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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 26, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm CET

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ah ah ah, this is the w news alive from bird that germany backs down and agrees to send weapons to help you cry and battle the brushing invasion in a significant policy shift chance to look off shots per approves. a major arman and amendments delivery of rockets and missiles shields calls russia's action, a turning point in history, which britain is the will order. he cried prepares for another night and the bombardment from a brush and artillery. meanwhile, the apartment block in give suffers 8th direct, could strike that president. so then he says his forces are still in control,
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the capital, the russian invasion, since tens of thousands of families fling across the border into neighboring countries with some men, forced to turn back and defend their homeland and huge crowds to now in cities worldwide to protest against the invasion in russia itself, authorities detained hundreds who dared to dissent against vladimir hooton's post. ah m. anthony, how'd welcome to the program. germany has back down on refusing to send weapons to support ukraine as it battles the russian invasion. berlin has now agreed to wait, major armaments delivery, including anti tank weapons surface to weigh. miss lyles and rocket propelled grenades. the policy shift brings germany into line with other western allies supplying ethan's to you christ. earlier johnson,
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the allah. salt mit laid us from poland and lithuania to discuss imposing tougher sanctions on russia. on top of measures, already announced by the european union and the united states all stirring the nato . a military presence in several e. u countries is also on the table. with me in the studio's political correspondent, thomas star, thomas, welcome the shift from germany here to the delivery of lethal weapons. how significant is this? this has to be one of the most significant shifts in german foreign policy in years . what has happened? not only now, but this week in germany, you may remember the beginning of the week, the shift there was that germany had decided to hold or to freeze the north stream to gas pipeline, which links russia to germany that was already then a major change. and now you have this also a very significant change because germany had had a longstanding policy of not sending weapons to crisis zones because of its own
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belligerent history because it believed that it could make diplomacy more difficult . there were other reasons as well, but the fact that now the russian, the german government has confirmed that it is indeed sending weapons to ukraine both directly from its own bond as their stocks. but also in directly through countries like the netherlands or estonia is really a remarkable shift in foreign policy in germany and quite a few things shifting as, as we speak. germany is also joining other countries in supporting targeted restrictions on russia's use of the swift financial system. what's changed in germany's position the key word is targeted because for now, germany had also been buried, reluctant to support other countries in banning russia from the swift financial system because it believed that by doing so, there will be major collateral damage here in germany for businesses that work with
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russia awful gas deliveries that come from russia to germany. but now the change is that they want to work in a way that they can have this targeted way of sanctioning russia in this regard. would that basically means is that they'll try and find ways in which of those lateral damages are reduced to a minimum, while at the same time, making sure that the band is implemented to the rush can be effected. we're also hearing that the 1st group of people playing the war in ukraine have arrived through poland and to here in germany to we know yet how many people i can imagine this is actually another element of this whole conflict. so it's not only about sending weapons to ukraine or imposing more sanctions on russia. it's all about making sure that people who are fleeing the conflict in ukraine can be received. not only here in germany, but also in other countries. if you look at you and un estimates the numbers of people who might flee if the conflict continues, if the conflict wasn't, is a very,
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very high number. indeed so far here in germany, those numbers are more limited. so the, the border region between germany and poland, federal set of brandenburg has said that it is expecting up to 10000 people here in berlin. the 1st few families have also been registered numbers are still very low, but those numbers could increase. certainly, if the conflict wasn't that white preparations are also underway, not only here in germany, but also in countries like poland to make sure that people who flee the conflict in ukraine can also be accepted and taken in, in a humane way of political correspond. thomas barrow, thanks for doris or germany, as you turn on, restricting rushes access to the global payment system. swift page the way for sanctions from the european union, ukrainian president vladimir lensky said that would have a huge impact on russia. nation diploma. the battle,
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our diplomats fought around the cloak to get all the countries of europe to agree on a very strong and fair decision to cut russia off from the international into bank system. my and we also have this important victory. emily, these are billions and billions of losses for russia. concrete price to pay for this vile invasion of our country as well. we ukraine is preparing for another night under bombardment from russian artillery. there's been little respite in 3 days of fighting, as the ukrainian military resists russian assaults. authorities are urging citizens to defend the capital give, and the army says it repelled an assault on a military base to the south. president vladimir soleski says his forces are still holding heave despite russia launching a barrage of cruise missiles and rockets. ah, an early morning mrs. strike on a residential block in key of here's the moment of impact from inside one of the
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apartment, sir, where russia says it's only targeting military facilities. ukrainian officials call this a cynical attack on civilian infrastructure. no debts have yet been reported. but for some, it was very close or was only when we go was a direct hit into the living room. we were lucky to escape because we were in the kitchen. my wife and our older child had their legs broken watch. the younger one was taken somewhere by the rescuers. i'm looking for him now and that's why many civilians are sheltering and basements or fleeing altogether streaming towards ukraine's western borders. 100000 have crossed into poland this week as they seek a safe haven in the you. the president wants the regional block to go one further and fast track ukraine's membership renewal when iraqi,
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the me that the later residential buildings destroyed by misses and artillery of the final argument for the world to join us in stopping this occupational invasion . i say it is frankly as possible, mac, the ukrainian people deserve and have the right to get membership of the european union. so lesser europe, this'll be the main evidence of support for our country and peter, im kid natalie grave. still, his forces claimed their repelling the russian advance. moscow says it's launching missiles from both the air and see the 2 countries fighting a propaganda battle, as the war rages on. what they doubly correspond that met his billing a joins us now from e crane. he was based in keith, but as now fled to west and ye crime. but if you've just been in a bunker seeking shelter, what prompted your move on the ground? that was the air. i'd say sirens that we've be hugged alarms all over the night and
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the day. this place where i am now in it's in central western ukraine. it's about 200 kilometers from kia and we have here. air raids as well. there's no fighting here. there. no tanks in front of the city, so it's much less a concern than kia for the eastern parts of ukraine and an ordinance. and also southern parts were at, were intense fighting is going on. but shelling and, and bumping happens all over the country. so every few hours here, we hear a siren, and then we have to go to the shelter. you've understandably had to move. what have you heard though, from ukraine's capital and the fight for he had to not keith is it's fighting has been intense and key for the last few days. of course, a lot of things are hard to say, but it seems that fighting has even taken place in the city, in the, in some of the outer districts of the city, possibly also inside the city where
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a we have had information, but it's on verified that this is sabotage or, or, or groups of fighters have somehow emerge them however they have been there has been fighting around apples around key if tra, russian or paratroopers trying to land on air paused, who have landed, were fought back. we oh, it's always very difficult to say what is the state because of at this moment because these battles go on, back and forth. we have also seen not right now that pictures of heavy artillery rocket shelling for of t if and it seems quite grim there. the whole city is under curfew now. the curfew has been extended from today. 5 o'clock until monday morning, 8 o'clock. so the, the, the fear is that at night some things will happen. some people, some, some, some supporters were in the city might come out and do some things. so that's why
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the host that he has been put under curfew after 3 days with a some experts at spoken to suggest russia might have miscalculated ukrainian resistance. you get any sense of that? people sharing that view on the ground where you are. yes and does that heather has been discussed intensively, for example, in the bunker where i have spent so many hours now. it seems that russia was betting on an easy advance may be ukraine's resistance collapsing or even a capitulation quick capitulation by the ukranian government. however, that was never the mood here on the ground for months now, since i've been here, i've heard people saying, well, we might be less equipped, but we'll fight to the end. and a lot of volunteers joining these territorial defense forces, the army, and all the ways that they can, that they can support this ukrainian army in this battle. so that might have been
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just a very big miscalculation what we've been hearing is that the, again, this is the propaganda war and everything needs to be taken with care. but there have been incidents where russian troops were not equipped even for this, for this battle that they are facing. they did not in i've enough fuel, not enough food. i'm. i don't know how wide spread these incidents are, but it ends twos to a very different idea that the russians might have had also in military experts. i saying if the russians wanted to conquer ukraine, them, they would have tried to move much faster than now they, this being stuck there in the place where they are now, cannot have been the plan. that's what some experts are saying. so that's why are there it is now a lot of talk about miscalculations here in the bunker and in the military expert
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community from western he grant the deputy correspondence that is building a thanks so much now as we've just heard our correspondent in ukraine mathias bellinger has sought safety underground. thousands who are still in the capital had been forced to do the same to shelter from russian attacks. fortunately, there's already built system of tunnels day below the city. the metro with another night of air raids ahead. the people of give head to the metro gives underground. public transport system is now a network of bomb shelters. for days now, people have come here to seek refuge from russian rockets and bombs. i was waiting for a bus to evacuate me. our company had organized our evacuation and rented a bus to pick us up the now the bus can't enter the capital. i stated another
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station 1st and now have moved here to service bomb shelters is exactly what the underground system was designed for. it was built after world war 2, when the soviet union feared a nuclear war. the deepest station is more than 100 meters under the surface. ah, it's very safe here. i think. i don't know whether it really is, but at least it feel safe here. after the russian attacks began, many people fled the city, but some are refusing to leave i will give his being protected. well now i come down here to wait until it's safe to go out. i have no other plans. i trust our army and i trust that it will end. well. i have no desire to leave here or you crane about
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it's a particular irony that the 1st time the shelters are being used is under an attack, ordered from moscow. the former soviet capital that once ordered this underground network to be built. when russia and ukraine were part of the same country, we can is doing its best to repel the russian attack. civilians are being trying to fought support from nato and the u. s. is also bolstered national defenses, but ye, crime is simply no match for it's big neighbor. taking active and reserved trips together, he of can draw on more than a 1000000 men and women. russia, on the other hand, has more than 3000000 ukraine is less than 2 and a half 1000 tanks compared to russia's 13000. and in the year, moscow has 1500 attack aircraft while give has just 67. i'm joined now by pavel. so can now he's an analyst,
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specializing in the russian military and based in moscow. welcome back to the w. pavel putin's calculation seems to have been his forces would secure a swift and clear victory from what you see is this going to plan? well, it's so well known and often repeated in the american military, especially that the best finest military plans go to rubbish as soon as you meet the enemy in the field because the enemy has his own plans. so that's exactly what's happening. lou, this be decisive, right? now it's not too early a bit to say the russian france affairs seems to be a bit off schedule, though, the russians are still have the initiative that should for sure. and the opinions are just pushing back resisting, but the russians have the initiative and can use it, wants a sub, especially for
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a boeing is that ukrainian, or military and political structures are somehow still holding. and you premium resistance is still organized. actually, the pent again generals believe that in 72 hours, 3 days, the ukrainian organized resistance would collapse, and then it would be maybe guerrilla warfare. so they were providing actually weapons before the war broke out. weapons that can be used by guerrillas, shoulder launched as thinkers and javel and other such anti tank weapons. but the opinion, the military, there, staffs are still working. it's an organized resistance, and that's not good. that's not good at all for the russian strategic plans to take over ukraine and rewrite their constitution, rewrite everything. because if there's continued and maybe even successful
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organized resistance that will raise the morale of the korean soldiers and population. and they will be harder for russia to operate. and actually if it drags on it could be a war of attrition that russia can actually the and lose puzzle there. incredible words to, to hear that, but the brush on my list is worth, they're coming up with a change of plan now, which is being spoken of that by guy to now broaden the offensive in ukraine. what does that mean for the situation on the ground? well i think it really began with a kind of hybrid warfare and with every one of expecting, i mean special forces, white forces, barrett, troopers penetrating in, not the real, a classical things that the russia merger good of. not the way we are say, fight being in syria, where they liberated syrian cities by turning them into piles of rubble. a. so if
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a vague, the most likely they'll take the or a thing more seriously, more russian style and be more aggressive and using heavy weaponry. and that's not good, of course, for it to break the morale of the ukrainians, apparently. and still, when this conference, very russia and leadership is not ready to compromise and withdraw. though, of course they hoped it would be swift, especially that the swift victory would mean that the less than a sanctions machine was the most likely to lose its pace. if it's all over, but if it's not all over and if there's continued resistance and, and organized resistance, the west also change instead of just punishing russia, they'll begin sending real weapons. i mean tanks and heavy guns, maybe even jet fighters, helicopters, attack helicopters. i mean, why do you send not no gorilla forced to do a right. the state of falcon,
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our russian military analyst, based in moscow. thanks so much for joining us. thank you. now many people caught up in the invasion, had fled to neighboring countries. tens of thousands of ukrainian refugees have played since this day. not surprisingly, most are heading to countries neighboring ye cry. they include a you members, poland, slovakia, hungry romania as well as non you, member. moldova is fighting worsens. these countries are now bracing for more refugees in coming days. the train station in the polish city of chimerical 10 kilometers from ukraine for many ukrainian refugees. it's their 1st stop after crossing the border. these 4 children are having their 1st hot meal in 30 hours after traveling 450 kilometers through ukraine. their fathers weren't able to join them. they stayed behind to fight. the children are now waiting for their mothers to arrive at the moment. they were masses of people on the way. we took
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a bus towards the border and then whooped. then we stood in a long q you. suddenly we saw our cousins and we've been together since then. we waited a long time for the transport from the border. and now we're finally here. the way was hard and long because of traffic jams, they had to get off the bus and walk the last 15 kilometers to the border near live . if they heard explosions. good. it was terrible that there were rockets sign. we came here with that passports, we only have a birth certificates, we were lessen to poland as refugees, young as you see, the polish authorities have decided to let all ukrainians into the country. even those who have no passports, which are normally required to enter the e u at the train station as well as in several reception centers. they are supported by volunteers and the military. the refugees are relieved to have escaped
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the war. but they're all so worried about what they have left behind the events in their country. those who are not picked up here by friends or relatives are taken in by private individuals. the willingness to help is great. within a day of the russian invasion, 30000 refugees arrived in poland from ukraine. the government in warsaw expects that up to 1000000 people could flee to the country. and it promises that they will all be taken in or russia still saying demonstrations against the invasion to spot a crackdown on the st. police in st. petersburg to find dozens during a 3rd night of action. an independent monitoring group says over 3000 people have been detained since thursday. the 30 side, the purchase illegal is that when proved in advance
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and the grounds have turned out in cities around the world to show support for ukraine. thousands of russians living abroad have joined the protests. i say vladimir burton's decision to launch the invasion has far from unanimous support within russia. taking to the streets with blue and yellow flags and calls for solidarity from crowds of people in cities around the world. ukrainians living abroad have joined with supporters of ukraine. o, calling for more help to defend ukraine against russia's aggression in tokyo residence called on japan to step up actions to stop russian president vladimir putin and end the war. oh, in several australian cities, people also raised their voices, my family's allowing to you and then beating hind in the shelter,
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waiting to be bombarded and he died. russians turned on to the dark military station. they attack childcare centers, hospitals, schools, any shelters. they search for those shelters. be by hiding men's good. i don't know what else i can do. i'm trying to gather as many people year as possible. 3 year old boys. we need to help from either countries alongside ukrainians abroad. some russians overseas are also joining the rallies to publicly show. they don't support putin's war for many ukrainians, far from home, the support is heartening. but the feelings of helplessness are still overwhelming . everybody scared everybody suffering. the women and children are not agreeing to leave their man behind. men are fighting and it's it's,
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it's scary and it's devastating for everybody. in the night from friday to saturday, it was widely reported that russian troops were about to take over ukraine's capital keith. but they didn't, i am like proud of our ukrainian military because they're defending our country and i'm sure that they will deal till the end. right now we face my name is tanya mar, meaningful world, the roster and important. he's not a human being. the fact that ukraine is still defending itself against russians, aggressive invasion, is something giving others hope and then football russian ugly goc roman abramoff, which is handing over stewardship of the english premier lakeside chelsea to its trustees. and from of it brought the club in 2003 instead of
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a wave of foreign 1000000000 is snapping up teams as investments. it's thought he wants to shield chelsea from any fallout from the invasion. now before we leave you this hour, let's recap. the latest developments in germany has back down on refusing to st. arms to support ukraine in a major policy shift. berlin will deliver anti tank rockets, grenades and missiles. the trends military says it has repelled an assault by russian troops on an army base south of give. and russian artillery is pounding ukrainian cities. but president flood of miss lewinsky says his forces are still holding the capital, and more than 100000 refugees have arrived in poland after crossing ukraine's wisdom to border and with that, you're up to date with the news this hour coming up and news special asked the question, what's driving? let me put that's coming up after a short break,
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his complete coverage. don't forget russia's war against any crime on our website available at all times of the day. that's to be found. a d, w dot com, as well as on twitter and instagram. the handle you need is at d. w. news. i'm anthony. how in berlin from 8 and the team here. thanks for watching and stay with us. ah ah. with
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who who are in ukraine? what's driving to team to him? russian. it's way too old. great. but what does that truly mean? well, well, his ice calling to tend to lead a search for what's driving to teen d. w use next on
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d w story, i'm a camera we are in, i believe it listed us in the city long, renowned for its mark live. we'll get one of the media in this by the likes of michelangelo inviting me either at night or the school doughty out of these me today like an environmental disaster is unfolding here in my or her head, the worst in europe today with all before, when i did it be joining the model? tories of kara in 30 minutes on d. w o is increasing every year. many im gonna working on landfills. pretty only work there is holiday destinations drowning in plastic white. we rewind at the closet every year 0. the exports over 1000000 tons of plastic waste.
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use there. another way. after all, the environment isn't to recyclable. make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines. ah, this is devin news broadcasting from belinda in this special program. we take one step back and ask, why did vladimir putin invade ukraine? he claimed it was to de modify and demilitarised the country. but is that the real reason and what to be on says to me about fourteen's russia? and what about president putin himself, joe biden? believes he wants to re establish the former soviet union. does the u. s. president have appoint.


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