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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 5, 2022 5:00pm-5:16pm CET

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awe thanks. a nation campaigns are accelerating while restrictions are intensifying once again. but are these measures enough to stop the spread of omicron fax data and reports in a weekly cove at 19 special? every thursday on d w. ah ah, this is dw used life from berlin. time is taking and nerve wracking dig morocco rescue is say they're close to reaching a young boys is being trapped down a well since tuesday. they have to be careful not to trigger landslide. also coming
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up, u. s. military reinforcements arrive in germany and poland. it been sent to beef up now goes east and flanks, amid the ukraine crisis. ah bent whistle and welcome. officials in morocco say they're closer to reaching a 5 year old to fell deep into a well. this is the 5th day he's been stopped. there. crowds have flocked to the village of e. grant, a cheer on the team. digging a tunnel to the boy. it's now entered, a challenging phase of the operation. day breaks and know the morocco after never sleep last night in a mountain town, hundreds watch on. as a risky team tries to extricate ryan the earth under ground growing stony, and stonier, the close said digging get to him. hello maria, did i say bill?
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so it's a very difficult process because of many problems related to the terrain at the site when the radiant organic enough, the well is less than $45.00 centimeters wide. and this is where ryan has been since tuesday rescue, as loring oxygen food and water to him. they've even managed to talk to him. now they're hoping they can pull him out alive. after 4 days on the ground. a year is into the la had he like a blanket, lemon is better, wouldn't i remember what he said to us? but then much of the above, i had him speak myself to think of them. skinner though they saw the light from our cellphone and he said to us, dig me out, ronnie. he begged us to bring him out of there at the lonely, it's amazing. he survived the full of over 30 makes his. his father had said since that moment he hasn't slept a wink almost think it will know to have people who love us have
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come to support us. while they sparing no effort to save my child the jordan television, which as the day draws on, the crowds watching this meticulous rescue operation grow. they too anxious to know if ryan will be brought out safely. the fate of 15 year old, his transfixed so many people in morocco and far beyond its journalists more south al shami is at the sight of the rescue operation. where hearing that digging operations have ended, how close our rescue teams to the boy? yes, the same report we're getting here is that there is there, there is no more begin to be done. at the latest we see is that an ambulance was placed very close to the tunnel where stand, where i'm standing now, where ryan's parents are and where hopefully a,
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a medical team will rush him into that ambulance and take him to a hospital. hopefully, if it's, if his alive on the main issue now is to get him out of that hole safely and we did see a m, a medical team go in after the after there was no more begin to be done. that the mood is still quite hopeful. although 2 hours ago, it seemed like it's was, was happening right now, but again with so typical of this drama that's been going on for the last 5 days it's, it's just keeping everyone here on their toes. and evelyn is hoping for a, a happy ending to this very dramatic story. today. we shall ramos up to what, what sort of condition is the boy and we know that we had contact with him earlier according to cruise, but i heard that he may have lost consciousness and
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the only official statements we have was made this morning when at the chiefs of their rescue operation at all, join us that we are hoping that he is alive. but he was in a, in a posture that made it difficult for them to assess that. so that was a little bit worrying ab, as for the communication that was done with him. he also mentioned that at the latest time, at the latest video of him moving on to responding to that was actually on the last day. so it's, it's with us. so many of this conflicting reports that have made people swing between hope and despair as to how difficult and how and how much is at ion in now, how, how much pain and how his health has been affected. but we can't tell. we can only
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stand with every one else here and the various reports coming out is saying that there might he might have contacted several of bruises and fractures. but again, this is not ab issued by the officials, by the official rescued team, which has made it a little bit difficult and opened lots of room for speculation. shami, thank you very much for the update then from morocco. yeah, us reinforcements have begun arriving in europe as fees increase over russia's troop bill damp on ukraine's borders. the 1st contingent of 2000 additional american soldiers arrived in frankfort overnight with others touching down name, poland border with ukraine. the white house, as though protect east and nato members from potential rush and aggression. the kremlin says they'll only strain tensions in the region. d w 's alexander phenomena explains what's behind the waste decision. american
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f 15 fighter jets arriving in estonia. a danish frigate deployed to support nato in the baltic sea. more and more allies are sending troops to eastern europe. it's not a choice, it's the masters as security expert, bruno latino, and berlin made or has to prepare for every possible military scenario. it is not unrealistic, for instance, to think that russia couldn't to raise a border incidence with estonia to distract attention from an invasion in ukraine to be prepared. the u. s. alone is sending 1700 troops to poland and a 1000 strong unions to romania. france wants to send soldiers to romania as well. the netherlands is considering deploying fighter aircraft to war guerria. so too is spain. while the u. k made its patch troops to estonia and danish fighter jets have
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already arrived in lithuania, compared to russia's nato presence in the region is still relatively small. but as the kremlin continues, it spilled up around ukraine, nato, strengthening its defense posture. according to secretary generals told them back, the alliance is even considering deploying new battle groups, in addition to the 4 multinational battalions already in place in estonia, larva, lithuania and poland. the for battle groups were deployed in response to russia. annexation of crimea in 2014 nato members, argued then that they cannot ignore russia, breaking international rules and undermining peace and stability. and now nato is confronted again with what they describe as aggressive behavior and its members are responding with reinforcements. putin's goal was to have fewer nato troops close to russia's border, but so far he has produced the exact opposite. the current crisis policy
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analyst, albin iran since suggest has galvanized the alliance brushes actions especially since 2014. have i given nato a new impetus for it, for its core mission, for which it was established to secure europe, to deter others from invading or apathetic. e m. destroying the security order in europe. and yet, that doesn't mean nato will send combat forces to ukraine if prudent decides to strike. in fact, the alliance has already ruled it out, but many members are increasing their economic and military aid for a queen. with the u. k. and poland, promising and new security pack from a u. s. vice president mike pence as his back against his ex boss. donald trump's been claiming that pence could have overturned the 2020 presidential election
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result. the pens now says that's wrong. it's a rare voice of the sent within the republican party, which has refused to distance itself from unsubstantiated claims. the election was raped. the invasion that shocked the u. s. on january 6th last year, supporters of donald trump stormed the capital building. spurred on by his claim that he lost the election because of fraud. inside a joint session of congress was counting the electoral college votes. outgoing vice president mike pence played the traditionally ceremonial role of presiding over the session. but the mob outside believed pence could do more. trump to day. still think so. this past week he said, mike pence did have the right to change the outcome. unfortunately, he didn't exercise that power. he could have overturned the election pence has now publicly contradicted that assertion president trump was wrong.
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i had no right to overturn the election. the presidency belongs to the american people and the american people alone. and frankly, there is no idea more on american than the notion than any one person could choose . the american president left probably so. but with the next election more than 2 years away, it's clear who has the upper hand in the potty. republicans have moved to punish 2 of their own lives. cheney and adam kim's anger for their roles, and the democrat lead congressional investigation into the capital storming select . yet another sign of the grip, donald trump still holds in the republican party and his lingering influence with an american politics. let's take a look now at some other stories making world news. turkish president bridget tie a bad one has tested positive for the army. kron variant of code 19 at one
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announced the resultant twitter sang. both he and his wife are experiencing mild symptoms. he'll continue to work from home while recovering. madagascar is bracing for a powerful cyclone. it's forecasting if the islands, east coast, in the coming hours authorities one the impact could be severe. with winds of up to 260 kilometers an hour. concert, madagascar still reeling from deadly flooding of the heavy rifle in wait, wait, no serious mandatory vaccine. laura's gone into force after being signed by the president. it applies to all adults except those with medical exemptions and pregnant women. starting next month. austrian police will carry out spot checks for proof of vaccination fines. stop from $600.00 euros now to the olympics and the loose events are underway at aging national sliding center. germany typically does well in the event since loose became an olympic sport in 1964, germany has won the lion's share of gold medals. as sports reporter jonathan crane
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went to find out why this is lose a sports where competitors hurtle down a hill that speeds up to a 150 kilometers per hour. early to find out at the bottom is a german has probably one. in germany we have her big lose traditional kits. they do this board and every one is on fire for this for i think this isn't very big advantage. germany dominates lose like no other country. at the last winter olympics in 2018 german athletes won 3 of the 4 gold medals on offer. so why is that? germany invests heavily in sled technology and infrastructure to support its lose teams. that includes 4 competition tracks. more than any other country within crane really got the, the kids can train on district a lot of in depth. one of the important thing then we're firm,
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you're really good coaches that the other important thing doesn't allow me to have any control with the world's best. if i'm doing well, he and germany. then i know that i'll also do well internationally. our whole system with the coaches, with the financial support, the whole package just works really well. very good. how many on now as with any forth is one thing. getting to the top, it's quite another trying to stay there. and that brings with it a certain amount of pressure. what does this need in mind? it's not always easy, especially with a team as successful as germany. yeah. schools are expected to be out in france at the olympics, as we have been in recent years on. and wayne meddleson, the vice in mid ionizing why all the countries are trying their best to catch up. but how do they find that magic formula? i think when we figure that out, i'll be on the podium a lot more. so i'm just different things with the equipment. with this lad,
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and setups and things like that. i think i'm his something that's really important until they do figure it out. it will be advantage germany in loose. and a reminder of the top stories by following voy, rescuing of 5 year old boy tramped down a well for days, was to say they've entered a tunnel to gain access to ryan, who fell down the shaft on tuesday. we'll keep monitoring that story for you and hopefully bring you some good you. soon as her news update, the south of next both life looked at how plants to hold the world comp every 2 years. for brewing football. it was all and thanks for watching.


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