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this is deja vu news on live from berlin china's president xi jinping arrives in north korea for the 1st time the leaders of the 2 countries have met several times before but with ties now strained and north korea's kim jong un will take up the stalled talks on the north's nuclear program. also coming up saudi arabia rejects
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calls for crown prince mohammed bin solvent to be investigated over jamaal she's deaths. speak to the author of the un report who claims there is quote credible evidence been solomon was behind the journalist's execution last year. also on the show the u.n. says a record 71000000 people have been displaced by war and persecution worldwide on world refugee day we look at the plight of growth engine muslims plus who get the top job at the e.u. france and germany clash over who should become the next president of the european commission and in sports at the women's world cup some acrobatic goal keeping by japan was not enough to tame england will have that's.
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i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us chinese president xi jinping has arrived in north korea for his 1st state visit there talks with host kim jong un are said to center on pyongyang's nuclear weapons program a summit earlier this year between cam and us president dol trump ended without any agreement and china then backed sanctions on the north so ties are strained between the 2 countries it's been less than 6 months since his handshake kim jong un has visited china north korea's closest foreign ally many times over the years. she jinping on the other hand is the 1st chinese leader to travel to pyongyang and well over a decade. we are ready to work with the d.p. r. k. to continue to carry forward the fine tradition of china d p r k friendship and promote the continuous development of exchanges and cooperation between the 2 countries in various fields. relations between the 2 authoritarian countries have
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been strained since north korea began amping up its nuclear weapons test. beijing supports denuclearization of the korean peninsula and recently backed the raft of international sanctions against. these talks aimed to relieve tensions. the u.s. will be watching closely a summit between kim and u.s. president donald trump in february broke off without an agreement. south korea said it is hoping talks between she and kim will move things forward opening up the chance of renewed negotiations on the north's nuclear program. a lot to talk about their income gang let's go to the region now i'm joined by david. in seoul good morning fabienne can you tell us what kind of message are the 2 leaders hoping to send with this meeting. well the message is definitely a very harmonious one both countries are already putting a lot of emphasis on their friendship which they actually quite complicated you
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mentioned that it's really an ambivalent and complicated relation but really they try to be very harmonious place sample both will visit the korea north korea north korea china friendship tower and also to break the historic ties both were fighting in the korean war which started 66 years ago and both sides need each other china needs north korea because it wants debility in the regions and of course north korea needs china because it's the economic lifeline of the country and without china they basically could not survive fabi in this meeting it comes just ahead of the g. 20 summit now how is that factoring in to this visit yet not i would say the timing is really crucial and i would really say that this summit is also a signal from xi jinping to would trump because trump needs china to pick his strategy of maximum pressure of keeping the sanctions if china wanted to it
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could easily open up the border and start economic cooperation again with north korea and then counter that strategy but of course china and china stephanie very worried about the u.s. trade or and that china will use that as a leverage in discussing trade well with trump and they will meet soon at the g. 20 summit in japan ok you mentioned the sanctions against north korea from china so that makes this a very important meeting for pyongyang. actually you this also like a practical outcome that north korea expects from the summit and that is food delivery food aid because north korea had a really bad harvest the worst in a decade and 10000000 people depend on foreign aid but of course the bigger picture is that kim jong un needs a diplomatic back up by china. china to be in washington for the strategy of the nuclear the nuclear is ation on their terms basically saying that they have
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a step by step approach not not the big deal that trump expects but rather you know getting concessions step by step and of course they hope that china for that and also will support the ok a lot of stake from both sides then foreign thanks very much for that update. let's brief you now on some of the other stories making the news iran says it has shot down an american spy drone over its southern province of hormuz gong the commander of iran's revolutionary guard saying it is a clear message to the u.s. pentagon sources a u.s. drone has been shot down but in international air space over the strait of hormuz. chinese state media says the former head of interpol home way has pled guilty to accepting nearly 2000000 euros in bribes of the sons later vanished last year while visiting china from his home in france his wife says the charges are politically motivated. german media reporting that
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a number of the country's politicians are facing death threats from far right extremists police say this includes colognes mare and. she was seriously wounded in a knife attack 4 years ago earlier this month a pro-immigration politician was shot that. sudanese protesters have stage an overnight rally in khartoum as they press their demands for the military to hand over power to civilian government marchers called for justice for victims of a crackdown earlier this month. the army is offering unconditional talks but protest leaders want soldiers to return to their barracks 1st. united nations says a record number of people worldwide has been forcibly displaced this year by war persecution or violence the number of displaced people around the globe now totals 71000000 that's 2000000 more than last year this figure includes asylum seekers
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refugees and the internally displaced to mark un world refugee day we report on one of the groups affected the henge of for me and more after a brutal crackdown by me in mars' north terry some 800000 of them fled to neighboring bangladesh among them many elderly refugees. life in bangladesh so crowded refugee camps can be a constant struggle. for the elderly it's often nearly unbearable the human rights organization amnesty international interviewed nearly 150 displaced row injured aged 54 to over 90 they found that agencies hadn't done enough to address the needs of older refugees. not that far for the people who can walk well it's only problem for me. i don't go to the camp they don't provide good treatment they usually only give one of 2 tablets when my son buys medication for
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me i take that i'm weary of that i don't know i got done with. this man was able to reach a designated age friendly clinic but such places are rare in the refugee camps for the elderly food medical and sanitation facilities are often difficult to reach researchers documented cases of older patients for going medicine because they could not navigate the challenging terrain to the clinics. and despite the challenges these are the lucky ones many other elderly row injured were unable to flee and me on mars army attacked their villages in rocky and state. you know mothers that we were in the field the soldiers with chasing people and shooting people who could run managed to escape but those who couldn't run were killed and then out of the when the soldiers came and said house is on fire my parents were inside for the last 5 years my parents weren't able to move on their own we couldn't take them with his mommy flat my parents died with
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a house was told. it's uncertain when the ruins of refugees will be able to return to their homes and medium are for the elderly it's not clear whether they'll ever make the trip home. now in riyadh the saudi arabia's foreign minister has rejected as baseless a un report saying crown prince mohammed solomon should be investigated over the killing of a dissident journalist come all shocks the u.n. special repertory agnus calmar says there was quote credible evidence of bin laden been solomon's a liability shock she was last seen at the saudi consulate in istanbul october the 2nd gone to receive officials papers ahead of his wedding his body was dismembered it's thought while he was still alive and removed from that building his remains have yet to be found. i guess calmar joins us now she's the un special rapporteur
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tour on extrajudicial executions who issued that report thanks so much for joining us today how did you reach the conclusion that there is quote credible evidence that saudi authorities were involved in kentucky is death. so the 1st important finding of my inquiry ease about the responsibilities of the state of saudi arabia until now out of saudi authorities i've insisted that this was not a state sanctioned crime but a rugger parish ans what my report shawls is that the killing of mr cashel didn't meet all of the crime yet here you are out for a state crime it was a conductor than done by state officials say it's used it create lined upon state
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means and state resources the teen that came into town ball used a private jet we use diplomatic clearance the killing took place in the saudi consulate the saudi console him said took action so that there were no witnesses on the d. and at the time of the killing these and other if you dance presented in the report mean that there is no other conclusions but that the killing was what we call a state killing or if there was a state killing done by state officials as your report found with state resources does that mean that the crown prince in solomon is responsible or liable for the killing of. so my investigation is a human rights investigation focusing heavily on the responsibilities of the state
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in that context i have considered individual liability only to identify whether or not there was in my opinion sufficient credible evidence mandating an international criminal investigation my conclusion is that on the basis of what i found and analyzed there is indeed credible if you don't see demanding a criminal investigation into high level officials including the crown prince what i also want to insist upon is that the possible liability of the crown prince is not only derives from whether or not we all did the crime the search for a smoking gun is important but it is not the only form of restaurants abilities for high level official a within a c.v. and 17 there is something close to a chain of command and a wrench of responsibilities associated with it for instance did the crown prince
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or someone else directly or in directly in sight of the killing of mr. did the crown prince or someone else knew about the the killing but failed to take action to prevent it did the crown prince or someone else knew or should have known that the killing of mr cashel was a possibility in light of the multi poor violations of human rights that had taken place in the year preceding this killing all of those issues most obese the object of an in-depth criminal investigation ok where should this criminal investigation take place what should the jurisdiction. so my my recommendation is that the international criminal investigation be conducted at the level of the united nation i call upon the secretary general to
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appoint a panel of experts that we'll look into individual liabilities on the basis of the evidence agnus column our special u.n. repertoire on extrajudicial executions thank you so very much for your time today with us. but 1st european union leaders are meeting today to try to resolve what's become a very thorny issue at a crucial juncture for the bloc who will lead it a summit in brussels today is looking at candidates for europe's top job the president of the u. commission that issue has created friction between the 2 leading nations france and germany let's go straight to brussels our correspondent matthew standing by 1st scared to tell us more about this powerful top job and why it has become so contentious. finding a candidate for this top job in the european commission has always been
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a tug of war the recruitment process seeks to balance out a number of factors you really that is personal experience that is part of political considerations but it's also the influence of member states who always try to push their candidates so even in the case of jogo the current head of the european commission it wasn't easy it was quite a difficult process and everyone expected to be exactly the same this time a very tricky. ok we're going to talk some more just a bit let's take a look 1st at some of the main contenders to become the new e.u. commission president. they are lining up for the top jump in brussels and it's anything but child's play who will make the race right now all 3 candidates are in the running to become the next president of the european commission the e.u. is highest on what i want done as a politician might have it of best tagger she positioned herself as the liberal frontrunner and would be the 1st woman to serve as president of the european
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commission vest argo made a name for herself as a fierce you competition commission are responsible for slapping google with a huge and to trust fine she enjoys the support of several heads of states but she might be putting the cart before the horse because not everybody in her own party is backing her the dutchman and social democrat plans to moments has strong support in the south of europe but his problem is the east as my is president of the european commission france to my months as an experienced politician who speaks 9 languages but some eastern european nations above all hungary and poland oppose him timmermans has openly criticized both countries for flouting democratic values and last but not least the germany's months played his advantage eastern europe lyceum a lot more than his social democrat opponent for some months in veba doesn't have enough political experience to become commission president a candidate must receive 21 of the blocks 28 votes veba is still far from that goal
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was really making this race so difficult france and germany disagree about who should get the job french president even when my column doesn't want to be limited to the 3 candidates putting him at odds with the german chancellor anglo american if the 2 can't agree the carousel could change direction and a dark horse candidate could enter the race. on the american or animal on your own usually agree on so very much why the deep disagreement over the next eve commission president. let's start brian with party political considerations here i'm glad americans candidate is month as we've seen in the report from the center right now maicon clearly is a liberal and that is why you would rather see someone like michael a divest ogg of the current anti trust commissioner also
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a liberal in that top job my car also as the feeling they had a month of elex the experience that was also mentioned in the report and that is why he of course would rather like to see the pump really a frenchman in that top job and someone who comes to mind in that case is the chief negotiator michele bunny who is in turn a conservative someone from the center right and so he could be a candidate that. could support in case monthly it wouldn't get enough support in the european council because at the end of the day all even member states need to agree on one candidate for this top job so you see the horse trading will get really tricky ok it's also said to be tricky in a number of other positions there for discussion at the summit including the next head of these even. that's right you have the head of the e.c.b. the european central bank but you also have
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a number of vacant positions for instance the head of the european council the president of the european parliament the foreign political chief of the european union someone like the foreign policy chief but you see the fact that all these places need to be allocated is also helpful in the sense that it allows leaders on the summit to maneuver to have a number of bargaining chips they can hand out in allocating those top jobs only one thing so far is certain the leaders have decided that there should be 2 women on the team so far it's only one federica maurine the head of the foreign policy foreign political chief of the european union. so many thanks from all of us here for that from brussels a lot being discussed there today thanks very much. well preparations are underway in belarus for the opening of this year's european games that's tomorrow friday 4000 athletes from across europe are expected to compete in belarus is pouring millions into making this event to success critics are calling it
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a whitewash for the nation's regime but for the country's athletes it's all about competition. and dimitri asano is getting it all he's got the books out from belarus has been training every day before the showdown with hopes of coming out on top and winning gold in the 2nd european games. to me this is a big start for me and the 1st european games i won silver now i've set the bar higher because this competition is the high point of my career that the. full 1000 ice needs from 50 countries spot taking part the visitors will be alone to enter bella russo without these us the publicity is only both showcasing belarus as host of the biggest sporting event in the country's history we want to show off our country these european games are a great occasion for tourists to visit for staging a big p.r. campaign that we're aiming especially at the west. as it's no accident bellows has
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a terrible reputation in the west not least because it's been governed by no story terry and lead to alex on the lookout for the past quarter century he's known for oppressing the opposition and anyone else who doesn't toe the government's line. european games are nothing short of soviet style whitewash during the 1980 olympics in moscow people acted as if everything was fine and there were no political prisoners are seeing a replay of this here our guests are playing along like i'll be happy if we as hosts just put on a good show. beyond politics and the hosts appear to have done everything possible. any problems from rebuilding old sporting venues to sprucing up trains the troops is the main thing to say is that belarus is safe. belarus hasn't been able to host many important international events so this is
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a chance for the country to present itself from a different sides and people are looking forward to welcoming as many guests as possible there are 2 sides to this the games are awfully expensive so yes very but i think it will pay off but it took a deal next we hope it will bring more cash into the country though i bet i'd like to see more global parties like this is not on the way anybody let's show. of course we want to prove to the world that we're the best. i only see the good in this it's an honor for us. and for books that sound off it's a chance to show off his skills to spectators sponsors and managers. but. it would be great if belarus could host the olympics one day with a clear was more than a. sports and
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a far world class athletes could do just as well then as they will at the upcoming european games but he's a good player beefeater. but 1st bellows has to prove its competence as the host of the european game speed minsk 19. it's to the women's world cup now and england and japan progressed in the last 16 the 2 teams play each other in their final match inside 1st and 2nd place in group d. 2 goals from ellen white made all the difference in a dominant display by the english. a link up between manchester city's georges stanway and her club teammate alan white so england taken earlier. the striker neatly slotting in pastor jaco yama sheeder together 2nd of the tournament. england continued to have the lion share of chances but yamashita kept her side in the game saving this long range effort from jill scott in meet team to minute. and soon
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afterwards pinning her fingertips to this strike to deny rachel doing. the saves continued in the 2nd half yama she to stoop low to prevent barcelona's tony dugan from doubling being when lead. when the 2nd goal came it was white again with the finish a perfectly placed strike to polish up a successful night in nice and a perfect start to the tournament for the lionesses who advance from group d. with 3 wins and 3. elsewhere in group d. scotland 33 with argentina after throwing away a comfortable lead the result means that the scots crashed out of the competition it took just 90 minutes for stop and take the lead kim little putting her side in front close range. a late goal from aaron cootes bird appeared to seal a comfortable when but argentina dug deep and staged a comeback grabbing 3 goals in the final 20 minutes to lead level the score their
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last one coming from the penalty spot. oh brissie dortmund have resigned former club captain moscow most from byron munich for 33000000 euros left or been to join their rivals in 2016 and went on to win 3 straight honestly to titles with me the 2014 world cup winner made over 200 league appearances in his 1st stint at dortmund winning 2 league titles. let's get you a reminder now of our top stories at this hour the chinese president xi jinping has arrived in north korea for his 1st state visit their talks with the host kim jong un are likely to center on tongue and nuclear weapons program after a summit earlier this year between kim and us president of trump ended without agreement. and the u.n. says a record 71000000 people of the displaced by war and persecution that's 2000000 more
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than last year the un's figures were released to mark world refugee day. this is did have you news live from berlin up next the latest moves from the us federal reserve as well as business team i'm brian todd thanks for joining us.
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