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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 28, 2019 10:00pm-10:15pm CEST

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this is news live from berlin spain's socialist take an early lead in the country's divisive general election but even with their strong showing no party is expected to win a majority and the far right is on track to enter parliament for the first time in decades we'll go live to madrid. also on the show torrential rains and flooding strike mozambique just days after cycling canot as a flood waters claimed more lives and many areas are cut off from rescuers and eight more torrential downpours are forecast for the coming days. and
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a community in mourning one person is dead and three injured after a gunman opens fire at a passover service on a youth in the u.s. synagogue the country's jewish worshipers are targeted for the second time in just six months. i'm nick spicer thanks for joining us we begin in spain where the counting is underway in the country's third general election in four years the turnout was higher than usual early results show the socialists of prime minister pedro sanchez with around thirty percent of the vote far short a part of mentor majority the conservative people's party is expected to place second but with a large fall in support both will need the support of smaller parties to form a government the far right vox party is on course to enter parliament for the first
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time since it was founded six years ago. following the story for us in madrid is the only alias of the counting is underway and results are coming in what's the latest. well the latest is i'm just looking here with fifty seven percent of the votes you said they're the socialists of heather sanchez out of course is the prime minister has topped the polls but he is going to need the support of only that's put him most and potentially at regional parties to form a government that is going to be a very difficult seat it's not been a good result of ford the right wing bloc made up of the people's party. and but also interesting lee in a way it is a good night for the right wing bloc and particularly for vox because they entered the spanish parliament with what looks like at least twenty m.p.'s in this new
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parliament which will meet in as several weeks. if the socialists are in the lead and you are talking about the difficulty of forming coalitions i mean is it possible to govern spain. once again there was a previous coalition government what's going to change it's going to be very difficult for prime minister pedro sanchez to form a government because he needs one hundred seventy six or at least you need two hundred seventy six m.p.'s to actually be able to govern he will need support as i said before from us for the most of the anti austerity a left wing party and also potentially even a catalan nationalist party and that's where he's going to run into difficulties because he has been very clear in saying that he is a pro constitution party he leads a pro constitution party i.e. that he is not open to dialogue with regards to holding say a referendum in catalonia which is something which the catalan nationalist party is
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scared of he looked like they've talked the polls in catalonia would be wanting from a coalition partner. another big story is the gains of the far right nationalist vox party can you tell us more about that. vox party seems to have struck a chord particularly with those people who felt that at the traditional parties of the socialists on the people's party in particular didn't know how to handle the situation in catalonia day they're more inclined to want a hardline stance with how to deal with the situation there and they feel in many ways that you know the spanish government has given too much power away to the regions and in particular once again loney and we saw them come onto the scene in the regional elections in the southern region of. am and it looks like they've done incredibly well in several parts of spain but like i said we're going to wait till
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the final result in sight to see exactly how well they've done but it looks like they'll have around at least twenty m.p.'s. just look at the overall election process this is the third vote national part of entry vote in four years you might expect there to be some voter fatigue instead participation is a by around nine percent why. you're absolutely right well i mean let's go back to the catalonia question once again it has dominated this pre election campaign and essentially that was what kind of swung this vote in some ways because the left wing block have sort of a more action similar tree approach to how. the issue in catalonia should be dealt with compared to the right wing bloc who felt that it perhaps a bit of a harder line should be taken and this is this election has has really divided people and you've seen that this has been the top of conversation for weeks for months and in many ways people have perhaps even changed who they would normally
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vote for at the pending on how the parties have approached the situation in catalonia and it looks like the right wing parties didn't manage to get that support that they were hoping for from the electorate ok just like big changes in spain blow fully lives in madrid thanks for that. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world. scotland's first minister nicolas sturgeon has said her party will do what ever it takes to keep scotland in the european union and she told delegates at her scottish national party's spring conference that britain's parliamentary system is broken and scotland needs to make its own choice over its future. ukraine's president elect billowed emirs alecky has promised to grant ukrainian citizenship to russians who quote suffer under the kremlin's rule the pledge was a response to a decree by russian president vladimir putin making it easier for ukrainians in
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breakaway regions to obtain russian passports jeff has been fighting moscow backed rebels in eastern ukraine since two thousand and fourteen. the people of been have voted in part of entry elections west african states main opposition parties asked supporters to boycott the polls because tough new eligibility rules effectively barred them from fielding candidates voters were only given the choice between two parties allied to president parties tell don't. was once seen as a model for democracy in the region. to mozambique now where residents are reeling in the aftermath of the second cycling to strike the country and as many months cycling kenneth tore into the northern province of cabo delgado on sunday and after cycling each day devastated vast swathes of central mozambique in march the government says that up to one hundred sixty thousand people have been affected while thirty five thousand homes have been damaged or destroyed heavy rains
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continue hampering aid efforts and threatening further destruction. after the storm the rain. swelling reversed and washing away houses here in the north of mozambique nature's fury has been unleashed and the danger is far from over six hundred people died from the flooding caused by psycho eat ice six weeks ago it's actually kind of predicted to cost twice as much rainfall as its deadly predecessor already communities have been devastated by the storm's destructive force. the wind destroyed the farms and the palm trees the farms don't have anything we lost everything on the farms here in the village as you see three hundred houses have been destroyed. i'm not going to build anything else because i had two houses in the shop everything is destroyed i don't have the means to rebuild i'll just try to rebuild
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one home and i probably can't even you know that. it is the first time in recorded history that mozambique has been hit by two cycles in one season. aid agencies have been working frantically to deal with the fallout from aide i now have even more work on their hands. police are investigating a deadly shooting at a california synagogue that killed one person and wounded three others officials are calling a saturday attack a hate crime and are probing a link with an earlier fire at a mosque mourners held a vigil for the victims that a nearby church community members from all face came together to pay tribute to the shooting on the last day of passover comes just a few months after a gunman killed eleven people at another u.s. synagogue. places of worship used to be centuries now nowhere seems sacred a gunman entered the chabad synagogue in power california as worshippers mock the
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final day of possibly he opened fire with a high powered rifle killing one woman and wounding three more people including the rabbi. my thing was that you she said. she. tried to. stop. me if you don't have to take. a suspected nineteen year old gunman fled the scene by car but was stopped on a highway and arrested shortly after police say his motivation may be detailed in a letter posted online we are collecting digital evidence and we're aware of his manifesto which we are in the process of reviewing to determine its validity and authenticity. politicians were quick to call the attack the outcome of hate. at this moment this looks like a hate crime but might be if this is all of those affected. we'll get to the
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bottom of it or ensure no. this is not how away we always walk with our arms around each other and we will walk through this tragedy with our arms around each other the attack comes just six months after a white supremacist killed eleven people at a synagogue in pittsburgh. and we turn now to sports in the bundesliga byron munich have extended their lead at the top of the table despite failing to win away to relegation threatened nuremberg the hosts took the lead in the second half through pereira but said she could napoli equalized for buyer before nuremberg missed a late penalty in the one all score line means biron are two points clear of dortmund with three games to go. saturday's bonus legal action included one of the biggest games of the season as dortmund host and bitter rivals shelter the dark and battling with byron for the title and shall cannot yet say for relegation there
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were relative occasions for both sides and the result shook the bundesliga. a few games in football evoke such passion is dortmund again shout to both teams plenty at stake in this one will be at its offices ends of the table shanker down on their luck intrusive form the title contender struck first. america in his head on the end of jaden sanchez dinkins in the box sanchez who has more assists than anyone this season but watch closely the englishman struck by lights are thrown by shout to fans don't mislead lasted just four minutes this controversially a judge to be handful daniel caligiuri levelling from the penalty spot eighteen minutes gone more shouted joy followed caligiuri score in a match by silas sammy he somehow managed to be for jordan defenders to the ball despite dominating possession to him and went in at half time frustrated by shocker
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and those frustrations soon boiled over. mark or roy's shown a straight red for this foul on so it said and i would go on to captain disappearing down the tunnel with him perhaps his side streams of the title. caligiuri crashed in the resulting free kick he clearly relishes these games this was he stared goal in his last four darby matches will say three assists in that time and if this was bad for dortmund because. another reckless challenge. another red card five minutes after the last marius both the man dismissed starts in a carbon copy of his captain the nine men refused to give in x. over it so that the far post pulled one back. shall i. put the tree. with four minutes to go.
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from cashen. in formula one verse eighty's driver valtteri bottas capitalize on his full position start to clinch first place at the grand prix in baquba his teammate lewis hamilton came second continuing the team's early season dominance ferrari racer sebastian vettel finished third to round out podium the wind pushes but has just ahead of hamilton to first standings the jews have finished in the top two for every race so far. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you early results in spain's general election show the socialists of prime minister pedro sanchez will win the vote but without a part of the tree majority the far right vox party is also on of course to enter parliament for the first time. and heavy rains are causing massive flooding in mozambique just three days after the country was hit by cycling kennett some seven
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hundred thousand people in the country could be at risk of juta flooding additional downpours are forecast for the coming days. you're watching t.v. news next is our reporter the story of a designer that uses road kill to create fashion mistakes or news the top of the hour thanks for watching. some time in the twenty sixth. my great granddaughter. of the world. around half a century. you were moving around trying to grease one.


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