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tv   Reporter - Mountaintop Mailbox Reunion Mail Carriers  Deutsche Welle  February 27, 2022 4:15am-4:31am CET

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30 from crowds of people in cities around the world. ukrainians living abroad have joined with supporters of ukraine, o, calling for more help to defend ukraine against russia's aggression in tokyo residence called on japan to step up actions to stop russian president vladimir putin. an end the war. oh, in several australian cities, people also raised their voices. my family's house here, ah, and then beating hind in the shelter waiting to be bombarded and he died. russians de noticed the dark military station, they attack childcare centers, hospital schools, any shelters. they search for those shelters. be by heidi. sounds good. i don't know what else i can do. i'm try to gather as many people year as possible. the year old boys, we need to help from either countries alongside ukrainians abroad. some
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russians overseas are also joining the rallies to publicly show. they don't support hooton's war for many ukrainians, far from home, the support is heartening, but the feelings of helplessness are still overwhelming. everybody's scared, everybody is suffering. the women and children are not agreeing to leave their man behind. the men are fighting and it's, it's, it's scary and it's devastating for everybody. in the night, from friday to saturday, it was widely reported that russian troops were about to take over ukraine's capital kia, but they didn't. i am like so proud of our ukrainian military because they're defending our country and i'm sure that they will tail till the end
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. right now we faced one of the strongest armies in the whole world, the russia, and then put in his not a human being. well, the fat that ukraine is still defending itself against russia's aggressive invasion, is something giving others hope world wide displays of solidarity there with ukrainians. but there's also some people who have taken concrete steps to help the ukrainians defend against the russian division. yet i think perhaps one of the most interesting examples of that is the am hacked of ist group anonymous and who have been laying pretty low for a while. but they've declared cyber attacks on putin and russia. and now they actually hacked official website, including the russian ministry of defense. so those websites were down for several hours at a time. but they also managed to hack national tv. and so instead of rolling news
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coverage on numerous channels, there were actually ad they were playing ukrainian music. and i think that was really an attempt to send a message to people who are in russia who potentially don't have that much access to what's actually going on. and another, i guess high profile example would be that elan masked the founder of space x has activated or his personal commercial network of satellites. so that if russia attacks and their internet coverage in ukraine, then they will style still have access to internet via these satellites. that don't require fiber optic cable obviously. hm. but apart from that, looking at just everyday people. i mean, i'm seeing all of our social media people across europe, but especially in poland, they're offering their own homes to refugees for people who will be fleeing ukraine and don't have a place to stay, don't have shelter and, and as well as that, again, all of my personal social media channels,
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i'm seeing people and posting links for fundraisers and, and crowd funding trying to raise money so that that can go towards the people who will really need it. and i think these messages of love and support are really something that we should take away as you know, really the only positive that we can from this situation right now i am, i will just say for anyone who is considering may be donating. and if they have the capacity to do so, just make sure that you're checking the right length because and you should really be donating 3 official organizations that you can trust, right? don't get caught up in the scam, but a lot of solidarity there to really an outpouring world wide things for that. d. w reporter and hannah hulu. the russian invasion of ukraine has sent tens of thousands of people fleeing their homes since thursday. huge crowds have been waiting at train stations to travel to
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the border and cross and the neighboring countries. these scenes from the view and western ukraine show the fear and frustration. there's not enough space on the trains to carry every one to safety. men are forced to say good bye to their families as they're not allowed to leave because they've been called up to fight. many of the refugees are headed to poland. our reporter monica see, roger sent us this report the polish ukrainian border and mid thicker and southeastern poland. since russian forces invaded ukraine around a 100000 people have crossed the border seeking refuge. they say there are long lines of cars trying to enter poland. many of the new arrivals are met by friends and relatives on the polish side, including oksana to prevent girl. she and her family have a grueling 30 hour journey behind them. most of them be like school article.
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even though we live near a military airport. because in the morning we heard sirens, which my mother immediately hit in a bomb shelter. most of my parents stayed in ukraine serrano iep and my brother to his serving in the army. i know they were able to leave the bomb shelter to school, but you never know. now if maybe they'll have to hide again today. anyway. i'm just, i'm really worried. we're good with what is wrong with ha, also had to leave her loved ones behind. her mother is not allowed to leave ukraine because she works for the military. the 17 year old is still in shock. but will certain to show up to you, i was afraid that people would trample me for that. i'm trying to cross the border
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stuff, but it, it is. now i believe that things will go well, why it is clear, but i fear for my family and for ukraine, i don't know what will happen and i'm afraid of subsidy. listen. many volunteers are helping the exhausted refugees on the polish side of the border. they can get a warm meal here and poland border guards say they're ready to meet this unprecedented challenge in our history. history of police beauregard says a fit 1st situation. and in disco, we brought to a more and more stuff. all the copying, sir, which can be open on the board. the crossing phones are open. and what we did today in the morning given we are check the pedestrians on the terminal dedicated to normally full cars. the family finally reunites out of parking lot. and medica, asana as husbands are gay, has come from dusseldorf,
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where he lives and works. this will float off care over with all the russians are making war shooting, bombing, and launching missiles on, but there were explosions in the town where my daughter lives there, ma'am? yes, gal up i'm yeah, we have to get them all out there. we have no choice as of yet a tissue. so right now, sir, gay will take his family back to his home in germany, but it's unclear what they'll do and how long they can stay his family and never wanted to leave their homeland. dw correspondent mac sander as at one of the border crossings where ukrainian refugees are entering poland. he sent us this update the situation he was supposed to pay the water his turn to somewhat the waiting game. there are still occasion groups of people coming in every once in a while, but there is no traffic, not much traffic going into apart from donations like these,
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that fear of being collected, being given to people on the other side who are still camped out who are still waiting and stuck in traffic and from what we're hearing, they're a long pilots. of course. on the other side of the border, some people were spoken traffic, recruiting forty's not letting cars to win more have turned this style of car crossing into a pedestrian crossing. in order to prevent most e mail drivers of fighting age from leaving the country. now, here on this side here, holding the situation to school. well to the com go, you know, hundreds of cars pop down this way with people, mostly friends and relatives. deployments who are from ukraine coming here. and they've been waiting, and some of them have been waiting for 24 hours. we spoke to a guy who all the way from a young, often on with the invasion, which he just bought out in this afternoon. most ukrainians are united in their
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disbelief at putin's attack on their country. and while many are fleeing, others remain defiant as russian troops attempt to take over, the w corresponded funding for shar spoke to some ukrainians who are refusing to flee their homeland. christina, my, she does nothing to question here. thank you for sure. it's a war. it's military aggression by russia, against ukraine. ah, you won't find another opinion anywhere in ukraine. what's the crane as united in his opinion, luncheon that was so you don't see alyssa listed that my child doesn't understand what's happening. the whole family shakes after every found. we're scared and we still can't believe this is happening. and this is our actual reality. the brightest and i said, august, we'll stay here, we will fight and v will win this war. and we ask you like european union and nato to close the sky to help us with some heavy weapons and stuff to support us when that nipple. now i don't understand why we should go,
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this is our land. we're not going anywhere. german football has added its voice to the global condemnation of the russian invasion clubs. players and fans have joined forces to show support for ukraine. ah, and uncharacteristic still filled. germany's typically boisterous soccer stadiums this weekend. german clubs opened their matches with moments of silence in solidarity with ukraine following russia's invasion. the dea fell, which operates germany's top 2 leagues encouraged the action and sharply criticized the russian attack in a statement on thursday. in addition to the organized actions from clubs, fans called for peace and condemned russian president vladimir putin. this condemnation was mirrored by a cocked fun for who in blaze in their stadium,
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with the message stop it put in while lighting it up, ukrainian, blue and gold. those sports often serve as an escape from conflict. german soccer clubs. players and fans have shown that even if the games go on, they can be used to help bring attention to ukraine. you're watching d. w news coming up our news special. what's driving cool. i'm ami at isa, thanks for joining us with. with
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who are in ukraine. what's driving from team to him? russian. it's way too old. great. but what does that truly mean? well, his ice cream to tend to lead a search for clues. what's driving to team d w use?
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oh, you might. i mean he he was that bad right. in school in austin had changed quite a bit during the honda what is it like winters boy in a former college huffman with chicken in 60 minutes on d. w. o and she up to date, don't miss our highlights. the d w program on line d, w dot com highlights. ah, proved 3
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o. this is date of a news broadcasting from belinda in this special program. we take one step back and ask, why did vladimir putin invade ukraine either, but he claimed it was to de modify and demilitarized the country. it's. but is that the real reason? and what to be on says to me about who teens russia? and what about president fulton himself, joe biden believes he wants to re establish the former soviet union. does the u. s . president have appoint.


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