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tv   Verandert grunes Geld die Welt  Deutsche Welle  January 18, 2021 10:30pm-11:00pm CET

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i was a women especially in victims of violence. take part and send us your story you are trying always to understand this new culture. you are not and is a turnoff and yet you want to become sitting. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. this is didn't use africa coming up in a program they've risked their lives enough but not anymore kenyan health workers out on strike calling on the government to do more to protect them when the joy. of covert 90 also coming up. more the wind supporters have even been denied access here he says in kampala one of himself he remains reportedly hailed as he is home.
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i. hello and welcome to the program as well the on the asians are racing to vaccinate nations against colvin 19 africa has only one 5th of the vaccination doses the continent needs the african union says it has secured 270000000 gobin 1000 vaccine doses which will be made available this year this will supplement the 600000000 doses obtained by the well health organization's kovacs alliance for africa but some african nations aren't willing to wait guinea is now test in russia's 5 vaccine and i order 2000000 doses south africa i thought it 20000000 doses of the us does an egg of vaccine and kenya 24000000 will. should start
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arriving by the end of next month but that's not soon enough for many health workers who feel they are being exploited they've gone on strike to demand better medical cover on adequate protective get. reports from nairobi. oh dog loves her job as clinical officer a big part of that though was to work closely with coke at 19 patients then one day she got sick herself i saw a group called me and i went through a lot of problems after i was infected i didn't have a medical problem which could come on my hands and a good source i was supposed to go on also gurney made both of my sons were infected too it was very traumatising she survived 9 of her colleagues did not and then another shock she had to pay the expense of hospital bill from her own pocket for over a month now she's been on strike with her nurses and medical lab offices more than 30000 tough because according to the unions their demands include protective health
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insurance and compensation for families in case of death if any of us is to die for another 8 hours today. we have fun really is going investigation. i know if that is not enough then they tell you if you do not go back to their working environment we are going to say. indeed how to work across kenya have lost their jobs for participating in strikes the government says illegal we put the health care workers demands to the cabinet secretary of health. we have more than enough people in this country since october of this year we have got the most generous. insurance package that has ever been given to the civil someone they do have somebody get to meet issues they have raised me thus for example delays in the payments and so on the reason for those delays says the health minister is the
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current economic situation. nobody is denying that he should be getting your money you should. it's not a judgment right but we're also saying that when there is this situation in the country let's also visit to get them you know and don't make it look like you're blackmailing the government does weakest point. as dorcas doesn't few protected by her employer she's awaiting the covert 19 vaccine kenya expects to receive the vaccine through the kovacs facility among other sources but experts say a 60 percent vaccination target is needed to achieve herd immunity on the african continent meanwhile wealthy nations have reserved more than half of the vaccines even though the home to only 14 percent of the world's population so they've kind of some selfishness to say live a fuss resign it now for people i think the issue here is that global responsibilities you can reserve as many as you want for your country but what is
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your responsibility to ensuring there while he says to be safe that's also doctors wish for herself and her colleagues how do you feel about that and the penny on our behalf or can countries get the vaccination later yeah. we are less you might we feel like we are not going to see that letter anywhere that's a little never at least to your hopefully we're going to get them up in the. canyons 1st tranche of $24000000.00 vaccine doses is expected to arrive next month dorcas now hopes the vaccine will finally ensure her safety. meanwhile the world health organization has warned of the cuts of strong moral failing in the distribution of vaccines and is calling for more equitable distribution aside from the vaccines developed in the west india russia and china also produced in the. correspondence about your last spoke to kenya's health minister and i asked thames
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to directly patches from the i want to. be have been in touch for example in a kind as i said we have been in touch with so you know from. india and even with their faiza you know we are in touch with all of them the issue is who has got. to sail over and above the demand that has ordered it because don't forget that europe went on board those things even as they were being one fox so we are playing catch up in walking with. organizations that are already under stress in terms of supply wealthy nations have secured 51 percent of all vaccines even though they're only home to 40 percent of the world's population so other countries like kenya or other african countries actually could be waiting for months and even years what do you think is that fair that is not fair but you know kind of for example as a population of about a 1000000 people they have. ordered for 3cww doses
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you know and they have the money and they can do it it is not fair. but as far as i'm concerned it is also is a wake up call is a week of call for the rest of the world you know we have learned 2 things we've called it 19 number one is that. it doesn't matter how you can self disease going forward is global it doesn't matter what sort of graphical location you give yourself and assume that you can take care of your population only own you can't. the 2nd thing we have learnt is that we have to be very reliant on vaccines on pharmaceutical commodities or in pharmaceutical products we have to be very self-reliant as a continent as a country it's very important to come to this realization that depending on the
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western nations for our wellbeing as far as. medical issues are concerned is foolish because as we have seen when push comes to shore people you always declare all the own fuss and then think about the other 2nd and we don't always want to be the 2nd to be thought about. now a few days after controversial elections in uganda opposition candidate bobby wine is said to be blocked from leaving his home and have reportedly raided his party's headquarters 1st venture i must say vinnie was declared when i with over 50 percent of the vote while wine received about 35 percent and alleges fraud mr allen fellow ugandans to reject the results. in this democracy the oficial
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loser of the vote for president has been effectively under government house arrest and not been seen for days now the wine seen here in archive video said in a telephone interview he believes seventies victory was built on cooked up fraudulent results. maybe big. book that. people remember. everything that that got. or that. d.w. reporting from kampala points to a population on edge at the moment as the military makes its presence known whines supporters want to hear a call to action or perhaps a call to no action anything from their leader. ok let's come talk to us on tell us that we lost it would be fine with us. he really did lose say backers
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a 6 term president who 75 how did i not properly we have won this election we really worked hard for the vote door to door throughout uganda and i don't do enough to 5 years in this. celebration with a strong dose of tension in a country where dozens of lives have been lost over political differences in recent months supporters of the oficial luser this time hope the international community can influence what comes next but the latest in uganda correspondent. joins us from the capital kampala hello julia as we saw you wearing a bulletproof vest to tell us how tense is the situation on the ground. i mean why the election let's some people celebrating on others very disappointed i think if you 2 asian are wrong here is around is really inspired by the freedoms of all the while he's freedom to leave his home that is why can't they do 'd us know what cynics movie's going to be while they expect that we'll be watching one of the
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things we might do is to go to court i don't do not watch that i spoke to some of the supporters who told me that they are and still living the lives of our diocese so there's a lot of police and military deployment countries but the wider public honestly this whole it's creating a lot of tension especially at martin suppose is. just my mission w.y.s.s. still on the some sort of i'll summarize why it suddenly is not i think it's all because i guess he spoke quietly i listened to the military spokesperson who has interviewed by the local media and he said that they are doing so because they have some positive stories surrounding the opposition candidate both the white actually say that they are doing this in he's own interests much above you i think yes they had to still be in from speeches to his people were doing was to get 1904000 jobs collectively then stepping into caves provincialism a 7 allegations of full treaty mother police say but the wind will be among the
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states out it will create chaos so what is the situation surrounding the one so far so to commission it was important to know that even in the previous election demanding a provision contradict the main challenge of your in the 7 at that time but that isn't this is assessed the same scenario immediately after the elections was with allows you to his home. briefly before you go what you think is going to happen next i think what is going to happen next is that the police will maintain the deployment around by the winds all mothers are in the street for 'd when the bags i have here about the election results he also the one is likely to go to the court of law and challenge their resolve as to delay to fight a constitution and the size of its funds are likely to respond to what their leader as he called like they're going to produce courtesy to tell them to remain calm like he has doesn't before i think they remain calm mother please i'm sure sorry i'm going to be in touch they're likely to keep. to vocalise in the streets
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especially in areas where they suspect could very scarce ok them was that of your growth fund its income fall of uganda thanks for your sign. and i was how we wrap things up from all vos stories visit our website stu w dot com slash africa you can go to all things will switch up features by for now but see you soon. m.s.n. homie push the homeless on us right now to more on climate change because often stores face is my place to blame from just one week. how much worse can really get . we still have time to an ongoing. process. hi neal and i'm game
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did you know that 700000000000 land animals or killed worldwide but it's not just the animals that will suffering it's the environment if you want to know how one click to the priest and the culture has changed us as anything to listen to our podcast on the green and. on the dot in the end well it's finally here the 1st coronavirus film with hollywood a listers blocks down is the story of a diamond heist set amidst tedious video conferences and paper hoarding. with more on and how the ways pandemic performance coming up on arts and culture and later on picasso and. mickey mouse and the work of jermyn street artist
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yeah. by now we've seen all kinds of creative solutions to make art and performances possible despite social distancing we've seen concerts on balconies concerts on rooftops concerts on tiny islands now a project focusing on the impossibilities of art and isolation is more. than may not have found an interesting way of visualising social distancing he's put actors from the high book they're tearing southern germany inside giant p.v.c. bubbles. for example the musician plays in his. his himself and cannot communicate with the other. the actor also only he is himself and i tried to depict these areas of culture and also in the us for example
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of an old person. with his photo project to social distance stacks may not once to illustrate how social distancing during the code crisis might affect and how important closeness is to us social fabric. the actors are all wearing costumes from different plays and get into their bubbles one after the other. then has just 15 minutes to take his photos because condensation forms inside they don't take 15 work. every said i've done so far has it sign up as well that's just so special in itself you know just the performance of the performance. as she weeks ago for. the musicians from the stock got philharmonic to put on my concert attire and then climb into the p.v.c. bowls with the instruments. he took. kill
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the enemy not as a conceptual artist in 2014 he published a video experiment human. tracks on the impact of massive and entering to 15 he photographed refugees to your attention to overcrowded refugee shelters. and in 2019 he photographed young people using small phones to illustrate the idea of humans it's day to roll material and now he's tackling the coronavirus crisis each scene is carefully composed to teach tell a story during the photo shoot they act southshore feats of scenes so how exactly does it feel to perform inside a p.v.c. bottle acoustic the acoustics are pretty extreme actually got a bit of pressure right now but it was an interesting experience. i'm very excited about the end result. for any opportunity we have right now to present
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ourselves. now because of the pandemic is only publishing his photos on his website but perhaps one day they'll serve as a testimony to a time when all. concert halls theatres museums are all shut down for now here in germany and in many countries but my colleague adrian kennedy has been looking at some new movies that deal with the current pandemic and one of them has a pretty big castrator and that's why it has a big name cost this is knocked down starring anne hathaway and before it's a romantic comedy and they are a couple going through relationship problems and spending far too much time in that locked the solution to not going crazy is believing the stage heist and steal
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a free 1000000 euro. as one does uncovered crisis mode and the amazing thing about this movie is that it was conceived written produced and brought all in the midst of the pandemic. director doug liman telling us how you want about that together with screenwriter steven knight. steve and i set out to do be outrageous and i think it will because of the pandemic writers to sit sit down july 1 and say let's write something that will shoot in september and have it done by the end of the year that's that's insane maybe even crazier then then i have no way to intelligent for deciding to rob parents but i think it's probably easier than trying to do it steven i just did. ok so they made the movie in about 4 months that's pretty quick for a movie of the scale is it any good though what it's got mixed reviews at best or
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some might say has been panned. some people calling it an irritating heist cullman say one review even going as far as to suggest warn the public that they should keep a social distance from this noticing so make mixed reviews adrian though it's one outlier though that said it did have a message that might resonate that message would be that in order to survive the pandemic it might be necessary to go crazy ok well we're are very obviously already practicing that it'll be interesting to see people on screen wearing masks and not just this like oh where they're wearing a mask but not all the movies that are dealing with this pandemic are this silly there are also some pretty serious cultural respect by one of the 1st out of the block was a way he made a documentary film tributes to the health workers in hand who were working in the front line against the pandemic. this film of the nation was the 1st
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full length documentary dedicated to the pandemic way way directed and produced it from europe with the filming done by ordinary citizens in the region and it did provide some very haunting and memorable images well 2 very different movies about the current a virus pandemic eugene kennedy thanks so much thank you. and more culture news now american music producer and convicted murderer phil spector has died in prison at age 81 spector was sentenced in 2009 for the murder of actress clarkson he rose to fame in the 1960 s. producing a string of hit records and creating a widely used recording technique known as the wall of sound spector's daughter said he died of covert 1000 complications. archaeologists and egypt have made
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new discoveries that they say will rewrite the region's history the team uncovered the burial temple of queen mirrored whose husband king teti ruled more than 4000 years ago they also found dozens of sarcophagi dating back over 3000 years and a 4 metre long pirate's with texts from the book of the dead the collection of ancient egyptian spells meant to guide the deceased through the afterlife. another discovery in italy engineers working on the florence cathedral have found hundreds of animal prints dating to the early 14 hundreds of when the building's terra cotta roof tiles were made and while they were still drying under the tuscan sun cats dogs foxes do your chickens and other creatures all apparently with their marks experts are busy cataloguing the tracks. an american beer company claims
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to have made art history with a stunt it calls the world's most expensive artwork the installation is made of $2600.00 real diplomas from american universities based on the cost of student tuition in the u.s. they say that makes it worth $470000000.00 the installation is titled the devinsky of debt. now to an artist who keeps his prices deliberately low german urban artist boreal shows his work in museums and galleries but he also wants it out in the world as well sometimes he just puts artworks out on the street for whoever wants to take them his work is all about re mixing art history with pop culture. when a boy. likes to mix it up techniques here is an adult to stick references. 2 1 single book can feature nonstick caravaggio picasso and even disney. 2 2
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2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 was from supposed to please a figures from art history from the current media policy and even though you might recognize them they're not in my usual context. yeah allows us to see them through fresh eyes when he takes the mona lisa out of the louvre he also takes away some of the reverence with which also is often treated in his work and i don't there it's shown with the baby jesus who's taking a selfie. because i'm a boy has a collector influence is he just opposes any songs version of the deposition of christ with a film poster and then he gives that the treatment. i get is
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from basically it's finished but it's at this point that i start to produce my image to start with i have an idea exactly what size it's going to be what proportions it will have how the figures will be arranged and what sort of color scheme i'm off to carve a job arjun. has what might be described as street art but it's by no means out of place in a museum. i'm not really a typical street he goes out illegally spraying walls and train tunnels and all that. reminding i'm maad. i do like to work in public spaces but in a much more multi-faceted way few figures and. the
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next time you see. if. mr. price is. a principle that singh keeping that street. is a democrat. doing his. thanks for watching arts and culture now on a very quick trip to paris museums there are closed but the sculpture garden is open again.
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to the result laws that can be done to. play. make up your own mind playing g.w. . this is the news and these are our top stories the kremlin's most vocal critic alexei nevaeh has been jailed for 30 days at a hearing held in a makeshift quartet a moscow police station now he was detained immediately on returning to russia on sunday he'd been in germany receiving treatment following a nerve.


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