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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 24, 2019 7:00am-7:16am CET

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this is the news live from berlin hong kong heads to the polls in key local elections and chief executive terry lam is under pressure pro-democracy protesters want to send her and beijing a message record numbers of voters are turning out as authorities warn against violence also coming up the pope francis takes a stand against nuclear weapons pontiff makes a symbolic visit to nagasaki in japan where he calls upon the world's nuclear nations to scrap their arsenals. and in the bundesliga a lot about face off against when you and barry lynn berliners have
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a reputation as being a giant slayer but can they take down the team at the top of the table. welcome to the program. i restarted hong kong where people are voting in unison elections the vote is seen as a both a test of kerry lab's probe aging government and as a referendum on the pro-democracy movement that has rocked the city for months voter participation is already at record levels. hung conus are used to queuing for restaurants conventions but not for an election especially not on a sunday morning and even before the polling stations open. moments after the queues started to form came a familiar face pro-democracy leader aung he himself was spot from running this
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recount that you action action in more community based more district it was an issue is that overall hong kong political system reform but i still urge people both in the action to show i what this called had to beijing. many voters see these local elections as of referendum on whether the public still supports the protests hong kong has been rocked by almost 6 months of unrest some of it violent but calm returned in the run up to the election protests his feet the government might call off the vote. we are facing an extremely challenging situation in all the nice in this year's elections but i'm pleased to say that with the concerted efforts of all parties including of course over $30000.00 civil servants in many parts. today we should have a relatively peaceful and calm and vironment to conduct these elections some sesame
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for now peace has temporarily returned to the city but this could change depending on the resell that's. for more now we're joined by our correspondent on the ground charlotte. charlotte tell us what's happening where you are now. nick huge of 8 to 10 out has been reported already today by 1130 this morning just a few hours into the voting over a 1000000 people were of quoted to have cost that ballots now in a territory with just over 7000000 people that is a huge number isn't it as i'm sure you can see behind me voters here queuing up snaking across this area it's a cost that ballots here now usually the district council elections here in hong kong don't have much fanfare as well in the international community they're not generally observed today though very very different this vote is considered a litmus test for the protests that have been taking place in hong kong for more
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than 5 months now on the pup on the popularity of the pro democracy movement despite the fact is getting increasingly violent in recent weeks now there's been a huge surge in the number of people who have registered to vote and as we can see here that is now manifesting itself at the ballots there is some thinking that perhaps so many people are coming out early because they fear violence later on into the evening some people we've spoken to say they've queued for over an hour. can you tell us what's at stake here. one symbolically and in concrete terms as far as the legislative process goes. yeah well this is about sending a message to both sides whether you're pro the democracy movement or whether you're pro establishment this is about a cost in your balance a referendum if you like on how you feel on this pro democracy movements now
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this is the district councils the typically dominated by pro establishment parties so for them this is about trying to hang on to their seats they're on the defensive not used to any kind of a challenge for the pro democracy candidate is this that they're hoping for a surge in their representation in the district council to to send that message that they do you still enjoy public support on a more practical level these district council elections do you also hold a significance that's because 6 district counselors will be able to join the legislative council hong kong's parliament and 'd $117.00 district councils will be part of the committee that will appoint the next chief executive so despite the fact is to count selections are usually more local community based elections they do on a practical level have some sway albeit limited on the future of hong kong you are talking charlotte earlier about about the weekend protests which have been going on for months now often with violence is there any risk or sign of that today
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so far. there's been a lull in violence snake in the days leading up to this election there's been a lot of concern on both sides that this they would be cooled off if there were more violent clashes on the street in fact the thirty's here had threatened to either council completely or suspend this vote so it has been quiet we've seen a lot of messages on pro-democracy chants people not to take to the streets so they can they can take that battle to the ballot box they can cost. seeing people pro-democracy think is not a website act not to shout pro-democracy slogans so that they can cost their vote this all the constituency is also very heavily policed there riot police in the across the city prepared for anybody to take place as it stands it has been calm. ok thanks for that interview charlottes house intel following those critical election in hong kong for. lawmakers in bolivia have passed
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a law that paves the way for new elections without x. president evo morales once formally approved the bill will cancel the results of a disputed poll last month that votes more or less when an unprecedented 4th term but then resigned after facing pressure from the military dozens of people have since died in clashes. finally after weeks of waiting and hours of standing in line natural gas a lifeline for people who've been reduced to using whatever fuel they can find. that is the acim with been coming here for 3 days and for nothing but now we were so guess we have very happy. the barricades that block to this gas facility were put up by ex-president a fillmore alice's supporters away to put pressure on the caretaker government it rules with the support of the military the morales is movement for socialism party
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controls both houses of parliament. negotiators from the united nations and the european union helped craft a law allowing new elections. she knew that winners without a doubt this is the 1st step for bolivia to change course and return to democracy to hold credible transparent free and inclusive elections a soonest possible. however self-proclaimed interim president janine anya has rejected lawmakers attempts to give morales amnesty her government has accused him of sedition after he urged his supporters to keep up blockades. we have categorically affirmed that my government will not persecute any political union all civically death. at the same time we are clear that he or she who has not respected the lowell who has committed crimes will not have
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amnesty of any kind. some of morales's supporters are still fighting running battles with the army 8 soldiers were taken hostage briefly on saturday as they were guarding a caravan of dump trucks in a country where mistrust still runs high. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world. government protesters in colombia have taken to the streets for a 3rd consecutive day thousands marched in the capital bogota were stopped and dispersed by police and tear gas the protesters are angry at president event bouquets economic social and security policies. romanians are heading to the polls to elect a new president voters will decide between incumbent president close your highness and former prime minister. whose government was recently ousted the run up to the election has been dominated by public anger over allegations of corruption.
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pope francis has called upon world leaders to scrap their nuclear arsenals the pontiff made the appeal during a visit to japan the final leg of his tour of asia. francis visited nagasaki one of 2 cities devastated by the american nuclear attack in the closing days of the 2nd world war he spoke of the suffering injured by the victims of that attack and he said nuclear weapons could never provide the world with peace and stability . and to discuss that i'm joined by our religious affairs correspondent martin jacques this is the 1st papal visit in 38 years to japan and what do you think the significance is for the christians of japan well i think that this is an order for the christians of japan among other things because over the last sort of 10 years 2030 years they have lost 10 percent of the population has actually been reduced by 500 from 500002 about 450 years ago and
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quite clearly that is the pattern that the church sees not only sort of in japan but around the world so i think that one of the reasons why the pope is there is to try to regain some rain obviously this also has a regional projection. particularly brogan relationship china where the christian community out to the communities under quite a bit of pressure assad has historically been so i think that in the in the regional context this visit is quite important. just before the pope got there the japanese catholic church criticised japanese society for being too materialistic what do you make of that well i mean the criticism was not against materialism an excessive consumption and competition so i think that there is a journalist sense this something that has been sort of following this about you know this this pope for now since the beginning of the pub to see that the question of unbridled capitalism is something buddies essentially directly or they have a tricky opposed to you know ideas of spiritual growth and sort of the wellbeing of
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people around sort of the more classical institutions of church life and japan in some sense is sort of been precise if that kind of development or if that kind of in this really safe and consumption so i think that that was sort of the criticism and you know it's one that is consistent with the position of the last few years ok thanks so much for that and that is fair is for martin jack. time for sports now this league table toppers mentioned traveled to the german capital on saturday facing league newcomers and young berlin when you don't have shocked a few big teams so far this season and once again ainge to upset the narrative. with rufus fans in a tight knit squad lane is not an easy place to visit league leaders clad back knew an early goal would help silence the home crowd an entire stadium held its breast
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as patrick hammond's headache came back off the post. take it all exhale not long after the found himself in space and headed to host since her 15th minute lead. this was just 2nd goal of the season justifying his recall to the starting line up only on went close to doubling that lead to marcus. to crack back opposing the pick a stretch and they should have leveled just before half time the normally clinical player fluffing his big chance. fortress in the on was looking pretty solid and though the visitors dominated the 2nd half play they had precious little to show for all their possession. it just wasn't their day typified went on breakaway in stoppage time sebastian anderson the man on target i equally fully
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glanced in the deflected cross 2 had as 2 players giving you need on another 3 points. to work all together and. we get the point so i don't know. i think we should not think too much about it. that is our way to go with the game. it's very hard league had a hard moment and now we're having a good moment i want to hang out of it as long as possible you know now well and truly mixing with the best not showing up yet another win a rick top 6 club. and or a minor of the top stories we're following for you. chief executive kerry love has cast her ballot and she local elections has. and record turnout in a vote seen as both a test of lambs approach raging government as a referendum on the pro-democracy movement that has rocked the city for months. this is deja vu news live from berlin stay tuned for didn't have you reporter it's
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a story about a special school in denmark where pupils learned through role play you can find more news ahead laws 247 on our web site that's you know if you dot com next peiser thanks for watching. there. is a cultural bill. there it goes since. their rivalry. 3 princes. dream of the.


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