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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  June 21, 2019 1:45am-2:01am CEST

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shows off the prussian cultural heritage foundation's vast collection of artifacts from all over the world comprising what is known as berlin's treasure trove. and italian photographer down by work is a feast for the eyes and a rather off kilter mirror of the soul of his famous inspirations. well her writing career is all inspiring tony morrison a nobel prize winning author and from today's perspective it may be kind of hard to imagine how long it took for her author of the bestselling novel beloved to give the african american story its rightful place in the american canon well now a new documentary about her life the pieces i am puts her work into context and when it's over you feel as if you've spent 2 hours in her excellent company.
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it was illegal in his night to. go to. this new documentary traces the rise of the best selling author fuel etc nobel prize winner and force of nature toni morrison. before becoming a writer made her way up the male dominated world of new york publishing always fearless she soon realized that she not any of the old white guys was the smartest person in the room. i was more interesting than. critics damn her 1st novels with faint praise and condescension. says she's got a great talent one day she won't limit it to only writing about black people like really it's limited to write about black people. to be able to black. i prefer. well i'm tired of people asking the. oprah winfrey's book club to make more sense a household name her novels became bestsellers and 97
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a masterpiece beloved won the pulitzer prize the tale about the lasting trauma of slavery was turned into a film produced by and starring oprah winfrey which sadly film critics didn't know how to handle morrison's story of an escaped slave who kills her daughter rather than let her be recaptured even morrison said she was shocked when she got the call saying she'd won the nobel prize for literature going to hold it in focus she must . toni morrison's work shows through pain all the myriad ways we can come to love that is when she deals with the words on the page. toni morrison the pieces i am is a personal powerful portrait of an artist who changed the canon. and my colleague scott roxboro has joined me in the studio to tell us more about the piece is i am welcome scott how did this film resonate here and what did we learn about about 20 or so all i think you learn a lot about her as
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a person it's all of this a lot about her work but so much of this is a is an interview with with toni morrison and it was really fascinating for me to see about her life as a single mom about the struggle she had to make that 1st the publishing industry and fighting against children as the editors and critics and also to see this image of this incredibly strong self-assured a black woman who's also obviously having the time of her life so wonderful it's very much about her personal journey but also very much about how she changed our view of literature full stop and it's so interesting perhaps for the younger generations that so many of the issues she was banging the same drones 40 years ago that the need to movement is talking about today yeah very much so i mean a lot of personal stories in this documentary are the stories of her fight for equal pay the stories of her fights against you know the the male dominated world situation i was moving in racial segregation and so forth and it's it's really complex think it's interesting that the new generation the younger generation of women in particular are discovering toni morrison as a sort of feminist icon watches don't have to think how there's another of these
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sort of 80 plus year old women who are being celebrated as sort of pop icons i mean i had to think of doing roots. peter ginsberg and dr invest time or both of whom have their own documentaries new documentaries that are just made of them. ruth bader ginsburg course. justice on the supreme court but the documentary about her called r g b she is is is also about her image as a as a pop culture icon because she's become the known as the notorious r g r b g and has been as been start thousands of internet means but my personal favorite is the other tiny ruth dr ruth westheimer jewish german immigrant who's been teaching america about sex for a generation still going strong at. sure you would like heard she's a you know she's the pioneer of. liberalism of these these feminist movements and i think it's amazing that these 80 plus year old women are become sort of pop stars
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for younger gen and thank goodness that credit is coming where credit is due to they did so much groundwork but you know talking about. margaret atwood count as literary icon has to be kind of included i would say and we're not in the in that in that kind of i don't know it's an area that you see 79 i think but yeah i mean she's almost the beyond say of the feminist literature in my opinion and and she's created the big feminist mean of course because with her book them and sale which is adapted as a t.v. series the images from that which you know the long red cloak the the white bonnet that has been used as the means of protest against the patriarchy worldwide we saw it in recently in the protests against the point of print kind of kavanagh to the supreme court court and you saw the women coming out in this outfit and it's become so iconic it's really seen now around the world any time women particularly young women want to protest against injustice or against sexism against racism they use this image and i think it's amazing that that is created by
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a 79 year old woman who started this battle way back when they were born someone like gloria steinem comes to my mind i think they're making a new film about you know let me go back to your speaking to you about that when the time comes toni morrison's the pieces i am i timothy greenfield sanders is in the u.s. theaters and thanks very much to scott roxboro for bringing us all that backstory and. well i always like to remind people that early in our free spirited often grungy capital has more museums than paris more than 170 in fact and one of the reasons for that is the pressure cultural heritage foundation its massive collection stretches from the stone age all the way to contemporary art and while some of it starts like never t.t. of course are well known many other treasures can now be seen in a brand new documentary a coproduction between d.w. ata and the german public station are let's have a look at. the persian cultural heritage foundation has one of the world's largest
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collections comprising 5000000 objects held by 1000 institutions in the german capital the film berlin's treasure trove brings them to life director did a few of those objects as starting points to explore big questions what is beauty do we need to fear death and what significance to these our treasures have for us today. insight into a rich cultural heritage connecting us to the history of our ancestors many of the objects originate from other countries and were brought to berlin from asia south america or africa sometimes their history and provenance are problematic one example is a royal throne from cameroon lushly decorated with precious glass beads the film explores the items history and goes on a journey to its country of origin. keep us who saw. me do through. this case you know.
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critics warn the cameroonian royal throne for the kingdom of the diplomatic. ties or the 2nd. one of the consequences for us today it's in berlin legally but we have a responsibility to the museum and. the collection of the pression cultural heritage foundation. an is a living network it's continually being developed further with the help of new research this film allows the viewer to take part in the adventure of this vital process. and that film will run in 2 parts starting here on starting june 21st. well if there's one thing that the italians do well it's food and in my experience many of them even have a heightened sensitivity for food and photographer down by you know is no exception his pictures of what star personalities like to eat for instance recognize food as the unifying factor for humanity we all need to eat but it's to what degree we are
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what we eat that fascinates him. so what do the stars like to sing or mariah carey is said to have a passion for purple colored food. lady gaga supposedly swears by baby when she's on tour and watching sports drinks chicken nuggets and french fries reveal about you sitting bolt the world's fastest man clearly has a weakness for fast food. dampening no has captured these images for his photo series still it's his portraits say a lot about people. with a simple play. a lot with people from all around the ward so for. one language it can tell people stories. heidi klum is his latest subject he's portraying the german model tastes as
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a still. when it comes to food she said to subscribe to the 20 rule percent healthy for the rest anything. we start with very sketches to create the basis for his later work. italian actress sophia loren once said she owed her curves. getit quotations like this and albert einstein's vegetarian diet have inspired. as did karl lagerfeld love of diet coke. photo portraits are reminiscent of a rock painting of caravaggio's masterpieces and the golden age of flemish painter back then the staging of foodstuffs played a major role because it revealed a lot about people's social status. for the heidi klum shoot his apartment becomes a photo studio now you're in just the past and peanut butter sandwiches that heidi klum is said to love to eat they're surrounded by all the healthy foods that she
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tosses into the blender to make smoothies. maybe a home. are doing the same diet as i. can relate. and they even if she really for each choose your well being so. heidi clunes food portrait is finished and can enjoy the fruits of his labor the photo found the leftover ingredients. as before we go some great news for queen fans with the discovery of a lost freddie mercury track complete with video of an acoustic version of time waits for no one from the musical time and will leave you with this blast from the past done in january 1960 on friday of course gave it his all as he did every time the best.
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no. i. am a a know man a.
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country god international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week the cause mass protests over a proposed extradition laws just one skirmish in a larger scramble for common. good the demonstrators win the battle the lose the war and find out on this week's edition of country. quadriga the 30 minutes w. . does never tell us about. let's ask her body's experience a modern museum centered with her the question cultural heritage foundation the land. researchers are looking for answers in more than $5000000.00 objects each object relates more to the history of man coming into. the prussian cultural heritage foundation the main structure in 75 w.
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. stay informed. and language courses. video and audio. anytime anywhere. earth place home. of species. a home worth saving. those are big changes and most start with small steps little indias tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the
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world. like to use the current climate to stay clean energy solutions and reforestation. interactive content teaching to the next generation doesn't want to talk to touch it. using all channels available to inspire people to take action and more determined to build something here for the next generation the idea is for the environment series of global 3000. and online. u.s. president donald trump has played down iran's downing of a u.s. surveillance drone thursday saying he suspected it was shot down by mistake iran says the drone was on its territory and called on the international community to demand that washington and its quote unlawful and destabilizing measures in the golf. large crowds angry over the visit of
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a russian lawmaker have tried to storm georgia's parliament building in tbilisi.


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