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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 25, 2019 12:00am-12:16am CET

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but i would have only safe but i thought when i'm going to be a fun to. say. this is ditto the news live from berlin celebration in hong kong pro-democracy candidates make massive gains as the probation vote collapses in the municipal elections the vote is seen as a referendum on the territories and battle government also coming up leaked documents shed light on the chinese government's mass detention of weaker muslims in a network of prison camps beijing and says they are voluntary education centers. another
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day of violence in iraq and security forces opened fire on protesters killing at least 7 wounding dozens more as the latest surge in violence and stem to government protests began in october. i'm ian use of welcome to the program vote counting is underway in hong kong after municipal elections and already pro-democracy candidates have made massive gains they have secured a majority with over $340.00 seats compared to nearly 40 seats for the probation camp election is seen as a chance for hong kong has to have a direct say about the city's direction after nearly 6 months of protests. as polls closed and results started to trickle in celebrations erupted among
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pro-democracy voters on the streets of hong kong activists urged people to go to the ballot boxes and the record turnout of hard around 70 percent searched out call . if there are more hong kong is casting their ballots it means that back to democracy so if this year's voter turnout is higher than the previous election i think that's quite positive. many voters wanted to make their voices heard following nearly half a year of unrest in hong kong it had left many feeling that enough is enough. people have been long thought long you know your current. prime cooperate. listen to do wars of the people. the polish to choose district councillors they don't have any direct political power after you merely offer advice to dick government as hong kong's district councils have long been dominated by the probe
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aging establishment pro-democracy voters believe this time the scales are tipping in their favor. for more i'm joined by a reporter who has been following the events con kong. so initial results have been coming in and what do you make of them so far the counting is still underway but real time updates of the result shows that the depôt the pro-democracy camp is leading the poll it has already won more than 300 out of the 452 seats and as for the probation camp they've lost over 260 seats compared to the last election and that's a lot some really prominent politicians in the camp have been bumped from office and it's suffering a huge loss and if we look into the details actually a lot of these pro-government figures have got some of them of as the last time it's just that their opponent has gained support tremendously i think this has to do with the high turnout rate this time over 70 percent of the registered voters
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came out and cast a ballot. yeah and the high it's the highest turnout in the city's history of district council elections so it looks like a solid win for the pro-democracy camp our voters reacting on the pro-democracy side as well as on the provisions well pros protest supporters are very excited about the verse out because the district council has traditionally been a stronghold of the protest. camp. so the counting went actually through the whole night and some of the pro pro-democracy support supporters they said that they've been staying awake watching the news that they have been very happy it's because they say that since the purchase of up to it there were many nights when they just couldn't sleep and they cried because they were so angry and this time for the 1st time in 6 months they couldn't sleep because of joy and for the pro-government supporters they are very shocked obviously because they couldn't believe that so many people they say that they could they just couldn't believe
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that so many people voted for candidates that support violence and that's because the protests have turned aisle increasingly violent and they are saying that these voters are being brainwashed and they will have to face the consequences at some point well again this is just a municipal election what are the consequences for hong kong was a was a mean for this of the election results are mainly symbolic because the district councils of the district council has relatively late to power in ordering the political landscape of hong kong it does have a little influence but not much but it's giving a fresh impetus to the current protests i would say it's a proof for their protest supporters that if they are determined enough they can still make a change. and also the common argument among the pro-government supporters is that well many people are actually not in support of the protest they're just the silent
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majority that's what they've been saying all the time. and that's when 2000000 people went came out to the streets and there was one that is one 4th of the whole population in hong kong when they came out onto the streets and ask for change peacefully they just said well but the other 5000000 didn't come out. and that was the argument now if you can use that argument anymore right in speaking of the protests do you think we'll see protests soon after this election even though it was a big win for the pro-democracy camp yeah we will for sure because as long as the 515 months by the protesters are not met they will go on to protest and i think the district council election this time is really a slap in tara lem's face. it's putting pressure on her government to. respond to the demands of the protests unction lead reporter thanks for you know it's as
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though now leaked chinese government documents have revealed details about the country's mass detention of weaker muslims at least 1000000 people from the minority group are believed to be held an internment camps a group of investigative journalist published the cables which contradicted judge china's claims that the camps are just voluntary reeducation facilities a chinese official has dismissed the documents. these confidential chinese government documents laid bare the control and repression their reign in the internment camps and province at least a 1000000 muslims are thought to be detained in the camps. these are just tomato shipped into the systematic internment of an entire ethnic and religious minority this is really something that the world has not got to grips with yet. experts believe there are more than $1000.00 such camps the key leaked documents lays out
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how they are to be run it states the inmates onselen out any contacts with the outside world owning a mobile phone is strictly said that in the camps should be under constant and comprehensive video surveillance not a single corner should be left on watched preventing escape is a top priority but in conditions in these camps are like prisons the aim is to completely control every 2nd of a person's life it's not just about locking them up the aim is to have a deep psychological impact on their identity to. beijing has always described the camps as voluntary reeducation facilities. and delete documents confirm that is not the case. genocide is probably the most accurate way to describe what's happening there. the documents now being called the china cables were tainted by the international
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consortium of journalists. now to some of the other stories making news around the world former new york mayor michael bloomberg has announced he is running for the president of united states the former republican became a democrat just last year as one of the richest people in the world of 1st half to be the other democratic candidates jostling to go up against president donald trump in 2020. at least 26 people have been killed in a plane crash in the democratic republic of congo the aircraft came down in a residential area in the eastern city of goma authorities say the cause of the crash was pilot error. romanian president klaus yohannes has been reelected for a 2nd term in a landslide election victory the conservative defeated the leader of the social democrat party eureka. the run up to the election was dominated by allegations of corruption against and chillis party. voting has ended in the presidential
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runoff the poll from the center right national party is tipped to take the victory many voters are fed up with economic stagnation and high unemployment under done yet martina's center left broad front party which has been in power since 2005. iraqi security forces have opened fire on protesters in several cities including the capital baghdad at least 6 people have been killed in clashes and dozens of others injured it's the latest violence since anti-government protests began in october. before sunrise in the southern city of basra flames block the roads leading to iraq's major trading ports protest is no government workers will soon be trying to travel this way. it's not long before the pink dawn sky is filled with smoke and the empty streets are filled with demonstrators.
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across the country they're out in force from the south to the capital baghdad in iraq center. and everywhere they're facing violence i know for the 1st time security forces opened fire on the protestors. they shot life the let's and take us was since the unrest began in october more than 300 people many protesters have been killed and thousands more injured demonstrators are calling for a whole system change. lives more than without clear we want all the government to leave we have no other demands we want the fall of this government and the introduction of a new one made up of all those people with diplomas who are sitting on the bridges why are they there we haven't been happy for 16 years but i don't the current
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anti-government protests are iraq's largest since the fall of saddam hussein in 2003 many iraqis feel the political system that has been in place since then has failed them corruption is rife unemployment is high promised reforms have not materialized and protesters say concessions offered by the government are not enough they want systematic change a complete overhaul of iraq's political system and they're prepared to die for it. now pope francis has called upon world leaders to scrap their nuclear weapons the part of made the appeal during us a ball a visit to japan the only country to have suffered nuclear attacks. huge crowds turned tight and braved the rain to catch a glimpse of the pope it's the 1st papal visit to japan for nearly 4 decades and
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not exactly the pontiff laid a wreath at the grange the roman morial for the 10s of thousands of people including $8000.00 catholics who perished in an atomic bombing in the final days of world war 2. francis told the crowds that he believes a world without nuclear weapons is both possible and necessary and the money spent on them could be put to better use. give me a field in the inter days world where millions of children and families live in inhumane conditions. the money that is wanted and the fortunes made through the night a fracture upgrading maintenance and sale of even more destructive weapons we are now from crying out to heaven at. the. the pontiff is also visiting her russia the site of the 1st atomic bombing in 1945
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on monday pope francis will meet survivors of the 20 a live in fukushima nuclear disaster he'll also meet japan's prime minister shinzo abbey and emperor not a hito and he will be hoping that they and other global leaders keep his calls for a nuclear free world. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you pro-democracy candidates have made massive gains in municipal elections and hong kong they have secured a majority with over 350 seats compared to just 45 seats for the probation camp election is seen as a chance for hong kong as to have a direct say about the city's direction after nearly 6 months protests. coming up after the break it's the business leader with nick mckenna climb the receipt of dortmund are in the. full blown crisis after only managing a draw with last place out of what is only a matter of time until the club parts ways with coach to soon fall for that and much more on the boom as the statement. you're watching news live from berlin i'll
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