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tv   DW News - Asia  Deutsche Welle  January 18, 2022 6:15pm-6:31pm CET

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in the russian capital with opposite numbers. okay, and i've ross, wrong. topics on the agenda was a russian truth built on the trade in florida. i'm fears that russia could invade it's night d w coming up next year. news asia are china uses threats. another illegal names to force fugitives to return a better strategy. we'll have about story and more in just a moment and i'll be back at the top of the have a good thing with
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my 1st vice i just was a sewing machine. i come from, women are boned by this ocean, given something as simple as learning how to write a bicycle, even since i was a little girl. i wanted to have a bicycle off my bill, but it took me years to life. finally gave up and went to buy me on my side, but returned with a sewing machine. so and i suppose was more appropriate for girls than writing i'm buying. and now i want to reach out to those woman back home for bone to buy their duties. and social rules and inform them about that basis, right? my name is the about the go home and i wore a 50 to 100 years asia coming up to date the long aust. chinese launch
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a new to poll says beijing is using coercion and illegal needs to apprehend the fugitives abroad. and it's been happening for more than 6 years. we ask, what needs to be done to stop it and apply to hong kong journalist as they flee abroad to escape feagins crackdown on press freedoms in their city. ah, i british energy. welcome to the dublin news asia. glad you could join us. and, and geo claims china is using kidnapping and coercion as tools to bring wanted fugitives abroad back to the country. all this in violation of international law. to day the end, you will see if god defenders released its latest report, involuntary returns china's covert operation to force fugitives back home.
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now the communist party calls these repub creations voluntary returns, but they've got defenders argues they are anything but such as the case of china's one time most wanted corruption suspect young she drew this is her in 2016 being escorted off a plane upon her coat, returned to be jane, a former communist party official accused of embezzlement. she arrived from the united states where she had been in hiding. they've got defendant claims her family members had been threatened in china, forcing young to return with other comments on the angel claims. there are 3 main methods that china uses to us overseas targets to return. first of all, as a young case, pressure on the target family in china, that ranges from threats to harassment and public shaming to actual detention of family members. if that doesn't work, china with dispatch agents to whatever country the target happens to be in,
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to use more direct methods of 1st asian that can include intensive surveillance and stalking. and if those means are exhausted, the report documents, case studies of covert teams, actually kidnapping and smuggling people back to china. it's all part of china, so called fox hunt and sky net programs that seek to bring back fugitives from abroad and got that access to finances. but as the report from save got defendant phase, china's actions violate international law. the in jules campaign director laura hall explained how that was the case. as you pointed out, china, i mean the c, c. p is breaking international law national sovereignty of at least 120 countries as their official statements. point out on a regular basis. what we've documented in this report is that the campaign staff started in 2014, reinforced in 2015 and again in 2018 fox hunt. and then claim that the so called
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anti corruption campaign where anti corruption is to be taken very broadly, basically hunting, chasing dissidence activists. a growing number of people trying to flee china as official numbers indicate everywhere in the world. now instead of using official legal mechanisms, which obviously we document that they're increasingly trying to do it using the support system, trying to expedite it or to for that. however, the majority of people and we're talking over 10000 people that have been written since operation fuck 10 started in 2014, according to official data by the chinese government. because the majority of these people are returned to so called a regular means. now that irregular means, again, documented in official statements by the chinese government, by official party and state organs. and these,
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we call them involuntary returns where they operate on foreign soil, but harass people on foreign soil. people that are protected and caressed them, or even kidnapped them, and truck them to make sure they were going to china to be prosecuted to be disappeared. you talked to her legal means, i mean, john or something like 60 or tradition agreements, almost 6 to agreements with different countries. why is this not a viable need to route for china? so one thing is they state that they use this a regular means is illegal, means for 4 countries where you know exhibition may be difficult where there may be no willingness to sign extradition. treaty to sign traditional corporation trade is . now 1st of all, this is a lie because, you know, over 30 percent of the cases that we've documented and these are only the tip of the iceberg, have taken place in countries where such agreements are in place. but obviously, because of the solar system within china that they're facing increasing
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difficulties to have people expedited because you know, there's been mass accounts and also by you and bodies, clearly stating of the torture going on arbitrary the tension and force disappearances. the certainty of an unfair trial if extradited to china increasing you are facing these difficulties. obviously it's much easier to actually harass, threaten or even outright take people and bring them back to china. through these irregular means, you talked about about 120 countries versus illegal operations are taking place. my question is, our country's not aware of these extra judicial means that china is implying. i mean, for instance, our chinese agents able to operate under the over you dollars on foreign. sorry. so one of the things that we clearly as governments to do is to urgently investigate and expose these practices. because in a lot of cases, we do think countries are not necessarily aware of these aberrations taking place.
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obviously, one of the cycles of this kind of operations is also to cause people into silence to make sure that they do not report these kind of instances. this is all done also to instill a sense of fear in the community that they are not safe any way that they're not free to speak up any way that their family back in china may be targeted that they may be visited by stocks by police officers abroad that they might be kidnapped. so that's one effect which makes it obviously difficult to monitor these practices and to provide adequate protection for these people. but in other countries, we've seen that they have become aware and i'm maybe not necessarily investigating enough. other countries still, especially authoritarian states and countries to china may have been cooperating wilfully with chinese long foresman to actually conduct this kind of illegal operations irregular operations. and you know, with this silent complicity. so there's a big,
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a big problem going on. and as you said, then might be using, you know, police officers might be using tourist visas. in 2020 we exposed such an agreement with switzerland were actually police officers were granted, sometimes tourist reset by just with authorities. and they might have conducted this kind of operations other countries like italy from where i'm speaking of has this kind of agreements with chinese police enforcement agencies for cycles, you know, tourist purposes, way more common patrol and help control the chinese population. so there's various degrees of cooperation, complicity, and awareness, but this needs to stop now because you know, it's a threat to national sovereignty to human rights, to freedoms. everywhere. a briefly, laura, what countries be doing to stop these illegal activities for the 1st thing is exactly to investigate and to expose these practices for too long. and still we see
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many countries adopting a kind of hush hush approach to the continuous violations of international law in this aspect. but i'll open other aspect by the ccp by p r c authority. so the 1st one is to really look into this. again, this is link to alter their obligation of each country of these $120.00 countries. target the under international treaties to protect and defend human rights on their fall. so they need to install adequate monitoring mechanisms reporting mechanisms for these communities and make sure they are protected, investigate expose also, you know, put a price on these kinds of violations. as i said, i mean, many of these operations are being turned out in countries that have traditional corporation agreement or extradition treaty, which china, these need to be suspended. these needs to be looked at. what is happening? why is this happening then needs to be a price on this kind of violations of national sovereignty and human rights
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everywhere. obviously, we hope especially members of parliament may take this up as a matter of urgency governments and make sure these practices are exposed. talked about laura house once you've got defend, as the beijing suppressive tactics extend, not just a transnational justice, but also press freedoms. and nowhere has been more visible than in hong kong in recent months. well known media outlets such as apple, daily stand, news, and citizen news. i've had no choice, but to shop shop. it's prompted several journalists to abandon hong kong for safety abroad the w's. joyce lee meets some in democratic taiwan. just 2 months ago allan still had hope for his future as a journalist, he brought his prescott with him when he moved from hong kong to ty pay. but they are now worth us after the hong kong use out less. he walked for shut down amid pressure from beijing. i've been
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a reporter for 6 years. over news outlet, so i've worked for a gone one after the other. it feels like my identity is fading away to. this is the 3rd time allen, which is not his real name lost his job in just 6 months. he was an investigative reporter for apple daily, but the police detained several editors and a paper closed. i used to work closely with the people arrested. it's terrifying and the threat feels so imminent. at 1st i thought things would get better after a while, but then you heard of former colleagues being brought to the police station and going missing. it's like the clearing, frontline journalists pro democracy publications like apple daily stand, news and citizen news went dog after enormous government prussia authorities have insisted that price freedom remains protected. i recent survey by the hong kong foreign correspondence club found otherwise more than 70 percent of the journalists
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that they were worried about being arrested to all prosecutor to for their work under the national security lol. nearly half the respondents were considering leaving the city song. she whole sledge to taiwan 6 months ago, shortly after he was sagged by the public broadcaster, i'll g h k. he host at a popular satari kotia, which is why the authorities taca to tin lay odds is here that sees i for i left, i was counting down my days and like when is it my turn to be charged all huddled with with the gala, but no one has the on so month, i thought yourself not your editor in chief and not the police. once again, it's stressful to live with such uncertainty. eli lilly months halo without though your group secret gama, your husband, goal sound. she whoa, now has his own youtube channel. he post clips and comments on hong kong current of ass, dora. but though at the i now have the freedom that people in hong kong don't have for jojo, like i feel obliged to speak out for them. they go gulker,
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though i still collaborate with people in hong kong at all, and i must consider their safety under the security rule that they are unfortunate fate. young hawes, in all tell to who the lawyer they don't dugger allen's as his 1st priority as his mantle house, after all other trauma. but he plans to keep reporting to stories of overseas, hong kong and us being a journalist is more than just the job title. it's also a way of life to seek the truth, to think critically and to care for the underprivileged. we can see things through these lenses and continue reporting even without a job titles. but a will be a struggle for allen to build a readership without resources. it's a fate shared by many of his fellow journalists back in hong kong. only day haven't gotten out yet. that's it for today we'll see you back here tomorrow, but ah,
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