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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 8, 2022 5:00am-5:16am CET

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how spiritual people in india are channeling their energy to save the planet. eco, india. 90 minutes on d w. y. subscribe to d w books is always something more in the world than what we may be a captive one. do you know when you book on you to with this is d. w, and use live from berlin, presenting a united front against russia, germany, united states, our close friends,
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reliable partners. we can count on one of us president joe biden, and jim and chance level of shoulder say they stand united in their response to any russian aggression against ukraine. and they will work together to find a diplomatic solution to the french president minute micro makes his diplomatic push in moscow. off the top with president putin. my process, the next few days will be decisive in efforts to avoid an escalation of the ukraine . prices class dw news, visit the frontline town in new craig residence in witness ball before our trying to keep hopes of peace ally. ah, i'm all i was like a welcome to the short diplomatic efforts are intensifying on both sides of the atlantic to resolve the ukraine crisis in washington. you as president joe biden.
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hell, tools with german chancellor will sholtes by the stress that germany is a reliable partner and they will work together to try and find a diplomatic solution. french presidents, emmanuel, macro neva, meanwhile, traveled to moscow for talks with russian president vladimir putin in his, to his diplomatic push to de escalate the situation. my cross said the next few days would be decisive in efforts to avoid conflict cruz and said he was willing to compromise an urgent diplomatic push weld ladies met in the russian vaguely. and us capitals in an effort to diffuse tension over ukraine. in his 1st visit to washington, his german chancellor. oh, laughed shalt sat down with you as president joe biden to pursue what they called a diplomatic resolution to the crisis. diplomacy is the very best way forward for
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all sides. we both agree including bishop, for russia in our view. today, the chancellors ghost are close cooperation. the rob strong prize package of sanctions that are, are clearly demonstrate international resolve and impose swift and severe consequences if russia violate ukraine sovereignty and is territorial integrity. one of the biggest targets for sanctions is the nord stream to pipeline project, to bring gas from russia to germany. biden said in clear terms, he would shut it down if russia invades. but shouts made no such guarantee, vowing only a unified response. this is victor that it's important that all allies, the u. s. and germany, the transatlantic partnership between the u. s. and europe, nato of all say the same thing or part in the speak with one voice and do things together. sorry, we made it very clear. if there is military aggression against ukraine,
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it will result in severe consequences that we agreed upon together of severe sanctions that we worked on together. so there will be a high price for russia. there were crossed and frivolous land harbor, with at least 100000 russian troops massed along ukraine's border. berlin has faced international criticism for its cautious response. unlike some of its nate, her allies, germany has rolled out sending weapons to ukraine. meanwhile, in moscow, french president emanuel makram focused on de escalation, as it rushes, vladimir putin reiterated his demands for nato to stay out of the region, but said he was willing to compromise. he were deeply luxury and a number of ma, crohn's ideas and proposals which are probably too early to speak about. i consider quite possible to use and forming the basis of or further joint steps, the leisure measure famous. my struggle with the 3 as far as we are concerned,
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that we will do everything to find compromises that suit every one of the macro will. how talks in kiev on tuesday before heading to berlin, a long wake of diplomacy for european leaders hoping to avoid conflict from war. i'm joined by our washington bureau chief in his paul in as a biden and charles chain to show unity there at the white house. are they? are they as united as they say they other? indeed, they stressed it over and over again. how closely german in the united states are standing together and that they will support each other. but all, when it comes to the very question, how far germany would really go in the support of the agenda of the united states. we didn't really, really hear a clear answer from germany's chancellor, all of shots. so in the questions that are being asked about whether germany is a reliable partner, partly because berlin will not send weapons to ukraine. do you think americans were
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reassured by chance specials at all today? well, it really the headlines this morning in the last the days weren't really her nicer when it comes to germany and the new chancellor. big questions were risen and it's quite interesting. during the trump years, it was germany which constantly asked how reliable is the united states and now it's the other way round. i, i doubted that this press conference today will really, i kind of re ensure the americans who are interested in the trans atlantic relationship that germany is there with a full support of the political agenda of the united states. right. let's talk about the controversial nodes for him to pipeline. that's the pipeline that will break, bring gas from russia directly to germany. president biden was very clear. he said, if russia invades there will be no nord stream to dead. chancellor shots is being
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more vague when he's asked that question, can a can bite and promise that he will stop her nor swim to without germany being on board? well, that will be difficult, and biden is on a lot of pressure within his own country. because republicans and democrats really wanted, in the case of an, a russian invasion, one germany to stop or not through him too. and it was quite interesting to see that everyone, the american journalists and the german journalists who are larger, asked question in this crest press conference, stressed this very, a topic. and i, i mean, as you just said, all of sholtes didn't give any clear answer to this question if he would be willing to stop this pipeline. so on what biden could do. and he could put sanctions on germany if they would a continue to support the pipeline,
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but that will deeply hurt the german american, the trans atlantic relationship. all rights that's ah, washington bureau chief in his paul, many thanks. german foreign minister and the lena bear book. meanwhile, has repeated warnings that a russian invasion of ukraine would trigger unprecedented sanctions during her visit to kiev. burbock also stressed the need to avoid further escalation. their book is scheduled to visit the front line between ukrainian forces and russian back separatists in the dumbass region on tuesday with gavin d. w correspondent, but he has burling, i is covering the story for us from the region he travel to east in ukraine. now areas controlled by russian back separatist. he sent us this report, the village school of ranita, the last village here on ukrainian control territory is close to the frontline. it
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has come on to fire before. now the classrooms i m t not because of the war, but because of new coven restrictions, the war is something people have been living with for 8 years. they will not a border push and that they did, they began to work. most of the time the children go to school the to the speech, but we don't know what will happen in 5 or 10 minutes or to morrow night more. so we're always worried. the always scared saperstein listed are just a few 100 meters down this road is the last ukrainian position with who is in the line. the fi of the opposite side. there is a heavy military presence immigrant. a ceasefire is in place, but shelling can sometimes be heard at night. let him go there saturday. we already know her sheets and when so we just sit at home,
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refuse it was worth a few years ago. we always did in the cellar when there was fighting it. sure. but that was then the shelly thick with the key to locally. but with the latest russian build up, a bigger escalation is on the table again. the coffee did on google. so when things come down, we bought a house here. oh chosen. but now we don't know what will happen with arch ukrainian control territory ends with the last houses of the village. behind the small river lies the demilitarized strip. the pedestrian bridge is the only link to the next village in the so called grey zone was short. the next village is not small. people come here every day to work. and kids go to school.
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one of the people who crosses the border every day is teacher ludmilla car truck. she is from across the river and does not want to give her you name because her life depends on good relations with both sides. shelling is even more frequent in her village. there on board, the yell was on that of my work is here. i come here every day. yes, it's hard children. yes, it's dangerous, very dangerous. let me. but i cannot just quit work and leave. i just can't believe i don't look to him goof, but she says she has not yet lost hope that somehow this conflict might come to an end peaceful. let's take a look now at some other stories making world news. canadian police in ottawa have ceased thousands of letters of fuel as part of a crack down to and protests against corona virus mandates. truckers and other drivers have jammed traffic in the city center for 10 days from minister just
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intruder who just recovered from the virus has denounced the demonstrations saying they have to stop us members of congress have held a moment of silence to mock 900000 debts from the current of ours and demick in the united states and people of the u. s. has suffered more fatalities from coven 19 than any other countries. or at least a people have been killed and a bus crash in mexico. the long distance us overturned on the highway southwest of the resort city of kent. 2, german and french tourists are reported among those hills sports now and one of china's most promising winter sports stars has just taken the 1st gold at the winter games in beijing. merican bourne island gu took 1st place for her adoptive country in the 1st ever freestyle ski big air competition at the olympic
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games. the 18 year old only began and recently began representing china competition and has found plenty of new admirers since making this, which i lean to is one of the best known winter olympians in china. despite the fact that she was born and raised in the usa. she's one of the home nations most promising medal hopes at the 2022 games grew. is among the many foreign born athletes competing to please a new set of supporters in beijing higher for sure. it's not to be ruled out that they will, may be looking for a platform that's bigger and brings them more personal benefits. but this also proves that china's sports and commercial environment is superior to the united states. sure you make well 18 year old do represented the u. s. at major events before adopting her mother's home country for competition back in
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2019. she's become a store of teen china, which features more foreign born recruits this time around than at any previous olympics. how not that they represent china and they bring jewelry for our country . i think it's an honor to bring glory to our motherland. why no matter which nationality, you are as long as you bring glory for our country. you are our friend who has become an icon of winter sports in china already and her games off for from over, off the ski began. she'll go for gold again in this slope, style and half pipe disciplines. center goals, victorious football team were treated to a hero's welcome when they landed back in the capital the car a day after winning the africa cup of nations. for the 1st time.
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tens of thousands of fans flooded the streets. as you can see here to celebrate the historic victory and precedents mackey south declared monday. a public holiday synagogue beat egypt full to on penalties in the final and cameron after the match . and that no, no you're watching you w. news live from berlin up next. our doc film series, a filmmaker returns to her childhood. i'm in sorry if i'm allowed slacker in berlin . thanks very much for watching. take it. ah ah trailed your hand ah. can this
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