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tv   Global 3000  Deutsche Welle  August 7, 2019 12:30am-1:01am CEST

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is the world really getting better in. the global $3000.00 special report. this noisy zone do. welcome to global 3000. vocational training is a rarity in the remote amazonian villages of brazil could floating schools be beyond. in south africa residents of one of cape town's oldest districts are determined to stop investors forcing them out of their homes. but 1st we head to montana in the us it's tough cowboy image is making life unbearable for many young
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people. men don't cry they're far too tough for that. they're also physically strong and when it comes to problems men certainly don't need any help such fuse still holds sway in many societies could these traditional ideals be behind rising levels of mental illness among boys and men. the world health organization estimates that around $800000.00 people worldwide take their own lives each year most a male in the us for example 3 times as many men take their own lives than women. although they're often many reasons behind a suicide it can be tougher for men to seek help especially when doing so is viewed as a sign of weakness. corben
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was big for his age at just 13 he was already very strong and good at sports his mother and his sister often visit his grave. rather than a simple gravestone they've put up a memorial bench 3 years ago corbin took his own life his sister mckinsey is still struggling to come to terms with his death i come here every day every day really so you've. got a trying to carry on the tradition of being able to come out here and seeing them and just like all times thanks hang out or do something out here or there my homework to sit out here and listen to music. there's still stuff like that something in my mind off. corbin's mother charlotte's trying to look ahead she wants his grave to be
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a sanctuary for his friends to spot where they can come and. be themselves without anybody judging them. but with the toughness in montana and being having rough tough. hard shell and not breaking it open and not getting that blooming onion peeling back the layers yes. the general's live in mile city a small montana town that's proud of its wild west heritage yet every 33 hours in montana someone commits suicide putting the state at the top of a very sad league. following a series of suicides by schoolchildren miles sidney a local high school teacher decided he couldn't just sit back. and like how he
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founded the let's talk club today a guest is visiting to discuss the factors that can lead to suicide school like the school scott radisson thinks talking with each other is especially important in sparsely populated and often cold and grey in montana when families see mental health as a weakness. and they're telling kids you know it tougher than the sprawl and like you said color cowboy up i mean it's very dangerous i think you know and that's just not being educated or not being understanding of what. you know what it means to struggle with depression. the let's talk club wants to get more children to talk about their worries boys and girls are both affected but the members of the club are mostly young women why is that. i don't know that's a good question you're very hard guys we've had a few but that might become one meeting and i'm like not come again sort of thing
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like again like invariants like about half. corben didn't talk much either and his parents didn't push him to. his father still regrets not talking with his son as a trucker he was away a lot. mckinsey designed a tattoo in her brother's memory that includes a fishing hook and antlers to represent corbin's hobbies. to me it's women here and things i don't know how you go about uncovering it but you know what it is you try to get kids to speak out. more freely about annoying that we're trying to let them know that there's no if not be ashamed of. you know to reach out for help when you need it or talk to somebody. kaitlyn jilin agrees with that her brother also killed himself then only 6 months later her
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father died in a sleep. suicide is a major problem across montana in livingston like many other small towns here there aren't enough psychologists kaitlin says waiting lists are months long in part due to health care cutbacks. she speaks openly about her despair one evening i was done i was exhausted and no member oaken so i took some pills with the goal of ending up with my father and brother. only a couple know this part about me like 2 people. oh but i want people to know that we all have our bad days but i don't think god god is done with us yet. i can over them tell myself that i'm ok.
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the american suicide prevention foundation coordinates private and state initiatives and events like this fundraising walk are springing up all over the us it's a 2 mile walk through largely deserted suburban streets can't really do any good yet it's a small town so when anything goes on oh. yeah so i think that super important but they didn't have a lot of advertisement for the event so hopefully this is just the beginning of many more of the current or. me every year for bins mother sings the national anthem at the mile city rodeo it's a venue for youngsters just like her son to prove their mettle. everyone here knows her story and now charlotte general hopes that reaching out will help to address the tragic issue of suicide. yet.
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when it comes to giving children opportunities in life education is key and yes around 263000000 children worldwide don't go to school the reasons are many some simply can't afford to send their kids to school there may be a lack of educational institutes or of teaches conflicts and crises also prevent children from getting an education in brazil most kids do go to school and yet according to the world bank more than a 5th of brazilians live in poverty one key reason is the lack of vocational training which is particularly acute among those living in remote parts of the country is rain forest. in the amazon region things reach local communities by boat even education. brazil's only
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floating vocational school is headed for the municipality of copied anga. it'll be more here for 3 months. the last students arrive just in time for the start of classes. sabrina the only vera and her cousin undress summarized the farah have travelled for an hour to get here very excited this is the 1st time the school has made a stop in the area. school director robson got there is giving the students a pep talk. to take advantage of this strange oh this is why we're stuck here if you pay attention it will benefit you in normal life both socially and psychologically. sabrina has selected a computer course it's all new to her she's never used the keyboard before.
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ok. i want to learn this because i don't know anything about it. we don't have any computers where i come from any here money we do have electricity but nothing like this i think if i did you know. that this is a unique opportunity to learn to type create tables and look things up on the internet service. great to see how pupils who never had anything to do with computers can get experience in the technology here they can take the 1st steps for their further development. even though i hope that by using. it in the cooking class next door students are chopping manioc root and making a dessert out of us i.e. berries they'll be attending the course for the next 12 weeks. for. good hygiene and budget planning are also on the curriculum vamos up indefinitely but if we make a point of teaching them to cook with regional and gradients. ok motivation is that
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way the students could open up a little restaurant some day for example and contribute a bit to the family income of finding it difficult to magaluf. the trainees are hoping to learn skills that will enable them to earn a living and be independent. it will get to them if i want to achieve something in life we. will hear as i want to be like the many people here who take drugs like i want to support my family and that would benefit me. sabrina and done tresa have got through the 1st school day a friend drives them back to their village. the trip takes an hour on the only road . it was built by an oil company that drills for gas here. and this is where under arrest and sabrina live where the road comes to an end.
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brazil has compulsory schooling but for young people like sabrina there are a few opportunities for further education at home her 2 children are waiting for her the 22 year old is raising them on her own her sister is helping so she can finish her training on the for occasional school ship in the coming weeks but most of the women here have 2 options housewife or pharma but sabrina dreams of working as a nurse in a health center. there are you ok that would be wonderful if i could do more seminars and get a job today that would help my whole family were one letter for sabrina the computer course is just the beginning she has opportunities that weren't available to her mother who farms a small plot of land. i am on the monkey my mother had to leave school after 6
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years. she's always told me that she thought. she doesn't know how to write her name but she can't read santa for the i'm on my own family and dresser also wants to lead a different life that's why she's so keen to take advantage of the training ship in the meantime she makes a little money as a babysitter and sees her certificate in 3 months time as a step closer to her dream. but. if you are granted. to become a lawyer. my family likes the. lawyer also during the day. the school is free for the inhabitants of the river region it's financed by a corporate tax. the hairdressing course is full to capacity in fact it was 3 times oversubscribed. dressing is
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a popular way of becoming self employed in amazonian village is. unfortunately one single training ship is not enough for all the communities that need it that's why it would be important to get more projects like the floating book ational schools into service. after final exams the floating school will sail off to another town to help other young people realize their dreams. and this became a global idea as we find out how pedestrians and cyclists reclaiming india's streets the number of cars in the country has doubled over the past 10 years bus and train networks tend to be poorly developed and there are a few cycles. but now city planners in western india are determined to encourage
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people to ditch their cars and improve the quality of life as a whole. polluter those looks of trees and flowers it is considered the most livable city in india at the same time the traffic is horrendous car ownership is rising fast the air pollution is intense and it is noisy walking is a dangerous activity. pruner used to be a cyclist friendly place. when i was here you could probably go to my ford it was. every day i was ready for you by writing my. but over that your. belief would. be easy. if people think people are moving but we definitely want to use it. on private rest of the fellow by.
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the institute for transportation and development policy is developing a sustainable mobility plan for poor it's an international n.g.o.s and received financial support for this project from the international climate initiative of the german environment ministry brings together architects urban planners and municipal authorities you know. the idea of living. in. but instead. of people live their life and not just run through. it involves building footpaths 15 kilometers have already been built 15 more are in the works constructing each kilometer takes up to 6 months. they'll be greenery separating white footpaths from traffic and cycle paths. making the city a pleasant place to walk around should encourage people to give up their cars or.
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reducing motorised traffic is important to prevent the air pollution from becoming as bad as in the capital delhi where rates of lung disease have been soaring public transport is being enhanced as our access routes to bus stops and stations this. will. be if you have the last mile would be because this. is. right thank. you. i've been there in one bus and fight but it is not 150 that is making the 50 but they will want that to make up with him but that. corner was selected as one of 20 lighthouse cities under the nationwide urban renewal programme nowadays schoolchildren are taught how to get around town in an eco friendly way. as
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a b r t rapid transit bus network with dedicated corridors that connect downtown with the suburbs in delhi by contrast a b.r.t. corridor met with popular resistance and had to be removed. or your thirty's really want young people to appreciate the benefits of public transport. buses currently no natural gas. and as the b.r.t. buses have their own lanes they get you where you want to go relatively fast. has ordered $125.00 electric powered buses they should be in service by the end of the year. at the edge of town there are no elegant sidewalks yet. this family uses the b.r.t. to get into town they don't have a car. the buses are air conditioned which also helps.
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taking the bus every day for 9 years from home to the office and back again and on weekends to the park with my family. of those more than a 1000000 people travel by bus in the greater pool in an area every day the electricity is not green though so renewable sources still need to be found but now c o 2 emissions in poona are not likely to fall. still more and more people are choosing to more rather than drive. on the truly bold get on their bikes. i actually love riding my bicycle it's my major mode of transport in the 50. it is quite doable even now but if it's a little risky because of the volume of the traffic. through no wants to become
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a happy place for cyclists again. the 400 kilometers of cycle paths are to be created over the next few years. when it wants to defend its title as india's most livable city and even extend its lead. in recent months residents of south africa's townships have been increasingly taking to the streets to air their anger 25 years after the end of apartheid many lack a proper roof over their heads since 994 the government has invested in building just 3000000 council flats is around 5000000 people subsist in tin hearts in the country's slums meanwhile house prices in cape town's old town have risen dramatically.
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the hills around a cape town have been home to the cake malays for hundreds of years. many are descendants of slaves brought here against their will many are now concerned that their quarter called up will soon dramatically change. people like told her and her family in their violet house on the corner. they have lived here for generations but told her says she doesn't know how much longer she can afford to stay. property taxes have been rising for years now almost half of the family's income goes to pay these taxes. on my. house. i believe they want to make a commercial. and in order. to educate the people who got out.
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is one of the oldest quarters of cape town almost 300 years old its 1st residents were former slaves from malaysia indonesia and other parts of africa soon craftsman and tradesmen joined them this truly unique cultural quarter might soon be in danger of disappearing. and this is why throughout the quarter luxury apartments are being built. told her and her friend jackie poking want to put a stop to the new construction not only because they think the buildings don't fit in so this will be those that have apartments minimum of $2000000.00 it affects everybody on the side which is that they're looking for people people that want to move i think they can afford to them and pay the rate they have between they move
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ready. many residents believe that people like you are nicola and his wife out here are to blame the couple bought 3 houses at once in the quarter and renovated them neither of them were born here he's french and while out here is south african she comes from another city. however both are convinced they're doing the quarter a service by purchasing and renovating these properties. it is a costly exercise and that's often i think the problem we have in the book out because a lot of people are selling their houses because they cannot afford to renovate it . nicholai has turned one of the houses into a guest house which has also angered many of the residents here. but the entrepreneurs are convinced that the quarter well only survive through tourism and
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investment and that foreigners are good for it. is a tight knit community almost everyone here is muslim. fall dela talker anderson regularly go to one of the mosques in fact the oldest mosques in south africa are found in this area. but the streets are now characterized by tourists in shorts and t. shirts something else that bothers kate malays. we're told that the locals are still not earning any money from the tourists most just come for a few holiday snaps. even the souvenir vendors are from elsewhere. not far away residents are gathering for a demonstration this time a quiet one on a street corner jackie poking us here to. there calling for fewer new
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construction projects and financial assistance for the residents. of the other. but fellow told her has managed to find a way to make money from tourism she offers traditional kate molay cooking courses bulk up food is sometimes sweet sometimes spicy and is influenced by indian and middle eastern cuisines her cooking courses make just enough money to pay the property tax. told her nose she is sitting on what could soon be a fortune the value of her property has boomed in recent years. no ways or that i am not going to sell our living and if i have until the day god decides now that my big body if they get it out of the. fall della told her says she still got plenty of fight in her yet ready she is proud of her quarter of cape town and her culture which has given this area its tour.
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that's all from us this time we're back next week and we'd love to hear from me so write to us at global 3000 d.w. dot com or check us out on facebook d w women by the using. the food. and.
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clothes the songs our food we live in a world that's filled with plastic. blaster garbage. the consequences for nature and the environment are catastrophic what can politicians and businesses what can we do to fix this problem the world is drowning in plastic garbage. made in germany in the 90 minutes long w. .
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entering the conflict zone with tim sebastian faulks challenging those in ca asking tough questions demanding also. as conflicts intensify i'll be meeting with a few players on the ground in the sense as i'm. cutting through the rhetoric holding the powerful to account for the conflict zone. conflict zone within sebastian kong t.w.x. . sht. early the global tourist guide on germany's booming middle i love berlin the scope of the multicultural metropolis in our duramax series the man in the sunlight trying something new i love feet and want to show what's a face in the phelps race like meet the spices the 50 nations 50 story.
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and 50 food personal tips on berlin's very best the food. the announcement earlier every week on d.w. . imagine being born as a. girl was a compromise but since you want to look for new school. you want to be useful but on allowed to go. when you're sick the doctors know when you fall in love they won't mind you don't have children for fear they'll be invisible to the bush. knows. when you die there's no chance of the ever exist. and every 10 minutes. someone this is. $10000000.00 people in the world the
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stakes have no nationality in the total made up of all of them and. that everyone has the right. everyone has the right to say i roam. beijing has issued a stark warning to pro-democracy activists in hong kong saying they should not mistake restraint for weakness the statement came a day after a general strike that paralyzed the territory police arrested almost 150 people after violent clashes between protesters and opponents. the un's refugee agency says a new italian law penalizing mike can rescue ships could stop lives being saved on monday italy raised the fine on an authorized ships entering.


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