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tv   30 Jahre Deutsche Einheit  Deutsche Welle  October 3, 2020 7:03pm-7:31pm CEST

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doing and what is the course of action forward is there. he came out a big team of doctors there are 3 pointing out 3 pulmonary care experts in the bank . that's a solid amount of experts in terms of lungs ventilation oxygen and so on just pointing this out here however if you believe doctors are calling then it is all pretty much hunky dory of course not to be i'm not going to make fun of it but it is to be taken serious but the president is doing fine and the medicine he was giving is doing what it's supposed to be doing and they're optimistic in terms of how this is all going to work out for the president however and we heard this in the sound bite there 72 hours into this diagnosis that's what the doctor said and with that he threw a big wrench in anything else he said because that's what we reported surge 72
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hours that really doesn't make sense the time lie doesn't add up when was and that's the key question when was president trump the last time. covert tested and found negative and when was he found the 1st time positive 72 hours 48 hours 36 hours we just know for $36.00 or 37 hours that the president actually is covert 900 positive so did he go on a. campaign event fully known that he's covert 9000 positive heavy been tested before this or is this not the case so many many more questions remain there it is a good thing that the white house finally made a dr available to brief the press and the. basically every country around the world because there's a really huge interest in trying to find out and learn about how the most powerful person in the world definitely in america is actually doing right now but still many many questions and no answers well stephon also contradicting the upbeat
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assessment of trump's physicians are some reports coming out saying that terms condition is actually very concerning can you fill us in on those reports yeah that's really going to have to explain how this all came to so there is a source. present at walter reed we believe the press school believes reporters here in washington police who brief the pool reporters pool reporters just for our viewers those are the reporters and journalists who are designated to go to events like this because you can't have 100 or more reporters and journalists and camera teams in a walk in the walter reed medical center and you know we have a pandemic here so poor reporters do this so those reporters were briefed and let me read to you what they were told of course off. off the record but
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clearly ain't that to be reported and here's what the source says who remains and then miss the president's violence over the last 24 hours were very concerning and the next 48 hours will be critical in terms of his care we are still not on a clear path to a full recovery so if you take this statement unsourced but given to the press lands to the press so it will be published and from a white house source who is familiar with the president's condition. and you take the doctor's statements before this you have what a mess and this is what we're actually having right now khomeini came in information policy of this white house and related to all of this to the president and many many more people getting sick with 19 now officer corps team in the white house in the senate is there is a mess there is no clear communication there is no good communication and american people the american public has many many questions and gets no answers well stefan
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i'd like to follow up on what you just said a moment ago but do stand by let's 1st take a look at how news of president trump corona virus infection 1st emerged and bit more detail on the treatment that he has been receiving. the 1st since the u.s. president since he shocked the world with his curve of 19 diagnosis. here donald trump is being transferred to a hospital with officials insisting it's only a precautionary measure. the white house said he was fatigued but in good spirits and experiencing mild symptoms. before takeoff the president assured his supporters he was doing ok. think everybody with the tremendous support i. think. maybe things were the 1st lady's doing.
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so thank you very much appreciate it. the white house had been on high alert off the news that a top aide was diagnosed with the virus some thursday. hicks seen here in the brown coat often travels with president trump now the race is on to trace and test the people who might have come into contact with the president and the potential pool of people is huge several of the people close to trump of known tested positive for corona virus and that number could grow even further. form a senior adviser to the president kellyanne conway seen here talking to u.s. attorney general bill barr was at an event at the white house rose garden a week ago she has since tested positive for the virus and so 2 republican senator mark lee seen here shaking hands touching and hugging people at the same event. with an election to win trump has been on the road to addressing voters but he
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hasn't always worn a face mask or followed social distancing god lines. outside of the volta reed hospital trump supporters have been gathering to show their support for the president. but with a month until the election trump's illness has thrown his campaign into uncharted territory. and if donald trump hopes to stay in office he's going to have to beat the coronavirus 1st. all right let's turn back to our washington d.c. correspondent stefan seaman's stephanie you mention there we just saw it in that report 2 more people in the president's inner circle testing positive for covert 19 did trump's physician say anything about where trump himself and those other in his inner circle could have been infected. no no answer on this question and this question was actually asked of course because that's what we have to know right
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this place into the timeline is placed into into the responsibility of the president or people surrounding him if they knew if they would have known that they were possibly or in fact a covert 19 positive would they still attend this event and this event was of course saturday last saturday when the president announced his nominee for the new or for the for the supreme court. burt. there were a lot of people that there was the court trump administration team was their chief of staff mark meadows the general attorney bob barr the judiciary committee the committee senators who are in this committee who are actually supposed to appoint or have a hearing with ms barrett fairly soon. now they are covert 9 positive chris christie former new jersey governor who is a an adviser to the president or hit the president the president's campaign who
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briefed and advised the president on debating joe biden last tuesday he just published the publicized that he is now covert 19 also so you see the list is growing of people kellyanne conway. the trump advisor whole pics of course we all know that so a massive amount of people now more and more so coming out and saying you know covert 19 positive. donald trump jr it is vice president pence and his wife cope with knives and negatives but this is what's going on this is a major task and it's a major problem you have to test people again and again and again you have to contact trace you have to not only the white house. staff has to be tested but also senate senate staff senators representatives in the house of representatives and their staff so this is growing growing and growing and getting messier and messy and messy. 17 months reporting for us from washington d.c.
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many thanks indeed. all right let's turn our attention now to some of the other stories making news this hour at least 15 people have been killed in eastern afghanistan after attackers detonated a truck bomb in province local officials say many more people were wounded and that casualties could rise no group has yet claimed responsibility violence continues in the war torn nation despite ongoing peace talks taking place in qatar. italy's far right opposition leader has gone on trial charged with legally detaining migrants when he was interior minister last year more than $100.00 migrants remained on a ship salvini waited for other states to agree to take them in he rejects the charges calling them politically motivated. german foreign minister heiko mas has called on the e.u. to impose sanctions against russia following the poll poisoning of kremlin critic
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other things of all me with a band nerve agent called it a grave violation of the international chemical weapons convention that could not be left unanswered. germany is marking 30 years of the country's reunification on this the 3rd of october germany's national holiday earlier today the country's president from walter steinmeier gave the keynote speech at the official ceremony in potsdam near berlin an event that was significantly scaled down due to the coronavirus pandemic. a landmark date celebrating 30 years since a divided germany became once again the film studios and just outside berlin provided the stage for the official ceremony a toned down event due to the coronavirus pandemic only 230 guests were present about one 5th of the audience originally planned plans for
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a big street party had to be abandoned. in this keynote speech german president. said the pandemic couldn't blunt's the country's pride in the achievement of reunification he paid tribute to the peaceful revolution in communist east germany that brought down the berlin wall in november 1989 and. 2020 the german federal republic is a country that has been molded by east germans and west germans well rooted family and my friends it is a country that draws hope from the victory of the ideas of 989. many were the lessons learned from germany's the vision and reunification stein maya said including the country strong belief in international cooperation and approach now often being called into question around the world. we germans are
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committed to international cooperation even though it has become harder especially since it has become harder and. we want to stand up for a strong and fair international order together with our partners in europe ladies and gentlemen dear guests this too is a lesson in mission we've inherited from our history. a day of remembrance but also of celebration accompanied by performances appealing to the musical tastes of all age groups including the almost 13000000 germans who are 30 years old or younger who never experienced a divided germany. a country now united but were economic and sometimes cultural differences still exist recent polls show 2 thirds of germans don't think the process of reunification is complete a task that will be up to younger generations to accomplish in the years to come. did i please correspondent nina ha's that was in following the events there for us
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despite coronavirus restrictions the organizers got creative have a look i mean part of the host city of official festivities marking 30 years of german reunification now here in part the monday's boulevard organizers have set up 16 cubes where the 16 federal state can present themselves and people can learn something about the many faces of more than germany now of course the coronavirus pandemic has forced organizers to scale down official events considerably and you do have to wear a mask on this boulevard for example but what the current a virus pandemic has also done in an interesting twist of fate almost is that it has meant that many west germans have gone to east germany for the very 1st time in their lives there are studies that show that one in 5 west germans have never been to germany and that change they fear well west germans found themselves going on
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their summer holiday to places like macon will call home on. and that was. the reporting for you behind her mask covered in the german federal states berlin's most iconic landmark the brandenburg gate is the traditional scene of crowded festivities every year but it was a very different scene this time around because of the coronavirus restrictions. thomas sparrow sent us his impressions of this year's reunification day. there's no doubt that the brandenburg gate where we're standing right now has a very powerful meaning it was a symbol of division during the cold war and it also became a symbol of reunification it was around here exactly 3 decades ago that thousands of jobs came together to celebrate reunification it is also here where every year germans come together to commemorate that truly historic moment but not this because of the coronavirus pandemic most of the events right here were actually
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counseled nevertheless not far away from berlin at the official event german president. stressed how much germany has actually advanced in these last 3 decades a stable peaceful country at the heart of europe and yet at the same time how many differences still remain between east and west german reunification is not a process that has concluded it is an ongoing challenge for german authorities. and joining me now in the studio is cut in half now and she's a berlin artist and a former east german civil rights activist content thank you so much for coming in today to talk to us now i know that you took enormous personal risks years ago to campaign from freedom in the former east germany tell us a bit about what you were doing in those months prior to the wall coming down. so
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i been in the opposition movement for years but we were mainly operating in small groups and kind of undercover and in september 89 we have changed our way of working because we could see. if we don't give this later cold peaceful revolution if we don't give it to face and if we don't move people really we will not never have a chance so the force of september where we actually stepped out my friend and i was a banner for an open country was free people that was the moment it's today considered to have triggered the peaceful revolution. yeah this is what we did before but i was imprisoned after this and i actually came through the success of the piece for evolution and so i could watch watch the
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war come though now as someone who was among those protesters who actually helped bring an end to the east german regime looking back now 30 years later 30 years after reunification how successful do you think it's then. i mean in this year in $89.00 we have to say that the imaginable happened something that no one could ever know and so it was end of the cold war. a period of peace and the year of we know now that was the beginning of it so i think it's fair to say it cannot be over exaggerated that this was a special really special year. so in terms of
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success i'm not i don't want to downplay that there are still remaining divisions so. but in terms of injustices in our society i would say they are not only about east and west if you look at people who work the whole. week and they cannot pay their rents or even have a mortgage. where we have people in retirement picking up bottles from a been because of the refund that's not only about east and west that's an injustice where this split open about the part of society who is well off and the as a part of who was left behind but i don't think it's only about east and west so still much still needs to be done for civil rights even 30 years later after the
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fall of the wall cuts can happen however thank you so much for coming in and sharing your experiences with us thank you thank you. well one of the most serious that perhaps left visible challenges now facing germany's east is deep population young qualified people have been leaving the region in droves to seek their future in western german cities or even farther afield it's a key reason why even after 30 years of stimulus payments totaling well over a trillion euros the region still remains economically behind the old west germany w visited one town that's been grappling with an exodus of much of its female population with surprising results. a small town in an idyllic lakeside setting pen kuhn in the far north east is marking the 30th anniversary of the end of communist east germany or not tobar the 3rd public holiday either before and
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it's something to celebrate i'm glad i experienced it then and that i can live like i do today things are much better now future. d.w. last reported from paying khun 13 years ago at that time young women were leading the d. population of the region leaving the older men behind the women always wanted to move west. or humbug someone like that. definitely going yes i'm out of here. it's rubbish. paying coon and the whole of the northeast seemed then to be in terminal decline to date appears at 1st that most of the residents are still men but in fact there are young women with children living here as well the mess says there's no more talk of the town dying on its feet. what is it and as always you know how many things have changed young families are moving here from berlin and the state teen area. some of polish families
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bringing a breath of fresh air to our town or. life in pen can began to improve in 2007 when the border opened between poland and germany playing kuhn is not far from the polish city of state teen a lot has changed since then the school was on the verge of closing but is now thriving thanks to its polish pupils. new homes are being built and more are planned people can also grow old here young people are moving to paying khun to work as carers in this retirement home as investee guides we need staff both in the care home and to support the family as we are so glad that young families are buying property and having houses built there coming back to our region and ones that he wants or can not everything in pink or in is perfect ironically
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a building called unity house is an i saw it will soon be converted into a medical center other buildings are empty the last 2 shops in the market square have closed and you won't find anything to eat and drink but paying coon is not on its last legs there are just as many women as men again here and their numbers are growing. at sea you get so quick yeah i'm moving back to my hometown why now it's absolutely great to only realize how nice it is here once you move away. they're celebrating german reunification 30 years on i'm not shedding any tears for the end of communist east germany. some sports news now and in football english side liverpool have confirmed their forward study on monday has tested positive for the corona virus when a played a key role in helping liverpool win the premier league title last season his
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symptoms have been described as minor bunt will now have to self isolate for 10 days many's the 2nd liverpool player to contract the virus this week after tiago of cantars positive test. recently joined the club from byron munich. and finally egypt has opened an exhibition of almost 60 ancient coffins with well preserved mummies inside they were found in wells at the site of the ancient egyptian city of memphis south of cairo researchers unsealed one of the decorated star kafa guy to reveal the mummy inside they believe the bodies preserved in this way were those of priests top officials and other important people who died around 2600 years ago. a reminder now of our top stories president trump's personal physician dr sean conley says the
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president is doing well following his diagnosis with close with 19 other members of the team treating him described the care he's receiving as state of the art his treatment with does appear will continue for another 5 states. you're up to date now on d w news i'll be back at the top of the hour with more news for you up next is 77 percent of the magazine's program for africa is you america evan seen me and the entire team thanks for watching.
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they shared one dream to start a new life young migrants in sicily to base if their life a living hell was worth the risk they took they would i went through. this not really wanting to you know in the interim give you 25 years of i believe that you cannot survive on that it's coming here to come here you are already in from the old you are only from changing copper got the 77 percent living next year
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d.w. . casa while the. cities around the world are facing unprecedented challenges climate change is making other heat islands even hotter and more and more animals are moving and it's getting wilder and. enormous love and planners thinking up solutions tomorrow today. in 60 minutes on t.w. . this some notes story stubborn rice farmer from thailand. his problem pests. his credo no chemicals. and his
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camera. stepped. out. orders from. the students during the past don't stand a chance. of training successful. as. starts october 5th. welcome to a new edition of the 77 percent my name is liz schoen and i'm thrilled to have your company and. this is what's coming up on this week's show. we ask young migrants in italy who made the perilous journey across the mediterranean sea whether it was worth it. in sudan we need some inspiring passion you blind were returned home after many years abroad.


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