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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  June 7, 2019 11:15pm-11:31pm CEST

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johannah concert in the french open semifinals well the 19 year old won in straight sets to continue her stunning run another teenager and amanda and he seem over of the us was denied her place in saturday's final by australian ashley barty. her rock and roll land you're watching t.v. when you do so thank you so much for spending this part of your day with us didn't you say to the business something special saying. if you ever have to cover up a murder best way is to make an accident raring to. never read a book like this. list. the streets. are simply. too few people and stories. are so special you're waiting.
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for. a call. to. g.w. . grazier margaret is on the horizon u.s. tariffs on vax again exports are set to kick in on monday the countries to feel the producers could be heading for some drive times. also on the show for you us jobs data has the markets cheering yes you wrote that right we go to wall street to find out why. and turning our passion for pottery into something profitable in an otherwise male dominated industry. this is d.w.
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business our. own in berlin welcome u.s. tariffs on mexican products are set to take effect on monday unless both sides can reach a deal concerned a lot of the country's exports is growing the teal industry for 1 may need something to take the edge off. it took salvatore results decades to establish a domestic market for his family business to kill. this year he was finally ready to plunge into the u.s. export market but his hopes suffered a major setback following news of transplant to levy tariffs on mexican products. we were waiting for the situation to become more stable so we can enter the united states market more forcefully because we know the demand for it to kill is very big and we do not want to ruin it rosat us was hoping to export around 352420 cases to the u.s. this year but since those plants could now be derailed he feels he's being treated
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unfairly. give us i feel that migration is very foreign subject to the industry because we do not control migration all of our stuff and maybe in the whole to kill industry in the fields and factories it is an entirely mexican workforce. last year mexico export a direct volume of tequila more than 222000000 liters to $120.00 countries with more than 80 percent going to the u.s. mexican distilleries are now worried about a possible drop in revenues and job losses especially if terrorists were to reach 25 percent of being out it hurts us and the most affected will be the agricultural faddle because they will have to stop selling r.-k. then dust rules will have to stop producing so much tequila what we really need to be doing now is continuing to create jobs in rural areas keep creating jobs so there's no migration. but i laugh but i'm not that it will get us here the
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distilled spirits council it fears mexico would respond with similar tariffs as it did when trump and post duties on steel another 1000000. u.s. jobs growth slowed sharply and they and wages rose at a slower pace than anticipated the labor department reported that non-farm payrolls increased by $75000.00 jobs last month far lower than analysts expected economists have warned that the current trade disputes with china and mexico could further undermine the u.s. economy. yes carter joins us now from wall street now worse than expected jobs data not typically a reason for a chair on the markets propped up but that seems to be the case this time why is it that. you're all week long we had to pick up swings year on the wall street and all week long we've got a weaker economic data especially from the labor market usually if you could say no
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news are good news but this time it seems to be that bad news are good news because they're weaker the economy grows the more likely the federal reserve is going to cut interest rates so the market for the week has been up by 4.7 percent in the dollar jones industrial average the best week for 29 may be the upswing for the wrong reason because on the other side if we see worse economic growth that can hardly be good news but well it's all about probably seeing interest rates to fall and that is driving the market at this point. and other market news even alternatives company beyond me is one of today's clear winners and briefly as you can tell us more. it's incredible the company had its 1st earnings report after it went public only made the company a chief to more than triple the revenues so so far the good news so the company is
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still not profitable but what run it has been just here on friday the stock of beyond me just up by a good 39 percent and the stock has more than 5 fold or just since its i.p.o. the company is now worth about $7000000000.00 and that's was a yearly revenue of about tim said $200.00 millions of quite a premium that investors are willing to pay at this point and by the way beyond me does not necessarily targeting vegetarians because they only stand for about 5 percent of us of the u.s. population beyond me just especially aiming at meat eaters because that's the far bigger share of the overall food market. cartel with a view from wall street for us thank you very much. facebook has said it will block installations of its apps on while way devices to comply with u.s. sanctions against the chinese tech supplier washington had barred while way from u.s. tech exports over security concerns but facebook's analogy event comes after reports
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of google's bed for extension from the bad it's warned that while we eventually developing its own operating system could open up full ins to attacks from around the world. well we was late to the game but quickly became one of the world's top cell phone manufacturers thanks in part to google's android operating system but that could soon change if weiwei is cut off from android due to pressure from washington the u.s. has blacklisted hallway and is forcing american companies to sever ties to the telecoms giant over concerns while he could funnel information to the chinese government. denies the accusations and is sticking by its product for amanda best in the market and the hallways effort to ensure our customer got a bessie best experience there is 3 men and changed we all work together with our customer always our partners to sayto these are issues in the sun it's possible
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time the company has announced it could seek to create its own version of android to help maintain its customers user experience. but google says that could make the operating system more vulnerable to attacks it's reportedly lobbying the u.s. government to allow it to continue to work with wally over the security concerns. so how could a hallway a less endanger google's android ecosystem cutting off wildly phones from using android couldn't theory help limit chinese influence to phones manufactured by huawei in china but it would also cut those phones off from google security updates and huawei would be free to distribute those unsecured phones around the world and if a phone running a secure version of android communicated with a phone running an unsecure version that could open the ecosystem up to attacks. but it's unclear if u.s. regulators will be swayed to allow google to continue working with huawei. now to some other business stories making news french president has met with twitter's
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c.e.o. jack dorsey in paris france's parliament is debating legislation that would fine tech companies up to 4 percent of their global revenue for not removing hateful content the proposed law comes after the march shooting attack in christchurch new zealand that killed 50 people. as former new york city mayor michael bloomberg says he's donating $500000000.00 in the bid to shut down the remaining coal plants and the united states the billionaire wants to turn the u.s. into a 100 percent clean energy economy by 2013. now turning your hobby into a profitable business that's something a lot of us want to do the next woman from russia has done just that with her passion for pottery but getting ahead and a male dominated world hasn't been easy. marina gilman over 1st started designing ceramics when she was a psychology student after she graduated she got
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a job in advertising but all the while she kept up her hobby and finally 3 years ago she managed to turn it into a business when she opened her own pasta rework shop. so. when you do everything you need to do the contracts and money follow. but getting ahead in a male dominated world hasn't been without its difficulties negotiating about money in particular can prove a challenge with certain archaic as a child still prevailing just. bringing my 30 year old off and they don't take women seriously as business partners. if i were a man their behavior would be different. they wouldn't be huddling about prices so much. better go. despite some suppliers pushing for further discounts marina's pottery business is posting double digit growth she employs 5 workers and has received funding from a private investor but according to your quick review from generation to generation
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our women have shown their love to the world the people and their home and. soviet ideology meant that women were expected to work but in upper management the men often still called the shots. but studies now suggest that 50 percent of russians believe that men should earn money and women should take care of the family. that disappears to petersburg international economic forum the reality being presented did not conform with those acid shoots. there are more women than men in positions in russia than anywhere else in the world. 41 percent of management positions it's a left over from soviet times. but when it comes to pay equality the country still has a long way to go women in russia are earn 30 percent less than men on average and
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many of the peak positions in politics continue to be held by man. in russia successful business women are more common in small and medium sized enterprises than in larger conglomerates as a former rino. for the votes of the woodwork my plan is to sell my product and europe and to broaden our range for private customers right now we work more with restaurants in the future we want to supply retailers and she has no fears about facing up to the usually male competition. thanks for watching. the for.
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the for. country god international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week for condit are saying that the end nominee for german chancellor angela merkel certainly how the coalition government appears to be on its last legs so does it all mean for germany and its international part that's find out from puerto rico shortly. quadriga 60 minutes.
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and those that will follow are part of a new. they could be the future of. granting opportunity global news that matters d. w. made from minds. this is the the news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes his father was friends i lived by an armed group in the central african republic now there are very draws to give me just stop haunts him daily 7 field peace agreements comes under consideration deal with and peace to the country also on the show. what do women footballers across africa want equal pay and as much attention as men's football as my jerry are cameroon and south africa get ready to represent the continent and a woman.


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