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tv   In Good Shape  Deutsche Welle  January 19, 2020 5:02am-5:31am CET

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they doubly dot com. welcomes are in good shape coming up. fitness training for core muscles. might therapy special man ups for seasonal depression. and sexually transmitted infections testing treatment prevention. and here's your host dr costin lego tat today the show is about the small things in life that are of great importance. condoms for instance why you're watching the show around 9000 condoms are used in germany alone and this is a good thing because condoms can protect you from transmitting a student's sexual transmitted diseases why those as disease are dangers this is
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what i'm going to talk about with dr viviani here at the institute in the welcome to the chick. sexually transmitted infections they don't need to be painful there are ways and means to protect yourself or to get treated. wherever in the world people live and maybe there will be sexually transmitted diseases everybody has heard about syphilis or going to rio but when you are affected yourself you don't want to talk about it honestly the best medicine is sex education. this is the center for sexual health in medicine in both home. while you're waiting
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for an appointment you may read a magazine and you're likely to find a rather in your face ad from the health ministry if your crotch is on fire go to the doctor. sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise again in germany. professor norbert proxmire heads the center visit. 2 or 3 cases of syphilis i'm going to rio every day one fact is that there are new ways for people to get together by a modern technology dating apps and chat rooms and so they make contact much faster church rules as you go to. talked another frank to new forms of sexual behavior which increased the risk of infection and was a 3rd aspect is the use of stimulants during sex when you're high on crystal meth
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or whatever other drug you're less likely to be thinking about the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection. easy call. the center offers a new integrated approach it addresses medical social emotional and psychological aspects of sexual health sex education and disease prevention are also central there's counseling for the young for couples l g b t i people sex workers and people with hiv aids care is free and can be anonymous. and. the center welcomes a wide range of visitors young couples who have been together a while i want to stop using condoms they 1st want to get a checkup to make sure that both are healthy. then we see women it want to have a baby and want to make sure they don't have any infections that they might pass on . and we see men who are paid for sexual services some want to get tested and men
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had sex with other men it. can talk to. one problem is that with some s.t.d. is there are no symptoms or the symptoms are minimal a little discharge or a slight hitch so those affected are slow to seek treatment and can also pass on the diseases to other partners. friends can tell me what brought you to us. i just got a call from a friend i had sex with about 6 months ago. he told me not been diagnosed with syphilis so i'm a little bit were. orders. but have you noticed any symptoms on your skin or in your mouth. one often sees changes to the palms of the hands and. the topic among my regionally i get
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a slight rash but i always put it down to some kind of allergy perhaps that's a sometime to the gunk but i've never noticed anything more substantial that does it for this kind of syphilis can be pretty much symptom free and is then only diagnosed by means of a blood test by finding the bacteria in the blood try estimate the likelihood you've been infected at 40 or 50 percent so quite high. when people think about sexually transmitted infection hiv your aids usually comes to mind syphilis lesser nowadays so it was a shock to hear i was at risk but as i've just been told syphilis can be cured so it's good to be informed about it swiftly then you can do something about it at once and make sure you don't pass it on to anyone else or starting school and offering them. untreated syphilis can cause paralysis brain damage blindness and even death but early stage infection can be cured with antibiotics usually penicillin of course not contracting an s.t.d.
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in the 1st place is better hence the importance of sex education in the hope of covetousness what we have to do is engage with people the way they are and the way they live their lives whatever their sexual preferences here at the clinic no talk because out of bounds this is you can talk about anything we're here to help people get through life infection free. the cliff rationals it's all about encouraging openness teaching the facts and countering fear. if we want to contain as to these we have to talk about them this is what i'm going to do today is dr be out there thanks for having me today and what other major sexually transmitted diseases well there are many such treat transmitted infections in fact. i could talk about many of them but apart from each of the the most important ones are going to be in syphilis can they just be
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transmitted via sexual intercourse or sexual behavior can be transmitted without the daily activities like going to the toilet for instance well they're really transmitted through sexual activity so even if some people would like to think. through toilet seats there are not transmittable through toilet seats let's talk about going to. what are the 1st symptoms well i'm going to read the 1st symptoms with the burning during during the ting and also they would be discharged from the penis or food. so it's very uncomfortable and do all the patients have symptoms no not all patients do have symptoms that would be in going to be about powerful for patients with symptoms as we can even notice that they're infected with gonorrhoea but those patients that can transmit this disease exactly there can still transmit the disease although they have no symptoms how do you
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treat well you can treat gonorrhea for. antibiotics however it is becoming increasingly difficult to treat it. because the number of antibiotics that are really effective against going to be is very very small and this is becoming smaller and smaller so eventually they may be the case that we cannot treat going to be any more and what happens then. well if we can we have cases that we cannot treat anymore with antibiotics these people will in fact be very very. they will have a sepsis it's so life threatening thing that it's a life threatening disease yes although it's normally really a very common very small disease can become life threatening let's talk about comedian fiction so what's the difference between comedian fictions and korea well they are causing almost the same symptoms so the difference is actually with
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claiming that it is more often asymptomatic so the majority of people that are infected with chlamydia do not notice that they are infected and this is especially the case for women and what about syphilis this can be treated today as well yes syphilis can be treated. quite easily actually all penicillin and if you don't treat it could be dangerous well syphilis is easy to treat if you diagnose it very early so. in the beginning it can cause a painless sore which then disappears and then afterwards there will be some variety of symptoms like a rash and fever cetera so if it is diagnosed at that stage it's quite easy to treat it however if it's not diagnosed. will only be diagnosed years later there can be some organic damage who should get tested even if there are no symptoms at
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all well people who should get the types that are people that have different sexual partners so especially if they didn't use any continent then they should consider going to a physician and get tested for different sci's for sexually transmitted infections you can protect yourself protect the sexual partner with using condoms. how safe are they when it comes to sex transmitted diseases condoms can protect against sexually transmitted infections however they are not the perfect protection so you might use condoms and still get infected by sex return submitted infections however having the protection is better than having no protection at all condoms also protect against aids i v the virus that triggers the deadly aids disease so you can test yourself if you do have aids or hiv infection and you can do this in the office of your g.p. or easily at home. and the co thomas has just gotten
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hiv testing kit from the pharmacy will have the result in about 10 minutes. with one of mine i feel a little turds we have to read the instructions and then of course you're nervous about the result of one of. the illustrated instruction pamphlet is easy to follow it's very important to disinfect your finger before pricking it to draw blood you just need a tiny drop of blood to place in the buff a point for which a stick is provided and on and off and then i need to put 2 drops of the fluid in the space next to it with you can see a pink mark has appeared in the window which means the test is active then you just wait for 10 minutes to move a single line in the test window means the hiv test is negative. but how reliable
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are these tests. we asked hiv specialist christoph lieber at the old post of victoria clinic in berlin he welcomes hiv testing kits early diagnosis can make all the difference. and what to do we hope that they'll motivate people to go out and get them and test themselves if we can treat hiv infections early then we can prevent people from actually falling sick and the other benefit is that once people who are hiv positive are being treated they won't infect others. and. christoph they this says both of the self testing kits sold in germany are reliable or to test 3 i.h. and exactly. if the result is positive you should go to the doctor to have it confirmed however if the hiv infection is only recent the test might not detect it . and if it if you think you've been infected you need to wait 3 months before
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doing the test and that's because it takes hiv infected persons up to 3 months to develop antibodies at levels that can be detected by the test. and rico thomas is about to get his result germany's disease prevention and control agency estimates there are over 11000 people in the country who don't know their hiv positive. there is a lot going through my mind that i always have safe sex when was my last test if it's always nerve wracking and what i'm wondering is what would i do if the result is positive and there are various options available because. this test is actually recommended by the german hiv aids charity. then a book works for hiv aids helpline advising people online or on the phone but instead it's just easier to take the pseudosphere with self test kids people usually use them at home in their living rooms by themselves. that's why. they dare
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to do it. all just so much but it's important that the right help lines so that people who test positive have someone to turn to for and is. so on. the 10 minutes or up the result negative i said i'm very relieved i'm sure you can tell i'm lucky. here in germany mostly men who have sex with men are affected by hiv infections but on a worldwide scale it's a totally different picture they are equally men and women affected so how do you contract agency interviews contract mainly by sexual transmission however you can also contract hiv through contaminated needles or blood transfusions or it can be transmitted from a mother to her child during pregnancy but not for instance with using the same toilet or so absolutely not transmitted move through toilets who should be tested
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in your opinion everybody should be tested to have different part notes so if you have different partners during the past month or so you should consider to get tested condoms provide to brilliant protection against hiv but there's something different which is called prick what is so precious a pre-exposure prophylaxis and it's a pill that you're taking on a daily basis and it's protecting you very effectively if you're hiv negative against contracting hiv so we are quite happy about this new method of prevention that helps people to stay hiv negative of course there are some countries indications already there are some secondary effects which you need to take into consideration before giving a prep to somebody do you think that if more people would use spread instead of condoms that other kinds of s.t.d. would be in the increase that we've seen an increase in sexually transmitted infections for
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a couple of years already and they are. for we believe that at least these people who are not using condoms for whatever reason now have a way of getting protected against hiv so using condoms is a very smart move from a medical point of view it can even protect you from transmitting h.p.v. what is this h.p.v. this is actually transmitted infection caused by human papillomavirus and actually most girls and boys are get infected at one point in their time especially when they're start having sex. and most of these people are actually eliminating this disease over the course of the years and there's a very small percentage that stays with this virus and eventually this virus can lead to cancer but to protect yourself from h.p.v. you could only use condoms there's something like a vaccination yes and these are the good news h.p.v. vaccination is very effective and it's very safe so i can recommend really for all
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boys and girls to get vaccinated against age against h.p.v. great thank you so much for this very interesting talk so if you think that there's something wrong and you might suffer from some kind of it's to go and see your doctor and get yourself tested and while sitting in the waiting room you can spend your time wisely with protein you need me. in good shape your weekly health show on d w that covers many aspects of health care we look at what's new in medical treatment nutrition fitness and beauty we discuss these topics and depth with specialists and offer you opportunities to pose your own questions so get in touch. with your abdominal muscles back muscles and your pelvic floor make up your powerhouse if you didn't know that well i didn't does that med school either learned it by doing pediatrics which is a great way to improve your posture and
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a set. it improves your quality of life. better and more nico doing polite is for the very 1st time. i think that's also it's hard to hold the position my thighs are starting to crown street it's been ever don't i'm amazed how hard it is i exercise for half an hour every day so i thought i'd be a bit better at this. actually because. the class is taking place in aneta palms physiotherapy practice. the exercises don't look very demanding but in fact they activate the muscles immediately. the technique was developed by use of polite is originally from germany he was a physical trainer who emigrated to the us in the 1920 s. he began teaching pullout is in new york initially it was practiced mainly by ballet dancers. these days pullout is really popular in many parts of the
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world. it can be done on a stand up paddling board. as a synchronized dance. for using equipment such as the window chair designed by use if a lot is himself. the 1st step in the system of exercise is to draw your navel towards your spine while taking deep lateral breaths expanding the rib cage and breathing into the sides of your body. that is to engage the powerhouse the lower abs lower back in and out of 5 and buttocks. matthau bugs university hospital dr catalina vacuum ice to often uses pill artist techniques with her patients. it's very good for people with chronic back pain whether it's the cervical spine or the lumbar region. and it can be used prophylactic late to prevent back pain or a slipped disc. from couldn't. and it can also be used therapeutically to treat an
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existing back condition. these days pill out his techniques are often used with patients who've been prescribed off a p.d. greek ability like better and. this exercise is called the seal. and this one the mum made. according to use of plugs his theory it'll take 10 sessions will be utter utter feel a difference of 20 sessions to see a difference and after 30 sessions they'll have a whole new body. but it's got what i really notice is my spine it feels like it's been really stretched and. i have a lot of problems with my lower back while i was holding a position the pain was gone so it would be really good to train those muscles.
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not a bad result for a 1st session at this rate they really might be transformed after 30 sessions. well i don't know how you feel when the days are shorter the weather is all gloomy in stark and grey outside some people get grumpy when i don't can somebody please turn on the light. thank you. so here's our next report it's all about that. loss of gray and very little light that's what our short days look like at the moment off to work in the dark and back home in the dark the lack of light has an effect on us it's not a myth the winter blues is scientifically proven. and winter in our latitudes about 10 to 15 percent of the population suffer from winter blues or winter depression or they complain of symptoms such as lack of drive
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a gloomy mood joylessness and increased fatigue frequently however they also complain about ravenous appetite and a strong need for sleep at us laugh though it's no wonder we've always been dependent on daylight when we were still living outside it was all straightforward but long as the sun shines we were active at night without sunlight we regenerated today we sometimes have to get up even when it's still dark and we spend most of the short bright things indoors we live against the natural rhythm of sunlight. even in winter we should be outside in the daylight for one to 2 hours every day to get enough light otherwise we become dull and melancholy fortunately there's an alternative an extra dose of light from a light therapy lamp 30 minutes in front of one of these devices every morning could effectively drive away the winter blues. light
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stimulates you and makes you more attentive it promotes concentration it influences your energy levels it switches the body to the daily routine and it also activates your immune systems. we have receptor is in our eyes which are there to sense when it's light these dangly ansel's on ok to now retina. he reacts to blue light whether sun or therapy lamp. the cells transmits the information about brightness directly into the brain where the signal is not translated into images that influences the human internal clock it eventually ends up in the hypothalamus and regulates hormone production their well being hormones are released by the light signal and sleep hormones are reduced. that's why light therapy is so effective in fighting winter depression. expect
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to feel the effects after using it every day for one or 2 weeks it's important that you use it regularly and. remember strong blue lines can damage the eyes therefore never looked on brinkley into the lot just have breakfast next to it or read. instead of light therapy lamps lighting expert man for divorce relies on light sources with a special light spectrum in classic ceiling and floor lamps they use full spectrum light for this purpose artificial light which light natural sunlight similar heinously emits the entire color spectrum from red to billy their own like light therapy lamps which emit only blue light all old home lighting which is more yellowish. for spectrum if you use full spectrum white as a replacement for daylight then the intensity doesn't have to be as strong as in
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front of a light therapy device or in most of you 4 and. whether they're all full spectrum light in the evening at any rate turned those lights off candles or yellowish lamp light signal to us it's time to turn in. i move follow that advice and head home and hit the. what about you if you don't know just watch this show again on the show next week and i'm told that let's all try to stay in good shape.
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call on the road with our superhero. my mission is clear blue kushti get me closer leash explore germany. does it take everything out there's a lot going on in. germany tried and tested. and
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moved guaranteed change an entire country. and saddam no longer talk about start ups until march truly turning up. the bombing entrepreneurs are bringing scenes to the desert and making a series out of. projects like these could help the country's economy sit down t.v. shows for startups. 60 minutes total. bored bored bored bored bored. kid i am and get. sick closest place to hell i'm just moves in standing kiran. and james does a camp. all lit trains to keep me and more even a new girlfriend you. know she's emptied into more than 40 minutes.
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