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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 23, 2019 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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movie ends justify the means. to june's witnesses starts december 13th on d. w. . this is the w. news live from berlin hong kong prepares for the local elections on sunday but authorities warn don't call off the boat its violence breaks out again pro-democracy demonstrators want citizens to send beijing a message at the ballot box also coming up people in paris and around france to take to the streets to avenge their anger as the mystic abuse reaches unprecedented
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levels in europe to take a look at what the french government plans to do about it. and things in this story they've forgotten piece of the berlin wall abandoned in a warehouse for decades this piece of history is now on public display in sydney. i'm caernarfon welcome to the program we start in hong kong where polls will open in a few hours in the city's municipal elections the vote is seen as a test of kerry lam's pro beijing government and a referendum on the pro-democracy movement that has rocked the city for months authorities in hong kong of president to call off the election of violence breaks out campaigners hope the election can send a peaceful signal about the direction of the city. chris chan is back out on the street the pro-democracy campaigner hopes he can persuade people to give him their
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protest vote. after a massive moment i think an election can reflect public opinion to some extent another point is it's time for us to calm down and tell the government in a civilized way what we want to do. hong kong has been rocked by almost 6 months of under arrest some of it violent protesters have been calling on the pro beijing government for more democracy many here fear their legal and political tanami is under threat from china student chowpatty was shot by police during one demonstration he's now calling on people to use their vote. i hope the people of hong kong can cast their ballots and achieve more democracy in a peaceful way please cherish your vote i hope everyone can come out and vote tomorrow night and. meanwhile the siege at hong kong polytechnic university
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continues the scene of some of the most violent intense clashes with police in recent days is still the site where a small group of protesters holed up they've been there for a week determined not to become one of the 1000 or so who've been arrested for taking part in a siege that turned violent. those running for election say they want to pursue a peaceful route forward but everyone knows that these local elections won't change policy all the pro-choice on attitude at the top of hong kong's government. let's bring in clifford conan who has covered that region extensively 1st of all in terms of these elections these are local district elections how much can the results on sunday really shape the future of hong kong well it's ironic in a way because these elections were traditionally about you know getting your garbage collected and putting a park bench in and they've taken all this huge significance because until now we've had no indication really beyond these pictures of demonstrations and counter
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protests and police violence and. all of the things that we've seen we've no indication of how people feel on the ground in hong kong so they take on a new significance in that case because people actually go to the ballot box which as we know is also a limited thing that you can do in hong kong right now and should give us an indication that way or as these demonstrations are the big issue hovering over these election how have these protests factored into campaigning heading up to the vote well in the campaign is i notice that some of the protest protest. independents are pro-democracy comes they have been putting information on the handouts and things that they've spent very much into the camps that we see on the streets of hong kong but the probation side you've got the pro-democracy side. basically we're going to give an indication what they're expecting is that people will possibly make their feelings known that but i'm going with the government who they are they're holding responsible for causing this chaos and this is so could be
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a slap in the face for the government i think i mean really of course it is a mixture of democracy and also some direct rule from china this is one of the few chances that hong kong gets to really practice democracy in full this is a direct democratic vote absolutely the other main votes such as the vote for chief executive are largely weighed skewed in favor of ageing and this is a direct vote so it is going to be a very democratic vote i think will give us an indication no and everyone's worried about calling it because we literally have had no idea until now how these mass demonstrations will translate into people exercising their vote. now we heard about those threats that this vote could be suspended if there's any more violence is that an empty threat or could that actually happen well i was talking to people in the run up and they were saying that they could very well suspenders because how much worse can things get you know short of beijing actually intervening but i think the government is also perhaps indication that it could be ready for
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compromise by allowing these to go ahead and they're prepared to show that they're that they it's the 1st time they've actually made any kind of concession so maybe this could be the start of something you could be an indication that we could see perhaps a road to dialogue ok and that vote taking place in a few hours sunday in hongkong clifford couldn't thank you very much activists in paris are demanding the french government take stronger steps to combat deadly domestic violence with more than $130.00 women killed so far this year by their partner france is one of the worst countries for deadly domestic violence in europe. put pressure on politics and solidarity with the women there loud and determined to be heard thousands of demonstrators gathered in paris to vent their anger france has been discussing the issue of violence against women for months. so that's what gets her
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ministers we fight for all women everyone knows at least one person who is affected but. we're going to just think actually just this year when i am here in memory of my mother who was murdered before my eyes in 1982 when i was 1300 it doesn't look of fear in march our daughter was murdered on corsica by her ex partner was 1. $121.00 women were killed in france last year alone by their partner or their ex partner according to the ministry of the interior. worldwide the u.n. says that 137 women a murdered every day these activists are calling for an end to violence against women demanding decisive political action. on the top a shall we demand a rethink in politics as part of the fight against this violence the moment the government must put more money on the table to end sexist and sexual violence if you will not be active in all 66 years and their demands are specific better
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policing judicial protection harsher penalties and an additional 1000000000 euros for assistance and violence prevention. i will take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world in western kenya 34 people have been killed in flooding caused by heavy rains most of the deaths are but homes are swept away by landslides the rains are battering parts of towns and as well where 10 people have drowned in a swollen river. a car bomb in a turkish held border town in northern syria has killed 9 people in monitoring group says 2 children were among those killed there was no immediate claim of responsibility for the bomb. pope francis has arrived in japan during his 4 day trip he will visit nagasaki and hiroshima or is expected to warn of the dangers of nuclear weapons francis is on the 2nd and final leg of an asia tour that began in thailand. american led forces and their syrian kurdish allies have carried out
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a large joint operation capturing dozens of so-called militants operation took place while u.s. vice president mike pence was in iraq on a previously unannounced visit pense assured iraqi kurdish leaders that the u.s. would stand with its kurdish allies. now in the us you worship numbers for the impeachment hearings against president donald trump are out some 12000000 people per day in live to watch the proceedings on t.v. rivaling the audience for prime time n.f.l. football of course democrats were hoping for high levels of interest as they build their case for impeachment but t.v. ratings may not tell the full picture here to explain is ford or william know a good craft i mean look i guess in the days of twitter it's about more than just t.v. viewership online matters to churn these things are interrelated i mean t.v. viewership peaked at about 14000000 on the 1st day it declined steadily but not by
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much over the coming days so a lot of republicans saying the show wasn't successful for democrats the so-called show is like to say really isn't true there was actually a high amount of viewership on television and it stayed fairly steady but the on the online side is a completely different story we can actually have a graph to show you put out by a platform called news where they've calculated this kind of thing looking at facebook and twitter interactions it fluctuates quite well. from witness to witness and we see that memory of out of it the former ambassador to ukraine is way out in front with 6000000 interactions on the day of her testimony that's post its likes it's comments it's read tweets it's these kinds of things there's a few witnesses i haven't even put up on this on this graph because it are only in the few hundreds of thousands so really quite a huge fluctuation when it come when it comes to the witnesses themselves every day so looking at those numbers you see a big difference by candidates in terms of who is being discussed online but when
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you look at t.v. mostly the same viewership numbers day to day so how do we explain those differences i mean each witness kind of brought to the table their own quality their own reason to kind of bring users in you know 11 aspect might be that you had a very personal and heartbreaking story where this professional who is has years of service was yanked from her post without real cause and then dragged through the mud by some of legibly by some of trump's associates where which which you know audiences really saw as quite unfair or might have been able to relate to her but on the other side people spinning more right wing ideas were seeing her as not credible because because she was young so early for resist and actually wasn't around for any 1st to be a 1st witness firsthand witness to anything that trump or associates might have done in ukraine. and then we see elsewhere like for example zaandam people were very interested in close trump ally who is the one that said quote yes there was
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a quid pro quo and then later said well maybe there wasn't and that was that was taken as each side wanted wanted to see it course viewership numbers aside social media numbers aside what really matters in the end is if the american public is informed do you think that happened i mean i think you know as well as i do that social media is not exactly a place where where truth lives it's where lies a conspiracy theories and preconceived notions. our are fed and spread quite wildly we see of course strong leanings towards the left and towards the right we see this in polls where most people already have made up their minds and they're seeing they're seeing these impeachment proceedings through the prism that they want to see that said one point thing is of course the left is cherry picking like the right is but the left is cherry picking within the lines of the current narrative and the right as we've seen by all these witnesses is spin air complete counter-narrative a complete alternate narrative of what intelligence officials are saying are lies
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mis and information from russia william no glue cough thank you germany has recently marks the 30th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall much of that wall was destroyed in 1909 but pieces of it are still being found all over the world including down under here is more from city utah how to cost loosely translated everyone is powerful 30 years ago people power helped to bring down the building wall and these piece of it ended up in sydney but decades it sat forgotten in a warehouse digimon businessmen who rented space for it disappeared leaving his 3 ton memento behind warehouse manager raymond couldn't track him down old find anyone else who wanted to tank it. thank you. but you know i just had a very simple stipulation you can i would prefer charge just pay for the transport . people seem interested i can see what i see are there but then when it came to it
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just no one seemed to be interested in going through and taking it but earlier this year a new i know was found online a logistics firm with german ties then they moved the wall for free to its new home in a park outside the city office of the german cultural organization go to institute her mind and now of peace and human rights i think what's most important is that i remember that freedom and human rights speak. for granted so we really have to remember that history and we have to think about like. yeah and obviously. the fall of the war was i mean everyone thought the military would go in but it was a peaceful revolution that brought it out and people have the power the ministry of the walls the regional or no has also been solved jennifer kubiak recognize the wall in a recent media report she posed in front of it as
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a child it belonged to her late father peter 30 jennifer says when he died in 2013 so too did the exact story of the wall and why he left it. finally out in the open again the wall stands as a permanent memorial to the end of division half a world away in berlin. this is the news live from berlin up next our documentary on the al house movement and remember all the latest news and headlines available 247 on our website that's dot com. thanks for watching. the adventures of the famous naturalist and explorer. on the front of the world's 250th birthday were embarking on a voyage of discovery. expedition voyage on t.w.a. .


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