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tv   Gesprach  Deutsche Welle  May 23, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm CEST

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and so from the slow looking at every single reflective surface in our house, whether it be a spoon back or a 100 knows where they are to watson self doing and it comes about you filming or out i had like that. i mean, he can reach me with he was seen somebody else like him, like around. he knew body, at least, will know how to solve this because
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1st trying i mean, why are you i was, i can mean i, he was looking at way with no luck and i don't know why, but these other counsellors and there for i was woman and woman are when i was they my, oh, are these ca these i don't care if you were born in the eighty's the
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get your he was probably last because he fell. all fashioned people have kids being. busy people who scared i replied, shy of a lot more personality . toby changes me, her burrs. i love to see him out there and be brave enough to be a boy input on a dress. anyway, g amaica and just go out there in the
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me. i'm really looking for you to the born this way performance and i am excited to meet the queen the god of down on i think it's really like i really like excited to look really, really good. was it all the so this year i was really,
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really excited to those 2 with adult jam people. nice that they were announcing the day do here for this her whole family was going to go in online and it was hey, this is a family. this is a house, sorry, yeah. okay. the more i was just informed that you actually have the so it is by this point, knowing i'm not allowed to be a part of our big announcing the sample, the long haul and the the
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the okay, that would be the energy was to be seen. so, so badly and having to close i think is really high. i have so much to practice. i ask the practice, i have to practice other things, practicing for what i have to do. i have to practice make up. i have to probably, i have to do it because no, i have to one day and i'm one day i'm not going to be with you. i don't fully understand is it's never
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personal. it they know what seemed as people and i know who lives in. yeah, you have to sacrifice a lot, i think for them, and i'm not willing to give that up so easily so that morphine might start being fine. and then slowly i have to deal with everything that i've said i was sad when i knew overwhelming. when doing oh the
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the me ah ah yeah, and i like i feel crazy right now. oh well hi.
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hi jason. hi jason. my to do. ringback you have to get stuff in the. 6 vehicle and you got to click that? yes, this is just
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amazing with your contrast. oh my mama. me when i was young. yeah. okay. for me.
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oh right now you're all focused on brighten cuz she has a girl. she already got this on the back trying to get you all. that's it. oh, you're supposed to be ready for it blows my mind that people think that one other thing that really bothers me, that might make you guys uncomfortable to getting her child abuser. and that was throwing her gaze and that were sexualized. i have a good person directly, but i do say that you raise your children your way and i'll raise my mom. we all
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have one child arms. yeah. yeah yeah. one night and hanging out with nights and then my other one once to the tribe shows and the fabulous the stay there for a 2nd step on moving yeah, i need to work on that too because that har hart the group. i'm not sure because we're all
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going the same way, but in different ways at the same time. so that will not going to get reading and her mom isn't going to be the things going to be good. it might be a little nervous at 1st getting people on the ground or talk about what you really do your best you sure boys isn't trying to get to look at my make looking today is just wondering what you and i can
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hear her normally just coming by himself, i think he wasn't like performing the group. he doesn't seem to feel like they're all taking up because it didn't sit up. she said there's a place for now. oh no. oh. just a minute here. okay. oh, that sounds like i was
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the 1st time i really need to get this and look at that. okay. okay.
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i think they don't realize how big this is like that was like all these people were just didn't honestly i was the
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the the the the the the the the the the
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the the list. i'm so happy there was green. this is amazing. the crowd really like and they have nothing for the life guy got smokes, right. as i thought i was wrong going on with my glee and i was like, oh really? oh, i didn't all the way she was like, nervous or whatever,
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but then i both. so they told me that susan i'm a winner, everyone's c l a. so i literally i am a champion glare and l barbara warranty on 2017. so golf, they want to see you have a good runway walk, but it's more focused on the way the pose and the way you goal. and it's a lot about like not showing your face, it's showing the features of your face. the
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i love doing that, jason is super excited is i don't know when all categories i don't know about the medical demo and all of them. well, i'm going to be cool. seeing him up on the runaway. it'll be his 1st time on it. yeah, that's really get you want to show that before it was not supposed to be me down here that i bring that out for me just was like a regular the me i am not doing both
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though. me in amish battles. oh no. he's a champion. the one stand at the mall. so i think like go into the group and having for them there is just like, it's a little bit of history coming in to things like man can not find for me to feel strong. powerful. yeah. the i think, you know, with me to the, he pleases why he does the
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the the me ah, the need
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a little bit different. so you want your friends the who the this the the
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the ah the the. *
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the the the i oh the the the
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the the the the the i've never been friends with kids have been this passionate happy way me feel better about my i knew that i was i was very
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you know the it makes me still have all these, like just like in making the like a piece of a puzzle that has all came together. the numbers have to be exhausted for i to sleep. i'm a go off in the back and i just speak to somebody in the perfect place. i don't want to go out on everybody, but i'd like to
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get to it. that's amazing. and then to see when i was not past that, i think the whole truth been or inspired for him, you know, temper exemptions and sierras. and we, other than, you know, even the parents have gone really well right from the beginning. the parents also it's been, it's been a lovely trip. i've had the best time. i don't want to i lose
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me. eco, africa. insects can destroy harvests. but in molly, farmers don't have to rely on chemical pesticides. this tree offers an alternative name tree. a sustainable insecticide can be extracted from its fruit. can farmers
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be convinced to switch to organic? the 13th d w. ah . the news, the news, it's been ongoing quest for the spring began in 2011 people stood up against corrupt rulers and dictatorship. all these moments had left the box in my memory, the ah, they had hoped for more security, more freedom, more dignity,
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have their hopes until 10 years after the arab spring, rebellion starts june 7th on d, w. the news . this is d. w use line from berlin, an exile, belushi and activists is detained after his airlines. passenger flight is diverted to minsk for a man per ton of which was traveling to lithuania from athens when the airplane had to make an emergency landing and the millers. in capital lithuania, along with other european countries, have condemned the arrest.


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