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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 26, 2022 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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ah, ah, ah ah, this is the w news live from per the germany changes course and agrees to send weapons to help me crime battle the russian invasion in a significant policy shift chancellor. although short, a prince of major armaments delivery of rockets and miss aust shocked, calls rushes action. a turning point in history, which threatens the world border that he crime prepares for another night on the bombardment from russian artillery apartment block in keith suffers a direct rocket strike. but you guys, president says his forces are still in control the capital. meanwhile,
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the russian invasion, since tens of thousands of families fling across the border into neighboring countries with some men, forced to turn back to defend, they hung black ah m. anthony. how welcome to the program. germany is back down on an initial refusal to send weapons to support ye, crime as it battles the russian invasion. berlin has now agreed to a major armaments delivery, including anti tank weapons surface to weigh missiles and rocket propelled grenades . the policy shift brings germany into line with other western allies supplying weapons to ukraine. earlier. chancellor left sholtes met leaders from poland and lithuania to discuss imposing tougher sanctions against russia. on top of measures already announced by the european union and the united states. stirring the nissan
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military presence in several e. u countries is also on the table with me in the studio as political correspondent, thomas, spirit thomas, welcome the shift from germany here to the delivery of lethal weapons. how significant is this? this has to be one of the most significant shifts in germany foreign policy in years. what has happened? not only now, but this week in germany, you may remember the beginning of the week, the shift there was a germany had decided to hold or to freeze the north stream to gas pipeline, which links russia to germany that was already then a major change. and now you have this also a very significant change because germany had had a longstanding policy of not sending weapons to crisis zones because of its own belligerent history because it believed that it could make diplomacy more difficult . there were other reasons as well, but the fact that now the russian,
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the german government has confirmed that it is indeed sending weapons to ukraine both directly from its own bond as vast talks, but also in directly through countries like the netherlands or estonia is really a remarkable shift in foreign policy in germany, and quite a few things shifting as, as we speak. germany is also joining other countries in supporting targeted restrictions on russia's use of the swift financial system. what's changed in germany's position? the key word is targeted because for now, germany had also been very reluctant to support other countries in banning russia from the swift financial system because it believed that by doing so, there would be major collateral damage here in germany for businesses that work with russia awful gas deliveries that come from russia to germany. but now the change is that they want to work in a way that they can have this targeted way of sanctioning russia in this regard
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with that basically means is that they will try and find ways in which those collateral damages are reduced to a minimum. while at the same time, making sure that the band is implemented to the rush can be effected. we're also hearing that the 1st groups of people fleeing the war in ukraine have arrived through poland and to here in germany. do we know yet how many people i was asking, the jan this is actually another element of this whole conflict. so it's not only about sending weapons to ukraine or imposing more sanctions on russia. it's all about making sure that people who are fleeing the conflict in ukraine can be received, not only here in germany, but also in other countries. if you look at you and un estimates their numbers of people who might flee if the conflict continues. if the conflict wasn't, is a very, very high number. indeed so far here in germany, those numbers are more limited. so the, the border region between germany and poland, federal set of brandon book,
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i said that it is expecting up to 10000 people here in berlin. the 1st few families have also been registered numbers are still very low, but those numbers could increase. certainly, if the conflict wasn't that why preparations are also underway, not only here in germany, but also in countries like poland, to make sure that people who flee the conflict in ukraine can also be accepted and taken in, in a humane way. a political correspond thomas barrow, thanks for joining us. will ukraine is preparing for another night and a bombardment from russian artillery? there's been little respite in 3 days of fighting. as the granny military resists, russian assaults. authorities are urging citizens to defend the capital key and the army says it repelled an assault on a military base to the south. president vladimir lensky says his forces are still holding keith. russia has launched. meanwhile, a barrage of cruise missiles and rockets. ah, an early morning, mrs. strike on
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a residential block in key of here's the moment of impact from inside one of the apartment where russia says it's only targeting military facilities. ukrainian officials call this a cynical attack on civilian infrastructure. no debts have yet been reported. but for some, it was very close or was only when we go was a direct hit into the living room. we were lucky to escape because we were in the kitchen. my wife and our older child had their legs broken watch. the younger one was taken somewhere by the rescuers. i'm looking for him now and that's why many civilians are sheltering and basements or fleeing altogether streaming towards ukraine's western borders. 100000 have crossed into poland this
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week as they seek a safe haven in the you. the president wants the regional block to go one further and fast truck ukraine's membership renewal when you give them, if dr. later, residential buildings destroyed by missiles and artillery of the final argument for the world to join us in stopping this occupational invasion. i say it is frankly as possible. look, the ukrainian people deserve and have the right to get membership of the european union ultimately. so let's say this will be the main evidence of support for our country, and it didn't get nothing but even still, his forces claim their repelling the russian advance. moscow says it's launching missiles from both the air and see the 2 countries fighting a propaganda battle as the war rages on. will be joined now by daria roman income. she's an aide worker in easton, ukraine very tells way you are at the moment and do you feel safe? good evening. well, yes, simon. ne pro right now it's
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a big sitting eastern part of ukraine. but the road here was yeah, pretty tough. we left slow fiance today, 1st aiming to go to harkey, where our driver came from just a couple of hours ago and then it couldn't go bad because the street was blocked like the main street connecting slowness. and harker was blocked by russian tanks. so we had to make a u turn after that we were driving a lot through then yet school blessed entering new pro region. and then there were so many checkpoints, and military vehicles. and we were standing in traffic jam or more than 3 hours when we were we seeing the pro, so yet was a tough travel. 3. russia says it's only targeting military infrastructure. you're on the ground. do you see that is the case? is that what you're saying? this is not the case. this is a lie, russia star getting hospitals, kindergarten. so it's targeting just normal places and areas where people live,
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but it's nothing you i've been working on. don bus for some time where for example, shelling all kindergarten and school started already a weeks ago. and in general, 8 years ago. and those reports from here that, that their apartment buildings shell, there are definitely true. don't, you know, to ms. lewinsky was a canadian, then a business, and now he's the president. do you feel now? he is the leader that you need to help people behind him. did i see him as the right leader for the situation? well, let's see here, didn't flee the country. he stayed with people, he is what it seems to me. he's doing his best. i personally vote for him. i just didn't vote in ukraine in general. but to me, seems like he's definitely
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a great leader and, and it's, it's a very good time that it's, it's a great recruiting and people that he's the president right now. and not, for example, russian murray and that, you know, corbett, who just left the country as soon as it became tough. so when to lensky is cooling people into the streets, to essentially defend their country. do you think they're going to follow their enough people to stay in thought to give you a chance to we well, definitely what i saw when we were driving today's that there are so many people there. so many men who were, who are kind of like local people living in small villages and towns and they kind of dress up into a military close and they're joining this forces off yet to the territorial forces of ukraine, which is not the cranium official military. so it's just made up of sound by some volunteers, one to defend their district, their town, their ctm, their country. there's definitely a huge wave of patriotism going,
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going on right now. it's just people who want to defend their homes and their country from the invaders that we have room in the code. thanks so much. thank you . now, many people caught up in the invasion have played 2 neighboring countries. tens of thousands of ukrainian refugees have played since thursday, not surprisingly, most hitting to countries neighboring. you cry include you members, poland vakio, hungry romania as well as non you member. moldova is funding wilson's these countries and out pricing for more refugees in the coming days. the train station in the polar city of san mitchell, 10 kilometers from ukraine for many ukrainian refugees. it's their 1st stop after crossing the border. fees for children are having their 1st hot meal in 30 hours after traveling 450 kilometers through ukraine. their fathers weren't able to join
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them. they stayed behind to fight. the children are now waiting for their mothers to arrive. for just a moment. there were masses of people on the way which we took a bus towards the border and then whooped. then we didn't long q u suddenly we saw our cousins and we've been together since then. we waited a long time for the transport from the border. and now we're finally here. the way was hard and long because of traffic terms. they had to get off the bus and walk the last 15 kilometers to the border near louise, they heard explosions. good. it was terrible. there were rockets lying. so we came here with our passport. can we only have a birth certificates? we were lessened to poland is refugee. the polish all authorities have decided to let all ukrainians into the country. even those who have no passports,
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which are normally required to enter the e. u. at the train station, as well as in several reception centers, they are supported by volunteers and the military. the refugees are relieved to have escaped the war. but they're also worried about what they have left behind the events in their country. those who are not picked up here by friends or relatives are taken in by private individuals. the willingness to help is great. within a day of the russian invasion, 30000 refugees arrived in poland from ukraine, the government and more so expects that up to 1000000 people could flee to the country and it promises that they will all be taken in to the well as for the gym and football has added it's voice to the worldwide wave of condemnation of the russian invasion clubs, players and fans of joint forces to show they support viagra.
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an uncharacteristic still filled germany's typically boisterous soccer stadiums this weekend. german clubs opened their matches with moments of silence in solidarity with ukraine. following russia's invasion, the dea fell, which operates germany's top 2 leagues encouraged the action and sharply criticized the russian attack in a statement on thursday. in addition to the organized actions from clubs, fans called for peace and condemned to russian president vladimir putin. this condemnation was mirrored by uncut fun for who emblazoned their stadium with the message stop it, pu in while lighting it up, ukrainian, blue and gold. those sports often serve as an escape from conflict. german soccer clubs. players and fans have shown that even if the games go on, they can be used to help bring attention to ukraine. and with that, you're up to date for this, our coming up, our documentary series continues dock film. that's after
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a short break and it's complete coverage of russia's war against you. crime on our website. that's to be found at d. w dot com as well as on social's, twitter, and instagram to the handle you need is at d. w. news for all the latest. i'm anthony. how'd in berlin for me and the team here. thanks for watching stables. we're interest in the global economy. our portfolio. d w business beyond here, the closer look at the project, i would mention to analyze the fight for market dominance. good is still the head with d w business beyond.


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