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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 25, 2019 7:00am-7:30am CET

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if you could ever hope that. this is you news live from her lead compound leader kerry lamb promises to listen humbling after voters send a clear message to beijing pro-democracy candidates make massive gains as the probation vote collapses in municipal elections the vote was seen as a referendum on hong kong to little turmoil also coming up week 2 documents shedding light on the chinese government's mass detention of weaker muslims in the network of prison camps beijing insisting that they are simply voluntary free
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education centers and authorities in europe why order a recount of the race for the presidency early results from the country's run off put both candidates from the left and right neck and neck and the results it's too close to call. on the international day for the elimination of violence against women you will meet a young german woman who is learning how to say no every 3rd woman around the world experiences physical and sexual violence 14 year old tyson is making sure that she has the skills to keep herself say. i'm sara kelly welcome to the program pro-democracy supporters in hong kong are celebrating after securing a landslide victory in municipal elections the pro-democracy camp. one almost
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$390.00 council seats compared to less than 60 for pro beijing parties and now controls a majority of councils in the city now hong kong residents turned out in record numbers to cast their ballots in an election widely seen as a referendum on the pro-democracy movement after nearly 6 months of protest. another seat for the pro-democracy camp never the full has it won so many in a district council election calvin lim one of the witness he says voters wanted to make their voices heard after seeing the heavy handed tactics of the hong kong police. they are not happy with how they deal with their purchase a. police brutality is actually over the top i think and i think that the whole people should really really. preach.
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to offer more democracy in the future pro-democracy protests already started to celebrate early in the night when it became clear that some of the probating had weights had lost their seats activists had urged people to get out and cast their ballots 70 percent of birches oncet the munchie pilot and if there are more hong kong is casting their ballots it means a better democracy so if this year's voter turnout is higher than the previous election i think that's quite positive. the polls to elect district council they have little political power controlling some spending and issues like recycling and public health hong kong's district councils have long been dominated by to probating establishment this time and for the 1st time the scales have tipped decisively in favor of the pro-democracy movement. of more now we're joined live from hong kong by our correspondent charlotte charleston pills so we have some stunning results here charlotte how are hong konger is reacting today.
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sara i think both camps today are astonished at those election results last night typically the pro establishment parties dominate these district council elections this time around they have practically been obliterated we're hearing from local media that some 90 percent of seats have now gone to pro democracy candidates now those candidates were expecting to make some gains particularly in light of the numbers the registration base the number of voters who did turn out to cause that ballots yes they but they weren't expecting anything like this as i'm sure you can imagine they are now celebrating what they see as a massive victory and potentially a turning point in this almost 6 month pro democracy movement on the part of the the pros stablish main parties then now licking their wounds the chairwoman of the beijing party the da bees offer to resign off to suffering stunning losses on her
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part to that office wasn't taken up now we were out one of the polling stations last night where jimmy shan the pro-democracy activist was elected he won the seat from the an incumbent we were watching as people watching that count unfold watching democracy in action huge cheers when his victory was announced among the people who would that in his victory speech he said that his win with all those people who have suffered so much over the last 6 months for the pro-democracy movement including all those that are up to more than $5000.00 people who've been arrested as part of these protests but surely what is the impact likely to be because i mean it is just a municipal election so ultimately how is that likely to affect hong kong's relations with mainland china. we have had a response from mainland china this morning the foreign minister has said in
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a statement that hong kong is part of china no matter what happens and he. anything that would affect the stability and prosperity of hong kong now as you say in reality district council is a don't have a huge amount of clout to this day usually more about community issues this time they very different this was all about a vote on the politics and on this protest movement there are a couple of factors though that need to be taken into account district council is now that the pro-democracy camp has as a majority they will now win more seats on the committee that will appoint the next chief executive in 2022 so there are some. limited powers of these district councils to influence politics in hong kong going forward. in hong kong thank you charlotte.
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leaked chinese government documents have revealed details about the mass detention of weaker muslims at least a 1000000 people from the minority group are believed to be held in internment camps a group of investigative journalists has published the paper which contradict china's claims that the camps are voluntary education facilities now in response the chinese embassy in britain called people in the camps trainees and said that their personal freedom was quote fully guaranteed. these confidential chinese government documents lay bare the control and repression that rain in the internment camps of province at least a 1000000 muslims are thought to be detained in the camps. as tomato shipped into the systematic internment of an entire ethnic and religious minority this is really something that the world has not got to grips with yet. experts believe there are more than 1000 such camps the key leaked documents lays out how they are to be run
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it states the inmates answer allowed any contact with the outside world owning a mobile phone is strictly forbidden the camps should be under constant and comprehensive video surveillance not a single corner should be left on watched preventing escape is a top priority but in addition these camps are like prisons the aim is to completely control every 2nd of a person's life it's not just about locking them up and the aim is to have a deep psychological impact on their identity in. beijing has always described the camps as voluntary reeducation facilities. leaked documents confirm that is not the case. genocide is probably the most accurate way to describe what's happening there. the
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documents now being called the china cables were obtained by the international consortium of journalists that's program now mathias baldinger is joining us from beijing mathias what is the meaning of the impact of these leaks. these leaks confirm a lot of things that we knew already about the camps one example of these documents confirm that detainees are held against their will in these camps and are not trainees in vocational schools otherwise you would not have to prevent them from escaping these cattle that the government has meant to build prison camps rather than vocational schools we also see some of the internal functioning has been high in that system including names of people who have signed these documents these will of course have an important impact when it comes for
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example to sanctions against these people or to a possible however at the moment very unlikely international investigation into that and as you've mentioned i mean many of you have seen the camps you know from the outside at least what is going on inside. we have a lot of accounts from former inmates that are very detailed what we know about these camps is that this training or this riyadh you cation that the government speaks about is mostly some kind of of monotonic repeating off slogans people have to read party documents and they have to sing commute the songs praising the communist party for hours we know about torture happening there their various accounts about torture about people being beaten being held in painful positions we have also accounts of
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rape that happened in some of these camps and we know about forced labor that some of these camps seem to force people to take part and you know there are these detentions there taking place you know against the backdrop. of some deep background when it comes to the relationship between china and the winners philis in their midst yes. the regions in jiang the homeland of the week is has been. shaken by an rest for a long time. relationship between the weak is and the han chinese and the central government has been tense since the people's republic of china gained control of these regions of this region after its founding there have been terrorist attacks in the region.
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that was. joining us there from beijing apologies for the technical difficulties we're going to move on now to some other stories making news around the world several people were injured in lebanon when supporters of the militant group hezbollah attacked an anti government rally the attackers arrived on scooters and began hitting the protesters with bats and metal bars riot police intervened and formed a human chain to keep the 2 sides apart. at least 26 people have been killed in a plane crash in the democratic republic of congo the aircraft came down into a residential area in the eastern city of goma authorities say that the cause of the crash was pilot error. former new york mayor michael bloomberg has announced that he is running for president of the united states the former republican became a democrat just last year and is one of the richest people in the world he'll 1st
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have to beat other democratic candidates jostling to go up against president donald trump in 2024. iraqi security forces have opened fire on protesters in several cities including the capital baghdad at least 9 people have been killed in clashes and dozens of others injured it is the latest violence since anti-government protests began in october. before sunrise and the southern city of basra flames block the roads leading to iraq's major trading ports protesters no government workers will soon be trying to travel this way. it's not long before the pink dawn sky is filled with smoke and the empty streets are filled with demonstrators. across the country they're out in force from the south to the capital baghdad and iraq center
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. and everywhere they're facing violence i know for the 1st time security forces opened fire on the protesters. they shot life bullets and take us was since the un rest began in october more than 300 people many protesters have been killed and thousands more injured demonstrators are calling for a whole system change. the rules of the outgoing we want all the government to leave we have no other to mom's we want the fall of this government and the introduction of a new one made up of all those people with diplomas who are sitting on the bridges why are they there we haven't been happy for 16 years i don't the current anti-government protests are iraq's largest since the fall of saddam hussein in 2003 many iraqis feel the political system that has been in place since then has
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failed them corruption is rife unemployment is high promised reforms have not materialized and protesters say concessions offered by the government are not enough they want systematic change a complete overhaul of iraq's political system and they're prepared to die for it. you're watching the union still to come on the program every 3rd woman around the world experiences physical and sexual violence we will meet a 14 year olds who is making sure that she has the skills to keep herself safe during her life. now pope francis has met with the victims of the fukushima nuclear disaster during his visit in japan the pope heard emotional testimony from survivors of the day on march 20th 11 when a powerful earthquake was followed by a tsunami and the meltdown of the nuclear power plant at fukushima he called for
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renewed efforts to help those affected noting concern over the continued use of nuclear power and injury in. to discuss the pope's visit i'm joined now here in the studio by his affairs correspondent martin gak so we have the 2nd day of francis is a visit to japan how has he been welcomed there been the reaction has been has been very strong of course i mean nothing circles and so one i mean obviously the sort of it's being compared to the john paul visit of $91.00 which was considerably more momentous because the world was. i mean the region was going to really more polarized the pope arrives at a time in which the guts of the community of japan is contracting i mean by about 10 percent in the last 20 years or so. is the pope in something that he's seen across the world and got to communities which is an attempt or an intention to revive sort of the faith and the participation in the
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church he also visited here shimon and nagasaki those 2 cities of course you know being atomic bomb back in 1945 what was his message when he went there essentially do say think it's sort of the larger political or geopolitical. our human being presented throughout this trip which is essentially a claim or a shout against pearlie for racial nuclear proliferation something that we have seen diminish and progressively sort of curb and modulator of the through successive and different treatises and so one over the last 2 years we have seen again the element and again an increase in tensions so just been in a sense not only politically but morally reapers sense for those who are thinking about questions of war the furnace of war the human cost of war reaper sense really let's say the very you know the very the very line that should never be crossed again so for the pope who always had an interest in japan since he was very very
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young he actually wanted to be sent to japan in a missionary a suggestion with japan becomes an opportunity actually to underline what really can be the cost of this kind of you know. unthought of race to the station and the regime of course and i guess i care that the centers are the very example of what could actually go wrong how important is this visit to japanese christians would you say because i mean this is the 1st time that a pope has been in their country in 38 years it seems to me that he's actually very important in the sense that he's a community of which we don't really hear a lot it's a community that was really quite important particularly in the areas of i guess you were you know there was actually portuguese presence there in the colonial time so there was actually a community that was quite important development in the temple for reviving and underscoring the presence of this community of course makes it a very important very significant and very exciting thing for the local community martin gap religious affairs correspondent thank you you're welcome.
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we have now to europe why where people are waiting for the results of sunday's presidential runoff after the electoral court said that the result was too close to call and ordered a recount luis power from the center right national party has already declared victory early results gave him a narrow lead over daniel mightiness of the ruling center left broad front party. anxious supporters of luis. they had to go home without an official result. held believed in opinion polls right up to the vote after putting together a coalition that had won recent legislative elections. we have achieved some failing over a short time but there were many skeptics we had to get 5 parties to agree on a broad range of issues with diversity with tolerance committing the people of
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europe why to a single strategy in the notice of the watchers you know. that is a 46 year old lawyer and former senator from a political dynasty his father was also president in addition to promising to fight crime he ran on a platform of cutting deficits and taxes but many voters here have modest expectations. i'm hoping for a little change just a little changes but not big changes. daniel martinez is broad front has governed since 2005 in the beginning they raise standards of living and brought many out of poverty but in recent years unemployment and inflation went up and so did crime rates for some voters that was what mattered. that i had to move because they were home 3 times in security has always been this yr. with the most opinion polls predicting he would lose broad from canada danielle martinez was
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philosophical. you have to be happy in life if you're sure about what you're doing just do it but you also have to enjoy the beautiful things in life not only politics as family would can a lot of the things. that i could be. whoever wins the recount will have to deliver but not too much in a country long seen as a bastion of stability in south america. well today is the u.s. international day for the elimination of violence against women one of the most systematic and widespread human rights violations of our time the u.n. estimates that every day about $238.00 women are intentionally killed across the world most of these murders are committed by their partners or their own families now more than one 3rd of women worldwide have experienced some kind of physical or sexual violence in their lifetimes and the numbers they are particularly high in
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parts of africa were almost every 2nd woman has experienced violence but violence against women is also a problem in wealthier parts of the world here in the european union one in every 3 women is estimated to have suffered violence or abuse in their lifetime one in every 3 women now germany is no exception more than 350 women were killed here in 2017 alone as a result of domestic violence we're now going to visit a self-defense school in berlin where women of all ages are hoping to protect themselves. kick a punch and a knockout is only 14 but she can already defend herself. twice a week she visits a self-defense course in berlin for tell you it's more than just a sport it gives her a sense of security. is found i was always interested in martial arts when i saw it
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in the movies of the film but also in real life i always thought it was fascinating and then my modest suggested i decide defense course and i said yes immediately. tyson is training alongside her mother women who have been victims of domestic violence often want to prepare their daughters for the risk self-defense courses are booming in germany. i self was in a dangerous situation was that luckily didn't lead to physical violence but it was close i can well imagine how quickly this can happen. i know this from friends and acquaintances who experienced violence or were in similar situations. you ask yourself how would you react what would you do. with a mug shot. one in 4 women in germany experiences physical and sexual violence from
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her partner this accounts for 80 percent of all cases women of all social classes can become victims in a self defense course one learns not only how to hit back but also how to avoid physical violence. if. first of all the women learn to say no to assert themselves they don't only learn about self-defense but also about violence prevention and deescalation that means the most important thing is to prevent an outbreak of violence. tyson always looks forward to the course after long school hours it prepares her for potential confrontations. as when i give up on my sister from my own experience i know that people feel safer also at my age for example that when you have problems with other people it's when someone attacks you you know that you can defend yourself it's just the distance.
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but what's most important is that they don't get that far in the 1st place. this is the news and these are top stories. construct democracy movement has won a landslide victory in the miscible elections it secured almost $390.00 council seats compared to less than $64.00 pro beijing parties the election is seen as a referendum on the pro-democracy movement after nearly 6 months of protest. uruguay's electoral court has ordered a recount of the presidential runoff saying that the result is too close to call least from the center right national party has already declared victory early results gave him a narrow lead over danielle martinez of the ruling center left broad front party. hope francis has met victims of the fukushima nuclear disaster during his visit to japan the pope heard testimony from survivors of the 20 levon meltdown and noted
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concern over the continued use of nuclear power in japan. former new york mayor michael bloomberg has announced that he is joining the race to become the democratic party's presidential nominee he joins 17 other candidates vying for the nomination to take on president trump in 2021. this is g.w. news from berlin for more follow us on twitter at g w news or visit our website www dot com. coming up after a break it is the bundesliga with nick mckenna kline brissie of dortmund are in full blown blown crisis mode after only managing a drawn with last place patter born it's only a matter of time before the swedes with their coach lucien cabrera that's the big question will address that and much much more on the bundesliga so to speak to. i'm sara kelly in berlin thank you so much for joining us here on d
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