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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 19, 2019 4:30pm-4:45pm CEST

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coming up on the program. after being attacked. silenced. community protests against censorship. make.
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noise. welcome to news asia it's good to have you with us we're beginning with celebrated bangor did you have last sunday that's the first day of the bengali calendar but one nineteen year old girl would never see those celebrations because she had been burned alive four days before. a student at an islamic center in that he was set ablaze about. sexual harassment police say he ordered some students and others to force her to withdraw the case she had lodged at the local station. refused and she paid for it with her life police say she was tied up at the sky off on the roof . and then set on fire she received fifty percent. face escaped the ordeal
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but before she died she managed to record a statement on her brother's phone she said the teacher touched me i've been fight this crime to my last breath. died in hospital on the tenth the fear for for more i'm joined by human rights lawyer saddam hussein from. saddam it's good to have you join us aside as we understand the police have arrested the alleged attackers in this case but what is the reaction be unbundled dish to this crime. well it's really ignited a massive public response i think a call to the nation from across the board in addition to the arrests there's been you know this in continuously good coverage continues response and protests all over the country. and i think it's not just your guests of people some of those who've been accused it's interesting to see that actually had to be taken against
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a police officer albeit very mild action i should say what the police officer and the local police station was sharing video content about this and the adverse comments that have made about princess and there was action taken against him to remove him from that station unfortunate sides you know anything for that but that's the kind of response we're seeing and i think some of that is you know because of. brutal nature of. it it woman who had the courage and and strength to demand justice for serial sexual harassment she faced from principle. then had to face a brutal much just simply for that fact and not to not mention was a woman who was stepping into much this very traditional conservative educational institution. she was seeking justice for god. by nations allegedly committed by a man who's already protected all of those things i think could be part of the
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reason for this reaction one protection to women in. the crime of sexual harassment to. women don't get much protection of this situation there are no laws and there's not a meet by parliament but there is a supreme court directive which equates all they can private education institutions to take stringent measures to both prevent and by under section resident but unfortunately the vast majority of institutions haven't taken your action on this and the government has taken no systematic actually to money so that i don't take action against those who seem to take steps and the really critical point is i think as you mentioned that women who seek protection against sexual violence have no protection themselves against threats and reprisals by fans as many who act actually with complicity of the law enforcement agencies to take out threats against women to seek justice but why is this continuing why is does this climate.
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continue to prosper why do people keep committing these crimes. they said these crimes have been going on for many years people have been vocal demanding justice for many not this years for decades now and i think the reason that they continue is because there is such impunity for the friend there's a great deal of noise made by the authorities by how they would impose the ice on the cement to carry out to continue no action but the systematic changes that they need to make to show fact try and shore justice of the. protections and most importantly to break the cycle of impunity that effect this enjoying get protection rather than the party and to enforce regencies that's what we do and actually this elected political will i think and i think we don't see dramatic change in that demi moore. thanks.
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i know so it's killing has bought global outrage with people using the hash tag justice for new stuff on social media in india this man treated this is horrible we lost another innocent life is this what students get for going to school and working hard to achieve their dreams and fight for their rights a young woman in the united states says this is vibrant terms of sexual harassment not afraid to speak up i'm so sorry this world continues to attack those who are just trying to see justice and in canada a bottle of issue activist asks when we take sexual assault and rape seriously not communities when we stop protecting violent predator as and rapists this is for him this to china next what a clamp down on a g b g q content on a micro blog has put the community feed him of expression in the country in focus last week sino weibo was accused of cracking down on that freedom after moving content with the popular used by gay women the hashtag less short for lesbian its
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product and angry backlash online were able use this post of photographs and videos of themselves with them out state shot to protest against the silencing of the community a benefit with success content with the hash tag is now available again but activists say it's a small triumph in a much bigger battle a someone who knows all about censorship in china is hopeful fun who made a film about homophobia in the china shop boys in the studio with us welcome we chat with you in a bit but first for the benefit of all of us i just like to show a clip from the film the pope of on made mom a rainbow. and . i.
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had. quite a few disgusted reaction of the what was the reaction to your froome after you refused to join on what a subsequent three. i'm still very proud of a film because until now and i meet some chinese as you did people there would come to me in the sale of thank you for making this film i showed this documentary to my parents and they just made my coming out of progress to be easier and of course i also have. also received some bad juju reactions people say oh you know promoting homosexuals but i don't care about them but what happened to the content online when you're online so we put a for fortune off. into selves and of all i have been sending this link to all my friends who need it and to to sound fourteen all i was about to send this link
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of all my friend told me that well it's not available anymore i was very shocked so i had been taking all of the. mail and you'll cool they are all taken down and what did they say was a reason for them to take it down i call it dot com they told me that days because i was a bt contact they had to censor it so this was happening as far back as twenty fourteen yes you can just bought a phone why don't turn off a crackdown on social media sites against q content in china well yes oh no because often my feeling was taking it was also other we do as a law. i was removed which seems to be a trend that the governments know taste has bigger impact as a society than before but in the same time censorship in china is rarely all stable so. there is no such
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a regulation against the us but it could suit into other labels such like a. dog or fee or criminal law sexual contact political issues so it's just a mass sometimes ok so it's not with regards to your food monster it was taken down from the autumn these websites that you're placed them on what did you do. ah. i feel it's a lawsuit against the censor and we take me a really long time in progress also big education for me to know that to be used to protect our own rights but the end even though the kurds have announced in my sort of victory but still i feel is knowledgeable of all i so i'm not so much richer that you're potentially whole not really thank you for coming in and speaking just for america who may have to from my mother it bill. and staying
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with the subject we have to malaysia next where and t l g b d q sentiment persists members of the community said that increasingly being persecuted for their sexuality and gender gender identity it's prompted a group of musicians to challenge discriminatory attitudes. and a kuala lumpur club the crowd is dancing to the beats of ting tong katz the three piece band sing about a subject considered taboo in malaysia queer and transgender life sheikha corona is the lead singer and guitarist. you know in your band i would say i see so many good . with it so i mean like wow and then it's by me. to stick to my dream. many of her songs touch upon her experience of growing up as transgender in
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a conservative muslim family and society. in muslim majority malaysia until you sentiment is growing but. you know i think it's shameful for an islamic country to have people that's trying to l.g.b. team practices to be you know. it's attitudes like these that tin tomcats and other bands like them are trying to fight. it's a lot of kids would be surprised it never made they can transpose it before they walk on to come and ask this question anything. to spread that message of understanding and acceptance she corona and her bandmates say they'll keep on being loud and being visible. that story and more on our website that's did a bit dot com forward slash asia and you can check us out on facebook as well.
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that's it for today we leave you with images of people in the bunker there's protest in the bed. on the graffiti was killed for speaking up against sexual harassment. about. what secrets lie behind the small. find in an immersive experience and explore fascinating cultural heritage sites. d w world heritage three sixty fifty. i don't think that that well i guess sometimes i am but i stand up and whip it up and i don't think steven tyler jemma culture of looking at the stereotypes classics in
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here think the future of the country that i'm not. yet. prepared for this drama. it's all about hey i know i'm right show join me for me and sunday. post. china defends its track record on its contentious feltham road initiative officials say it's neither a political tool nor its debt trap. the funny business of politics in ukraine the t.v. comedian could soon rule the nation can he run an economy. and never far from work how young professionals in manila deal with high rents and. i mean for let's do business beijing has just set up a suggestion box for its road it finished. if it's under pressure on transparency
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from western capitals they say struggling economies are being sucked into the project and saddled with debt china says it understands the concerns and is calling for suggestions prior to an international congress. with a week to go until thousands of delegates gather in beijing for a summit to celebrate developed and road initiative china's singing songs of praise for the vast infrastructure project. the message on chinese state t.v. is the new silk road is a glorious endeavor connecting china with asia europe and beyond state lenders say the new silk road includes eight hundred projects with loans of over a trillion dollars critics say the belgian road is the way to expand chinese influence they say countries could be taking on massive debts.


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