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sitting. in for margaret's your platform for reliable information. the end. this is the job of the news of live from berlin wreck or to turn out in hong kong the local elections seen as a test of support for the territory's chief executive kerry now for democracy protesters want to send her and to beijing unless she also coming off vying for rumania as presidency incumbent klaus your highness faces the country's 1st female
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prime minister nuri credentials in a runoff election. and bolivia's senate approves a bill that could pave the way for new elections without former president abel modest interim government hopes a new poll will end weeks of unrest has left dozens dead. and pope francis takes a stand against nuclear weapons the pontiff makes a symbolic visit to mecca saturday in japan where he calls on the world's nuclear nations to scrap their office. to. helen on free glad you could join me. ready has a district council election been the focus of so much attention in hong kong more people have already voted in today's poll than in any election in its history and polls haven't even closed yet the votes are seen as both
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a test of kerry lobs pro beijing government and as a referendum on the pro-democracy movement that has rocked the city for months. the pro-democracy movement urged hong kong people to vote and they turned out in force hours before polls closed numbers had already exceeded previous records on the surface of it the poll to choose council representatives and link community level concerns like garbage collection may not seem particularly exciting but these elections are the closest thing that hong kong has have to direct representation district councils have long been dominated by the pro beijing establishment and voters seeking change hope that weakening their grip will give the movement a fresh momentum and. people have been long thought for long you know your time at that time cooperate. this might mean it's worth of my mortal thank you. listen to the wars of the people. hong kong's chief executive
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kerry lamb also encouraged voter turnout and appealed for smooth and peaceful voting some voters are backing her to bring an end to the violent unrest that crippled the semi autonomous territory. after the feel months of the r. incident in hong kong i would like to express my we was through the on a formal election so that are in. play that i can express my my feelings the elections are mainly symbolically important district council is don't have any real political power they can't pass laws and they can only advise the government but pro-democracy voters are hoping to win majorities in some of hong kong's 18 districts as that will win them seats on the committee that elects hong kong's chief executive. well for more let's go straight over to our correspondent on the
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ground for a charlotte chelsea pale great to see you charlotte record turnout already bring us up to date with the latest where you are. yes home that you're joining me now from what is a record breaking district council election this now has the highest turnout of any election in hong kong history and there's still some time the left before these polls close now we have seen throughout the day today huge numbers of people gathering outside this polling station here at one point there were queues lining up way back some people telling us they were queuing for up to 2 hours to pass their ballots now the queues have now gargi dissipated that there is still a steady stream of people coming and going wanting to to voice their opinion this softer rule is the 1st vote that's taken place since this unrest here in hong kong began in june people tell us that this is their opportunity to express best
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sentiments about this on rest and the way that the government has been handling it is essentially a referendum on this almost 6 months of violent clashes here on the streets of hong kong but at the end of the day of course in syria we're talking about local elections local issues clearly people in hong kong are just not wasting the opportunity to get out there to exercise democracy for that what is at stake. oh no as you say there isn't usually much fanfare about district council elections like this especially not attracting huge amounts of attention and the international community this election though very different people treating it as a symbol of how these protests are going down particularly now that there is increasing violence on the streets now there are a lot of people who perhaps might not be taking to the streets taking part in these protests weekend after weekend fearing the increasing violence and the fact that
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police are allowing these protests to go ahead less frequently so we will get a sense today of exactly how these protests are going down and how the government is handling them now the promise stablish main parties have known a domination of these districts council elections they're on the defensive now they want to prove that they can still attract similar numbers to in previous district council elections for the pro-democracy parties though they want to try and make some gains they're well aware that in the district council elections it's unlikely that they will dominate or take major ground from pro stablish from parties but they would consider any gains a step in the right direction in improving that there is still some support for their movement on the streets almost 6 months now since this movement began shot let's touch on the violence then a little bit now because of course it's been going on for months as you well know you have often been in the thick of it any signs of trouble so far.
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and so far today has been extremely peaceful there are riot police guarding all of the polling stations here making sure that this stays calm what we have seen from social media accounts and from what we've been hearing from activists on the streets they want to try and keep today as peaceful as possible there have been concerns among these protesters that any violence authorities here would use as an excuse to council suspend these elections as it stands they going ahead it is remaining peaceful it's a helena our correspondent. in hong kong shot it thanks a lot for that. well very mania very to sell costing ballots in the 2nd round of presidential elections but they're doing so in a climate of political instability and public anger triggered by allegations of corruption now it's an issue that the current president has made the focus of his campaign. proud romanian staunchly pro
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europe and a level headed champion of the rule of law. that's the carefully crafted image of romania's incumbent president klaus your highness he's been in office since 2014 and secured 40 percent of votes in the 1st round of the 29000 presidential election . i'm going to wear all the old wooden shoes i have always believed in romanians this is a great joy for democracy. this 60 year old member of the centrist national liberal party has also presented himself as a vocal critic of corruption the various she brought his political opponent to her knees. former prime minister have your ticket done sheila and a social democratic government stood by parliament last month following an era of corruption scandals that steered the country onto
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a collision course with the european union. but done she is hoping for political resurrection she's tried to shift the focus on to economic achievements and social reform. mainly of well being of guaranteed rights for a safe and proud romania i voted so romanians don't live in fear of tomorrow when they won't have anything to put on the table and won't have money for medicine or bills i voted against the cutting of the pensions and salaries i voted against austerity. their general once and i was in a country struggling with widespread poverty these are words that could go down well but political observers say the dumb shit us party just isn't managing to shake claims of corruption the issue that voters of all political persuasions are fed up with. in the past 3 years romania has seen massive anti corruption protests. the weather wins the presidential run
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a photo will face close scrutiny by voters and the. all right let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world several people have been killed in a plane crash in a goma in eastern congo now the aircraft came down by. solstice taking off and crushed in a populated area rescue services say that they have so far recovered $24.00 bodies . security forces in the southern iraqi city of nasiriyah have opened fire on protesters killing at least 3 people the demonstrators had gathered on 3 key bridges in the city demanding the overthrow of a political class seen as corrupt and setting foreign powers while many iraqis live poverty. contenders in israel's governing likud party adjusting for position off to prime minister benjamin netanyahu was indicted on corruption charges for a minister gideon starr has called for
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a party primary saying he would run but israeli law does not require miss you know him to step down unless he is convicted as to. no wake is in bolivia have passed a bill paving the way for new elections without the ex-president. now once formally approved the no will cancel the results of a disputed poll last month vote as when an unprecedented 4th term but then resign facing pressure from the military he was accused of election rigging now weeks of unrest following the election has left dozens of people dead. finally after weeks of waiting and hours of standing in line natural gas a lifeline for people who've been reduced to using whatever fuel they can find. did it is the us and with been coming here for 3 days and for nothing but now we were sold guess we're very happy. the barricades that block this gas facility were put up by ex-president
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a full morales's supporters away to put pressure on the caretaker government it rules with the support of the military the more alice's movement for socialism party controls both houses of parliament. the negotiators from the united nations and the european union help. after the law allowing new elections. she knew that winners without a doubt this is the 1st step for bolivia to change course and return to democracy to hold credible transparent free and inclusive elections a soonest possible. however self-proclaimed interim president janine anya has rejected lawmakers attempts to give morales amnesty her government has accused him of sedition after he urged his supporters to keep up blockades. we have categorically affirmed that my government will not persecute any political union all civically death. at the same time we are clear that he or she
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who has not respected the law who has committed crimes will not have amnesty of any kind. some of morales's supporters are still fighting running battles with the army 8 soldiers were taken hostage briefly on saturday as they were guarding a caravan of dump trucks in a country where mistrust still runs high. pope francis has called for while the does to scrap nuclear weapons the pontiff made the appeal during a visit to japan the only country to suffer nuclear attacks. huge crowds turned out and braved the rain to catch a glimpse of the pope it's the 1st papal visit to japan for nearly 4 decades in august sakhi the pontiff laid a wreath at a grain see room oriel for the 10s of thousands of people including $8000.00
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catholics who perished in an atomic bombing in the final days of world war 2. francis told the crowds that he believes a world without nuclear weapons is both possible and necessary and the money spent on them could be put to better use. give me a feeling that the new inter days world where millions of children and families live in inhumane conditions. the money that is wanted and the fortunes made through the manufacture upgrading maintenance and sale of even more destructive weapons. from crying out to heaven nothing will be ignored. the pontiff is also visiting her russia the site of the 1st atomic bombing in 1945 on monday pope francis will meet survivors of the 20 live in fukushima nuclear disaster he'll also meet japan's prime minister shinzo abbey and empathy or not or
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he too and he will be hoping that they and other global leaders he has calls for a nuclear free world. well coming up is the bundesliga with nick mechanic line and all much stay 12. bachman's and lot back you've been the least surprised me despite several months now but the but it is so good 1st prize at home find out what happened much more for the good to see. that what you see at the top of the al and see that. film the tumbling dice and iris came to dealing with a name that i killed many civilians. come including my father. i was a student i wanted to build a life for myself. a sudden.


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