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he offended, seems quite grim there, the whole city is under curfew now. the curfew has been extended from today, 5 o'clock until monday morning, 8 o'clock. so that the, the fear is that at night some things will happen. some people, some, some, some supporters were in the city might come out and do something. so that's why the host, it has been covered, put under a curfew. well, just like our correspondent that he has brinninger many people across ukraine have sought safety, underground. thousands who are still in the capital have been forced to do the same to shelter from russian attacks. fortunately, there's a ready build system of tunnels. the below the city, the metro with another night of air raids ahead, the people of give head to the metro gives underground. public transport system is now a network of bomb shelters. for days now, people have come here to seek refuge from russian rockets and bombs.
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i was waiting for a bus to evacuate me. our company had organized our evacuation and rented a bus to pick us up the now the bus can't enter the capital. i stated another station 1st and now have moved here to service bomb shelters is exactly what the underground system was designed for. it was built after world war 2, when the soviet union feared a nuclear war. the deepest station is more than 100 meters under the surface. it's very safe here. i think. i don't know whether it really is, but at least it feel safe here. after the russian attacks began, many people fled the city, but some are refusing to leave. i will
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give his beam, protect it all. now i come down here to wait until it's safe to go out. i have no other plans that i trust our army and i trust that it will end. well. i have no desire to leave keith or ukraine about it's a particular irony that the 1st time the shelters are being used is under an attack, ordered from moscow. the former soviet capital that once ordered this underground network to be built. when russia and ukraine were part of the same country, the russian invasion of ukraine has sent tens of thousands of people fleeing their homes since thursday, huge crowds have been waiting a train stations to travel to the border and cross into neighboring countries. these scenes from the view in western ukraine show the fear and frustration is not enough space on the trains to carry every one to safety. men are forced to say good
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bye to their families, as they are not allowed to leave because they've been called up to fight. many of the refugees have headed to poland. our reporter monica, the redskins has this sent us this report. the polish ukrainian border and mid thicker and southeastern poland. since russian forces invaded ukraine around a 100000, people have crossed the border seeking refuge. they say there are long lines of cars trying to enter poland. many of the new arrivals are met by friends and relatives on the polish side, including oksana to prevent girl. she and her family have a grueling 30 hour journey behind them. the amazon village over at all he must we live near military airport, luna? because in the morning we heard sirens, which my mother immediately hitting
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a bomb shelter. most of my parents stayed in ukraine serrano, a book, and my brother to his serving in the army. i know they were able to leave the bomb shelter to school, but you never know if maybe they'll have to hide again today. anyways, i'm just i'm really worried. we're good with what is along with tanya also had to leave her loved ones behind. her mother is not allowed to leave ukraine because she works for the military. the 17 year old is still in shock, but will certain to so little. i was afraid that people would trample me from that . i'm trying to cross the border stuff, but it didn't. now i believe that things will go, well, why is clear? but i fear for my family and for ukraine. i don't know what will happen and i'm
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afraid, hell subsidy, listen. many volunteers are helping the exhausted refugees on the polish side of the border. they can get a warm meal here. and poland border guards say they're ready to meet this unprecedented challenge in our history. history of police beauregard says a fit 1st situation. ah, in disco, we brought to a more and more stuff. all the copying, sir, which can be open on the border crossing phones are open. and what we did today in the morning given we're check the pedestrians on the terminal dedicated to normally full cars. the family finally reunites out of parking lot, and modica oksana as husbands are gay, has come from dusseldorf, where he lives and works well thought, oak grove, latoy,
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the russians are making war shooting, bombing, and launching missiles on. but there were explosions in the town where my daughter lives there, ma'am? yes, columbia. we have to get them all out of there. we have no choice of those abilities . so right now, sir, gail will take his family back to his home in germany, but it's unclear what they'll do and how long they can stay. his family never wanted to leave their homeland. most ukrainians are united in their disbelief at putin's attack on their country. and while many are fleeing, others remain defiant as russian troops attempt to take over d, w correspondent, funding for shar, spoke to some ukrainians who are refusing to flee their homeland. but it's his thoughts in am i for them, there's nothing to question here. maybe for sure, it's a war. it's military aggression by russia against ukraine. you won't find another opinion anywhere in ukraine. what's the crane is united in its opinion, luncheon that was so you don't see alyssa listed that my child doesn't understand
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what's happening. the whole family shakes after every found. we're scared and we still can't believe this is happening. this is our actual reality, the brightest and i said, august, we'll stay here. we'll fight and v will win this war. and we ask you like european union and nato, to close the sky to help us with some heavy weapons and stuff to support us when the nipple. now, i don't understand why we should go, this is our land. we're not going anywhere. russia is still seeing demonstrations against the invasion, despite a crackdown on descent. police in st. petersburg detained dozens during a 3rd night of action. an independent, moderate monitoring group says over 3000 people have been arrested since thursday. already say the processor, legal because they were not approved in advance, but anti war demonstrations are unlikely to receive official approval. big crowds
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have turned out in cities around the world as well to show support for ukraine. thousands of russians living abroad have joined the protests. they say vladimir prudence decision to launch the invasion does not represent them. taking to the streets with blue and yellow flags and calls for solidarity from crowds of people in cities around the world. ukrainians living abroad have joined with supporters of ukraine. o, calling for more help to defend ukraine against russia's aggression in tokyo residence called on japan to step up actions to stop russian president vladimir putin. an end the war. oh, in several australian cities. people also raised their voices, my family's having to you and then meeting hind in the shelter,
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waiting to be bombarded in die russians to notice the dark military station. they attack childcare centers, hospital schools, any shelters, they search for those shelters. be by heidi and get i don't know what else i can do . i'm trying to gather as many people year as possible. 3 year old boys. we need to help from either countries alongside ukrainians abroad. some russians overseas are also joining the rallies to publicly show. they don't support hooton's war for many ukrainians, far from home, the support is heartening, but the feelings of helplessness are still overwhelming. everybody's scared, everybody is suffering. the women and children are not agreeing to leave their man behind. men are fighting and it's it's,
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it's scary and it's devastating for everybody. in the night from friday to saturday, it was widely reported that russian troops were about to take over ukraine's capital kiya. but they didn't, i am like our ukrainian military because they're defending our country and i'm sure that they will steal till the end. right now we faced one of the strongest armies in the whole world, russia, and, and put in his not a human b. wow. the fact that ukraine is still defending itself against russia's aggressive invasion is something giving others hope ukrainians overseas and supporters around the world have gathered to demand an end to russian aggression in ukraine. from tokyo to london and to paris. they've taken the streets to show their support for ukraine or correspondence. sonya found the car was at a rally in the french capital. there's
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a big turnout here at paris is historic. plus the level public will organize. we'll see about 2000 people have rallied in support of ukraine. now the mood is somebody you're among ukrainians. i spoke to some of them earlier, and they're in a state of grief and anguish at what is happening back home. fearful for friends and family who are still in the country, all of them calling from ed into the bloodshed and calling on europe to do more to impose a no fly zone over their country, calling on on europe to, to stop a president, leukemia putin. o and to stop his war machine as one protest to put it. but there was also a deep sense of solidarity here. would the ukrainian cause people singing and chanting and waving ukraine and flags that are also several russians in the crowd of come out to show their solidarity. and also lots of ordinary french people who are really appalled at the fact that war has, has broken out again, europe, after decades of peace. now in recent days,
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we've seen several anti war protests in paris, and organizers here, see, this will certainly not be the last watching d w news coming up next. our new special what's driving couldn't there's complete coverage of the russian war against ukraine on our website. that's d w dot com. thanks for joining us. with
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is there another way? after all the environment is in to recyclable. make up your own mind. d. w, made for mines. this is did other news broadcasting from berlin in this special program? we take one step back and ask, why did vladimir putin invade ukraine? he claimed it was to d, modify and demilitarised the country. but is that the real reason and what to the answers to me about? who teens russia? and what about president putin himself, joe biden believes he wants to re establish the former soviet union. does the u. s . president have appoint.


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