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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  May 1, 2020 11:15pm-11:30pm CEST

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this is d.w. new so i will have more at the top i'll be out on of course around the clock on the website that's t w dot com i'm going to. the global corona crisis you can find more information online at e.w. dot com and on t.w. social media channels. in the. climate change. goes from soup.
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to. nuts nice to people. today the future of. g.w. dot com african american cities the you can get. could enter. a new movie. there on the frontline in the battle against corona virus the now health care workers say they aren't getting enough protection. at the same time the boss of germany's biggest humean organization tells d.w. business underappreciated workers deserve better pay. this is the duty of business i'm rob watson beilin well come along we're seeing them putting that own lives on the line to help others but health care workers in many parts of the world are
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complaining of a lack of equipment they need to continue saving lives and on international workers day some took to the streets. nurses and health care workers around the world are going on strike because they lack sufficient personal protective equipment i became removed because i want to not mind when the last 2 weeks or 100 of my colleagues have died because of the grim about it we need people and we need it now we need adequate face masks without the right p.p. we're just past cells in danger our family in danger we actually put patients in danger as we become vectors for the virus ourselves. after more than 24 bus drivers died of covert 19 nurses and health care workers in london started to team up with all workers who were unable to self distance in their jobs demanding better protection for all key workers while white. people from italy and spain united states. and very importantly know who are
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in pakistan is sort of a problem the 4 of them are here by. we are here protesting strong 11 month is a mere garment is fair provided in. the 1st 50 years if you're in baluchistan when if i were doctors and health care provider that was the rich go out if. we were left with nothing to go under got a f. struggle was i was. i was the person jochen school industry was says in the form now to buy my socks on their own if it is senator is right from there on ok. but we know they're on the frontline because. there's
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a little who beat the system. during the case at 19 pandemic it's essential to provide better protection for all essential workers who can't stay safe for a time as it's their job to take care of others. well i've been speaking to right now half man president of the german trade union confederation d g b which represents almost 6000000 workers across germany he's called for greater pay for those who were perhaps underappreciated before the pandemic such as health workers careers and clean as i asked him if the crisis would give unions greater power to push for higher wages. miss. opportunity people are suffering for the time being there are crates on the situation i can understand very well. that they could lose their jobs. about their
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future but it would to get positively people are recognizing that more equal treatment is extremely important and that those people who are working every day larry hart in very important sectors there you know if. their national really to be better treated in the past. during this crisis we've also seen a change in the way that people are working for example a lot more people are working from home have you seen any changes in practice during the course of this that you'd like to see more of. certainly has been asking since a lot of time the rights move. so we can see some positive trends but we see also the risks there is is that people are working more
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hours. are not being paid and in conditions are extremely difficult because for all this who is really good alternative at the fringe the conditions are not. very good meanwhile there are millions of german workers who've been placed on short time work during the course of this hundreds of thousands of lost their jobs to expect to see many more of the people in the unions they represent losing their positions before this is all over. time being short on who is a good alternative because short term. not become unemployed and is. fully employers nor turn to if not some dismissed people to give because no way not always when we will be really are off the crisis and therefore
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short of ease. measured to avoid its. increase the significant significant increase in unemployment in germany for the time being we have approximately $750000.00 companies were applying for a short time. behind this 150000 companies are approximately 8000000 workers and for them this is really. not to come over the next months and we have to be very careful. in 2 to get back to normal circumstances step by step but this has to be done very carefully and we have to put health and safety of the workers off the people of the set. well thank you very much for joining us right now hoff man president of the
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german trade union confederation the d.g.p. thank you. now markets suffered a shock on friday after there were signs of further trade tensions between the world's 2 biggest economies u.s. president donald trump is threatens to impose retaliates rate tariffs on china over the corona virus pandemic he claims to have seen proof that the virus originated in a chinese live oratory is given no evidence to support that claim the u.s. and china all yet to settle the trade war only signed a preliminary agreement i can january. so let's bring in our financial correspondent yens quarter who's in new york yeah how markets reacted to the u.s. china trade war rearing its ugly head again. you know that's really the last thing that investors on wall street need at this point we have
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a health crisis we have an economic crisis and then on top of it we could see trade tension intensify about well it's election time the presidential elections are coming up a minute might be handy have to find someone to blame the crisis on wall street waltz trading down war by a good 600 points in the dow jones industrial average down by about 2 and a half percent but then we also saw the market's pretty strong and april actually the s. and p. $500.00 up by almost 13 percent in april was that it was the best month since general in 1987 so maybe investors were a bit. or went a bit too far into risk in the past couple of weeks so that now it's time to actually take some profits off the table and then there was one person on friday who obviously also believes that his own stock is too expensive elon musk you know
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the head of tesla he was tweeting that his stock price is too high as tesla stock is up by more than 50 percent since the beginning of the year they came out was pretty good quarterly results and this week and now on friday the tesla stock after this tweet sold off by a good 10 percent and they sing the effect of one tweet thanks c.n. skeletor hath financial correspondent in l. . now for a look at some of the other business stories making the news the world's largest online retailer amazon has warned it could post its 1st quarterly loss in 5 years as it spends at least 4000000000 dollars in response to the corona virus outbreak the company has introduced masks and temperature checks as its u.s. and european warehouse as plans to test its employees for coverage 19. ryanair says it plans to cut as many as $3000.00 jobs and closed some of its bases in europe because of the coronavirus pandemic the irish low cost airline expects the operator less than one percent of its flights between april and june. and exxon mobil has
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posted its 1st quarterly loss in 3 decades plummeting demand for oil pushed the company to a $610000000.00 loss in the 1st 3 months of the year rival chevron announced a profit of $3600000000.00 during the same period but its revenue by 10 percent. how many supermarket shoppers around the world of noticed a distinct lack of flour on the shelves it seems home baking is proving a popular lock down activity but it's also posing a challenge to flour mills. normally the west 6000000 oxford chiz sells its flour in large socks mainly to restaurants and cafes but during the current lockdown these outlets all shut but there are plenty of people stuck at home and board who are providing a new customer base now if. many people they know will have more time or they have
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a bread maker and they pulled out the back of the cupboard so we now want to consume offline small vax rather than. before the lock down just pull percent of flour was sold in household size packs but the small family business has adapted quickly to the new demands at the moment the mill is selling as many such packs in a day as it used to in a week all of them with a new patriotic design. delicious pretty. fred that's it for me the business team here in berlin you can get more from us if you go to do we don't com slash business facebook and twitter thanks a lot for joining us. what
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keeps us in shape what makes us sick and how come. my name is dr carlson the i talk to medical experts. watch them at work. and they discuss what you can do to improve your health. stay choose and let's all try to stay.
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