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tv   Shift  Deutsche Welle  December 19, 2020 7:15am-7:31am CET

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all heating to protect its animal residence after local temperatures plugged to an all time low keeper say the creatures are enjoying being warmer is always one exception however zoos giant pandas are still living up in the great outdoors despite the freezing with. your of course watching t.v. news live from berlin don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site at student news dot com i'm exposer thanks for watching. why are people forced to hide in trucks. there are many reasons but. there are many answers.
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and there are many stories to. make up your own. made for mines. fake passports trucks and weapons in the dark when illegal activity is just a click away why is it so hard to crack down on criminal activity there and can it be used for good the dark weapon our topic today on shift. in. the dark what is an alternative to the regular internet it's
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a version that anonymous and encrypt it this makes it the perfect face to sell illegal gets light. weapons a recent study found that most users engaged in illegal activities on the dark where live in democratic societies the most common illegal transactions are drax experts estimate that tracks make up 2 thirds of transactions on the dark web so i tried it out how easy is it to buy tracks on the dark web. at 1st glance it looks just like a regular online shop with product images and customer reviews but the products are illegal heroin and all kinds of weapons. is schulman is head of the cyber security analytics and defense department at the pollen over institute. she shows us where drugs are sold on the dark web looking legal only buying is a crime in germany the u r l's of these websites can be found on the regular internet or clear where it's
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better organized than many of legal marketplaces there is much more information the buyers are much more reliable the feedback is much better bunch of money is involved and also much more is at stake if you make a mistake you go to jail so you have to make sure that it's. secure with just a few clicks customers can buy cannabis one of the most popular drugs on the dark where it would be sent to the provided address but that means trusting the vendor to delete it once the product has been delivered payment is done in the cryptocurrency bitcoin so the customer remains anonymous but how likely is it for the product to actually write in the end every vendor here has sort of customers and if he doesn't deliver the goods his reputation will be damaged no one will buy from him so the whole system and dark know it is based on reputation that's why typically the service is called in if you order something it will arrive the customer's on the dark with a not 100 percent anonymous so they're not completely protected from prosecution
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because the location and ip addresses are encrypted. it's criminal prosecution much harder. another challenge is the lack of national borders on the dock witnesses me charity but. we never really know what country the service are actually located and it's not just a technological challenge but a judicial challenge to. so we need to permanently cooperate with other law enforcement agencies and work across various fields and speciality is really a big challenge on the element of. in 2019 that we're finally successful working with international investigators the federal criminal police and the spawn was able to prosecute one of the world's largest drug binges on the dog way of wall street market the services were eventually discovered in this former german military bunker located in a small town in the west of germany. now that's surprising you'd never expect to find the servers in a place like that we spoke to somebody who buys trucks on the dark web he told us
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that he feels much safer buying drugs on the dark wet than on the street we also asked him whether he's scared of being caught by the police more on that soon on our you tube channel in the dark where pews are as are anonymous when we surf the internet we leave traces behind everywhere even when we use browsers and incognito mode like firefox we're not really surfing anonymously originally the dark web was created by the u.s. military to help intelligence agencies communicate anonymously today anyone can access it and in the many makes the dark web useful for illegal transactions and it also allows political activists to move about freely online all they need is a certain software here's how it works. the best way of accessing the dark web is by using the tour project a worldwide network of servers. the original project is to defend yourself against trucking and surveillance and circumvent censorship wherever you are in the
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internet you wrote truck and somebody spies on you and tor tries to tries to prevent. tor employs a technique called onion routing which uses multiple layers of encryption like an onion this ensures the users intimate all search queries run through an extensive network of servers called toward nodes this way the users ip address a unique identifier is only shared with the 1st node from then on it's the nodes ip address that's use the more notes the query runs through the harder it becomes to trace back its origins which protects the user's identity more than 2000000 people use tor browser every single day activists like you. are on a mission to ensure that the technology behind tor is standard in every browser so that means anyone could surf the web and honestly that actually sounds pretty good to me this is already standard on the dark wet however anonymity can also protect
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people engaging in illegal activities like pedophiles in recent years the german police have to cover at several different forums for this one example was the lithium which was one of the words largest platforms for images and videos showing sexual abuse of children the farm was shut down and 2017 and this is a good example of the challenges the dark web poses for investigators with 111000 accounts and online forums in 6 different languages elisi and was a space for pedophiles from around the world to meet in 2017. they would chat and share exploitative images of children and even babies being sexually abused the police used undercover investigators to track down these dark websites. really a lot of work like finding all the pieces of a puzzle just imagine trying to infiltrate one of these platforms you have to pretend that you're interested in paedophilic material start contacting a few people and talk to them it's not just one or 2 conversations it can take you
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weeks or months to get useful information. investigators also need to analyze the exploitative images and videos depicting sexual violence against children it's hard to watch but every detail is important. and to closely watch the material and you're constantly looking for leads was this crime committed in germany perhaps there's a product that's only sold in germany to be found somewhere in the background. in the case of an error in the online form helps the investigators the ip address of one of the servers was revealed which led the police to one of the perpetrators on the dark web authorities frequently depend on coincidences in errors like these. helps us when there are individual cases of humans making errors or the system not being 100 percent reliable usually once a platform is hosted on the dark web you can't access any real existing ip addresses anymore even if the dark web isn't exactly the root of all evil investigators like you are convinced that the distribution of exploitative images
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and videos of children would be much less widespread without it. we probably wouldn't see it happen on the same scale that we do today simply because people would run a much higher risk of running into somebody that might actually report them to the police. and i think this anonymous online exchange helps people encourage each other positive. another problem for investigators is that in order to access these platforms new users often need to submit new material that means the police would have to share images of children being sexually abused but just for been in many countries of course from 2020 onward however the german police are allowed to use computer generated image. of children that aren't real when a dark web form is shut down many users simply move on to the next one that's why it is especially important to prosecutor you have to investigate a lot of air if we keep breaking up more of these structures than we might be able
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to have a large impact by unsettling the users some might even say it's a bit risky maybe i shouldn't do this anymore i think this would give us the upper hand side by creating this type of uncertainty and insecurity that might force people to think twice about the dark web is also important for the people protesting for freedom tor browser is a software helping political activists around the world to surf the internet anonymously torrent which stands for the onion router is a multi-layered encryption system just like an onion web sites that can be accessed on tort can be recognized by their u.r.l. extension dot on. facebook has it as do the new york times endorse a plan on your website that can be accessed. which is especially yourself in countries where these websites are usually blocked like china or iran. where the reporters without borders this makes the doc with
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a tool for freedom of speech. but dark knight or more precisely usually we talk about the toll brothers that enable people to anonymously research on the internet what pages that might be censored in certain countries or to share information or share documents or video material with international news media without giving away that identity and that's quite a critical tool then especially unless free countries. have it's also a space that has been used to the kind of classified information supplied chelsea and where snowden each use it for their leaks. during the arab spring people use the dark well. planned hostile protests against the government without fear of prosecution. this is also being used to organize other protests offering protection from surveillance by intelligence agencies. we
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definitely see both the use of like p.p.m. technology and the dark knight playing a critical role also in recent protests on russia obviously both states have a sense of the use of social media and they take away our credit ations of journalists and so communicating through alternative means and circumventing the. censorship talks has become really critical. i take freedom of speech seriously journalists rely on the dark web to work and to be protected from state control for this reason he said it might from reporters without borders says that we shouldn't simply think of the dark web as being just the dark side of the internet. definitely has an image problem. the term brain the aspect of a certain technology in a way to save us is about illegal activity online and it's not just stopped fundamentally it's an anonymous donation tool that enables both legal activity and
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illegal activity but it's really critical to journalism was the laws around the world for we need to talk about the positive aspects much more prominently as well i think the term dark whip is misleading the word dark suggests illegal activity but it's actually just a network that offers more user anonymity what do you think does the dark web just have a bad reputation could it be the internet of the future or should it be closely monitored for illegal activity let us know what you think on you tube or facebook bye bye and see you soon.
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