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to the future. of featuring a lead role like you've never seen before let me be clear with you. so that to me or send a message to the ends justify the means. to tunes witnesses starts december 13th on d w. there's . a show coming up running for change. to the ring in hong kong's upcoming elections from the city on the political novice is placing their faith in democracy as for testers fight for it on the streets. the peace i can drag to court over what the u.s. calls genocide. is demanding action
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against tough for not doing enough to help the rohingya. and that's the 2nd coming. to thailand in 35 years as pope francis heads to the kingdom on wednesday. pointing out all the stops to welcome. welcome to news asia it's good to have you with us now it may not look like it but hong kong is headed to elections the elections for no code district councils ordinarily aren't a centerpiece of the city's political fell into but this time around they being seen as a referendum on the protests it's also the only chance locals could have of being in the position to affect the election of the next chief executive correspondent
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phebe kong reports from hong kong. luncheon is getting ready to hit the campaign trail as a newcomer to politics the 27 year old is not taking the conventional race because i've always hated oh boy i organize weekly runs in my neighborhood so i hope we can keep everyone healthy because we need to be fit to be able to cope with the chaos here which is really set up lima's running for a district council cease together with other young protesters over half of the candidates from the opposition camp have no political experience they're also not affiliated to any political party and most of their campaigning is coordinated online. used to work in a bank if the protests had interrupted he'd still be there. for him though it was now or never stand up for his beliefs. by
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you know i realize there are more important things than money if we lose our freedom democracy our hometown and it's meaningless no matter how much you weren't well you know i would later regret it if i didn't take a stand that's why i quit my job getting a seat at some of the candidates are familiar faces tommy chong was among a group of former students convicted for their roles in the 2014 umbrella movement now the 25 year old activist has taken a step back from the frontline to fight on another battlefield. i did plan to study abroad once i had completed my community service sentence what happened to the umbrella movement made me feel powerless and a failure but those feelings have been washed away by the current movement that gives us hope again or you fail to achieve anything 5 years ago so this time i am standing up for my beliefs in a different way. that's. over 4000000 voters will allow.
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candidates to some $450.00 seats although the cancel is just an advisory body members are eligible to run for the committee which picks the city's top leader. with demonstrations still continuing after almost 6 months and with no end in sight the opposition says the poll is a referendum on their demands. elections become less credible when people are blocked from standing in them but democratization has taught us not to give up any chance to vote street fight shouldn't be the only way for people to express their will not only to win seat but to bring about political change. i would rather lose the election than lose the movement because lots of hong kong people have sacrificed so much some have lost their lives some may be jailed for 10 years but we still have a long way to go and i hope that people will keep on pushing for change no matter
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how the movement develops. it's unclear whether ballots can eventually stop the bullets many in hong kong hope they won't both on election day. should these 2 people behind me face justice over an existential threat to the people some rights group think so and it's part of a lawsuit they filed in argentina to my right is the prize winner and defacto need of myanmar. and to my left is meant army chief mean. they are among the top political and military leaders named in the lawsuit seeking justice for the more than 700000 that had to flee myanmar 2 years ago to escape a brutal military crackdown against them interestingly the role suit has been filed
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in argentina under the principle of universal jurisdiction that says some crimes such as walk rhymes and crimes against humanity are so horrific they can be tried anywhere. for more i'm joined on the line by a journalist david greene about from young dawn did welcome it isn't just the case in argentina it's also the gambia that does find a genocide case against men mine the international court of justice and the i.c.c. that has opened an investigation into the events of 2 years ago what has been the reaction in myanmar yeah all over the international criminal court i mean e.m.r. basically reject that they have any jurisdiction regarding me on this because memory says they are not a signatory to it but the i.p.c. has said that since the engine want to 700000 went to bangladesh and bangladesh is a signatory but they do have jurisdiction on the case and you know investigations are are beginning when these so we are that they will not respond with
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a the base they're going to try to show the id do you know where that will be haven't you got the m.r. don't acknowledge un the international court of justice on this with me mark being a member of the un in a cave and they're basically those hearings are still a start in the number of our cases that we've been that they are has a legitimate counter-insurgency campaign that they have lost any cases where soldiers of overstep the line they say that they will propagate but there have been so those they've been killed by between i mean are they actually done anything so far with that so basically you see me in the m.r.c. trying to just trying to play the card that it thinks exam on the phone what about the role of aung sun suu kyi she's the defect to lead the well what about hundreds of publicity about concluded that in all of this did she do all she could to stand up for the rohingya through all of this. will continue to make sure people understand that you're in the m.r.
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the civilian government has no direct control over the welfare is a senior general the commander in chief men online you don't. but in the case in argentina you know a lot of you were saying that so much of what happened or could not have gone on without the complicity of the disability inside of government and she not only being in on something she was a counselor but they made the former president kim jong un he was basically just a puppet president who did what on some kooky poll and then you have the president beforehand and get out of our. president same thing so they're all they're all part of it certainly did you see that up there and john the case and the situation here i mean the way she's given the military cover certainly she did not come at least certainly not commanded any soldiers to do anything to then to to commit any of these alleged atrocities but she certainly has not for generations and she certainly has not done anything to try and change that. to sort of i'm speaking to
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us from django and thank you very much for that sure. pope francis is setting off on a historic visit to talk about this week is the 1st pontiff to travel to the laws of the buddhist country in nearly 4 decades francis and preside over a range of permit just set of remains and meet with members of thailand's small but significant catholic community many of whom have been prepping for their visit for weeks. thailand's catholic community is abuzz with excitement. the students are rehearsing for a performance at the national stadium in bangkok where pope francis is shitheel to hold a holy mass. or. news about the pope's arrival has made all of us feel very excited i've never seen him in person so i'm extremely eager to show him how i strongly believe i am in catholicism.
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at a convent in a different part of town seamstresses have been working overtime to ensure the pontiff and his entourage are decked out in the country's finest threads. they've prepared more than 200 ceremonial robes and head where for the papal visit. it's been so long since the pope travel to thailand that the video footage is grainy. john paul the 2nd was the last to include the buddhist majority country in a papal janie's that was in 1984. so the fact that the current pontiff hasn't left their country off the map is a big deal for thailand's tiny catholic community. christians make up just one percent of the population and most live in the north of the country but they can also be found in the nation's capital including in one of bangkok's biggest slums.
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but doable. father. a missionary says christians here are eagerly awaiting the visit of pipe francis because they see him as a champion of the man rebel the poor people and they know the. time to make the voice of the poor so. they see him as a truth and this picture there was a gift to be full of the original 3. waiting for this. in bangkok and across the country thailand's diverse catholic community is looking forward to publicly celebrate their faith. and the folk against that visit in thailand from wednesday and then be more of that
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visit and also this show available on our website that's. that's our show for today make sure to check us out on facebook and twitter as well. with pictures of the german embassy in seoul south korea when a giant animation was projected marking the 30th anniversary of german unification thank you for watching.
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take it personally. with the place to make the game so special. for all truth. come more than. a long line. in the sand. their rivalry. 3 princes. dream of the arab world.
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the rival princes of gold starts november 27th on the d w. 15 miners have been killed in a gas explosion in a coal mine in china's shaanxi province devastate the accidents like this one recurring phenomenon why does a communist government continuously fail to protect its workers. and 11 banks open again after stock and also on strike for days to avoid customer aggression. and the next time you get your nails done virtual trip to an icelandic waterfall where else but in los angeles. this is
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a new business. in early chinese media say 15 miners have been killed in a gas explosion in a coal mine in shangri province 9 miners were injured authorities are now investigating the cause of the incident chinese mines are the most dangerous in the world thousands of miners are killed each year in accidents. now let's go straight to our correspondent fabienne catchment in beijing fabienne y. axis like this such a regular occurrence well i mean 1st you have to put into perspective china has a huge population and they are the workforce of 700000000 people and many of them work and live on the real jobs and dangerous drug.


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