked german and not stop by guns, economics minister habit. i want to thank very much for all of his efforts that wasn't woods was do not been because what was necessary in short term can be connected to what we needed long term any way to achieve a successful transformation. and ellen g terminal,
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where natural gas comes to today can take on green hydrogen tomorrow or not truly like goodbye and naturally was the high energy prices are things we need to look at. putins war has this up hiked up these prices and that's why this week we've put together a package easier to ease this burden weight has we're getting increased aid for me. we've got a heating support for low earners and big for pensioners, and we will be looking at how to ease this burden on our citizens. old little camp is gone. our message is clear on people to the citizens and the companies in country will not be left alone in this difficult time. ladies and gentlemen, because the change that putin has undertaken doesn't just affect our country. it
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affects europe as a whole. and this also means there are opportunities and challenges the challenge is to sustainably strengthens silver entity of the european union. the opportunity is that we can join forces in a way that we have shown we are able to do and see for example, the package of sanctions down for germany and for all other you members dates this means not just look at us asking how old what we can get out of brussels for our own country, but to ask, what is the best decision for the european union? winslow, europe. the dues are holding novels foundation and only if we understand that we'll, we'll be able to tackle the challenges facing us. and this brings me to my final point, the 5th one pollutants war means
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a break for our foreign policy as well as diploma as much diplomacy as possible without being naive. this aspiration remains not being naive, however, also means not speaking just for the sake of doing it for a true dialogue. there needs to be a willingness on both sides. and there is no willingness on foot and side. and it's not just been the last few weeks and days that this is been the case as well as those who did you. and what does this mean for the future reynolds persuasion, but also provide we will not refuse to speak to russia. not even in this extreme situation. remains the job of politicians to keep diplomatic challenges at channels open. anything else would be irresponsible wanted? i'm with her ladies. and gentlemen, visible through a video and we know what we support in iowa based on our own history,
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what we want. we want peace in europe and we will never accept violence as a means of policy making. we will always push for a peaceful solution of conflicts, discovery, and we will work until there is peace and europe. once again, the number's going to be mission alliance and we are not alone in this one. we are working with our friends and partners in europe and across the globe, our greatest strength, our, our alliances with us both. we owe it to them and that for over 30 years long, we have been a unified germany living in prosperity, in peace with our neighbors. civil select if we want to store these last 30 years, not to be a historic exception, we must do everything we can to work towards cohesion within the
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e u or the strength of nato and closer contacts, to those who shower values world wide. i am optimistic that we will succeed because rarely were we so resolute with our partners. as we are today. owned into decent arden, your business is darker. we will know how strong free democracies can be. vishal vishal, we know target what pushed on. oh, really can survive in these times disadvantage and this is why i want to thank you and all of the parliamentary groups in this parliament who have clearly condemned this russian attack on ukraine as what it is an attack on a country at war of aggression or to go to these that is not justified by anything
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. and i think i like emotion today makes that very, very clear. and i want to thank all of you who have shown clearly that they are against put in his war here in berlin and elsewhere. who have demonstrated against it, and i want to thank everyone who in these times support us for a free open just peaceful europe. we well defended with responded melinda crane is with me now to debrief dare i say it a very emotional speech by the german chancellor. germany's resoluteness is
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manifest in the numbers. it bears repeating a 100000000000 euro fund to upgrade the armed forces more than 2 percent of the g d p. every year. a ford defense us administrations, as you well know, had been pushing the germans to make this move for years. was it pressure from the outside to that turned the germans around here now, and he said that very explicitly in speech, actually it was quite interesting that he said it's not because the allies have been pressing us to do this. but because we absolutely are intent upon defending our democracy, and he essentially made it clear that germany sees the attack on ukraine as an talk on universal values on democratic values. and that this is about being a vigilant democracy. and there's actually a famous essay by one of germany's great philosophers, karl popper, that talks about the vigilant democracy and the fact that democracy only works when
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citizens stand up for it. and he was making it very clear that that is how he sees these, as you say, a drastic departures in what we have known before germany. long ago signed up to this commitment to do 2 percent of g, d. p as a for its defense spending has never met it. you know, you, you made the point that the chancellor appear to have the support of most of the parties in the bonus dog a bit behind him. but what about the public? the germany changed policy because they knew that to do so, they would have a public opinion behind them. no, no, and he not only he but in fact the opposition leader for these mats and also the foreign minister all made the same point, that they are well aware that this is a wrenching moment for germans. he talked about people sitting around kitchen tables with grandparents who remember the war, world war 2 with children who say,
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how is it possible that there's war again in europe. and it is very clear that he intends and wants to bring the citizens with him now on his own journey, even for her 5 days ago, we wouldn't have been able to imagine, oh, actually making this speech that's how fast these changes are happening. and he made it very clear that he knows people need time to grasp what all this is about in that, i think is why we heard what for him amounts to quite a bit of pathos in that speech. and by the way, the opposition later we didn't hear his speech, but at the end he essentially called for leadership from the government and said to allow schultz, this is what i call upon you to do to lead us as we move into this new era. and that obviously was schultz is aim and i think even, you know, a month, a month and
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a half ago, many of us where we were asking where is all s sholtes in all of this, he had been saying very little as the build up began of the to russian troops on the border in the early to mid january. where is the german media asking? is he asleep at the wheel? he certainly looks like he has now taken on that leadership role. indeed, you know, you made a reference to the incredulity of this particular situation war in europe, people in their breakfast, no saying, i cannot believe this as you look at the television. this is clearly an extraordinary circumstance, and it goes a long way to explain why germany felt the need to have a policy shift here. but you've covered german politics for very long time. to what extent can this move be explained by the personalities in power today? this particular chancellor, this particular government, very interesting question. i have really been asking myself and i know i'm not alone with this. what would chancellor michael have done?
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would she have responded in the same way? would she, on all of these different fronts, defense spending, weapons exports, harsh sanctions. would she have moved so boldly under these circumstances? i can't entirely answer that question, but my feeling is this is very much a product of this new government in place of social democratic chancellor who is now perhaps also recalling some of the s p d. 's other history, not on the history of us to politic of the attempt to reach out to eastern bloc countries with dialogue and diplomacy. but also the part of history that had an s. b. d chancellor. how much mit stationing? pershing pershing missiles on german territory. you deter russia and i think that is perhaps part of what we're seeing from electrolytes. but it's also very much an impulse of his coalition partners, the green party who have made it clear. even during the election campaign,
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we are going to push back much harder on russia, on china. we want to see human rights really count in german foreign policy. and i think they have made a and, and, and the energy policy shift. very much determined by the man who is now leading the economics and energy ministry. so i think this chemistry of this coalition is part of why we're seeing this departure. certainly the german chancellor had people whispering in his ear, but he's a chance lou, who was willing to listen as what it sounds like we spoke earlier about. schultz is a stressing that this is putin's war. it's not a war of the russian people. he vowed that germany would not reopen divisions with the russian people. but those harsh economic sanctions, particularly the, you know, banding of the swift payment system is going to hurt every day. russians, isn't that going to be some pain that the german chancellor doesn't want to inflict on ordinary people?
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well, in fact, that's one of the reasons that germany held back on the swift issue. the foreign minister was extremely concerned apparently about what she called collateral damage . not only here in germany, for the companies that are at the other end of transactions with russia, but also for russians, as she said, you know, our payments to civil society groups in russia. those have to also go through a transfer system. these swift, the swift exclusion is going to be targeted to particular russian banks. we don't yet know which, depending which ones it is, the pain will be greater or perhaps less for russian citizens themselves. but there is no way that if the sanctions bite, that they don't feel some pain and, and undoubtedly the chancellor is aware that he referred to damage on the stock market in russia. but it will go beyond that. that is our chief political correspondent, melinda crane. that's all for now. we'll be back the top of the hour with more news about ukraine. a michael ocho in berlin. thanks so much for joining us.
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. ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin. pace talks over, you cried even as war rages on ukraine and russia agreed to meet and negotiate as they battled the control of ukraine's biggest cities. we'll get the latest in just a moment. also vladimir putin could nuclear forces on alert the russian leader blames western sanctions. us says he's making up threats ah.


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