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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  November 8, 2020 12:00am-12:31am CET

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a student news line from berlin joe biden is elected u.s. president. right right right right. after it tends to vote count lasting days 500 secures and nothing liberal votes in the crucial state of pennsylvania when the white house we will go live to washington for the latest. and donald trump returns to the white house after getting news of his election defeat there are no signs of concession from the u.s. president is vowing to challenge election results are posted.
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on the welcome to the program democratic candidate joe biden has won the u.s. presidential election after sealing victory in the battleground state of pennsylvania of the 99 percent of votes counted and sylvania biden won 49.7 percent and trump won 49.2 the 20 electoral votes biden takes home in the state allowed him to surpass the 270 needed to win the election according to projections by the associated press he also picked up 6 and nevada giving him a total of $290.00 electoral votes to republican president donald trump's $214.00. democratic supporters across the country have been reacting to the news of president elect by success from philadelphia to black lives matter plaza in
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washington to new york times square people didn't want to hide their relief and excitement let's take a look at those reactions. to me me every time my mother is a disabled woman who goes directly to medicaid and medicare and said no a day. out and you can no longer mess with those programs is the thing we was was having. you believe that i was dead right i didn't was best for the united states there are going to be history come out of there and we are going to surprise her it started very. very thankful. and i have to wonder will vary with everyone. i know work. with me in the studio now is william glue croft of our us elections team well yes at last we do have a winner it took quite some time what made americans choose fighting over trump
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well ultimately americans always have 2 choices red blue pick one flip a coin basically right and that's one reason to keep things very simple oversimplifying that we are seeing such a 5050 or almost 50 ish split here because you have 2 choices ultimately biden appealed to more americans you know 4000000 more americans over the entire country and that he would be the one to really be more presidential the one that not just in terms of policy but also symbolically that enough americans rejected this you know divisive angry fierce 4 years that we've seen under donald trump this america 1st which in many ways actually put america last you know just to take one example the tariffs against china american business is an american simmers have actually been a shouldering that burden of tariff for you know not china as a country to what donald trump has said just as one example so ultimately. this is what it comes down to and also parties change power you know systems of government change power we see this regularly and in this case joe biden's eats it out and he
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found himself appealing to you know a bulk of democrats moderates and even some republicans and that put joe biden over the line. just barely though it was a really tight race and some polls have been predicting a landslide win for and joe biden what happened why did they get it so wrong i wouldn't say get that we've got it so wrong we're still counting votes we don't know what the final difference is going to be of course as always polling error you know if if joe biden ends up being $23.00 percentage points nationally and then you reduce the margin of error the national polls are not going to be so far off but to your point yes biden looked to be legal going into a more comfortable lead or a comfortable win then the ultimately did but let's also remember the electoral disadvantage is that joe biden and democrats in general face you know whether it's specially of the house level in congress the way districts are drawn that favor republicans the fact that rule states which largely lean conservative lean
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republican have a lot more power or equivalent power to the more populated areas of the united states tend to lean more liberal more democratic and therefore voted joe biden the fact that joe biden flipped arizona looks like it looks like he's on track to flip georgia republican strongholds although it's a 5050 shot you know in previous elections democrats weren't scoring anything in the states so i was always you know you can look at statistics and numbers any way you want i think this is a by no means a blowout for joe biden by no means a landslide but i think a comfortable and secure win for joe biden to claim the presidency right william who craft stick around don't go anywhere we're going to need you throughout the night but on an artist as the news of joe biden's victory broke president dollar trump was out golfing at the trump national golf course and sterling virginia he finished up his game before returning to the white house several hours later with supporters sharing the president's motorcade from the side of the road has so far
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refused to concede defeat and the election. let's bring in our washington correspondent sumi some us condom sumi welcome to the show the united states that now finally know who will leave them throughout the next 4 years but it took us quite some time to get here how do we get to the point where we could call the race for biden and harris. well 1st of all on a broader level this was a bitterly contested election so how we got here is these 2 very different men on the one hand president trump leading up to the election was really playing to his conservative base using fear really as a powerful tool in getting voters out in favor really driving home cultural and social divisions and also sowing doubt over the integrity of the election as we've heard time and again and joe biden on the other hand got to this point trying to deliver a message of of healing and unity he promised honesty and decency back in the white house now how we got here in the more immediate sense is
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a record turnout so more americans voted in this election than ever before and 100000000 turned up before election day itself then on election day we saw this a rush of people to the polls to cast their ballots in person and the majority of those voters were supporters of president trump in those key battleground states so we started to see on election night the wave of red moving across them out that night but as we've been told in advance nicole then all of those mail in ballots started to be counted and some of them were actually just being counted on election day and some say they couldn't open those ballots until election day and slowly then little by little over the course of the week since tuesday we saw joe biden make up the lead in states like michigan and wisconsin also georgia as william was talking about and then overtake the president in historic fashion and that is also i should say when we started to see the president strike back on twitter and also at the white house on thursday claiming falsely that illegal votes were changing the outcome of the election i mean these were in fact legal votes that were simply
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being counted and when those tallies were added up in states like pennsylvania today which was the definitive factor that led to networks here calling this election for a job and they showed that he had built an insurmountable lead in those states that he needed to win. donald trump has said on twitter he claimed that he had won the election then he went golfing when his defeat was announced can we expect to see any more of him today sumi. while the white house has put a lid on the president so that means that we will not see him speaking to the public at all but as you mentioned he has been active again on twitter for the 1st time since joe biden was named president elect he commented on twitter again spreading that those unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud we saw a statement released by president trump as he was actually still at the golf course saying that his team is planning to continue with those legal challenges and our producer here has just passed on the information that president trusts reelection
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campaign has now filed another lawsuit in arizona they're claiming that there is been fraud or at least the votes were not tallied correctly there and they're also setting up a website for voters who witness problems and this isn't maricopa county this is the county at this large county where we've seen tallying still going on so clearly the president and his team showing that they are not backing down that they're going to continue this strategy of launching further legal challenges despite the fact that until now all of those legal challenges or these legal challenges haven't actually held up in court and in fact judges in pennsylvania and michigan and georgia have batted down these cases because there simply hasn't been enough proof of actual fraud taking place how many of these legal actions have been launched as of this moment including the one that you just told us about. what you don't have the definitive count in front of me nicole but there certainly have been
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several now that the president and his team have launched i'm like i said it's in michigan in pennsylvania in georgia now in arizona and there were there was also a case in pennsylvania that actually had started before the election itself and that was around how long votes or how late rather votes absentee. well it's could arrive and that was about the fact that for voters in pennsylvania they put their absentee ballot in the mail on november 3rd itself so on a lecture day they could still be counted all the way up until friday and that was something that went all the way to the supreme court and it was out how that that would be allowed and that is something that the president is to and his team of return to so a slew of suits that we've seen them launching across the country particularly in those battleground states in michigan it was about stopping vote counting that i should say that they haven't had until now launched any suits in arizona because that was one of those states where we saw president trump as those ballots were being counted actually making up ground in that defeat the deficit rather that he
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was facing to joe biden there so we can expect more of these challenges ahead nicol all right so me william let me ask you this the republican party has not been sitting at home watching dollar tweet away there have been reactions to these baseless claims that we have seen throughout the past couple of days can you walk us through these reactions have they been condemning. these these baseless claims have they've been supportive of trump what have we seen in his party it's really a mix we've seen people like marco rubio in former senator of florida. chris christie former governor of new jersey coming out on the record saying this is not ok you know of course we might want strong to win we support of course of trying to if they want republicans to win but only if the math is there only if the votes dictate that and claiming things that aren't true trying to claim victory when the results are even very get let alone in your favor just is not healthy for democracy
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we have to put country above party which is what politicians very much like to say mitt romney of course but he's a long time critic of donald trump probably the only one who was publicly are coming out from his party. donald trump for a very long time so not so surprising there we're going to have to see now if where this goes you will this be a moment that republicans will say enough is enough these 203040 years that we've seen of growing partisanship of just using wedge issues cultural hot button issues just to win elections where winning really is about everything and the good of the country and the good of what american people want is secondary to that is this you know we've seen now you know donald trump is kind of the outgrowth of this you know the pinnacle of this and all republicans say ok we need to find another way of course we have disagreements and of course we want our own policies to be enacted we think we have the best way forward but maybe doesn't have to be so tribal and
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democrats they're going to have to decide you know we have conservatives in our party we have liberals in our party how are we going to come together so that they you know politically speaking they can win elections and stop you know nit picking at seats you know keep going back and forth red and blue and also how are we ourselves going to have a unified platform that we can then bring to republicans to work together on common issues that's kind of the challenge going forward that joe biden that's the world the political world that joe biden is going to adopt when he could be enters office on january 20th let's talk about the divide between democrats and republicans president elect biden is known to have been working across the aisle throughout his very long political career how hard is that going to be given the current political climate it's going to be extremely difficult joe biden does have a record of being this century a person that can make compromises cut deals you know something something for everyone so to speak not the 0 sum politics that we've seen of donald trump the
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last 34 years but joe biden also comes from a different era he comes from a much more homogenous era when you know politics was run by white men that looked like him that whether you're republican or democrat you kind of more or less have the same ideas came from. similar backgrounds saw the world in the same way politics fortunately is diversifying but the downside to that from a political perspective it gets harder to get people to agree on various issues because you have so many more so many more experienced people bringing different issues different thoughts to the table that's the world joe biden is going to be entering and a lot of his colleagues that he was able to reach out to they're either retired or some of them you know john mccain for example a close friend of joe biden is now dead so what kind of environment is joe biden going to bring back that old school environment but in a much more diverse environment and in an environment it's become as i said much more tribal where party really is more important than country or is it going to be
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more of the same that's you know i can't answer that unfortunately we're going to see how the you know 1st years months years of the by the administration looks like right let's bring some kind of back and sheet and washington for us so we the harris transition team already got working how likely do you think 'd it is that that we'll see a handover between administrations is very usual that that the team of the outgoing president and the incoming work closely together is that going to be the case when trump exits the white house to make room for joe biden. well look we don't know for sure but this has been anything but a usual presidency that we've seen from president trump until now and so it is hard to imagine that we would see president trump's team sit down and put together a meticulous hand over into a welcome president biden president elect biden into office we do know that as you
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said perhaps to go past you know president elect biden and come later as they have already announced that they're putting together their transition team we have a statement that they released a short while ago saying that the transition teams is preparing its full speed so that the biden harris administration can hit the ground running on day one maybe that is in fact a way to bypass the fact that there might not be a full handover and we also saw the website here in the u.s. actually also reporting that president elect joe biden has announced that he's putting together a covert task force on monday already so really preparing to hit the ground running as they said as soon as he takes office after inauguration and that is important because we can't forget that there are several issues that are going to be huge priorities for the president elect in coming to harris the vice president elect to tackle right away 1st and foremost the pandemic so clearly they are taking this very severe seriously and making sure that they are able to take on that transition as quickly as possible and this condo in washington thank you so much for your
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analysis. now joe biden's victory means that his running mate come on harris will become the 1st female and asian and african american a vice president and u.s. history she called the president elect to offer her congratulations shortly after u.s. media outlets announced his victory let's have a listen. there are. president of the united states. joe biden's victory crowns a long career in politics one that includes 2 previous failed presidential bids and 8 years in office as barack obama 2nd in command is a closer look at the man who will be in charge of the white house for the next 4 years it began half a century ago 29 joseph biden was one of the youngest candidates ever elected to the u.s. senate his success though laced with sadness when just weeks later his wife and
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daughter died in a car accident he remarried and made his 1st presidential bid in 1008 and again 20 years later my grandmother would yell out spread the faith. he was chosen to be barack obama's running mate. the best vice president has ever had mr joe but. i'm resigned to never quite reaching the nation's highest office until donald trump came along that's why the. president of the united states. we have to with this decades of experience biden said he was the man to restore america's standing in the world that he was the man for the moment. i'll be a president will stand with our allies and friends and make it clear to our adversaries the days of cozying up to dictators is over he promised a sure leadership in the midst of the coronavirus condemning. exist and made it nearly another 210000 americans. could lose their lives by the end of the year
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and nothing no more let's just set partisanship aside let's end the politics and follow the signs. ultimately the voters agreed and made joseph biden the $46.00 president of the united states of america. time lucky. and did always all of us al it is in joe biden's hometown and wilmington delaware all over i imagine people there are happy with those results. of course they are and there's a very festive atmosphere here you can see behind me a couple 100 celebrating dancing waving their flags they've set up some balloons people brought their instruments here playing the guitar all day long dancing in fact and really celebrating this day as they know it's
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a story day of course and they just want to be part of it and can't wait for joe biden to take the stage in a couple hours from now to deliver his acceptance speech however people are well aware of the situation the country is in right now a polarized nation a divided nation but many people just say that they believe that joe biden is exactly the right one to bring the country together to heal this nation and that's their hopes and their expectation for the next 2 years that's his plan and these are his supporters hole but will he be able to pull it off it's quite a task at this point in time as. it is a challenge that's very much right because 1st of all it's not clear whether joe biden can actually gain control of the senate it doesn't really look like it and in order to undo president tom's policies he needs to control both chambers of the u.s. congress the house of representatives and the senate so in case he will not control the senate there are going to be a runoff in the state of georgia in january would be patient once again until them
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in that case the only means of governing for him will be by executive order as in certain cases so all the big reform ideas that he has improving the situation of migrants in the united states improving the situation of low income families that will not be so easy to push forward and we will have to see if you can govern the govern the united states with these executive orders that will certainly be an unstable government to a certain extent all the people around you are waiting to see joe biden give his acceptance speech how long will they have to wait. bult say one in the house hours if he comes punctually is so 8 pm eastern. time that's in one and a half hours joe biden will is planned to take the stage you can see the screens they have already set up there so for the couple of 100 said kerry it's not a huge crowd of course because there are cold regulations in place during the last
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days only a couple cars were actually allowed to enter the premises there is a big fence surrounding that premises and now there's a couple of spectators and viewers that are coming just to hear him to be here to enjoy this moment for them and then we will hear is speech and he will certainly make clear what his policy ideas are and also try to bring the nation together start to start the healing and that we will hear of course also in his rhetoric which is a very different one from what we've heard of president trump over the last 2 years will be coming back to you throughout the night out of assailant in wilmington delaware hometown president elect joe biden. now david lean's washington bureau chief paul is outside the white house in washington in 1000 happening where you are. well you know it's no limits less than 7 hours since the united states know who their next president is and i'm a just
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a couple of 100 meters away from the white house and people are still poor ring in there bring their signs they are dancing they're bringing their children their own bikes. and skateboards it's still a big big party out here in washington we have to keep in mind that washington is a very very liberal bubble in the united states but it is i have to be honest here it is quite amazing to see the mix of those crowds it's young people older people boom and people a 1000000000 people with. children african americans asian women with headscarves so this is like a real real mix of what the united states is as well. a lot of people have described to us as the most important election in their lifetimes what's at stake exactly can you walk us through the topics that really motivated people to vote.
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right you know we were able to travel this country all of us all of being now in delaware was part of the d w team who traveled from los angeles back to the white house in a little when. and we talked to many many people who told us this is the most important election of their lifetime the younger of voters mainly stressed on climate change they are thinking that joe biden is the right candidates to provide the climate catastrophe from happening you know we have to keep in mind california just experienced the worst wildfires in history just a couple of months ago then we have florida with all the hurricanes which is also getting worse so this was a huge issue for many people then of course we have all these so-called single issue voters that's very common here in the united states that people pick their president just for one reason some of them it's anti or pro abortion for
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others it's the right to carry your gun. at the algae b g q community was really out this time because they were wary worried that if donald trump would win another term and then would be able maybe to put in even more conservative supreme court justices had that they might threaten gay rights like gay marriage so that was a huge topic but you know we always have to keep in mind even so it doesn't look like that if this is beautiful a warm night we are in the midst of a horrible demick some experts say the maybe 1000000 americans might die of covert 19 all of a liver salad just talked about the konami implications so some people obviously. that joe biden would be the better president to carry this
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country through this dangerous and. we're just seeing the most amazing pictures of people swimming in a found bear i believe that's washington as well. this is a. region what i want to know and our students every you know it was only. let's talk about the role of calling in arizona to say only took like. that oh that's fine i'm happy to talk about some of the areas because it is interesting you know this time it doesn't seem good for people here don't really seem to celebrate joe biden as a person they it's a huge relief here in the pictures pictures showing that which you know people dancing or swimming in pools jumping into fountains is really a relieve that donald trump is out of the white house to biden wasn't really able
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to release barak and energize the crowds throwing his cum pain but kemel hammer is in that regard is playing a big role and we see that here we see many many signs and t. shirts kamala harris she is the 1st african american and also asian woman who is why is president in the united states and we always have to keep in mind that the day joe biden will be sworn in as the president of the united states he will be the oldest president ever so you know she is literally just a heartbeat away pro from the presidency if something happens to joe biden so this is gives her position even more weight and she she was able to energize. many many african-american women i was able to talk to over the course of
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the last couple of weeks i think you finally have one of us in the white house a woman who understands our concerns who has been living through what we've been living through all her life so it was a very smart and obviously effective pick of joe biden. was seeing all these people celebrating out in a straight and get president trump has said he will not concede how could the next weeks and months pan out. right i mean we have to wait and see and we have to bear in mind that. hillary clinton also won the night 4 years ago because before she gave her concession speech so we have to be fair 'd in that regard. many people are really worried they. don't trump themselves or maybe his supporters kind of see their obvious anger and frustration within the
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trump support of her group and that this might kind of turn into why it's all of it a great report about militias here in the countries we always have to keep in mind that there are millions and millions of guns always here in these united states so we have to wait and see and we mustn't forget it's also coming down to the g.o.p. to the republican party room they be able to kind of tame don't trump and will they be able now to step forward and say now we take the lead again because he is not our president anymore and we have to work together with the democrats to prevent really form from huge riots to happen here in this country in a simple thank you very much. if you're watching news let's give you a quick recap now of the story the world is following at this hour joe biden has
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won the white house after sealing victory in the ballad ground state of pennsylvania with 99 percent of the vote counted in pennsylvania biden garnered 49.7 percent and trump received 49.2 percent the 20 electoral votes biden won in the state allowed him to surpass the 270 needed to win the election according to projections by the associated press he also picked up 6 in nevada giving him a total of 290 electoral votes to republican president 214 as the news of joe biden's victory broke president was out golfing the trump national golf course in sterling virginia he finished up his game before returning to the white house several hours later by supporters cheering the president's motorcade from the side of the road has so far refused to concede defeat in the election. leaders from all around.


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