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road as those in key of their authorities and give and to directly take station in their hands and to talk to their russian federation on their own terms. that's what he was saying. he was using, using the word of nazi regime in, in ukraine that he has already used before. he's also using the word drug addicts, referring to people in power in ukraine and all these very, very heavy, very horrible words that we've been hearing in the russian media portraying ukraine recently. i mean, these are really quite some terms to be using. how are they going over? i mean, these are being well received by the russian. people translate this well, for the past days, russian public is i can say, talked and very biting on this issue. a lot of people don't really know what to think about this invasion because we have in some products perhaps, and some people online whizzing that opinion not supporting this,
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but i had to say that before it telstar. he just now i have been a lot of build up in the russian media to this operation. and for the past month and even the year. and there been this narrative of russia being constantly attacked from the best from, from nita and this operation that this war. this vision be seen in russia as defensive measure, against the aggression from now or western powers on friday. announce targeted sanctions against president putin and his foreign minister lover of how is that going down in moscow? russia is used to sanctions and the news of sanctions obviously was expected here. but i think the scale of the sanctions is for a bigger than everybody could expect. and i think this personal sanctions against quinton and lab work, something new we haven't seen before. but i think what people here are concerned with our sanctions against the rational economy. again, the russian bang against
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a russian airlines against everything that can hinder the russian economy and have an impact on their lives of people. we've seen people rushing to them to the banks to get out as much cash and they could weigh this unprecedented use in moscow. and other cities, we've seen people trying to buy according devices because they're expecting prices to go up. since one of the essential announced by the lack of supply of the basically gadgets attorneys and everything like this. so people are just talked and, and again, don't know what to do, so they're trying to, to react to this as possible. now, we have seen protests in several russian cities and you from what you're describing, people are being affected by what's happening. so how big is this opposition to the war a to this war in russia? and really how much of a problem is this for president putin will have been caught us and they have been
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people voicing their opinions online. but i don't think these will have an effect on the actions of the russian authorities of the kremlin. and it's unlikely that this a position, this product will, will have an effect because we've seen major caught us in russia before in the past couple of years, especially after russian in a position like in a vanity was poisoned and came back you in was gail. there been a lot of people in the streets or more than we've seen them in some days and it hasn't changed any. they have to say only made situation for those. those brave russians who go out on the streets even worse than wickes in some quarters on thursday, especially yesterday. small numbers of people on the streets. and we know about around 500 people detained yesterday and seen some people signing petitions and
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signing open letters to let him or when. but there's really not much of the hope that this will have an effect. all right, journalist natalia's, modern saver in moscow, speaking just there. thank you so much. i russia vetoed a draft un resolution on friday deploring its countries invasion of ukraine, but it was the only country to vote against the resolution. 11 of the 15 member council voted in favor while china, india, and the united arab emirates all abstained, which leaves russia diplomatically isolated, and without support. the draft resolution is now expected to be taken up by the 193 member, un general assembly or the atrocious wash. many of the people caught up in the invasion have fled to neighboring countries. the un says more than 50000 ukranian refugees have fled since thursday, and we can see where most are headed to countries neighboring ukraine. they include
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you members, poland, slovakia, hungry, romania as well as non e u. member, moldova, aus facing worsens. these countries are bracing for more refugees in the coming days. the train station in the polish city of premier shore 10 kilometers from ukraine for many ukrainian refugees. it's their 1st stop after crossing the border . these 4 children are having their 1st hot meal in 30 hours after traveling 450 kilometers through ukraine. their fathers weren't able to join them. they stayed behind to fight. the children are now waiting for their mothers to arrive, which ends with them on the day. there were masses of people on the way. we took a bus towards the border and then walked. then we stood in a long que. suddenly we saw our cousins, neighbor, and we've been together since then. we waited a long time for the transport from the border. and now we're finally here.
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the way was hard and long because of traffic terms. they had to get off the bus and walk the last 15 kilometers to the border. near louise, they heard explosions. it was terrible. there were rockets lying. we came here with our passport. we only have a birth certificates we were left into poland does refugee years in the polish all authorities have decided to let all ukrainians into the country, even those who have no passports, which are normally required to enter the e u at the train station as well. as in several reception centers, they are supported by volunteers and the military. the refugees are relieved to have escaped the war. but they're also worried about what they have left behind the events in their country. those who are not picked up here by friends or relatives are taken in by private individuals. the willingness to help is great.
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within a day of the russian invasion, 30000 refugees arrived in poland from ukraine, the government and more so expects that up to 1000000 people could flee to the country and it promises that they will all be taken in. and we're joined now by jerome, dean williams. she's the head of communications for the you and hcr of the united nations high commissioner for refugees in geneva, switzerland, thanks so much for joining us. tens of thousands of ukrainian refugees have already arrived in poland. can you tell us how many more are expected is poland prepared for this? well, in the neighboring countries, we've gotten the confirmed figure from the national governments that at least a 116000 refugees have fled ukraine in the last 2 days. and we are preparing for up to 4000000 refugees in the region.
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now obviously the, the situation is incredibly fluid. it's deteriorating rapidly, so the numbers are just a projection figure for us to do our planning. but inside ukraine as well, we do know that there are at least 100000, but probably many more that are on the move. and we've heard from our own colleagues inside ukraine. they as well as all of the ukranian civilians are unsure of, of where to go, what to do. they're bunkering down, but really the situation is, is so scary and it's, it's so uncertain you're talking about millions. i mean, ukraine isn't a small country, it has a population of 44000000, was the other countries doing to, to prepare to possibly take refugees. i think we've seen across the board. incredible hospitality and solidarity. not just by the government,
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but by the local communities. people literally opening their homes, sharing food, providing whatever, life saving supplies, water, medical attention. so what we've seen is that the neighboring countries, particularly poland, moved over romania hungry in these countries. they are setting up facilities, but these facilities will need support and humanitarian agencies like ours, like you and hcr will definitely need to reinforce the existing supplies staff capacity that we have there in the region to help with the outflow. when people have to leave their homes suddenly potentially unprepared. what do they need most? the most important thing at this time. i mean, if you can imagine even, you know, a few days ago, we couldn't imagine the scale of the devastation. if you can imagine yourself in a situation where you literally have no time,
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you have to grab whatever you kept. so do you, if you're out and about, if you're separated from your family, what do you take with you? obviously, a lot of people are trying to take their documents passports, any kind of identification cache, but you know, it's basic supplies. it's how much can you carry on your back as you're literally forced to run for your life? and i think this is, this is why it's so critical that the borders remain open, that we're able to access people as quickly as possible inside and outside ukraine, so that humana, terry, and agencies like you and hcr can reach those in need and provide the, the basic supplies to help people as they, as they flee. john, i'll get jenny williams at the, at you and hcr. thank you so much for speaking with us. thank you. now, the world of sports is also reacting to russia's invasion of ukraine formula. one
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has canceled the russian brown pri, which was scheduled for the end of september. now the russian grand prix has been a fixture of the racing calendar for a number of years since formula made a deal with the country back in 2011 formula one drive, a sebastian federal had already declared his intention to boycott the event. if it went ahead, saying it will be completely wrong to stay to race in russia under the current circumstances. and the tennis player, andre rube left has joined a number of russian public figures. speaking out again against vladimir putin attack on ukraine after a match in dubai. on friday, left roach, the woods. no war please on a broadcast is camera. since thursday, a number of prominent television personalities, musicians, and athletes within russia have also issued public statements and social media condemning the invasion of ukraine. you are
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up to date coming up next to d. w special looks at the reasons behind vladimir putin invasion of ukraine. and you can of course, follow the very latest developments on our website. that's d w dot com as well as on twitter and instagram at e w. news. i'm and you can mckinnon. thanks for watching. ah ah ah,
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[000:00:00;00] with who who are in ukraine? what's driving to team to him? russia is on its way to old greatness. but what does that truly mean? well, well, his ice cold do tend to lead a search for clues. what's driving protein d w use? next on
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d w. oh, thank g leech, it was more what, which knitted, gained langston looked, wouldn't the rodney some way, but i see i couldn't. is the aggressor puente chose this was the amount of cost is increasing every year. so many im gonna working on landfills with the only why fairly holiday destinations drowning in plastic weiss, we rewind and happy to look at the causes
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every year. europe exports over 1000000 tons of plastic waste. is there another way? after all, the environment isn't to recyclable. make up your own mind. d. w, made for mines. this is data avenues broadcasting from belinda in this special program. we take one step back and ask, why did vladimir putin invade your grade? he claimed it was to deny divine and demilitarize the country, but is that the real reason and what to the answers to me about proteins, russia? and what about president putin himself? joe biden believes he wants to re establish the former soviet union. does the u. s . president have appoint oceania, say because they use the collapse of the soviet union was the greatest geopolitical


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