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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 24, 2019 4:00pm-4:15pm CET

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i am. this is e w news live from burning wreck or to turn out in hong kong local elections seen as a test of support for the territory's chief executive carried out pro-democracy protesters want to send her and beijing a message also calling all vying for rumania as presidency in common cows your highness faces the country's 1st female prime minister. in a runoff election. and that france's takes a stand against nuclear weapons the pontiff makes
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a symbolic visit and that is how he in japan where he calls upon the world's nuclear nations to scrap their all. time head on free glad he could join me polls have closed in hong kong's district council election with turnout higher than in any election in the territories history now the vote is a symbolic one it is seen as both a test of support for embattled chief executive kerry lamb and is a referendum on the pro-democracy movement that has rocked the city for close to 6 months. the pro-democracy movement urged hong kong's people to vote and they turned out in force hours before polls closed numbers had already exceeded previous records on the surface of it the poll to choose council representatives and link community level concerns like garbage collection may not seem particularly exciting
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but these elections are the closest thing that hong kong has have to direct representation district councils have long been dominated by the probation establishment and voters seeking change hope that weakening their grip will give the movement a fresh momentum and. people have been long thought for long you know their time at that time cooperate. with my me talk to my mortal thank you go mr listen to the wars of the people. hong kong's chief executive kerry lamb also encouraged voter turnout and appealed for smooth and peaceful voting some voters are backing her to bring an end to the violent unrest that's crippled the semi autonomous territory. after the field months of the are incident in hong kong's old i'd like to express my our wings through the
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are far more election so that are in. play that i can express my my feelings the elections are mainly symbolically important district council is don't have any real political power they can't pass laws and they can only advise the government but pro-democracy voters are hoping to win majorities in some of hong kong's 18 districts as that will win them seats on the committee that elects hong kong's chief executive. well for more let's cross straight over to our correspondent on the ground for a shot at chelsea and pale shot at polling stations there have now closed and it seems that we've been witnessing a moment of history there today. i don't know that's right record numbers of people turning out to vote in this district council election today not only has it the past previous records for district council elections but this is now recording the highest turnout avner action in hong kong
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history now both sides representatives from both sides are saying that they were claiming that is a victory saying it's evidence that their side is going to come out on top but it's too early to tell at this stage exactly what this means about the pros stablish mint and pro democracy side there are crowds now starting to gather outside this polling station where we're waiting for those results at the moment just giving a sense of just how much anticipation how much how many eyes are on the result of this election now we saw huge crowds gathering to cause the ballots earlier on today there was a huge turnout earlier on this morning people apparently concerned that if they didn't get their vote and they could be some fears that the voting might not be allowed to go ahead there had been warnings from officials that if there was violence today that the vote could be cooled off the number of people voting then started to decrease throughout the evening but we are expecting those results now within the next couple of hours now of course this has attracted
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a lot of attention we are talking about local elections local issues of course but clearly it was very different this time around just remind us what is its stake here. you know with district council elections usually don't attract much fanfare in hong kong let alone in the international community but people are really viewing this as a litmus test as a referendum on the why 6 months of pro-democracy protests that have been taking place here in hong kong is a test for whether or not on how the authorities are deemed to have handled it and on whether or not the pro-democracy movement still enjoys popularity here in hong kong now it must be pointed out that pro establishment parties usually dominate in this district council elections but pro-democracy supporters are hoping that any gains that they can make a would be proof that they do symbolic proves that they do do still have support
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from people here on the ground for the process that have been taking place we coughed a week here in hong kong now home call of course as you well know weekends of protests often with violence you've often been there during that what has today been like charlotte hanna today has remained peaceful there have been riot police at all of the polling stations here across hong kong ensuring that it remains calm we have been hearing messages from protesters activists urging others to remain peaceful today they were afraid of anything provoking the government to the suspend or council these district council elections so it has remained peaceful here but in a testament to some of the violence that preceded this vote we're at the polling station in the constituency of jimmy shan he's a pro democracy activist who has been attacked twice in the build up to these district council elections most recently very severely injured so this is an
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election that has seen a number of candidates both pro step michelin and pro democracy coming under attack our correspondent some pill in hong kong reporting on pivotal local elections for us thanks very much. well romanian vote is a call saying that ballots in a 2nd round of presidential elections amid allegations of corruption now that is an issue that has sparked huge street protests in the country for his deciding between the incumbent president and a former prime minister whose government was recently ousted. proud romanian staunchly pro europe and a level headed champion of the rule of law. that's the carefully crafted image of romania's incumbent president klaus your highness he's been in office since 2014 and secured 40 percent of votes in the 1st round of the 29000 presidential election . i'm going to say but overall doing it should mean please i have always believed
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in romanians this is a great joy for democracy. this 60 year old member of the centrist national liberal party has also presented himself as a vocal critic of corruption the various she brought his political opponent to her knees. former prime minister of your ticket down sheila and a social democratic government ousted by parliament last month following an era of corruption scandals that steered the country onto a collision course with the european union. is hoping for political resurrection she's tried to shift the focus on to economic achievements and social reform. mania of well being of guaranteed rights for a safe and proud romania i voted so romanians don't live in fear of tomorrow when
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they won't have anything to put on the table and won't have money for medicine or bills i voted against the cutting of the pensions and salaries i voted against austerity. region rounds and i was in a country struggling with widespread poverty these are words that could go down well but political observers say the dumb shit us party just isn't managing to shake claims of corruption the issue that voters of all political persuasions are fed up with. in the past 3 years romania has seen massive anti corruption protests. whoever wins the presidential run a fight will face close scrutiny by voters and the huge. mistake and now some of the other stories making news around the world several people have been killed in a plane crash in goma in the democratic republic of congo the aircraft came down in a populated area most. after taking off rescue services say that they have so far
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recovered more than 20 bodies from the scene. security forces in the southern iraqi city of nasiriyah have opened fire on protesters killing at least 3 people the demonstrators have gathered on 3 key bridges in the city demanding the overthrow of a political class seen as corrupt and serving foreign powers while many iraqis live in poverty. contenders in israel's governing likud party are just for position after prime minister benjamin netanyahu was indicted on corruption charges former minister gideon sar has called for a party primary saying he would run israel or does not require netanyahu to step down unless he's convicted. 1st of all well pope francis has called upon wild leaders to scrap nuclear weapons the pontiff made the appeal during a visit to japan the only country to suffer nuclear attacks. huge crowds turned out and braved the rain to catch
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a glimpse of the pope it's the 1st papal visit to japan for nearly 4 decades and not exactly the pontiff laid a wreath at a grain see room oriel for the 10s of thousands of people including $8000.00 catholics who perished in an atomic bombing in the final days of world war 2. francis told the crowds that he believes a world without nuclear weapons is both possible and necessary and the money spent on them could be put to better use. you know give me children in the days world where millions of children and families live in inhumane conditions. the money that is wondered and the fortunes made for the manufacture upgrading maintenance and sale of even more destructive weapons are not from crying out to heaven not. even a. few of. the pontiff is also visiting her
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the site of the 1st atomic bombing in 1945 on monday pope francis will meet survivors of the 2011th because she knew clear disaster he'll also meet japan's prime minister shinzo abbey and emperor neither he too and he will be hoping that they and other global leaders keep his calls for a nuclear free world. well some football news now and what does a good table top us policy mention travel to the german capital on saturday facing leaking you come as barely anyone have shocked a few big teams so far this season and once again aimed to cause an upset. which rukus fans in a tight knit squad. and is not an easy place to visit league leaders clad back knew an early goal would help silence the home crowd an entire stadium held its breast
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as patrick hammons head came back of the post. take it all exhale not long after and found himself in space and headed to host since we're 15th minute lead. this was just 2nd goal of the season justifying his recall to the starting line up in new york went close to doubling that lead to marcus inverts and. the crowd back were posing the biggest threat and they should have leveled just before half time the normally clinical allison player nothing his big chance. fortress in the on was looking pretty solid and though the visitors dominated the 2nd half play they had precious little to show for all their possession. it just wasn't their day typified went on breakaway in stoppage time sebastian anderson the man on target. the gleefully glanced in the deflected cross 2 had 2 players giving another
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3 points out we were called together on the get the point so i don't know why. i think we should not think too much about it just keep on going we're called that is our way to go i think. it's very hard league had a hard moments and now we're having a good moment i want to run it as long as possible you know now well and truly mixing with the best not showing up yet another win 6 class. to brazil now where there were aerial thrills and spills galore this is our big sporting world championships and a local victory as well to cheer that take a look at this because competitors took to the beach income bucco a north eastern fishing village that has become a kite surfing mecca now 17 year old valentino riggers of colombia where he took the men's title meanwhile the women's winner well that was
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a new keyless so she was even younger at the age of 15 and the brazilian celebrated a popular victory in front of her home fans.


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