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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 24, 2019 2:00am-2:16am CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin hong kong heads to the polls in kenya local elections chief executive kerry lam is under pressure pro-democracy demonstrators want to send her envisioning a message with ortiz warning they'll cut off all cut off the vote if i don't springs out again also coming up. bolivia senate approves a bill that could pave the way for new elections without former president evo morales the interim government hopes a new poll and weeks of on the rest it has left dozens dead. and in the
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bundesliga gladbach faced off against your own berlin the berliners have a reputation as being giants there is but could they take down the tabletop. i mean is of welcome to the program we start in hong kong where people are casting their ballots in municipal elections the vote is seen as a test of kerry lambs probation government and a referendum on the pro-democracy movement that has rocked the city for months authorities in hong kong have threatened to call off the elections if islands breaks out. campaigners hope the election can send a peaceful signal about the direction of the city. chris chan is back out on the street the pro-democracy campaigner hopes he can persuade people to give him their protest vote. after
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a massive moment i think an election can reflect public opinion to some extent another point is it's time for us to calm down and tell the government in a civilized way what we want to do. hong kong has been rocked by almost 6 months of unrest some of it violent protesters have been calling on the pro beijing government for more democracy many here fear their legal and political ptolemy is under threat from china student chowpatty was shot by police during one demonstration he's now calling on people to use their vote. i hope the people of hong kong can cast their ballots and achieve more democracy in a peaceful way please cherish your vote i hope everyone can come out and vote tomorrow and. meanwhile the siege at hong kong polytechnic university continues
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the scene of some of the most violent intense clashes with police in recent days is still the site where a small group of protesters holed up they've been there for a week determined not to become one of the 1000 or so who've been arrested for taking part in a siege that turned violent. those running for election say they want to pursue a peaceful route forward but everyone knows that these local elections won't change policy or the pro china attitude at the top of government. now for more i'm joined by a reporter who has been following the events in hong kong now this is this election is just a local election and kerry lamb herself her position is not being contested so why is it so important to hong kong as right now i understand that this is a question that many many may actually have because it's a local election not even a lot of hong kong people used to care a lot. the district council normally focuses just on local welfare infrastructures
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on some really local matches but i think this time it matters a lot because of 2 reasons 1st of all this is a way for people to voice their opinion to voice that this contend or to exercise their rights because hong kong people can choose their district council is directly and this is democracy and this is actually what many have been asking for in the protests and secondly the council does have a little impact on the political landscape in hong kong because the chief executive is elected by 1200 members of election committee and in that committee actually a 100 of them are from the district council directly so in that sense. people can be represented directly through their district council this of course this is just a very small number but it is highly symbolic. you are yourself from hong kong and you've been following the events going on there what is the mood now now that the. voters out there the mood is very tense it's not like there are a lot of violence industry on the streets actually hong kong has been brutally
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quiet in the past 2 to 3 days. and i guess this is because this is just the calm before storm i would say i've spoken to people from there and then they told me that it's been so quiet and it seems like the purchases never happened before or to protest never erupted and the reason i say why this is the calm before the storm is that because protesters actually just agreed to stay calm in order not to jeopardize the election and also for the probation cam it's also a very stressful situation because they are facing a challenge that it has never faced before traditionally the probation cam has a very strong has been very strong in the district council race and so what do we know driven predictions about who's more likely to get a win out of this election pro-democracy camp or the probation camp no we don't really know because as many as a lot of people are pro-democracy
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a significant part of the population are also pro establishment so as i've said the probation camp has been traditionally very strong in the just for concert races but this time derby nearly 400000 new voters and they will most of them are young people or their 1st time voters and they are in support of the protests and that could really change the political landscape ok so we're also expecting a hard turn out here thanks for your insights i'm sure. bolivia's senate has approved a law that could pave the way for new elections without x. president evo morales this comes as a caretaker government wrestles with weeks of unrest the lower house is now considering the bill which would cancel the results of a disputed election last month that morales with an unprecedented 4th term but then resigned after facing pressure from the military dozens of people have died in
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clashes since the october election self proclaimed interim president genyen yes has rejected lawmakers attempts to give morales amnesty her government has accused him of sedition and terrorism. be that all over the government that it i'm asking old bolivians to listen because this noor of impunity should not be approved. principles and non-negotiable we have categorically affirmed that my government will not persecute any political union all civically death. but at the same time we are clear that he or she who has not respected the lowell who has committed crimes will not have amnesty of any kind to me. now to some of the other stories making news around the world. anti-government protesters in colombia have taken to the streets for
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a 3rd consecutive day thousands marched in the capital bogota but was stopped and dispersed by police and tear gas the protesters are angry at president van dyk is economic social and security policies. in western kenya 34 people have been killed in flooding caused by heavy rains most of the deaths occurred when homes were swept away by mudslides the brains are battering parts of tons of media as well where 10 people have drowned in a swollen river. pope francis has arrived in japan during his 4 day trip he will visit nagasaki and hiroshima where he is expected to warn of the dangers of nuclear weapons francis is on the 2nd and final leg of an asia tour that began in thailand. incidents of far right violence in germany are on the rise and many journalists are reporting reporting on them are facing intimidation on saturday over 100 protesters from the far right n.p.v.
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party marched through the city of hanover to protest against the press advertise the march by posting a picture online of a journalist who had investigated the far right seen in germany of the protests was overshadowed by a counter demonstration of some 7000 people we met one of the journalist targeted by the n.p.t. at an undisclosed location for his safety and 3 out in is looking through his photos. he took this one at a far right extremist demonstration a neo nazi stares towards his camera and they very clear jester photojournalist out in is used to this. for good kind of i want to vent goes by in which we're not showing that they think we should be killed or injured on the top private life should be invaded. at him and his colleagues are investigating right wing extremism in germany he is known on the scene the militant group combat 18 has sent him letters addressed to andre do if swine authorities say the letters are genuine and
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now at a nose the militants have his address. for that reason alone i've moved several times we're not he's got hold of my address and then it rallies they said hey i know where you live and i'll come by but it's not only about me it puts other people in my private life in danger to the lord. is the deputy chairman of the far right extremist n.p.t. he has a criminal record for assault and incitement to hatred he mentions journalist andre addon by name in a speech. today i know and i have no doubt about this that one of our main enemies in the gutter press those who call themselves journalists is one called ardent. our names are brought up and he mixes them with violent themes he doesn't say go get him instead he says i wouldn't shed many tears if something happened to him i would not say that something should happen to him but i would not shed many tears and
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from that everyone knows exactly what they should do. with those kinds of threats in feels abandoned by the authorities and the police he alone is responsible for his own safety. of course i feel broken if you've ever experienced violence you carry it with you but you can't just sweep it under the carpet and be done with it . while all of us have experienced battles and threats my strategy for dealing with it is not to get scared. i won't allow myself to be afraid and that's how we all keep it up and keep going to their events because we want to show them that we will not be frightened off. that's why there is no doubt that he will go to the next neo nazi event to document it. i don't want our democracy the social system in which i live to get into a situation where it is hollowed out and it topples over to the right we know from
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our own history where that can lead to fascism and mass murder and that is something i as a journalist want to prevent it is my duty as one of the talk and to add in takes his duty more seriously than ever in these times of growing populism and nationalism. bonus league or table toppers barousse you mention glad travel to the capital on saturday facing league newcomers when you're in berlin when your have shocked at a few big teams so far this season and once again aim to upset the narrative. i withdrew because fans in a tight knit squad lane is not an easy place to visit league leaders clad back knew an early goal would help silence the home crowd an entire stadium held its breast as patrick hammond's head came back off the post. take it all exhale not long after
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the jar found himself in space and headed to host since her 15th minute lead. this was just 2nd goal of the season justifying his recall to the starting line up only on went close to doubling their lead to marcus send. the crowd back were posing the biggest threat and they should have leveled just before half time the normally clinical player fluffing his big chance. fortress in the on was looking pretty solid and though the visitors dominated the 2nd half play they had precious little to show for all their possession. it just wasn't their day typified went on breakaway in stoppage time sebastian anderson the man on target i equally fully glanced in the deflected cross 2 headers 2 players giving me on another 3 points. work all together and then we get the point so i don't know why.
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i think we should not think too much about it. we're called that it's all a way to go with the game. it's very hard league had a hard moment and now we're having a good moment i want to own it as long as possible then you are now well and truly mixing with the best not showing up yet another win a rick top 6 club. well the bonus league or saturday games are now history so let's take a look at all the results as we just saw newly promoted elin. upset table toppers gladbach elsewhere byron munich dominated dusseldorf rb live stage defeated cologne leverkusen and freiburg share the spoils shock of the braman will spur down frankfurt on friday dortmund drew with out of one now on sunday i was booked will take on had to believe in and hoffenheim will meet. this is d.w.
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news live from berlin up next a reporter with a special story about a special school in denmark where pupils learn through role play you can find more news in headlines 247 on our website as dot com i'm on the use of thanks for watching. small acts can inspire change. people. go africa untasted right. join them as they set out to save the environment learn from one another and work together for a better future. many thanks to you all for tuning in. on t.w. .


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