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tv   DW News - Africa  Deutsche Welle  February 19, 2022 12:30am-1:01am CET

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germany, oh my god, my license to work as a swimming instructor here on dish. and now i teach children to dos with what's your story? take part, share it on info, migrant dot net. ah, this is the w news, africa coming up on the program after lead us of the african union and the european union meet in belgium. we ask, is it really a relationship of equals added to the meeting. you and africa lead us looked to reboot, ties through major investments pledges. we take a closer look at the witness and lose us. of this strange alliance of europe is the most reliable partner for africa. and by far the nice and post and lovely africa offers europe opportunities for investment and partnerships for shared growth and
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prosperity. and prosperity by fuzzy euro is talking, talking, talking, but doing absolutely nothing. and it's supposed to be gun has red gold. but is it we investigate how trading with a weld? oh about to destroy it? gone. has tomato industry on strokes of a genius, talking about a mutually beneficial partnership? we speak to an artist who says he's benefiting from collaborating with other artists from europe. ah, i am eddie micah junior and you are welcome to the program african union lee this matter with their counterparts in brussels for the 6th a u e u summit to reboot on deep and ties. it comes on that tensions about cobra.
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vaccines migration on trade. you commission precedent esla on the line and calls it a partnership of equals, but is it really mini in africa made us. i agree with that. as we look at just how lopsided this partnership is, a mit the smiles. it's been a complicated relationship. much is made of europe being africa, largest trading partner and investor, but africa now has others. it can turn to for better and farrah agreements. europe is concerned about these african partnerships, particularly with china. but some of europe's own policies are causing harm in africa. for example, 54 percent of the continents workforce relies on agriculture, but impulse from abroad pose a major threat. fib wilford's lake rife, sugar and whit from europe retail cheaper here in a rural b as compared to the local produce. and that's because our farmers and not as
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heavily subsidized as their counterparts in europe, and therefore they cannot compete a killer weeds from europe retails are 20 percent cheaper than that, which is not only produced in, i prefer the one from europe to 2, it's pricing. i cannot buy at $1.58 while the one from europe retails at $0.90. i do not offer me. now, the influx of these agricultural products from europe has led to close out of farms and companies leading to lots of jobs. and as a result, high unemployment levels, among as canyon with high unemployment, many africans my great in search of a better life. 80 percent of this movement is within the continent. but some of those who want to go to europe have taken dangerous journeys across the land and see the u. s. spending millions of euros to limit migrant numbers. but critics say it could do more to address the root causes of this migration, which include poor governance. the hell has been for successful cause in the
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last one year. now that's the result of people's growing frustration of our poor leadership policy and insecurity. you forces led by friends, have worked together with regional trips for the past 10 years, the end islamic insurgency. but their efforts so far have been unproductive. and many people in miley, for example, and not happy with friends. they believe the relationship has mostly been one sided economic benefits for the, for my colonizer, but not much for west africa. they're gonna, subway me. the international community should let transition government do its job as a god 0 who the gums or government will good luck communicate and we need the international community to extend that support so that we get out of this crisis. it is that good luck to get molly out of this message and poor economy and insecurity. we need france to leave this country for africa. the european military's including france
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and denmark and now with troy, saw jazz for west africa. this could signal a reset of the long relationship with less focus on military or security aspect. if anything has recently exposed the true state of affairs between europe and africa, it's been the coven 19 pandemic. as wealthy a nation's scooped up the world vaccine supply africa was sidelined to date. only 11 percent of people on the continent are fully vaccinated. as if that was not enough. the emergence of new very until the corona virus led many european countries to swiftly ban travel from africa, except that those measures were not applied to wealthier nations, where the variance were also found. many south africans were furious about the measures introduced travel bands and flight restrictions, once again had a devastating impact on the economy. here and scientists in south africa said they
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are basically being punished for the good work they are doing. and some, even openly asked if other countries would have implemented the same measures. if army kron was detected outside africa, local vaccine production is the latest bone of contention. south africa has been asking for an intellectual property right waiver, in order to produce m r n. a vaccines here on the continent, something that germany in particular has been up posing one key feature in the relationship between the 2 sides has been aid. the e. u channels, nearly 20000000000 euros to africa every year. the system is helping many african government stay afloat, but critics say it also keeps the recipients perpetually dependent on these handouts. so it's clear that both sides need to review and revamp the terms of their dealings to be able to achieve that equal partnership. they speak of n, as in dog. the african union, chairman marcus, all sat there, some it was
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a way to quote, achieve, renewed, modernized, and more action oriented partnership. for francis president, manuel macro, it was a chance to prove why europe should be africa. most reliable partner. my colleague christine mando followed the summit and tells us more so 40 delegations from africa, travel to the european capital, brussels fall the summit and there were high expectations coming in. not all of them were met, but there were some significant developments. chief among them is that there is going to be the transfer of m r in a technology to 6 african countries, which it with actively as see the manufacturing of vaccines on the continent beyond addressing the vaccine inequity on the continent right now. this is also going to be developed to combat other diseases like malaria and eventually cancer down the line. so this is a significant, our development,
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although many african hetzel said are still calling for the lifting of those patients to be able to make vaccines on their own using their own pharmaceutical capacities. they was also, there was also the big announcement off at the european union's investment onto the continent under the name of the global gateway scheme. this is basically europe's answer to china's belt road initiative. much of this money is going to be committed to infrastructure projects across the continent. now, this summit was supposed to take place in 2020. it was pushed back because of the pandemic. and in that time, we've really seen relations between the 2 geopolitical neighbors. sour to an extent, very emotional language is heard about vaccine apart aid, among other things, as african leaders felt that their european counterparts left them out in the cold . in the pandemic, sir, was important that they could meet face to face, that they could discuss certain issues and make some progress as some delegates
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were telling us, as the meetings were going along. so they all had back now to their capital. some have had successful bilateral meetings where they've struck up even more deals. and this is what makes a summit like this even more important because it does boost someone's profile on the domestic stage. but overall, that relationship between europe and africa and the question that we're asking, is it an equal partnership upon triple equals? well, we're not quite hulu just yet, right? but i think the fact that you've had such uptake and interest in the summit, willingness to corporate engage is, is a positive side. and of course time will tell if things are eventually getting better in that sense. ah, you're watching did of the news africa still to come? how artist, from garner and spain are reaping the benefits of collaboration. just another example of what an equal partnership between africa in europe can be light. that is the e u e u partnership age in new in relationship of equals, we'll hear from
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a member of the libyan parliament will believes that has never been the case. the european countries, i've always been babysitting africa, one area where the balance of power between africa and europe is one sided is when it comes to trade. african nations generally struggle to compete on the international market in ghana for example, the local tomato industry is under serious threats. increasing imports of tomato products from abroad are driving many farmers out of business. benedict to are free for is a tomato farmer in the middle of one of ganawe's main production regions. in the past, this was like harvesting red gold. instead, farmers like her have fallen on tough times before anthony we have a lot of problems which makes it hard to survive in this country. and i'm the biggest challenge is imported tomatoes. after independence,
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ghana introduced customs duties to make em ports more expensive that protected local producers like benedictine. then ghana joined the world trade organization and lord customs duties to do so. now it's been flooded with cheap foreign products . so when benedicts a hedge to market, she's forced to sail at rock bottom prices. yamaha for 320 cd said they offered 270. i'm said others are giving even less. at this price, i won't earn anything. almost half of household spending on vegetables in ghana goes on tomatoes. the meadow classes especially like theirs can't. with the right investment, many believe ganna could meet some of that demand by itself. i'll be very happy if we have a company here in ghana that we produce our own tomatoes. com, dame of people boy imported economist club. and oh,
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to say that free trade has not just heart local farmers. it's also open the door to poor quality. so this one i took to press on for merkel about 7 to pay for patch. you do not have a capacity. * to chim distance because we have multiple to our rob was your a one down mom, the impulse to come home good from the us. a new as kid them out of the africa roof and opportunities for those. how visuals the response from the if you try to, to, in policy to provide you with this will not destroy alive with making massage sometime for the final fund on the
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broad, those appropriate advert lusan men. and right now, their numbers are growing as african and european leaders talk about strengthening economic ties. many on the continent, wonder when, if they will ever see the rewards of that partnership? let's talk more about the relationship between europe and africa with a c dot congo. she's a member of the european parliament and join us from strasburg, sita now it's lead us from europe and africa gab ed for this 6th edition of the e. some it's we were hearing about partnership, but is it a true partnership of equals? you think? of course not, it has actually never been a partnership of equals because the european countries, i've always been babysitting africa and they have never seen africa as an
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adult area. they have never seen african countries diverse places. and so this is very disturbing. so this is what i call and then a diplomacy, and it's still going on. so in my opinion, and it's also based on facts. europe is 60 years late in africa and is currently sleep walking. it's a real zombie in africa. when we see reality, we're not really believing it, and i don't expect her very much to come out of this. you africa summit that has been postponed several times because this relationship is not being taken seriously . these are very strong words from you. if you say it's not a partnership of equals, how can it then be a partnership of equals, what, what can be done to achieve that? i think the 1st thing that we need to do is to stop. we've did that 8. you know, because this 8 is gas contributing to finance corruption and going into the wrong
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pockets is contributing to sustain the faith of ship. and we have noticed so many times that it does not help improve anything. look at the situation. africa is easy . we need to count, we can count how much money has been flowing, and we can look at how much improvement has been met and, and then we can see the half facts today. even france is running away from molly after having pumped so much money. they did not succeed to stop islamism. there, they did not succeed to, to wilderness a real good governance. their only succeeded to help the alight continued to misuse funds, and they have succeeded to open the door for i shall messengers. so they should. nobody should be proud of how things are going. so i believe this must change. okay, so you actually mentioned am francais planning to redraw its troops from miley.
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there are a number of security issues in africa right now, especially across this i, how russia is also trying to tackle their problems. so why, as you will have a problem with that. well, of course, i have a problem with russia because it's not, it's not a russia is not an example of democracy. you need to look at how put in is treating his open and stuff. you know, we've poisoned and sending them almost to death and from even died in prison. this is really actually what we do not want to keep in africa. so if russia has to pretend to bring democracy in any african country, seriously, anyone who has a little common sense should never believe in that. so, i mean, you know, if you go to the dentist and the dentist teeth are very ugly. so why would you believe that he will help you have beautiful teeth if yes, if guess of that russia is not an example of democracy and an example of security
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for anyone. and we didn't see many africans running away to migrate to russia. did you ever seen the news that plenty of africans running away from economic and, and crazy, some security crisis and trying to go to russia so that they can be safe and healthy and rich. know that running away to the west, there any way to europe, they don't go to eat on the don't go to so they don't go to russia. and that is enough evidence what is being attacked in the, in west africa, for example. now, in the miley looking at possibly cetera is what we know as western civilization is what we know as with and value, it is what we are defending as democratic values. and this is back not only by the g, i this, but also by russia. and on anything related to human rights, of course, china doesn't care. so what we are doing is not working. we need to make sure that our company's businesses can work with the business is that we need to make sure that if we actually put money somewhere now we know where the money is going. that
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we know that when complicit of will do more detail, more problems. this is killing africa. europe wants to be africa as fast choice for economic partnership, but china appears to be the favorite option in africa. is europe willing to offer a better deal on china? look, i think it's the point is that the relationship between european africa should be unique. you know, it has nothing to do whatever china is doing in africa. you might know what your needs are because in a partnership or in any relationship, even between 2 human beings, it's about mutual need as well. so what does you want to get out of this relationship? why does you even need to have a serious relationship with africa? and this is based on that, that relationship wilt because we don't need the same things as china or russia and, but we can have a mutual partnership where it is
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a win win situation for both african countries and european countries. you're graphically, we're also quite close. we speak the same languages as well for english. so i believe that this is where we need to stop because utilize has an approach and a mindset, but these of the 16th. so we need to travel inside and come in this in this century . so we've this mindset you'd be starting somewhere where everything is wrong or would like, we need to have africa. but why don't we start like, this is what we need. and africa can actually be a partner for us to keep that and what is in it for them. and really start this way . i think that would be a good way to thoughts. and when things are, when we'll stop and say look, why not doing quote quite well, what we need to stop here and i will let them take and see how we can improve things. but that's not what is happening right now. unfortunately. and i think that the, you, you can, companies will continue to for fin. that old fashioned way of having religion for africa are actually guilty of racism. this is the racism that the left is never
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speaking about. it is a huge international way of doing that is looking at africa, people let people who are less than other people in the world. and i think this is a really heartbreaking that definitely sounds hard breaking especially fall from how you put it. you mentioned the issue of migration. it clearly is still a big problem for you. opinions of people who genuinely deserve asylum, but it appears the rope is doing more to keep people out rather than create safe and legal passages for people to migrate. why is that? look, i'm going to say something here that maybe people don't know, but being a member of european parliament for more than 2 years now. working in the liberal committee that is made a dealing with security migration and the fundamental rice. i can tell you that utah is doing absolutely nothing. about migration for europe is talking talking,
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talking, but doing absolutely nothing. so what is happening is still driving in to see what is happening is that you're compet proposals. it was like in 2020. and until now, nothing happened with this proposal. and europe came back, the france came couple of weeks ago with new ideas. so what they do is that to sleep during one year and then come up with new proposals and then come, it's like bringing just the same wine in a new bottle. that is exactly what is happening, but nothing concrete is happening. and that is the problem. because if not, nothing is happening. who is actually leading the migration policy? it is a human smuggler. you know what they're doing. that trafficking women forcing them into prostitution. that taking money from people selling lies and false hope and having them go and die in the sea. and this is what is what this is what we need to stop by having a natural migration policy. and what would that migration plenty to do? first of all, stop the human smugglers by making sure that it becomes impossible to put people in
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a boat to go in the deadly c. that is one thing, 2nd, to have a global partnership with africa that will develop also economically for up to young. people don't need to run away from their homes to have a security common security strategy that actually works that people are displayed. so it's the holistic approach that we need to have. and we need to have the humility to admit that nothing is happening. even commission president, fondling admitted that during have of the union speech that we didn't move forward . so i was born and i grew up in africa and looking at what i've seen as a child and as a teen, if you come here, lead us coming with checks and saying on television, look, we are bringing this money into africa and things are going to be sort of where watching the news and knowing nothing is going to change in our life today. i am a european leader myself as well. and i see europe and leaders going to africa and doing the exact same scenario. but what happens when you keep doing what you're
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always done, forget to get what you've always gotten a c dot com. cool. thank you very much for your time. ah, now what can i teach politics when a group of urban painters from africa and you might have the answer in 2021. they collaborated on a series of standing murals in ethiopia, gagnon artis muhammad. i will do paints pictures of everyday life and ordinary people and the issues that are affect them. so i use all those new hours in and graffiti as a to, to change perception and educate people about what is going on, things that are not ah, right here in the community education for our teenage pregnancy, gender issues and her proof of my agree shane, i will do,
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has become one of gunner's most sought after artists traveling the globe and collaborating with other artists, blah. why no one who was good? i do. he sounds. last year he and other artist were invited to work at the e use office in ethiopia. capital addis ababa, our to says that as much as he enjoyed working together. it also made him realize how african artists are at a disadvantage. the of all the support they are about is fund where you want to go to residency. we want to go to a phase, we're in our country, their, their, their, their institution now fund you fully to gwin steady and do projects my in africa trust me. oh yeah, i'm gonna, there's no fun. there's no support. so, but if we put all these are tis in, please trust me,
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are we going to bridge the gap in going to our make it better collaboration? maria pena. go to work with mohammed. i will do on the i dis, ababa project. she is a multidisciplinary spanish artist whose paintings have won many awards. she says the collaborative work with african art is, has been impactful, seem to be there also and to see a how great is they. if they are that they are developing, it's very inspiring. and also in this case, i will do he say much more. he has much more experience on me a. so i was learning a lot from him. he and, and the other artist would explain to me underneath that. now i'm just in my work. he works more with his brain. i work more, we grasp. so we were, sorry, i am our experience now. and i, i was re enriching mohammed i would, was at,
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wakes are popular and can be seen all of our cra, with more support. he would love to mental younger, upcoming artists in his communities. and that said, from our focus on here you you relations bye for now. ah ah ah ah ah, with
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he shook it. oh, i see that he has had said that she was gonna go and he said, but i can't remember the name funding went up by mackenzie because as you say, i said a ah, this is d w. news. and these are our top stories. he was president joe biden says he's convinced russia could attack ukraine within days, including the capital he of and he said, washington had significant intelligence to support the claim by den repeated the threat of mass of economic and diplomatic sanctions. if russia did invade his commons followed a series of phone calls with western allies over the ongoing crisis. the u. s. says there are now some.


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