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the ends justify the means. clinton's witnesses starts december 13th on t w. this is deja vu news live from berlin germany's governing conservatives try to overcome a leadership crisis embattled c.d.u. leader and if that. threatens to quit less she gets her party's full back or go live to the party conference in much also coming up. colombia's president calls for a dialogue to try to end nationwide demonstrations against his government and
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government orders a curfew in the capital bogota after several people are killed. and a small pacific archipelago is poised to become the world's newest country people in bougainville are going to the polls to vote on their independence. unexposed or thanks for joining us the leader of the governing christian democrats here in germany has issued an ultimatum in a debate over her leadership as the c.d.u. began its annual party conference an excited comp count told delegates that she was prepared to quit if they didn't back or come qanbar took over from chancellor i'm going to methyl as leader last year but the party's popularity has continued to slide under her leadership. she went all the way and took on the challenge after
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several attacks in the weeks leading up to the cd use party conference and a great. post the big question to her party colleagues and leipsic. many of them i know if you feel that the road i want to go down is not the road you want to follow then let us talk about that today and let does end it today here and now today. how did the 1000 delegates react with this 7 minute standing ovation continuing 190 minute speech the party that passionately our the policy measures she wants to pursue in the future. isn't enough to be the repair service of the republican we need to become the workshop of the future again that's our goal and that's what we want to do one time in my mind one of those in the audience was fleet ice melts revival that's has attacked a k.k.
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several times in recent weeks this time he seemed surprisingly loyal and a good compound. a.k.k. gave a strong courageous and forward looking speech this morning. peter golic. very grateful to have that thank you via didn't we are loyal to our woman to our party leadership. and to the federal government chancellor merkel who has passed on the party leadership to come no longer takes part in these debates she used her opening speech to talk about more personal issues often make it so i thought i was on today is also a very special day for me my own fun because on november 22nd 2005 i was elected german chancellor for the 1st time and this remains something very special to me guns is on the walls for me. political child and they couldn't come on power is
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giving it all at this conference and so far she is one at least for now. and our chief political. standing by for us in the eastern german city of life sic the into stupid clash didn't happen so is the peace going to last. often now and it did come certainly manage to call the bluff of those who oppose her from within the party and most of all. who lost against her year ago when she was voted to succeed angle immaculately party leader so yes there is kind of peace for now but everybody here is already asking the question how much longer this will last beyond this annual party conference because in the end this whole infighting is about who will get the chance to potentially succeed uncle or merkel for real as next german chance at least to become the conduct of the c.d.u.
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and there's actually at least 2 more people waiting in the background to see how popular i'm going to come will be near the time in a year's time when the party will have to decide who should be on the ticket for now and if it's declined in the opinion polls of the parties the time the opinion polls isn't over yet she now has to turn around this trend or else so you have to fight this battle again from square one. what about the role of chancellor angela merkel in all this is obviously the most powerful politician in germany but what influence does she still have over her party. well she doesn't want to have a great influence anymore she's made clear it's not over who will eventually succeed her and she's made this clear time and time again what we're seeing is a gradual withdrawal from the party politics by angular machall and also getting a sense that she has
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a rather firm view on international politics and particularly the presidency of the european union in the 2nd half of 2020 that will be a european legacy in the making that's why she wants to keep the government stable but she can already get a sense of that there will be more and more criticism of german policy that she's still making. in the lead up to her event to letting go of power a motion here went through which was targeted at 12 way the chinese technology provider who's still in the race here in germany to at least partly build the 5 g. network that such vital infrastructure here the most and went through ruling out any companies that are influenced by the government whether democrats go undemocratic quite clearly this was targeted at while way this doesn't bind to act but it's certainly something she will have to take into consideration ok there at
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the c.d.u. party conference in life see thanks for that. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world in japan foreign ministers from the g 20 group of countries are holding their last day of meetings they've been discussing international trade and global governance as well as sustainable development goals south korea and japan have also announced they'll continue an intelligence sharing agreement that was set to expire. pope francis has arrived in japan during his 4 day trip people visit mega saki and hiroshima where he is expected to warn of the dangers of nuclear weapons francis is on the 2nd and final leg of an asian tour that began in thailand. in chile thousands of protesters have gathered in santiago for a 5th week of protests police fired tear gas to disperse demonstrators who have been protesting against social and economic inequality is the international has accused security forces of using excessive force. colombia's government has ordered
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a curfew in the capital bogota after widespread protests across the country against a planned pension and labor market reforms several people have been killed in clashes in the last 2 days now the country's president is calling for a national conversation in an attempt to calm things down. more clashes in bogota a 2nd day of widespread protests while police used tear gas in the alleyways thousands gathered in front of the national assembly before that protest was broken up to the demonstrations are hard to categorize as left wing or right wing people just seem fed up with the conservative government of president evo. your deputy going to tell you why i voted for him but i'm saying to do can show you a phase don't allow there to be another drop of blood let me show your face mr president let him take later in the day do kate did show his face appearing on
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television to call for dialogue. but if you did approach you must mana starting next week i will launch a national dialogue to strengthen the current a social policy agenda. we will work to develop a medium to long term vision. that's what hope is to deal with inequality in our society. the demonstrations were kicked off by the rumor of changes to pensions and labor laws colombia is dealing with long simmering tensions over corruption and then equality unemployment especially for the youth is high duke is conservative government has seen its popularity plummet. what happened cannot be just a fight but protesting is the only way to make this defendant understand that we colombians need help. the demonstrators want to draw attention to the
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reality a lot of people live with. the president has to see this and not just look at the protests as a disturbance to public order this is a massive peaceful movement of people who want to be a knowledged. workers have been busy cleaning up after these latest demonstrations of president to k. seems to have an uphill battle regaining the country's trust. people in oregon why are preparing to elect a new president on sunday in a runoff vote that might signal another power shift in latin america the ruling party candidate daniel martinez won the 1st round of voting with 39 percent of ballots cast but he could well lose the 2nd round to a conservative rival who has assembled a broad coalition of potential supporters. correspondent a new cold fish is on the ground covering the election for us she told us what's at stake for left wing government. sunday's elections could mark the end of an era here and europe why they could pull the plug on 15 consecutive years of leftist
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rule and the country a time in what europe why has often been regarded as a beacon of hope in an unstable and unpredictable region they became pioneers in elegy q. and women's rights and the 1st country on earth to legalize recreational marianna but it when dealing economy a worsening security situation and a corruption scandal within the government has led people to turn their backs on the coalition a disenchantment that opposition candidate louis poet is now trying to tap into after a good result in the 1st round of the presidential elections he formed an alliance with almost all other opposition parties and with their support he's now set to win the presidency nobody really knows what to expect of this coalition it's made up of representatives from all parts of the conservative spectrum but a lot of europe winds don't mind to them they represent change
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a change that they desperately want to see in the country a small archipelago in the pacific ocean could become the world's newest country the autonomy this region of bougainville is located in the solomon sea in currently part of tough new guinea and it's going to hold an independence referendum on saturday although the voters non-binding many locals hope it will bring an end to a long violent separatist struggle. in the in these men used to fight pup on new guinea and soldiers for independence now they are hoping to achieve that goal in a nonviolent way. they handing in their weapons as part of a gun amnesty ahead of a landmark referendum on bogun goals future. it's one of many reconciliation ceremonies being staged in the province in the hope they will heal the wounds of the past.
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bogan of l. became a province of papa new guinea in 1975 and many people whenever happy about it. and billions don't feel culturally aligned with p.m.g. and they've been repeated pushes for independence in the past some came at a great cost. in the late eighty's and ninety's secessionist rebels and pub when you get me and forces fought a brutal civil war that killed up to 20000 people it was the worst violence the region had seen since world war 2. after the war ended the people of bogun ville were promised an independence referendum at some point in the future. now the time
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has come. over the next 2 weeks some 200000 bogan valiance will vote on whether they want greater autonomy or independence from p.n.d. . ex-pats can all say that and it's expected that people will back the latin. looking more so it will mean for this is an important referendum before. it's the people's right and they will be able to vote on how they see things is the peace process it's part of the peace process and part of building deals culture. when we get. the results of that referendum will be announced in december then papua new guinea's parliament will decide whether it will recognize the outcome. as long as the futurists undecided valiums are concentrating on reconciling with the past. and with that you are now up to date forget you can always get your
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