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this is d. w. news live from berlin the us was only hours away from armed conflict with iran before turning back sources in washington say the u.s. was preparing to launch and strikes against the islamic republic then the operation was called off it was planned in response to terror on shooting down an american military drone. also coming up dozens are injured in tbilisi as protesters try to storm georgia's parliament they were trying to stop a visiting russian lawmaker from speaking. on deadlock over the e.u.'s top jobs
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a summit fails to agree on who should replace commission president john because you can tell i'm still other powell split into 2 positions. and in the women's world cup team usa make it 3 wins out of 3 the defending champions cruise into the tournament's knockout stages with a 2 nil victory against legion. because mackinnon thanks so much for joining us officials in the usa president donald trump has cooled off an operation to launch strikes on iran just hours before it was due to go ahead the strikes were planned in retaliation for the downing of a u.s. spy drone earlier this week iranian state television has shown images it says all of the wreckage of the drone terror. says the aircraft was violating
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a rainy and ad space something the u.s. denies of the drone was flying above the strait of hormuz a waterway that much of the world's crude oil passes through. the iranian military released this dramatic video showing what it say is a surface to air missile shooting down the american drone. the footage cannot be verified but tehran says the u.s. drone was clearly flying over iranian territory at the time of the attack the united states however has produced its own map proving it sais that its aircraft was in international airspace it accuses iran of carrying out an unprovoked attack on an american asset. so far the messages from washington on how the u.s. will respond would be mixed early if the president appeared to want to play down
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the incident by suggesting he did being an arab by iran and. i think probably iran . made a mistake i would imagine it was a general or somebody that made a mistake in shooting the drone down unfortunately the drone was hit just hours after the statement trump ordered the u.s. military to prepare to strike targets in iraq reports say u.s. warplanes were already in the air and ships in position when they were called back big difference would have made a big big difference this has trump's opponents very worried. now i told the president that these conflicts have a way of escalating. the president may not intend to go to war here but we're worried that he and the administration may bumble into a war. tensions in the region have been compounded by attacks on 2 oil tankers last week which the u.s. also blames on iran they deny involvement iran says it does not want to will but
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its adamant it will defend its territory as the u.s. its next move is still on play out. all right utilities well in blue cross is following the story for us and he joins me now for more and william there's been this report in the new york times if it is confirmed it would seem like an extremely abrupt reversal of position by trump and his administration what more do we know about what actually happened in washington to lead us up to where we are now so this report has not been confirmed but also adds up and denied the new york times is very clear in saying that they report that no one in the u.s. government stopped them from going to print with this story so that i think it's very telling already that there does seem to have been some action behind the scenes to put planes in the air to respond to this drone downing in iran of course a lot of questions the where that drone really was it's very much as she said she said she said she said situation which is often the case in these kinds of
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confusing escalatory situations now the u.s. president has repeatedly said he does. don't want to pull the u.s. into a new war and yet there are many very different voices weighing into this and they went on that yet donald trump doesn't seem to hesitate when it comes to trade wars so on the economic side he's very aggressive and that in the end that way but when it comes to military force actual wars he's on the record showing he's not interested in armed conflict in placed around the world he withdrawn u.s. troops from places that have been long been in the middle east and sort of that the american rights america 1st policy and a lot of america's armed forces come from parts of the united states that are big bases bases of support i should say so he's on record as saying no wars no thank you we're focusing on america what's going on domestically but of course many people as is ministration john bolton national security advisor above all of them has is also on the record saying the exact opposite we need to bomb iran mean to go into iran iran has to be taken down and this conflict is what we're seeing these 2
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sorts of america 1st the trump in american 1st a focus at home and the balti and you could say america 1st which is showing a muscular america around the world and which side this is going which which side of this america 1st idea is going to win out it's going to play out that's what we're seeing now this struggle and that is exactly what's so dangerous within the truck ministration and what about the effect of the influence of the u.s. congress him and they have a voice obviously of course america i mean the democrats are in power in the house congress officially constitutionally has the is the only one of the right to declare war for the united states as many different legal ways of calling will not a war a war a war not a war without getting congress's approval but as we saw in the report chuck schumer the minority leader in the senate democrat said this is how very bad things have happened in the past of the united states and other countries but in this case united states backing itself into a corner where military military involvement becomes inevitable. thanks so much.
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all right let's have a look at some of the other stories making news around the world thousands of protesters of flooding the streets of hong kong in another round of demonstrations to lead a carrier ignored a deadline to withdraw a controversial extradition bill activists have surrounded police headquarters and blocks major roads they want lam to resign and release anti-government protesters who were detained last week. chinese president xi jinping has wrapped up a 2 day visit to north korea aimed at boosting ties between the 2 countries and provided a lavish welcome for g.e. is the 1st chinese leader to visit north korea and for senior is china is north korea's closest ally and economic lifeline. britain's ruling conservative party has narrowed the field of candidates for posse leader and prime minister the former foreign minister barak johnson is seen as the clear front runner he faces the current foreign minister jeremy hunt in the final stage of the
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leadership contest tory party members will vote to acquit the new leader in late july changed and. anti-government protesters in albania have stormed polling stations across the country ahead of an upcoming municipal election in the balkan state was thrown into turmoil earlier this year after a mass resignation of opposition politicians. to georgia now where dozens of people have been injured in the capital tbilisi after a night of clashes between protesters and riot police outside the parliament the violence fled amid widespread public anger over the visit of a russian lawmaker who addressed the assembly from the seat of the parliamentary speaker crowds of protesters tried to storm the parliament building and were pushed back by police georgia has no diplomatic relations with moscow and for a short war with russia in 2008 is more on her how those clashes unfolded.
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a protester sweeping the street in front of georgia's parliament building. while a few steps away police do their part to clear the debris after a night of mayhem. to please the looked like a city with a hangover after shocking explosion of violence. i was just a few hours earlier police and protesters had battled for control of the parliament steps the riot erupted after a russian politician who'd been invited by georgia's government spoke in the parliamentary chamber i fear is protesters stormed the building i used it was interesting right because i come and visit why 6 russian names i mean. i think a georgia to face i think this will always be featured is a case to sort of looks like he was going to go to the wall to show you what they
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did you all know it's a little below to feel good but to see you sure i went to your guest as not to turn the protesters police turned to rubber bullets i the crowd repeatedly surged attempting to break into the building but were turned back i was fighting continued until the early hours of the morning and left scores of people injured i. georgia's president has cut short a trip to belarus and is returning to tbilisi to help deal with the crisis. right for more on this let's cross national correspondent it must go emily show when and how's russia reacting to last night's process in the georgian capital. well we've heard now from the kremlin spokesperson need to keep his cool if he
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called what happened last night in tbilisi russophobia provocation he condemned what had happened and he also said that russia was concerned that this aggression could also affect russian tourists of which there are many in georgia so that was the reaction that we heard from the kremlin the foreign ministry in russia has also come out and they've said that the the opposition in georgia is trying to stop the improvement of ties between russia and georgia ok of russophobia provocation. some quite tough language they give us some background on the ongoing conflict between russia and georgia since georgia broke away from being a soviet satellite states. well russia and georgia fought a short war in august 2008 over the breakaway breakaway republic
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breakaway regions i should say of abkhazia and south. and tensions they are still remain because russia has recognized those breakaway region regions as independent states and there are still russian troops kind of stationed at the de facto border of those of those regions georgia on the other hand insist that they're occupied territories and says that russia there is the occupier and when it comes to the people in georgia people also very much still consider russia to be an occupying force i was at the de facto border with south of said he had just around a year ago and people there really still feel that the memories of war are fresh people are still afraid and across georgia there is still this kind of negative feeling towards russia as an aggressor but i think it's important to point out here that some protesters and some of the participants in yesterday's demonstrations
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have been coming out on social media and saying look please don't misunderstand us this isn't really about russia we have come out for our future there's a lot of dissatisfaction with the government in georgia at the moment protesters are demanding that the interior minister step down that the speaker of the parliament step down so perhaps that explains why such a seemingly small incident with a russian parliamentarian sparked such shoes for huge protests in georgia evolution in most cases and much. you're watching the news still to come on the program in search of the force known as dark energy thought to be pulling the universe the plant we will prepare for blast off as a pioneering space telescope thinking it's gift. and the u.s. in top form is the crew's plus we didn't answer the women's world cup last 16 we'll
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take a look. but 1st e.u. leaders are deadlocked over who should still the block's top jobs when the current administration finishes its work this fall heads of government gathered still decide on 5 main positions including who should succeed. as the next president of the european commission but despite holding talks into the early hours of friday the leaders deferred any decision until the end of june at the heart of the impasse is a disagreement between the e.u. 2 powerhouses france and germany. for more on that let's bring in our brussels correspondent ed mathis georg tell us why no agreement on these key posts when it's such a crucial time for the e.u. . what it appears that this summit apparently lacked the sense of urgency that it takes to make the crucial compromises to fill that top shop in the european commission of course it didn't really help either that the european parliament
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tried to get more influence on the process to bracingly pre-select a set of leads candidates that then the council i.e. the member states of the european union could pick and choose but look if you listen to angela merkel today at the end of this summit she made once again clear that she did not expect a result today she knew it was going to be a difficult process and also if you listen to john breaux juncker the man who's currently in the position of this top job at the head of the european commission doesn't sound like dramatic news either to him what happened in the past 2 days. building. a new piece i wish we could have agreed on a successor to the president of the european commission to doing some good and i was amused to note that it is very difficult to replace me if you see the model. ok maybe he is in fact irreplaceable the how likely is it that the sun this at the end
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of the month will produce any results. while it has to produce a result because that top position of course has to be filled and look i just came back from the press conference with german chancellor angela merkel it was interesting to hear what she said because she specified what she makes of that lead candidates process and she said for the moment. the head of the european council has informed the council that there is no majority on those 3 candidates from the 3 biggest parties in the european parliament that we knew but then she added and said and she doesn't see how that may change and that means basically that this process of lead candidates for her that it's this is my interpretation is over and so it might well be that we're looking at a completely new candidates maybe michel barnier the current chief negotiator is someone a frenchman and says someone from the center right who would be suitable for marco but potentially coming from her party family sold new people will have to come up
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to fill that post and that will have to see in the course of the next week all right we will thank ed masses in brussels thanks and much. as to kazakhstan now our joint russian european team is preparing to launch a pioneering telescope into space. will be searching for dark energy now that's a force that's thought to be pulling the universe apart but it's something that has never been observed directly before. it's on its way to eliminate to the universe erode the top of the world's most advanced x. ray telescope it's only the size of a wardrobe but it's going to be a vital tool to hunt for black holes discover new galaxies and measure dark energy made in germany launched on board every russian satellite the super powerful telescopes long mission begins here in the cosmic step at the cosmodrome by scientists hope of the eras eater will provide humanity within you view if you of
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our world view of the universe as a plan is for era zita to send data to earth from outer space of a 70 s. it will not just record to visible heavenly bodies but also once or that are invisible that's the key feature of an x. ray telescope to register objects based on their warmth and to their radiation and it will send back 8 enormous scans of the entire sky. scientists hope to discover up to 100000 galaxies the last experiment like this took place in the 1990 s. but back then they had a much weaker telescope and yes at the museum search if this mission is successful it will be enormously important for the whole world as the next even more exact experiment can only start and 25 to 30 years you personally will not be here to
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experience it would work but if you want to shoot up your book the scientists at the max planck institute in germany and to their counterparts at the lab in research center in russia hope to find out much more about so-called the dark energy. they also want to know if the universe is still expanding and one of astrophysics most exciting questions but what does. have to do with our daily lives . unfortunately we cannot tell yet but take your smartphone and think about what was needed in the past for this to work today. because we don't know what will come of this but if we don't do it nothing will happen are going to. be easy scanning the sky back on earth that we can only dream of what's might come of its discovery. how india is
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grappling with what's being called the worst water crisis in its history a new ministry to deal with water shortages is being set up as reservoirs dry up and groundwater has depleted one of the worst hit places is chennai which is india's 6th biggest city water tankers coming to the rescue as tonight's reserve tanks are almost dry. the city has stopped drawing drinking water from municipal sources so they have to rely on trucks to bring it in. but then people are suffering a lot from the scarcity and heavy demand for water we've had more than 500 bookings for water. officials have decided to deliver water only to poor neighborhoods but not every day residents are waiting already the mood is tense and then it boils over into violence an old neighborhood quarrel breaks out again and
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a fight ensues the water shortage adds another layer of tension giving them something new to fight about i don't know what we get water through that pump but it is sewage water and has a foul smell they will tell us to use that water for daily needs at the other end of the same street people get water delivered by water tanks every day but we don't get it. residents want clean water to fill their tanks in exchange for the water taxes that every city household must pay in wealthier neighborhoods the water was cut off well over a month ago since then the haasan family buys their drinking water from private dealers and at their own expense. they also have running water from their kitchen faucet thanks to underground tanks they had built beneath their house the cisterns collect and process rainwater during the monsoon that allows them to survive the
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dry spells but now their reserves are almost out. of water tax hike every month. and i get orders last month for what happened to my dogs ok i did not get the one a drop of water so that is one. sort of towards the responsibilities the redhill lake is one of 4 water reservoirs built fortune i ended $7000000.00 residents but now all 4 are nearly dried up not even one percent water is left and that's watching i no longer has the water it needs the situation is becoming dire the region has struggled with periods of drought for months. food treating it. with bondo which country was waiting for that very bad trying to eliminate the industry with a meeting with. fresh water she 9 has become one of india's biggest industrial
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centers the city closed up natural water sources to enable industry parks and housing communities to be built now the state government plans to invest 33000000 euros in the water supply it's the 1st small step but there is still no long term plan janai is waiting for the monsoon but only moderate rains are expected the situation doesn't look to be getting better anytime soon. all right we have got some sports news for you now and the women's world cup the u.s. has beaten slate and to nell to advance to the knockout stages with a perfect record of 3 out of 3 many thought the game would be the americans 1st real test but in fact they made short work of their opponents of a look the americans waited less than 3 minutes before taking the lead to get sweden the tournament favorites quick off the mark for the 3rd game in a row lindsey her run beating the swedish defenders to a new sport from
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a corner to grab her 2nd of the tournament. the usa how did he bag 16 goals before this game more than any other team so far so it was no surprise when they extended their lead at the start of the 2nd half this time it was for which tobin heath who produced the finish. the swedes had once again failed to get the ball under control in their box and were once again punished. to neal the formal school the usa you become the latest team to go through with a perfect record of 3 out of 3 wins and i'm sure again why you'd be tipped to go all the way. in the copa america uruguay were the latest title contender to stumble in the group stages they were held to a tool draw by a young japan side japan twice went ahead to opening the scoring with
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a 25th minute finish from koji negotiate why salvaged a point for a controversial penalty that was then converted by possibly his newest suarez and a 2nd home header from here's a few minutes both teams remain in contention for the knockout round. now people around the world are rolling out their yoga mats today and getting ready to stretch and breathe deeply and that is all in celebration of international yoga day in india prime minister narendra modi took part in a mass yoga session with an estimated $30000.00 participants the discipline of course is an ancient physical and spiritual practice that originated in india a global yoga day was suggested by modi was then adopted by the un in 2014. we have just enough time for a quick reminder of the top stories that we're following for you today officials in
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the usa president donald trump has cooled off an operation to launch strikes on iran just hours before they were due to go ahead with the strikes were planned in retaliation for the downing of a u.s. spy drone earlier this week. dozens were injured in the georgian capital tbilisi as protesters clashed with police in front of the country's parliament the protesters were trying to stop a russian lawmaker from addressing the legislature. and protesters have returned to the streets of hong kong up to their deadline. for withdrawing a controversial extradition treaty cost on that they say the build risks destroying the city's democratic institutions. now don't forget you can always get d w news on the go just download our app from google play or from the apple store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and you can also use the d w out to send us
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photos and videos. up next our science show tomorrow today which will be looking at whether your intelligence depends on your genes or is it more about your inbox or environment stay tuned for that i knew this mckinnon in berlin on the hop took a whole team to get a dummy thanks so much. the law.
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john. manning terms of his face done enough to complete. the mission for. more and more artificial intelligence is playing a role in hiring procedures. a change for the better. or just plain frightening to borrow to dick next on d w. good
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shape. on the path of yoga. today to speech an indian discipline is more popular than ever. people around the world use it to promote health peace and serenity. find out some of the most experienced yogis the target so you curious about who gets to be. in 60 minutes. big needs cleaning up a sex phone operator who works her masters thesis on the potato i'm raring to read . not a turn on well it gets more ridiculous from their. literature list british women mistreat. me take football personally your wedding
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with all the wonderful people in stories that make the game so special. for all true fans blah blah blah blah. blah make up more than football on line. good. into tomorrow today the science show on d w. this time we head to smarter dora the iranian tang was released into the wild was it a success. as a job applicant you may soon find yourself being vetted by artificial intelligence brave new world.


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