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longer and healthier life it is very interesting to see what the men into dinner did when they were young so they wouldn't smoke so my advice is quit smoking eat healthy foods mostly plants and you should have a lot of exercise and if you follow these things. you do a lot to to have the full potential of your own personal life expectancy in one of the cover stories of the most famous magazine here in germany you claimed that men who live in the family and take care of the family live a longer and healthier life but isn't this just boring at least then you could say it's boring for a longer time so it's more boring than this but i think also in the same time you have more days full of happiness because if men live in unhealthy and good relationships they have less accidents they take less drugs
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they have better food. they're not that stupid and so i think the result of that and the repercussion is that you live a longer life thanks very much for this very interesting talk my pleasure the field of medicine is a man's world most clinics i managed by men hairpiece i researched on men guidelines for therapies written by men and even in experiments that are most over male that's got to change i share this opinion with get told she's the research of . her topic gender medicine. care in berlin the hospital research is looking into how men and women deal differently with their health and sickness. today the team are discussing the results of a new survey it shows the differences in our approach to health matters are also evident in the new coronavirus era and since the scientists women seem more willing
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to comply with safety measures one voluntary but men only when they're mandatory so it's another example of gender disparity. the team is headed by gad told to. professor if a gender sensitive prevention research have particular focus is on how men and women can prevent age related conditions like obesity and diabetes and how doctors can best support them in their efforts. this mother the point is for people to eat healthier get more exercise reduce their tobacco and alcohol consumption and then live longer and healthier and with a decent quality of life. but there are all significant differences between the sexes women tend to know more about what they're eating and have healthier diet many generally know more about exercise and eating more sports. those insights can help improve self-help options such as for losing weight.
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problem. women are ok with group activities such as those offered commercially but men not so much. they're more receptive to on line options. so tailoring things to what men and women need will hopefully increase people's interest in the measures and mean a better chance of success. or. the further issue is dealing with serious diseases such as cancer something women will talk about with their friends men on the other hand tend to confide in their wives a partner says. while and after their ill man ask what they can do for themselves by changing their lifestyle and with man in particular if that's a window of opportunity. doctors can use it to provide recommendations or talk
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about issues it's a big opportunity for the manager. of course after say being diagnosed with prostate cancer they can change all kinds of things having a healthier diet string more exercise and reducing stress. on. another example is involuntary childless there's been considerable research into women improving their fertility by losing weight but precious little on what men can do. and in fact this one sided focus on women is harmful to both sexes. there is simply not enough research into way into boosting male fertility. we want to improve that situation by examining both partners men and women in. research into gender specific characteristics however it is only one part of the picture even among
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women there are major differences and that to help my. as there are among men everyone is different so ideally we would have medical treatment customized to each and every one of us. exploration. ultimately we want to use this male female dichotomy to gain a better understanding of how patients differ. so not just differences between men and women but also within those groups in their behavior and in their strategies for coping and in what they really need to deal with their illness. so gender research is merely a 1st step along the way towards personalized medicine. also medications work differently depending on the patients gender active
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ingredients are being absorbed in different rates women often have more body fat men often are taller and that's very important for the dosage however too little attention is paid to these differences and this might be quite dangerous professor very. knows the disparate effect of medication on men and women is largely overlooked and under researched one reason is the way in which trial studies are configured by not such an inlet sniff anything over the last 50 years there have been efforts to avoid including women in drug trials. and due to evidence of the damage caused to the embryo during pregnancy. and we see that especially in the early phases of drug development tests are conducted on healthy volunteers and they're overwhelmingly young man human men are and exact remains a major problem some forms of medication have a different effect on women. there are
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a number of reasons for that. the 1st factor is that the time needed to digest the pill there is according to the patient's x. . secondly enzymes are key to the effect of the drug because they release and active ingredients men and women can have different quantities of enzymes so the ratio of the doses ingredients that actually enter the bloodstream also varies according to our sex. 3rd women tend to have a larger proportion of fat and are generally smaller as well as a result the active ingredient is distributed differently in the tissue consequently women are more likely to suffer on wanted side effects test and thus card we're currently testing this with commonly prescribed drugs and believe we have sound data suggesting that women need different target doses we need to change
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the strategy and to test medication on all groups among the population they're intended for. this is not of course that includes women and the elderly who account for a major part of consumption engine in course entire diets ny middle. which is why professor very good and her team are working on a study its aim is to determine whether illnesses themselves develop differently in women and men and what that means for their respective treatment. of your boy in this in beta male you want to know which medication older people need which doses and their degree of tolerance. and of course they also want to know the effect of that medication on the heart and circulation and other functions in the body room or and under or from tone in copper bun flows in. previous studies
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have already shown that some heart medication shortens women's lives but not those of men. this new study covers more than just physical examinations participants also answer range of questions about their daily routines the aim here is to determine any differences in the my styles of men and women. what i find interesting is having the results afterwards which gives me a better assessment of myself so. soft i can see what condition i am in relative to my age both physically and mentally. the study also incorporates a new measurement procedures this blood pressure test for example delivers far more data than would be the case at general practitioners it also takes into account that order was become stiffer with old age without that factor there's
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a danger of the test returning an incorrectly high blood pressure study participants are already appreciating the benefits when. i expect to find out more about myself and hopefully this will also help other people the researchers might have discovered something that wasn't previously known with. sometimes it's the small things that can make a big difference. in many cases an additional node in the patient information leaflet would help to address specific differences when dosing medication. so many differences in terms of both effective doses and side effects so i'd say that information should always be included on superior. there are good reasons for considering the differences between women and men when it comes to medication all too often the bias towards
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men still leads to avoidable complications and side affects. there's a lot to be done before men and women are treated equally in medicine and i've got a lot of things to do because i have to prepare for next week's show see you then and until then let's try to stay in good shape.
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to the point. clear positions international perspectives of. all the united states and china drifting towards a new call for more time with so much at stake what can be done to ensure that the world's 2 most powerful nations don't reach a point of no return find out all to the point show fight. to the point.
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players playing the game of swan d.-w. . is quite as simple as it seems. to understand the world better we need to take a closer look. at. the experience knowledge tomorrow to. come. every day counts for us and for our planet lead. a
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global ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation explain how to make see the screenplay how can we protect you have attended school play we can make a difference to a player mind you as an environmental series in global $3000.00 on w. and all month. an email some good goalkeepers the 2nd season on the french system back environment soon about society and its theme about our split off planet on the brink he spoke to some of the leading experts in the film about how to change the just the phone would ring fenced the flock. plato piece for me to play tonight is for you. is for helen. beethoven is for her. to be tough.
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it's for the. beethoven as far as. the token is for. beethoven 2027250th anniversary year long do you know. this is news and these are top stories hong kong's leader kerry lamb has postponed september's legislative council elections by one year citing the risk of corona virus infection the vote would have been hong kong's 1st since a controversial security law was brought into effect. u.s.
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president donald trump has threatened to ban the chinese own video of tik tok in the u.s. citing national security concerns american media reports suggest.


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