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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  February 11, 2022 1:02am-1:31am CET

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to day police in paris put up the do not enter signed for a convoy of truckers headed from southern france to the french capital. the truckers are protesting the country's cove at 19 policies and they are driven by what is happening across the atlantic in canada. almost 2 weeks ago convoys of truckers arrived in ottawa to protest vaccination requirements and they have it left. more truckers are now blocking border crossings as a result, general motors, ford and toyota are suspending production no trucks. no older parts, no business. i'm burned gulf in berlin. this is the day. ah, shannon stop pandemic with block kate. do all those that are at those illegal? lucky, golden. i'm not going anywhere. whatever i make the phone calls and i rearranged my
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life people barricading our streets and our border crossing is harming businesses. johnston. if you watched his i want you to leave the office. i want you to leave completely all vaccines unless people choose to take him back, open those roads, open those bridges. think about the people that you actually hurting and stopped. also coming up the berlin, ala, the berlin international film festival starts tonight. not a return to normal but a return to the red car. but oh, really, let's do the exciting opening day with the lightweight and glamour and with a crush of international uh, press here and some of the stars walking out the men in their taxes in elim lynette . shimmery jesses were to our viewers watching on p
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b. s. or the united states into all of you around the world. welcome. we begin the day with canadas truckers and america's older workers and why both are going nowhere at the moment. today, general motors joined ford and toyota in suspending or reducing production. because assembly lines simply don't have enough all their parts a wrench thrown into the supply chain this week by protesting truckers. almost 2 weeks ago, convoys of canadian truckers began arriving at the capital ottawa to protest the country's pandemic policies including a vaccination mandate for truckers who cross from the u. s. into canada. some pandemic mandates we have to say are already being lifted in canada. but the truckers, they are not leaving this week's protestors. they began blocking key border crossings between canada and the us, including the economically important ambassador bridge which connects detroit in the us with windsor in canada. a quarter of all trade between the 2 countries
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crosses this bridge, $300000000.00 every day, a $100000000.00 just for the auto industry. day 14 of a protest that has caught the world's attention. canadian truck has have parked their vehicles in front of prime minister, just introduced office, bringing much of the capitol, otto to a standstill. originally this was a protest against vaccine mandates. what truck us across into the u. s. just since broadened out to the fringes and supported by far extremists and conspiracy theorists played honestly, i've exempted the fact that we are the fringe minority. but i am quite proud to be the fringe minority of hundreds of thousands of girls and millions of spectators and yourself on the political being the far right
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is the protest of spreading over night demonstrate has blocked a bridge, connecting canada to the u. s. shutting down a quarter of cross board, a traffic more than 2 thirds of canadians disapprove. of the protests and frustrated locals having, making their opinions clear too well. the one about the dogs was pointing out some of the stupidity of the professors. one of them brought their dogs done to the protest and the hawking is incredibly dangerous. ford owns it bothers me, it it. i think it strikes out what a lot of people feel about what they feel. canadian values are and we cherish freedom and this is not about freedom but with the truck has prepared for the long haul. a might be some time until otto, our residents get their city back on my 1st game tonight is maxine benya. he's
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the leader of the people's party of canada. he joins me to night from montreal. mr . ben, it's good to have you with us. i got some statistics yesterday. about 90 percent of canadian truckers are fully vaccinated against the corona virus. so explain to us then, what is this protest about? it's about ending all the days that we still have in canada. you're right. you know, vaccinated talkers on vaccines. trucker is not about that anymore. you know, we, i cannot as unvaccinated canadian travel across this country by play. i cannot go to a restaurant. and you know, people are losing their jobs because they decided not to take to, to shut and the 2 shots. so people are off and up with that we all looking at auto countries in europe, in other states, in the u. s. and there's no mandates anymore. the economy is real thin. i understand that it can be, you know, it can hurt the economy can. but you know,
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the last 2 years we, we shut down the economy and the total government at spend a lot of money that we don't have big sake of 500 feet of daughters. and we are paying for that right now with inflation in canada. so these rockers right now represent 30 percent of the population that are seeing enough is enough and you want to regain their freedoms. well, mr. ben, you, i think we can all relate to the pandemic fatigue that the truckers are experiencing. i experience it, i'm sure you do as well, but we can't change the reality that the pandemic is not over yet to be. do you think it's right for truckers or for any body to to try to use a protest to end or to via to declare a pandemic over when it's not really over? yeah, yeah, but it's not really over, but we know that in can i know the last the variance omicron it's not it's like
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a big cold and everybody are saying that right now so cool that he's not that dentures. that he was in debating of that and gaming, and people understand that that's when you get kenneth. yes. yes, miss vinny. i mean we, i can't let you say that. it's not just like a coat now, just south of the border in the united states. she had 2700 people dying every day from coven 19. that's not a cold. and i'm sure the numbers in canada are similar. how can you say that? in 2015 in 2015 in canada, people died from the cold for the flu. so you know right now that is marian it's, it's not so dangerous for people that don't have an equal or v d d. and that's why these truckers, i have to sort of 30 percent of the population. so i hope that all of that will end a little guzman has the solution. they can just the,
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all these mandates and everything will be a real thin and everybody would be able to go back to their life. that well, how can you be so sure that are you, are you a medical doctor? no, i'm not. and you're not also, but you have right to decide if we have the right to look at the study and that's why we're doing so you know? no, i mean, you know with that but know that mr. benny, i'm not telling public health officials are the politicians that they should lift restrictions. i mean, i am not qualified. i'm not a scientist. i'm not a doctor. neither are you. yeah. well, that's the 1st time in the story of the world that we shut down the economy and do locked down and that orders encourage you to fight a virus that's not working. and we know that we have 2 years of data right now, so that voters is that dentures and deadly for older people with co morbidities. so
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let's think the most vulnerable in our society and re open to society. that's what we want lies. you know, canada, under a country in europe, mr. minion is, is, is canada under a lock down at the moment. though we are not what we wear. and now you have a bit, you know, and segregation in our country. but you know, you're not going to be between vaccinated people and all vaccinated people. we are losing our rights and all freedoms and people vaccinated one and on vaccinated want want that to. and i was, you know, i was weekend and i spoke with people. yeah. you have vaccinated people already and i'm not seeing enough is enough. we need to, we need to respect everybody in the choice of everybody. miss benny. and yesterday on twitter, we've got a tweet that she posted. we want to pull that up for our viewers. you tweeted, here's an idea, find are jail all public health officials and politicians responsible for destroying or fundamental rights and freedoms over the past 2 years. now,
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mr. benny, do you honestly believe that canadians, public officials, public health officials have done anything these last 2 years. other than trying to save and protect as many lives as possible. yes, so that tweet was a tweet and responding to how to tweak that a lady said we my spine would in jail all the for that decided not to have the vaccine. so when i tweeted up on that i was that was that say about that as you mean you. so you your living that we all out of come face 1st. second. yes, they did their best. but when we have that on right now, and we have to that off with that, i say, yes, we needed to correct and the most, the nurse all we didn't do it at 80 percent of all debts and cad. all people are ordered in 70 years old. and the were on durgin responsibility of the federal government because the federal government is responsible mr. bonnie,
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of getting yesenia. i mean, listen, i think all of us will agree that in the last 2 years we've, we've seen our public health officials, you know, they didn't get it right. every time that be this is a new virus. they were learning lots of times while doing. but the motive is what matters here. the motive from our public health officials be it in canada, the u. s. are here in germany, and it has always been least that's the way i see it is to protect as many lives as possible. what, what can you have against that? i have against that we are still under a state emergency in some provinces, in canada, and there's no emergency anymore. and these establishment politicians are using to state emergency twin boys recognition measures like, you know, a vaccine passport for, for being a going to party, maybe no society that's on span, that's on that, on constitutional. well you do,
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you know that some of the restrictions are being lifted across parts of canada. they have this week as a matter of fact and yes, what you actually have to write it in the province of saskatchewan. these that no more i see. or, you know, more vaccine men days he says catch one for the number. dotted you the same thing in my own province. bank of america bank said he will keep that axis passport. so that a, if you, with that mr. many a why not the rely on do you on the doctors, the scientists, the public health officials in canada, who are monitoring the numbers, the infection rates? why not rely on them to give the all clear to lift restrictions to lift the restrictions when it is safe? what is the problem with that? because they told us that the vaccine cannot stop the transmission up to virus. everybody can catch and spread that virus. so why doing discrimination between
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vaccinated people in nature, people that's based on science, we understand that the vaccine is very good to be able to for older people. young people that want to be safe in being sure that they won't have the one i've read. and i agree with that so, but everybody wants the feature decided that's not well miss. i've been out miss last years, pose at the poet show that the poll showed that a majority of canadians, 1st of all, canada has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world. a poll shows the latest movie goes that a majority of canadians are in favor of penalizing people who break the pandemic restrictions at the moment. you're not speaking for the majority of canadians, aren't you just trying to progress your way to break the pandemic rules? no, and i'm not proud of that, some kennedy and then you know that, that we must put in jail people that decided not to be vaccinated. i'm not proud of
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that, but you know, in the video generate on the 10 percent of the population we're seeing, you know, we have proved that we must and all these 9 days. and now that 10 percent is a 32 percent more people fit out with that and we must and that there is no reason to younger an emergency state in canada. and well, once you've been a leader of the people's party of canada, miss brittany, we appreciate you taking the time to speak with us tonight. we certainly wish all canadians the very best. thank you. i appreciate that. thank you. have a nice day. ah, where he's been called the silent chancellor when it comes to russia's military build up on the border with ukraine, reluctant to criticize openly the kremlin, unwilling to send weapons to ukraine. to night german cesar o shoulds issued a warning ahead of what many fear could be a russian invasion in the making ticklish an invite to the military. agatha
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military aggression against ukraine would have very serious political, economic, and strategic consequences. for russia. we expect concrete steps from russia in order to choose tensions in the region that we go for. the escalation is what is needed right now. and so had i same time we off a path to enter into di luck with russia on questions of european security as well. the prime minister of lot, fia, was one of the leaders sholtes met with to day. our chief international editor richard walker, spoke with the prime minister about security and the russian threat. hi, miss harris. how dangerous is the situation at the moment? how close are we to a possible war? well, it's not clear if there will won't be a war, but one thing is clear, president fulton is fighting against ukraine's independence against their democracy . that's the 3rd that he feels. he talks about the encroachment of nato. but what
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he is really fighting is the independence of ukraine. and this is what we in the west, what we in the european union, and what we, as nato member states, have an obligation to support is ukrainian independence. that is what is at stake. but you do see the troops that are a master, agen crane is a real threat, a potential threat that could lead to conflict. of course, it's a very real threat. we've seen the exercises before last spring are much higher troop concentrations. there's a refusal to allow observation of the x to sizes and bellows, which are also unannounced. so there are a troops not only along the ukrainian or russian border, but there are russian troops now in the bellows on the northern border of ukraine as well. now of course lapierre has a border with belarus itself. do you feel that there is a direct risk to your country? my country is a member of nato. us are all 3 of baltic countries. so of course we have as we
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speak today, 10 natal members state military's in latvia, there's the, the german lead, a contingent of natal. in lithuania, the british lead contingent in estonia, so we don't feel a direct mil military threat, but certainly this is very destabilizing for the entire region. and it changes the military, a posture and we as nato them are states need to react. i think it's very important to strengthen nato's presence are all on the eastern flag that is from the baltic down to the black sea. but especially of course, also in the baltic countries. and this is where germany is playing. now, an important role. germany is made the decision to strengthen its presence in lithuania, which is very welcome news indeed. now in the discussion of trying to deter vladimir putin from take military action, there's a lot of focus on sanctions possible sanctions and node stream to is at the heart of that debate will have sholtes,
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the german chancellor has refused to explicitly say that he would put sanctions on nod stream to what's your message to him on that? the message is very simple. everything has to be on the table for it to be credible, deterrent, or put in has to understand that the sanctions could bite in many different ways. so as long as nothing is taken off of the table, this is the way that we have to move forward. now you're a long standing critic of nord stream to when you look at the current situation, do you feel that nod stream to contributed to this crisis? oh, we've been critics for north street one a. so our all along. and we have said from the very beginning that such a, an under c, a gas pipeline to germany will, or could, at some point be used by russia as a geopolitical a lever. and we see that this is what the kremlin is doing right now. using gas applies to europe as a pressure with reduced flows and thereby increasing energy prices in europe. or we
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thought it was a bad idea then, and we think it's a bad idea now for iraq to become, to over dependent on energy supplies from any one country. especially if that country is russia. and we know that a gas promise estate controlled expert monopoly is being used now as an economic, a tool against the european union premier to current many thanks for your time. thank you. ah, the berlin john, 1st of all, we're the berlin allah. as it's better known as back and like last year's virtual film festival, this year, the bell and all that is an in person event. now that's despite surging corona virus infections here and the german capital. at 1st glimpse, it may seem that the berlin allan has returned to normal, but not quite cinnamon seating. it has been reduced and there are vaccine testing and mass requirements for all movie goes 18 films from 15 countries are buying for
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the coveted golden beer. the recipient of that bill and ala bear will be decided by the jury. heading up this year's international jury, is the indian american film maker m night. she my lot, the man behind the 6th sense and unbreakable says he couldn't wait for the curtains to open. i woke up this morning just so excited to watch these movies. i was telling all my colleagues how excited i am, i was i was like a league on what when, when we're going to watch another movie i'm, i'm feeling like a kid. i hear. and these guys are, ah, the pot kind of the perfect partners in crime here to, to go through this, i can't, we already talk so much about cinnamon and what it means and, and for me, it's perpetual students to, to study every movie and learn from an was got robert from our culture desk has come straight from the premier of he to fun. can't to be with us here in the studio
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. so scott, the maryland, all it it is back or? or is it, i mean, what's it, what's it like? yeah, it's very strange. i mean, you know, i've been coming about an hour for god decades now. gosh, yes, yes, not that i look at, but, and i've never experienced a 1000000000. i like this. it's of us like this. it's, it's, it is back in a way and the elements, the bill in our there, you've got the red carpet, you've got some of the stars you've, you've got some fans gather, but not very many. but it's, it, there's that there's, there's, is sort of a feeling of unease hanging over it because we are in the middle of a pandemic. as you know the, the cov, it infection numbers are still surging in, in, in germany. so everybody is still very concerned. and worried about what could happen, but the organizers are trying to, they said, actually tonight at the opening ceremony, they're trying to make a statement that, that the culture is important. that cinema is important. and that it shouldn't be forgotten in times of like this and times the pandemic is not so. so it is
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different it's, it's a much more serious and somber, and i'm used to, i can imagine you were just at the opening ceremony. what was that light? yeah, again, a bit different, a bit odd. it was sort of 2 thirds full which i, i'd expect it to be half empty but so there were more people that were expected. it was quite emotional. really the, the, the organizers again said that they want to make a statement about reopening cinema reopening culture, claudio holt, the new german culture minister gave a speech where she praised also a small group of caregivers who were, who are invited to the festival. there was a standing ovation for the people they are for what they've done to help fight the krona pandemic. but what wrote that, i think was quite interesting. at one point you said the importance of culture and of cinema is because it's gives a voice to the mom by suppressing the diversity of a, of a culture and that without those voices, democracy is silent. and i think that at least the message that this year is going
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on wants to give that, that might be not as safe as it, as, as it should be. maybe it's going to be more difficult and complex to have a fast on these conditions. but it's still incredibly important to show the support for, for it may not be as safe as it could be, particularly with the number of cases right now. i'm searching. so why is the billing all and then going ahead me, they could have easily done a repeat of last year to be on the safe side. yes, they could, i think with berlin and i guess it's maybe the entire independent film industry in general. they've suffered quite a bit over the last 2 years. once it has been shut down. we've all been watching movies on, on screen, on, on, on that whole one streaming service. that sort of gutted the independent film industry because they live from the cinema. they live from the receipts the box office receipts that come from cinemas and the last 2 years has sort of really devastated the independent film industry in berlin is one of the key
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platforms for independent cinema world wide. and what they hope is by holding in a in person festival, what bring people back or bring the industry back to berlin, that they can revive the independent industry again and, and really put it on a stand again to allow it really to survive. because a lot of people are worried if this continues for much longer, the military really won't, will the same at all. i've got about a minute, minute, 20 here. let's talk about the movies. i mean, what are you looking forward to most i really like the opening a night film, etc. peter fun can't. it's a remake of the bitter tiers of pets off on campus fast, but are classic from the seventy's from what was on as a huge, fast inter fan as we made this movie and he sort of gender switch at the originals all females. he made me characters male and he basically uses that they'll not as only as a to talk about the film itself and, and issues of power and dominance and so forth. but really to talk about fassman because the main character, a french actor basically plays fast better in the film. and he's phenomenal. he's
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sort of a force of nature as the director fassman or was. so that's a great film on another really interesting movie. that will be a world premiere here from, with mark rollins, the oscar winning a british act and mark violence. we're. he plays a taylor who takes on the chicago mob. yeah. it's also a sort of very cove, it's friendly film entirely set in a taylor's, a tailor shop the entire look related alma yes, i mean mark roberts, one, the nominal actors act is around and, and will be really interesting to see how he acts in this. what is supposed to be a bit of almost an action film ivy. be interesting to see how he, how he comes out of how we performs and that scott roxbury is always good to have you here at the big table. get to talk with you about movies for change to that. thank you for the day's almost done. the conversation continues online to find us on twitter at news. you can follow me at brent gov tv. every member, whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then with
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ah, with her to the point. strong opinions, clear positions, international perspectives, half chinese leader, she ging paying and russian president vladimir putin joint forces against the west . is democracy under pressure, and how should nato and the you respond to the challenge? find out on to the point to the point on d,
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w. ah, can we transition to green energy without collateral damage? well, the raw materials for future technologies come from and under what conditions would they be achieved? perhaps that brave new energy world will be quite so green after all in 45 minutes on d, w. o. and one of mankind's oldest ambitions could be within reach or what if it really is possible to reverse aging researchers
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and scientists all over the world for in a race against time they are peers and rivals with one daring goal to outsmart nature. more life starts february 16th on d, w i have russian president vladimir putin and chinese need a she ging, paying joint forces against the west. well, certainly china has been using the winter olympics for a massive display of its political and economic might. russia meanwhile, continues to flex its muscles and the war of words over the future of ukraine. diplomatic efforts to ease the situation our in overdrive including missions to moscow and washington. so this time.


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