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they are the experts be able to agree on the guidelines or will this technology create deadly more tournaments are still. in. charge of august 14th on t.w. . this is t w news asia coming up on the program china lays out its top defense priorities beijing warns it won't rule out using its military against taiwan or to put down separatists what does this and other policy positions mean for countries in the region plus. gearing up for the games tokyo will kick off the 2020 summer olympics exactly one year from today to take a closer look at preparations at the city council cost. and they used to coach
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them now of a protect we'll see how locals on the indonesian island of bali have turned their peaches into a sea turtle sanctuary. i'm melissa chan welcome to news asia thank you for joining us china has released a new white paper on national defense its 1st in 4 years the document lays out the country's military preparedness and security strategy it turns out that one of beijing's top concerns is somewhat domestic officials worry about separatist movements in tibet and cian junk in the far west and the paper goes on to warn taiwan a de facto functionally independent separate country from declaring formal independence . china also singled out the united states japan and australia as players bringing security uncertainties to the pacific region and also pledged to respond if it was
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ever attacked adding that its own military does not pose a threat. to the building and growth of china's defense capability is based on its own justified security demands. its growth has always been the growth of the force for world peace right the white paper has clearly demonstrated china's policy of not pursuing had human health on the theory that a strong country must seek edge money will never apply to china no matter how china's developed in the future we will not threaten anyone neither will we seek speirs of the floyds though but we most certainly should from so china saying essentially it's peaceful the problem is everybody else adam me a security expert at macor university in australia joins us now for more my 1st thought is those countries seeing china build out those military spaces in the south china sea they're not exactly buying into the pitch that this is a peaceful rise are they well melissa china went to great lengths and is why paper
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to explain why its military modernization is peaceful and that has no intention of threatening any other countries but one of its intent or rhetoric its actions speak the loudest and regional countries are increasingly anxious about chinese ha power so the militarization of the south china sea its belligerence towards taiwan its encroachments on civil liberties in hong kong and human rights abuses in shing chum and the gen y. in which has become more repressive internally and more said if internationally on the shooting ping these actions are creating real anxieties both within china as well as in china's neighborhood and beyond what else struck you about the white paper. well i think there are 3 things that really struck me the 1st thing is in taggart ism towards the united states the white paper characterizes the united states as a force that's trying to keep china down elise it implies that and stabilize
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china's neighborhood so of course it doesn't acknowledge that china's own rowing raising some of the exidy s. and destabilizing fact is but china sees the united states as a country that it confronts in the region and the real security challenge but seem to see explicitly india's high profile strategic and policy document is certainly in poland and speaks volume 2 things are the white papers focus some political ot of the armed forces above all else as well as the internal focus of china's military so in terms of maintaining domestic stability but also the political power of the communist party how do you think the overall region of asia the asia pacific is going to react to this white paper. i think very much so in terms of strategy there's nothing really new in these papers a lot of the details of the strategy what china is doing. a regionally as well as
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in terms of its military modernization is known at least 2 d. at the experts in the policy makers but what i think is near is the new assertive confident tone and the political rhetoric that accompanies it at any thank you very much. the white paper also mentioned the capture of almost $13000.00 people since 2014 in the country's region china's calls them terrorists and says there is a separatist movement their human rights activists have been far less sure about that characterization in addition to those detentions the u.n. estimates that some 1000000 people mostly weekers the ethnic minority there have been interned in camps and today a global collective of activists announced a campaign calling on china to respect weaker rights they're doing so one year before the start of the tokyo games but targeting china's 2022 winter olympics
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tweeting under the hash tag no rights no games 2022 they're asking that china close the camps or lose the right to host the olympics here's more from one of the campaigners so initially we had to go after those got together because we found it really ironic that the olympics which is supposed to promote peace and. and preserve human dignity was being held in beijing in 2022 so we decided that we needed to hold the i.o.c. accountable and make sure that the responsibility seriously in making sure that the host country of the olympics is. the core principles outlined in the olympics charter as we mentioned this campaign comes just as tokyo starts its own one year countdown into the 2020 summer olympic games now those games have kicked up their own controversy critics point to massive cost overruns workers' safety and
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concerns about the heat here's more. ready steady tokyo the host city of the 2020 and then picked games is sending a clear message they're hitting all their targets the building sites are under control although the waves can be a little harder to manage. people that come here often to train the waves are normally pretty good here but today there are very small. tokyo * $37000000.00 person metropolis the city centerpiece for the games seems almost complete the shell is finished and the roof is on top and this is the imposing view from inside at least that's how it should look so far though the track is still just a sand pit and the field has no grass but the boss says work is on show jewel.
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the capacity will be around $60000.00 visitors so far we've installed $45000.00 seats so we completed around 70 percent and seized the construction of the stadium will cost more than a $1000000000.00 euros including cooling cannons to combat the summer heat and solar panels with native wood beams in the roof. the aquatic center volleyball arena and gymnastics center construction work is nearing 90 percent completion according to the organizing committee. ticket sales have been so successful they've broken the system server also close to breaking point is the budget for the games despite attempts to cut costs. the cost explosion is pushing the bill over the $20000000000.00 euro mark but twice as much as was forecast some cash might be recouped after the games though through the sale of apartments in the
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athletes' village. there are 4 building complexes we plan to sell apartments in 3 of them before they will be rented out. he doing. one big uncertainty is the heat in previous summers the temperature in tokyo has climbed as high as $41.00 degrees celsius if that happens again during the games it could be dangerous for athletes and audiences governor yuriko has presented her secret weapon a summer hat based on traditional japanese design practical if not fashionable. still under development is this umbrella with its own water pump and vaporizer test users aren't entirely satisfied with its output though. but there was the love i like it to make more mist and though of. the color other than black would be nice and the whole umbrella could be more attractive you want. it's raining in
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tokyo not under the umbrella though. the message being broadcast from the highest television tower in the world. one year to go no matter the weather. to indonesia now and efforts to save the sea turtles on the island of bali poaching has nearly wiped out the population on the island but now thanks to an awareness campaign at least one of the poaching house spots has become a turtle sanctuary. the beach side send off in the. least 80 turtle hatchlings are ready to launch their olive ridley sea turtles listed as a vulnerable species now these humans offer a helping hand. i'm happy people around here are working to conserve this ecosystem especially considering many turtle species are now almost extinct or endangered.
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the sandy shorelines of bali are ideal for egg nests. but the turtles are under threat by human hunting and pollution from natural predators. somewhat there even by dogs crabs ants and birds. but fisherman have now also independently joined the conservation effort to save the turtle eggs. awareness campaigns and a crackdown on poaching have changed some local attitudes. turtle's for religious sermon is but we only take the eggs when there is a ceremony being held on site. however they still need permits from a religious institution and from the local government that means that. a local conservation group watched over these youngsters from the time they were eggs
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relocating them from the beach to a central hatchery. now it's time to release them into the open seas. it's estimated that only one in $1000.00 hatchlings will survive to adulthood. but for today an ocean of possibility is on the horizon. that's it for now check out our other stories on t.w. dot com forward slash asia or on facebook for twitter. we need you with pictures from japan and on a more positive note after we spent time looking at the challenges hosting the olympic games see you next time and get by.
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with different languages we fight for different things that's fine but we all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of the press. giving freedom for global news that matters. made for minds. go to the girl next. the final story.
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with exclusive. must see. europe. curious minds. do it yourself networkers. subscribers don't miss out. either and a warm welcome to arts and culture hi i'm karen helms said 30 years after the fall of the berlin wall the work of east german artists is being reevaluated we'll have more on that in just a moment and here's what else is lined up. danish icelandic artists all up for us on returns to the tate modern with what's been deemed an unmistakable exhibition one that highlights his delight in visitor participation and concern for the
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environment. and in our series underground europe we visit an eerie stop to rainy a lake in southern switzerland. dividend or the turning point that's the term that germans used to refer to the fall of the berlin wall in 1909 an event that meant the end of east germany and cleared the way for the country's reunification artists who had found a way to co-exist with the communist system had opened a vast new world of possibilities at the same time however it up ended everything about their creative motivation and their lives for 30 years on an exhibition in leipsic looks at the art that was produced during this turbulent period. doesn't see herself as someone who can see into the future but what the leipzig has painted just a year before the fall of the wall did come to pass people peacefully demonstrating with can.


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