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you know why this time the. 77 percent. got. from party to flash from. groups this is what. 77 percent. this week. coming up today the targeted violence that's getting best and brightest. female judges of the latest victims in a string of attacks against high profile. and deliberate strategy by groups negotiating tactic during peace talks. emergency teams in.
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last week's devastating earthquake. increasingly desperate search and rescue efforts. and the policy on bank. back is on hold thanks to the. businesses survive without the. welcome. glad you could join us 2 women judges of afghanistan supreme court of the latest to be killed in a wave of targeted attacks in the country over the last 2 months at least 5 journalists have been killed either by unidentified gunmen or by bombs. in addition to fade assassination attempts on members of civil society a former lawmaker a film director even of done his son's vice president. the killings have
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mostly gone unclaimed but authorities blame the taliban a group which the government does a gauged in peace talks with indoor this at a time the united states has greatly reduced its troop numbers leaving open the question of security in the country already bearing the brunt of 2 decades of war. with relatives and neighbors mourn the dead the 2 supreme court judges were on their way to work when they were killed their women were among some 200 female judges on the court according to authorities kabul has seen a spate of attacks reasonably targeting high profile figures spreading fear decided to show that yeah i was told that madam judge was martyred when i arrived here i saw blood stains on the ground what can i say where should we go to live a peaceful life. gunmen riding
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a motorcycle shop the 2 women in an ambush on their car the driver of the court vehicle was injured afghan president ashraf ghani blamed the attack on the taliban and called on the insurgent group to accept the permanent ceasefire with the afghan army the taliban say they were not responsible for the killings. the attack comes amid ongoing peace talks with the taliban in qatar women's rights activists have warned the talks could lead to a decrease in rights they have gained over the last 2 decades attacks on u.s. forces have stopped in afghanistan after the trumpet ministration began withdrawing troops as part of a deal brokered with the taliban talks with the afghan government however have stalled amid ongoing violence. if the blood is gone but the fear remains the last 20 years saw significant progress for women in afghanistan with this latest attack fears are the clock could be turned back on
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that progress. during an offer. moore is journalists are they look they see from. a wave of attacks on people in the arx media and government is this being viewed as a deliberate strategy by militant groups or negotiating tactic to strengthen the taliban's home during ongoing talks it's definitely seen as a liberal strategy whoever is conducting these attacks and i think that that's the biggest fear and the biggest issue for people is that we still don't know the government says that 99 percent of these attacks are by the taliban the taliban and vehemently tonight this and it's actually very difficult to prove exactly who is behind these attacks so whatever it is it's a question of is it specific is it just that liberal strategy or is it a deliberate strategy tied with copycat where other groups and mafia and.
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you know other actors could be taking advantage of this moment to target basically whoever they dislike for whatever reason that's really the biggest fear of the people is that they have no sense of exactly what's behind these attacks and who could be perpetrating them whether it's one hooper several. and why these attacks occurring on you also have these talks going on with the taliban in the door i mean do these talks have any meaning in them now. get problem in like this is this what we have to remember that it's been something like 3 or 4 months now that the talks were supposed to have officially begun but at this point the talks are still very much you know they're what they have been since 20112012 when the taliban 1st write it off it's still in the issue of talks about talks it's still them discussing the specific points of the gender and of. who will attend what discussions and what they will say and how the structure it's nowhere near the actual level of direct.
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point it talks about very specific issues yet it still very much still it just sticks going on you know what like 8910 years later. not one of the get into the taliban give to the united states at the time of agreeing to the door talks of the afghan government is that they wouldn't allow tax to continue under them now given what's happening does that get into you have a new weight behind it. well the thing is like you know we have to know that we still don't know what is behind the specific target killings and these sorts of issues so it's all on a possible tonight bill to you that sense but there have been attacks that have staged you know they specifically said that we want to act as tricks actors that we want to track big cities that we want to act i think populated areas and they have been doing that they have been several instances of that we are they themselves us
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that we did this you know they may be smaller cities but they're still at the provincial capital. and so there are questions of whether that brought in the spirit of the agreement and then the taliban also says the u.s. resuming certain levels of airstrikes and things like that that kind of spirit but it seems that neither side wants to leave the ditch deal all together in the middle of all of this the united states has reduced its troop presence considerably with the new administration coming in the united states in the mother middle of the we does the out of con government who want another version of the rule of the taliban or potentially u.s. commitments in afghanistan. oh i've been talking to people within the government for several months now and the one thing they all want is a direct answer at this point they're saying listen if you want to stay stay but be committed and tell us what your level of commitment is be very upfront you know
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tell us specifically what you're going to do and if you're going to meet than just late you know just tell us this date we're leaving we're off you know the rest is up to you but at the end of the day all the government wants is a solid answer yes or no but just tell us exactly what you need to know more of this wishy washy no more because if you look at the top it meant she was very back and forth you know for a while trump was saying he absolutely refused to just then negotiate with the taliban and. al just a little less than a year later he began the negotiations several times he's threatened to take out and resolder so at the end of the day all the government wants a clear direct answer. in a thief in kabul to relieve it there but thank you so much for joining us. medics in indonesia sort of a.c.r. linda battling exhaustion and the risk of covered 19 as a treat scores of people injured by last week's earthquake more than 80 people were killed and thousands left homeless by the powerful 6.2 back to do it quake that
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struck early friday in a race against time rescuers are scrambling to find people still buried in the rubble. searching for victims in a sea of rubble it's been 4 days since the disaster risky was no the chances of finding anyone alive growing more remote by the hour. when we use our sense of smell to detect a kind borden's before going any further in the search. if we can reach the victim we ask the excavator to help clear the way. so we can go deeper. but what's your name and joe who's next to you catherine is she still grieving you still hear the sound but it's hard to hear. some of. the $6.00 magnitude quake struck in tunisia sulawesi island in the early hours of last
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friday. rescuers have since been working around the clock to save lives. hundreds of houses of collapsed including this government building. the disaster has also left tens of thousands homeless in the shelters the refuse of contract interviewed 19 but for those who escaped death the virus is a much more manageable challenge. and after the earthquakes and young people were looking for survivors. they were shouting who's alive i replied yes i'm alive and my family and i crawled out from under the rubble to save our lives. not everyone was lucky rescuers have recovered dozens of bodies and the death toll is expected to rise. now but my up whenever i found a dead body i often cried. but i cried in my heart inside.
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i shouldn't be seen crawling while i'm on j.t. . i have to be strong. these rescuers are valid to carry on with this search until everyone is accounted for. the governor. the once bustling house on board is not devoid of the bars and restaurants who depend on the grim prospects. go on other days when bangkok's backpackers street was filled with tourists and party goers today it's just an empty strip with a few stores still operating. a year of pandemic has got thai shopkeepers like utama on the brink of despair. the street was never asleep argue now that you could earn
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a living both during the day and the night there were so many foreign visitors and some locals as well i could sense depend hit where everything's gone there are no foreign tourists and hardly any thais come here. officially called the council on road the street used to be especially busy in april when thais celebrate their new year a water festival would take place which was cancelled in 2020. copes as slim that it will return this year as thailand still struggles with the surge of coronavirus cases. 2021 does not look promising for the country's tourism. the best year that we can ever hit is about almost 40000000 a year on the tourism ok i think the best that we can get for this year 2021
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may be 10 millions of case all you have to wait and added 2 more years to make the tourism come back as normal. and that's way too long for you tell no one tong he says he might have to move back to the countryside if the situation continues as it is now. but he still hoping that one terminus would turn to bangkok brighter days will come. that's if. imagine how many push. ups right now in the uk climb a tree different off the stores face is one place in ways from just one week. before it can really get. we still have time to i am doing.
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it. and you hear me now oh yes we don't need you and how it all stands judgments on so that when you bring you a map or as you've never thought have surprised yourself with what is possible to this magical really what moves and want also to talk to people who follow along the way maurice and critics alike join us from eccles la stocks. dot com and well it's finally here the 1st coronavirus. with hollywood a listers locked down is the story of a diamond heist tedious video conferences and twilit paper hoarding. more on an hathaway's pandemic performance coming up on arts and culture and later
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on picasso and. mickey mouse and the work of german street artist boom young. by now we've seen all kinds of creative solutions to make art and performances possible despite social distancing we've seen concerts on balconies concerts on rooftops concerts on tiny islands now a project focusing on the impossibilities of art in isolation is more. than may not have found an interesting way of visualising social distancing he's put actors from the theater in southern germany inside giant p.v.c. bubbles. for example the musician plays in his bubble here he's himself and cannot communicate with the other musicians and the actor also only he is himself and i tried to depict these areas of culture and also in the
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interest for example of an old person. with his photo projects social distant stacks and me not once to illustrate how social distancing during the covert crisis might affect people and how important closeness is to us social fabric. the actors are all wearing costumes from different plays and get into their bubbles one after the other silly and mean that ben has just 15 minutes to take his photos because condensation forms inside it will take steam walk. every said i've done so far has it's own atmosphere that's just so special in itself you know just the performance of the performance. a few weeks ago for. the musicians from the start got philharmonic to put on my concert attire and then climb into the p.v.c. bowls with instruments. made for months he took this photo.
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kill the enemy not as a conceptual artist and 2014 he published the video experiment human. tracks on the impact of math. in 2015 he photographed refugees to your attention to overcrowded refugee shelters. and in 2019 he photographed young people using smartphones to illustrate the idea of human it's day to roll material and now he's tackling the coronavirus crisis each scene is carefully composed the act of each tell a story during the photo shoot they act out sure if it's it seems so how exactly does it feel to perform inside a p.c. . acoustic the acoustics are pretty extreme actually got a bit of pressure right now but it was an interesting experience. but i'm really excited about the end result. for any opportunity we have right now to present
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ourselves. now because of the pandemic is only publishing his photos on his website but perhaps one day they'll serve as a testimony to its hind went on to. concert halls theatres museums are all shut down for now here in germany and in many countries but my colleague adrian kennedy has been looking at some new movies that deal with the current pandemic and one of them has a pretty big castrator and that's why it has a big name cost. starring anne hathaway and before it's a romantic comedy and they are a couple going through relationship problems and spending far too much time. the solution to not going crazy is believe in the stage heist and
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steal a free. as one does uncovered crisis mode indeed and the amazing thing about this movie is that it was conceived written produced and brought all in the midst of the pandemic. director doug wyman telling us how you want about that together with screenwriter steven knight. steve and i set out to do the outrageous and i've been able because of the pandemic right just to sit sit down on july 1 and say let's write something that will shoot in september and have it done by the end of the year that's that's insane maybe even crazier then then i have a way too intelligent for deciding to rob parents i think probably are it's probably easier than trying to do it stephen i just did. ok so they made the movie
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in about 4 months that's pretty quick for a movie of the scale is it any good though what it's got mixed reviews at best though some might say. pad and. some people calling it an irritating heist comedy wonder if you even going as far as to suggest warn the public that they should keep a social distance from this no doesn't sound like mixed reviews adrian though is one outlier though that said it could have a message that might resonate that message would be that in order to survive the pandemic it might be necessary to go crazy ok well we're already obviously already practicing that it will be interesting to see people on screen wearing masks and not just the like where they're wearing a mask but not all the movies that are dealing with this pandemic are this silly there are also some pretty serious cultural respect for one of the 1st out of the block was a way he made a documentary film tributes to the health workers in hand who were working in the
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front line against the pandemic. this film of the nation was the 1st full length documentary dedicated to the pandemic directed and produced it from europe with the filming done by ordinary citizens in the region and it did provide some very haunting and memorable images well it's a very different movies about the current a virus pandemic you dream kennedy thanks so much thank you. and more culture news now american music producer and convicted murderer phil spector has died in prison at age 81 spector was sentenced in 2009 for the murder of actress a lot of clarkson he rose to fame in the 1960 s. producing a string of hit records and creating a widely used recording technique known as the wall of sound spector's daughter said he died of coded 1000 complications. archaeologists and egypt have made
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new discoveries that they say will rewrite the region's history the team uncovered the burial temple of queen near it whose husband king ruled more than 4000 years ago they also found dozens of sarcophagi dating back over 3000 years and 4 meter long pirates with texts from the book of the dead the collection of ancient egyptian spells meant to guide the deceased through the afterlife. another discovery in italy engineers working on the florence cathedral have found hundreds of animal prints dating to the early 14 hundreds that's when the building's terra cotta roof tiles were made and while they were still drying under the tuscan sun cats dogs foxes do your chickens and other creatures all apparently left their marks experts are busy cataloguing the tracks. an american beer
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company claims to have made art history with a stunt it calls the world's most expensive artwork the installation is made of $2600.00 real diplomas from american universities based on the cost of student tuition in the u.s. they say that makes it worth $470000000.00 the installation is titled the devinsky of debt. now to an artist who keeps his prices deliberately low german urban artist boreal shows his work in museums and galleries but he also wants it out in the world as well sometimes he just puts artworks out on the street for whoever wants to take them his work is all about re mixing art history with pop culture. i know when a boy. likes to mix it up techniques eras and how to stick references to
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one single work in feature announced take care of badger picasso and even defeat. 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 him from supposed to change things a figures from art history from the current media policy and even though you might recognize them they're not in my usual context. brianna allows us to see them through fresh eyes when he takes the mona lisa out of the louvre he also takes away some of the reverence with which all his off interested in his work i'm a donor is shown with the baby jesus who's taking a selfie. with on a boy has a collector influence says he just opposes the honey sons version of the deposition of christ with a film poster and then he gives it the buoy i treatment. i get is this
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for basically it's finished but it's at this point that i start to produce my image to start with i have an idea exactly what size it's going to be what proportions it will have how the figures will be arranged and what sort of color scheme i'm off to job arjun. is what might be described as street art but it's by no means out of place in a museum. exactly as i'm not really a typical street artist and he goes out illegally spraying walls and train tunnels and all that. responding on maad. i do like to work in public spaces but in a much more multi-faceted way and few figures and. but can i take it with them.
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if. the. price is the. principle that sing keeping with street arts reputation is a democratic. thanks for watching arts and culture. on a very quick trip to paris museums there are closed but the sculpture garden is
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open again.
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how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when will almost. be just 3 of the topics covered in the weekly radio show it's called spectrum if you would like and information on the coronavirus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you get your podcasts you can also find us at. one slash science. life on earth one of a kind and. a. coincidence. or the i'm probable happen. to the fullest degree nation of our solar system with our planet is a bit like winning the lottery. what is good or unique
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starts feb 11th on t.w. . it's about billions but it's about how we're the bits about the foundation of the new world order the new silk road the china wants to expand its influence with this trade network and so on the conflicts are inevitable the consequences contradict the commish look of the safety of the chinese state as a mob of money at its disposal to get close to collapse how it's expanding that can assert its status and position in the world to be specific about holding the china he's promising its partners rich profits but in europe there's a sharp mornings you could never accept money from the new superpower it will become dependent on him. china's gateway to europe which starts
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february 19th on. the big. plane . and this is it every news liason girl an enemy of the state recruitments fiercest critic detained on his return to moscow and hauled before a courts alexina valise assists 3 men to make some mockery of justice also coming up even tougher current virus restrictions are looking ever more likely for dramatic turns on the american has moved up the date for meeting with health
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officials as concerns grow over a new and more infectious strains of the virus and the new will sort of shimmer just as approach something rioters.


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