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tv   Auf den Punkt  Deutsche Welle  November 13, 2020 6:00am-6:30am CET

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this is a nice lie from birth. reports of civilians massacred in ethiopia as the conflict in the region intensifies. the fighting in the north of the country has already displaced thousands from their homes warning of a humanitarian catastrophe in the making. this in a region that had been on the road to peace, also coming up 1st protests in peru as people voiced their anger, of the ousting of formulate a mountain that says the country snooping to room. president mangold marino's sways
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in his cabinet. but the latest to you from lima plus a very simple message for senate because the election is over. it wasn't close. was it in trump lost that top democrats say president trump refusal to concede is poisoning america's democracy. i say the president should be focusing on the pandemic in states. american held welcome. we begin in ethiopia, where there are reports of dozens of people being killed in what amnesty international is calling a massacre. it's the 1st time widespread civilian casualties have been reported in the wake long conflict in the country's region. the united nations says some 11000 refugees have fled from ethiopia into sedan. at least half of them, a child and agencies are warning of
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a humanitarian crisis in the making. this is a country sliding into civil war. these ethiopians haven't come to enjoy themselves, but to give blood for their soldiers fighting in tikrit state. the main aim of the blood donation program is to express our affection our us paid for our out of the conflict is not with this not with the great people, not with the grey region. it's rather with who attacked our army in a helpful way. the conflict erupted in early november. the government sent troops into the region after a legit attack by local forces are going to federal army base in tikrit capital, which the federal government had every right to deploy
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federal security forces in the use force in order to operate in those implicated in must equal russian and grows human rights violations. relations between the ethiopian prime minister and the t great people's liberation front have long been tense. government for nearly 30 years. the tea p.l.f. was dominant in ethiopian politics. but abby curbed the party's influence after coming to power in 2018. so its leaders say they have been unfairly targeted, like a constitutional dispute raised tensions to boiling point. the t.p.i. left to fight abby's decision to postpone national polls due to the coronavirus. in september, they went ahead with elections integrate, which they control. not only the stability of your itself is at stake in this conflict. the country with its population of 100000000 is pivotal to the stability of the horn of africa as a whole. in 2019, happy won
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a nobel peace prize for his sweeping political reforms. and his role in brokering peace with eritrea after a bloody border war. but so far he's failed to heed the calls of the un and the african union for a cease fire in this conflict. to for an hour interim president has his new cabinet filling most posts with technocrats shimmed office on tuesday after the country's congress voted to remove former late. i'm not in his car, of the bribery allegations protests against viscountess ousting have since arrived and across the country in the capital, enough, thousands turned out for a 3rd consecutive day of protests, some of which turned violent after nightfall. correspondent your hand. ramirez joins us from paris, capital, lima, for more on this. you had welcome. so they, there have been fresh protests against the interim president and the new government
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. how would you describe the level of tension that the situation is very tense. i can tell you just a couple of hours ago, the same square that is behind me was the scenario for kind of a bottle between the protesters on the police. there were thousands of people, maybe 400-5000 people gathered here. i was seeing everything i can assure you, it was a peaceful protest and all of a sudden the police to start started firing tear gas. so everybody was running away . and right now me night in limit. there is a core few. no one is industry. it's so this situation is very tense and it's, it's, it's very likely that this tension is going to grow up in the days to come, which could bring even more violence to these. that is contrary to how many peruvians a calling the ousting of the former president viscount to a coup. why is that many
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people claim because to answer, look, president discouraged, was dismissed i.q. of moral incapacity due to corruption accusations moral incapacity. but the congress could dismiss it, president, discover out of $130.00 members. $68.00. i mean, more than half of the congress is also accused of corruption, has been investigated because of corruption scandals. so is even ironic. so that's why a lot of people is claiming against the sky. but i was today in this last proud as i was walking in the projects some 20 minutes even more. and what i saw, what i heard was people not just protesting for be skara, but also predicting against the corruption. corruption is have big problem in this country. and i think people are tired of corruption. and that's the very reason of
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this protest here in peru and from mountain view to his replacement. what can we then expect from marino and his government on the slate, we can now this picked very much from marina. i mean, his tosk is to leave this country to fresh and general elections to a democratic and peaceful transition of power through the journal elections. there are disk a trial for april 2021. that's nice. he's already said that he's going to respect that and fulfill this man that so we cannot expect really big political changes or transformations. he has not time for that, just 6 months. and moreover, he want to help the space on the right now it seems that he's not going to keep even peace through work and to change this country. if you want vermeer is in lima . thanks very much. ok,
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let's look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. police in armenia have arrested leading opposition, figures for protesting against a russian brokered peace deal in weeks of fighting because of the deal gives up large parts of the disputed region of not going to has prompted thousands to call for the resignation of armenian prime minister. nicole at least $74.00 migrants have reportedly drowned off to be heading for europe, capsized off the coast of libya, holding $120.00. people were reportedly on board 47. passengers have been rescued by the libyan coast guard and fisherman and brought to shore. the united nations has like the 5 new judges to serve on the international court of justice in the hague. this time tourist from germany, uganda, japan, slovakia and china, which chosen 15 judges with settling legal disputes between u.n.
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member states. 5 seats come up for election every 3 years. in the united states, the counting of provisional votes is still going on and several days after the election was called for democrat joe biden, u.s. president, donald trump still refuses to concede the president has continued to spread unproven allegations of right voter fraud is legal team has filed lawsuits in several closely fought states, and the attempt to contest is election loss. and the state of georgia, which are biden narrowly leads, has begun a recount of all presidential votes by hand. after the trump campaign full back, we kept a minority leader. chuck schumer says the republicans, refusal to accept the election result is undermining american democracy. republicans in congress are spreading conspiracy theories, denying reality and poisoning the well of our democracy. congressional republicans
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don't have the evidence. they don't have the proof. they don't have anything. neither does the president, congress, congressional republicans are deliberately casting doubt on our elections for no other reason, but fear of donald trump, senate minority leader, chuck schumer,, there. the political upheaval in the u.s., coronavirus, deaths and hospitalizations are accelerating at alarming rates across the country. but the fischel is reporting of 810-0000 new infections for the 9th day in a row. some states re-introducing measures such as mask wearing while others say, it's not up to the government to tell people how to behave during a pandemic. this truck arrives at a hospital in texas to help in the fight against the coronavirus, but it's not full of supplies. it's empty. it will be used as a mobile morgue as the hospital struggles to deal with the number of dead from the
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coronavirus. tents are being built in a car park to make extra room stew. local authorities have so far refused to implement a lockdown. it's a similar story across the country. the us has seen an explosion of cases for the 9th day in a row. officials have reported over 100000 new infections. some governments have seen the writing on the wall and brought in restrictions like martha wearing mandates. while there's slate individuals who hold responsibility for keeping numbers down. but i'm here to tell you this trauma surgeons. it is time we got to step up. we've got to do our part to protect one another. no government's going to do that for you. you have to take that upon yourself. you have to take that responsibility, help one another. many are sounding the warning that hospitals are rapidly reaching capacity. and one study suggests that another 100000 americans could die from the
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virus in just the next 2 months. our hospitals are rapidly filling with copd patients at a very alarming rate. and in the coming weeks, we will surpass our all time record high in terms of coal that in patient hospitalization. numbers here in the state of michigan, health officials are worried. people will become complacent over the upcoming thanksgiving holiday period. people to wear mosques and quarantine before seeing family. washington bureau chief in his poll says that politically speaking, its latest coronavirus surge couldn't come at a worse time. americans right now are looking for answers from a government that has largely ignored the rising infection rate and an economy that is throwing while white house officials and congress have been negotiating a coronavirus relief package to help struggling americans. the president has stayed
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out of the conversation and it is unclear if any action will be taken until after day. biden has attempted to use his platform to address a nervous nation, but the current administration has yet refused to make any steps towards a transition that goes for the president. since losing don't trump has only been talking on twitter, leaving many wondering when the country's problems will be tackled. it was washington bureau chief in his poll there. well, here in germany, it's that time of year when the countries world famous christmas markets operate, pairing to open for the holiday season. this year, most of them being cancelled due to the pandemic. wanting keeper in bavaria is keeping the tradition alive. but you'll have to buckle up to visit this socially
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distanced christmas market. a flurry of fake snow welcomes visitors to this atypical german christmas market. in line with the times a drive through one with many christmas markets in germany, canceled this year because of the coronavirus pandemic. the organizer of this one had to come up with a new way to bring about the christmas spirit. the staples of the classic german christmas market. are there sweets grosset aman's and cotton candy. but for the visitors, what really counts is the atmosphere when i heard christmas carols for the 1st time and i'm slowly getting into the mood but to get into a real christmas mood will take time. normally, more than 2500 christmas markets welcome visitors in germany each year. the hope is that they'll be operational again next year with about my biggest christmas wish is
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that the coronavirus is finally brought under control. and then next year is halfway normal again. a wish shared by many across germany and the world. you're watching news, rebecca, because will be up next at the top of the after me. anthony houghton, the team here in berlin for now. thanks for watching. visionary, counterpressure magister, the diplomat, who always gets straight to the place. the good to institute outgoing director. klaus to tell a man the last cultural diplomat starts november 16th on a d, w. e
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. and it will feel he's the market for longs for a nature film to have commercial success. it has to be an upscale form of entertainment, a small enough free car, in the not to, not often when you're filming in a national park in africa. if you would swing the camera a half meter to the left, all right, you'd see $25.00 game drive vehicles full of tourists taking pictures, sent into least via tagging. and in we depict an excerpt of
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a world that submitted lead being edited, to show people the last bits of unspoiled nature, a story. and i in fact, notwithstanding sort i just the course of a few days a complete day. i've been looking forward to for a long time, and we're hoping to find ledge we, antelope, i hope we find out of it as you see a few of the other empath alembic to the island right here. and there i could perhaps have a look at the back there are now going
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back now and again, never have the kind of information on for print that helicopter 6 in 3 hours, the helicopter burns 600 liters of kerosene. you could always get how to reconcile these so many already mental level is something that's hard for me to answer that last scene. the traces that we inevitably leave behind are unavoidable for me. so what the alternative is simply to do nothing. it's in the end. when making a film to raise awareness about the importance of nature just signed for if you know it was shot, some sort
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a minimum might be 3 opened up and our 9 o'clock hour and they are not in high school. but at the top, let them play it a couple set up. i've got some brilliant time on
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our time and i'm going to keep coming up on a new plan to team here. it's a kind of up the will come from for pushing the beer from time
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it's 4. 26 am an hour before sunrise movies number on the way to a glorious more on the alpine foretells. bush any which to imagine every wildlife filmmaker cares deeply about preserving nature just enough to i can let me in the hundreds i'm interested in amazing animals,
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but even more so in their habitat is one of the things the thing this isn't a more look over there. before there is the 1st thought of more lately, it's machine. if there are many stories about our local natural environment that have yet to be told be from the times or just as fascinating as the distant exotic waters. good. look, it's all water down there. that's crazy. i don't believe in going down in the more wood crazy were causing the bone or fall was
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always a force are just fantastic habitats. were unusual. animals and plants live more storehouses for massive amounts of greenhouse gases, protecting them or is also a way to tackle climate change. was crazy. but it is one of the best balloon flights ever. to move to let's go down. yes, good. all right, go down here. very true. again. you come down down there. good. now what the camera don't reach out. damn. now walk, get out. everyone out. get up. come if i can.
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so if employed go the film project like this usually takes us 3 years, but she didn't go out of the weather. doesn't always cooperate. so you have to try
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a 2nd or 3rd time, so i would have to sean with all the traveling we do. it's great that i can at least through the video editing at home between existence and it's so i was mom come to the roof sorry. starts to have personalities.
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some are crack, you're in another, some are warmer, some have blind spots, some sharks, you can come right up to them. some sharks. you can't come anywhere near them and they're all individuals. there's a shark and i'm in the bahamas. that was a real sweetheart of a shark. but i don't want lovingly into his eyes. i mean, so like a dog or a cat, still a shark. you know. i'm
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sure for when you get in a project, it's so much bigger than you. you have to grow so much in the process. paul and sea shepherd are launching a campaign against poaching. yes, me to join the campaign to stop the illegal fishing of sharks. ok. well, i got a relief that it doesn't take much to get a little fish around the run up and that of course the next one and as fast as we get up to the plate, he chased them with water cannons in hopes of flooding, or stalling the engine, the rest of
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the bird arrow finally agreed to follow us into port where we can to live or that is 40.
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so the plane yesterday morning found her like 9 kilometers off shore with our way out for a while. you'd be hard to believe that you'd be able to more drive around out here, you would say. and so you'll capture and, you know, having never been deeper than 3 or 4 feet to go on that little kiddie pool, you know, and out in big ocean. if you're hungry enough to find it, condition wise for just a distance assessment, you are 1st decently groomed, and she's not really low in the water. it doesn't appear to be extremely low energy . but you know, that's why we're trying to get her a little more careful finding 5610 pounds of food that's going to be hard when you know what you're doing, you know, or you don't have a lot of time to just state what i told her. i know the behavior is a little thing,
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but i don't know if she's not able to stay on the right area and take care manage around and here i am. i've never seen it like it's been in my critiques. the water samples that they take out of the power of are mostly in this river are consistent most toxic in all of california. because what i can't pick up its chemical toxins from all of the ag stuff don't drink the water there.


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