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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 24, 2019 1:00pm-1:15pm CET

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you know. this is e.w. news live from but a wreck ordered turned out in hong kong to local elections seen as a test of support for the territory's chief executive terry for a look see protesters want to send hot and to beijing a message also coming up pope francis takes a stand against nuclear weapons makes a symbolic visit to nagasaki in japan when he calls upon the world's nuclear nations to scrap that off. to the people of getting this out choose
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a new leader horrible to visit the west african country where many hope today's election will close the book on a history of exhibit. 500 on free glad you could join me. rarely has a district council election been the focus of so much attention but in hong kong more people have already voted in today's poll than in any election in its history and polls well they haven't even closed yet the vote is seen as both a test of carried out as pro beijing and government and as a referendum on the pro-democracy movement that has rocked the city for months now . on conus are used to queuing for restrooms conventions but not for an election especially not on a sunday morning and even before the polling stations open. moments after the q.
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started to form came a familiar face pro-democracy leader aung he himself was sparked from running this for a cause for your action is that you action in more coverage based on more district or constitution issue is that overall hong kong political system reform but i still urge people both in the action to show i want this called head to beijing. many voters see these local elections as a referendum on whether the public still supports to protests hong kong has been rocked by almost 6 months of unrest some of it violent but calm returned in the run up to the election protests his feet the government my call of the vote we are facing an extremely challenging situation in organizing this year's elections but i'm pleased to say that with the concerted efforts of all parties including of course over 30000 civil servants in many departments working today we should have
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a relatively peaceful and calm and vironment to conduct these elections successfully for now peace has temporarily returned to the city but this could change depending on the results. well earlier i spoke to our correspondent in hong kong and i ask so why are local election was generating such high voter turnout. this has already been a record breaking district council election here by lunchtime the number of people who had cast their ballots already surpassed the total number of people who voted in these district council elections last time around in 2015 now we've been at this particular polling station most of the day today helen aaron throughout the day we've seen long queues gathered behind me people waiting to cause their ballots is quiescent down a little bit now but there has still been a steady stream of people coming and going they tell us that they think it's their
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duty as hong kong citizens to cast their vote this after all as you've said is being considered as a litmus test referendum on almost 6 months of unrest here on hong kong both on the pro-democracy movement which is becoming increasingly violent in recent months and on how all stories he's have been handling the unrest here is for that reason that so many people are coming out on to the polls out to the polls they tell us today to cast their votes in what would usually be a fairly low key election these district councillors who being elected here today don't have a huge amount of power they mainly focus on local issues today though this vote has become very much about the politics here in hong kong rather than those community issues as you point out charlotte we're talking about local elections that clearly hong kong has a just not wasting an opportunity to exercise democracy so what's at stake here. you know this is the 1st time that people here in hong kong have had the chance to
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cast their vote since this unrest began back in june for the pro-democracy movement this is a chance for them to take their battle to the ballot box there really will be a sense here from the results that we're expecting tonight of how much support there remains for this pro-democracy movement support which she would often see out on the streets a lot of people now avoiding the front lines of these protests as the clashes become increasingly violent now what has to be pointed out here is that the post office from an parties dominating the district councils here in hong kong at the moment said they are very much on the defensive they don't want to see huge losses that would be slight for them and the authorities here in hong kong the pro-democracy movement that they're part pro-democracy of parties aren't expecting to make massive gains here but any gains that they make will be a signal a sign if you like that there is still broad support here in hong kong for this pro-democracy movement now headed on
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a more practical level these pro democracy these district council elections do you play a role as well in shaping hong kong's political future albeit slightly a relatively small one for example 6 of these district councils will automatically get a seat on the legislative council that's hong kong's parliament and some say more importantly a dozens of district councillors will then be part of the committee that will in future select the next chief executive of hong kong so as a pro democracy candidate here they will see any gains that they make in this vote today is a step in the right direction for you know what they're aiming for here in hong kong our correspondent charles impale in hong kong for us thank you charlotte. well romanian very tuesday costing about it say to the 2nd round of presidential elections but they're doing so in a climate of political instability and public anger over allegations of corruption that if spock huge street protests that well lotus will decide between the
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incumbent president klaus your highness and former prime minister he couldn't cheat on his government was recently ousted because all the alleged corruption now whoever wins will have no executive power but could have a significant influence over the future direction of the country. proud romanian staunchly pro europe and a level headed champion of the rule of law. that's the carefully crafted image of romania's incumbent president klaus yohannes he's been in office since 2014 and secured 40 percent of votes in the 1st round of the 29000 presidential election. i'm going to say where all the old woman should have always believed in romanians this is a great joy for democracy. at sea at the in the money. this exceed your old member of the centrist national liberal party has also presented
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himself as a vocal critic of corruption the various she brought his political opponent to her knees. former prime minister of your done sheila and a social democratic government by parliament last month following an era of corruption scandals that steered the country onto a collision course with the european union. but done she is hoping for political resurrection she's tried to shift the focus on to economic achievements and social reform. mainly of well being of guaranteed rights for a safe and proud romania i voted so romanians don't live in fear of tomorrow when they won't have anything to put on the table and won't have money for medicine or bills i voted against the cutting of the pensions and salaries i voted against austerity. richard rounds and i was in a country struggling with widespread poverty these are words that could go down
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well but political observers say the dumb shit us party just isn't managing to shake claims of corruption the issue that voters of all political persuasions are fed up with. in the past 3 years romania has seen massive anti-corruption protests. whether wins the presidential run a photo will face close scrutiny by voters and they hear. the say get it now some of the other stories making news around the world well several people have been killed in a plane crash in goma in eastern congo the aircraft came down moments after. taking off it crashed into a populated area rescue services say that they have a couple recovered 23 bodies from the scene. security forces in the southern iraqi city of nasiriyah have opened fire on protesters killing at least 3 people the demonstrators have gathered on 3 key bridges in the city demanding the
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overthrow of a political class seen as corrupt and 7 foreign powers while many iraqis live overseas. now a presidential election is underway in the west african nation of guinea bissau now many people hope that the vote for bring stability to the country which has suffered through numerous crews the alice went to the capital base out to find out what life is like that ordinary people in one of the world's poorest countries. school's out for another day in the capital of guinea be found west africa. it's fun and games for now. but many of these children will face a difficult future they live in one of the poorest and most volatile countries on the planet. as youth activists say code watch in yog explains there are few jobs and virtually no industry the sound and there's been no stable government for decades. only what you wish. to say the country is still under construction.
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there have been cyclical crises since the 1980 s. people have little hope. for life here in guinea bissau out is about survival. every person here is just trying to survive i've read in. some of the rains here. that many live from hand to mouth selling things on the street to make ends meet existing on less than a dollar a day. the civil war ended here more than 2 decades ago. but since then guinea bissau now has lurched from crisis to crisis as a small political elite compete for power and limited resources. one person desperate for change is tailor. he accuses politicians of lining their own pockets rather than trying to improve the lives of ordinary
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people to all support small businesses such as his tailor shop he says the government often fails to pay people's wages for months on end meaning his customers are not always able to buy new clothes and. the government collects fees and taxes but do absolutely nothing they do nothing to help as they should be support for small businesses and more commerce. for the barely 2000000 people who live in guinea the south the lack of economic opportunity has led to widespread poverty. most people are frustrated with the simple inability to move forward with their lives the road to a better country may be bumpy but activists nuada believes there is a way for weight. that we young people are trying to contribute toward securing
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a different future. but i'm going to work hard every single day to help my family and to help young people in guinea-bissau and my country to help it achieve the prosperity that each and every one of us wants to achieve and. with nearly 2 thirds of the population under the age of $25.00. hope could lie with the next generation. francis has called upon while the leaders to scrap weapons the pontiff made the appeal during a visit to japan any country to suffer a new care tax. huge crowds turned out and braved the rain to catch a glimpse of the pope it's the 1st papal visit to japan for nearly 4 decades and not exactly the pontiff laid a wreath at a grain see roman morial for the 10s of thousands of people including $8000.00 catholics who perished in an atomic bombing in the final days of world war 2.
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francis told the crowds that he believes a world without nuclear weapons is both possible and necessary and the money spent on them could be put to better use. give me jordan the new inter days world where millions of children and families live in inhumane conditions if the money that is squandered and the fortunes made for the manufacture upgrading maintenance and sale of even more destructive weapons are now from crying out to heaven the big new world. the pontiff is also visiting her russia the site of the 1st atomic bombing in 1945 on monday pope francis will meet survivors of the 20 live in fukushima nuclear disaster he'll also meet japan's prime minister shinzo abbey and emperor not hito
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and he will be hoping that they and other global leaders keep his calls for a nuclear free world. this is d. w. news up next it's not just playing around our documentary series doc film looks at the important role of place very human and i'll be back with more news at the top the hour see that. ensures the famous naturalist and explorer. juice in the bridge an alexander from the world's 250th birthday were remarking on a voyage of discovery. expedition voyage on t.w.a. .


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